Thursday, May 31, 2018

Thursday 31 st May 2018...where did the month go???

This was my destination today!!!

No other city in northern England says 'medieval' quite like York, a city of extraordinary cultural and historical wealth that has lost little of its pre-industrial lustre. A magnificent circuit of 13th-century walls encloses a medieval spider's web of narrow streets. At its heart lies the immense, awe-inspiring York Minster, one of the most beautiful Gothic cathedrals in the world. York's long history and rich heritage is woven into virtually every brick and beam, and the modern, tourist-oriented city – with its myriad museums, restaurants, cafes and traditional pubs – is a carefully maintained heir to that heritage.

Malc dropped me off at the bust stop and the bus took 90 minutes and shots along the way!!

I just decided to walk around the centre getting lost in the streets and it seems everywhere there was a sight of The Cathedral....enjoy the photos!!!

I tried to get a tour inside the Cathedral but the line was way too long this week the kids are off school..

I did walk the whole way round on the walls...

Had a bit of a problem getting home as the buses run only once every hour and as I was waiting for the 4 pm bus with two other people the bus shot by without stopping very strange....had to walk around some more and make sure the next one stopped...

Shots on the way home....

Do you think these guys are trying to a getting a bus home too???

I was late getting home and missed dinner and even though Janet is not feeling too great today she had my dinner in the microwave.......🤗👍

A good day out!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Wednesday 30th May 2018.... a different kind of a day!!!

Janet has been in our Pearson family for over 52 years and is a remarkable and lovely woman!!!

Just putting up with Malc deserves a great big medal but she also was so great with my Mum and I shall never forget the way she was with my Dad after we lost Mum back in 1995.....together they have also raised three great children!

I think the best compliment I can give to Janet is that she reminds me of my Mum!!!

Anyway every Wednesday morning for the past I don’t know how many years Janet has been going here

Where she is the leading force behind the feeding of up to 50 street people a hot dinner...

The facilities are top notch and every time I am over I go in place of Malc to give him a break and I am the potato peeler and then masher 

And the the dish kid!!!

Today was a slower day we only served 33 meals but I felt very humbled and blessed.

Afterwards I went walking around the town centre and eventually took the bus home...

Janet cooked another great dinner and then 5is evening Claire, Mark and Tom came over and picked up Malc and myself and we went to the local go cart track...

The thrill of the race

If you have always wanted to experience the thrill of real motor racing or just want to try something different, come to Hull Karting and have the time of your life. Not only are we one of the largest all-weather, fully floodlit, circuits in the country, but we’re the only National Karting Association approved karting centre in Hull and the East Riding.

It is taken very seriously as you can see by the outfits....

We had 30 minutes on the track and we were the only ones out was a lot of fun and those carts go fast and it takes a while to get used to them thanks it was special!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Tuesday 29th May 2018...home again!!!

 4 am came early this morning.....that is all you need to know!!!!!!😩😩😩

Everything went really well the pick up at the hotel..the check in at the airport...the three hour flight...

Looks similar to where I was on the kayak yesterday..

...arrival in England...finding the car in the long term stay car park...and the just over two hour drive to home.....

On reflection it was a great holiday lots of family time lots of laughs...lots of historical and beautiful sights...I managed two great hikes and a swim and dare I mention it........should I mention it...........OK I cannot contain myself ......I retained my Scrabble king championship 👑 

Andy was at the house waiting for us and good to see him again and nice to be home always good to travel but always nice to come home....

We had an easy dinner and I enjoyed a long soak in the tub after a week without!!!!

Then all the family came over for a short visit and good to see them all.....

This evening was just a quiet one at home and now I start my planning again...this time I leave June 5th borrowing Janet’s car and heading for the fabulous part of England called the Lake District to do five days of hiking and waterfall searching!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

Monday, May 28, 2018

Monday 28th May 2018...a good last day!!!

Well this is our last day in Malta and the kids are going to do their own thing today and I got packed up with drinks and food and ready to explore...I wanted to go back to one of the beaches we passed in the car the other I walked to the bus station waited 30 minutes for a bus and 1.50 Euros 💶 later I was at the stop leading to this amazing sight!!!

I walked down to the beach 

and then along the front and up that big hill to the summit and the view of the next bay...

It was a tad difficult coming down here...

This bay is also quite spectacular and I checked at the beach hut and for the great price of 10 Euros I could rent this baby for two hours!!!

No waiver forms to sign.....just given a life jacket which they put on the seat for me to sit on a paddle and away I went..

Great to be back on the ocean again..come along for a paddle...

Where I hiked...

Where I have paddled from...

And a nice surprise around the next headland ....this fabulous cave!!!

Then paddled across the bay and back it was very hot and a lot of fun...

Rested on the beach ate my lunch and had a swim in the Mediterranean 🌊  and peeked with my bad eye at the sun know what they do in Europe 😎😎😎😎😉😉

Then started my journey home and I walked to the bus stop only to find a sign saying the buses were temporarily worries plan B....walk!!

I walked about three miles and decided to stick out my thumb and only a few minutes later this airport type transportation van stopped and the driver told me to hop in....

He was from Sierra Leon and was really nice and when he found out I was from Canada he shook my hand and asked me so many questions......he said he was going close to where the apartment is and dropped me off....I tried very hard to pay him but he would have none of it.....such a  👍 guy!!

The kids had a wonderful time too..they walked a little on the promenade and then had lunch and then went on a 90 minute boat cruise around one of the small islands....

How nice we all had a great day!!!

Tonight my treat and we went back to our  home restaurant the owner greets us like family.....tonight was pizza for us all.

On the way home..

Janet and Malc have spent what seems like hours packing their suitcases...joshing Janet!!!!

The last game of comment!!!

It has been wonderful to spend time in a new country with Janet and Malc we do not see each other often but always it is so nice we all get along and care for each other.....

Did I mention we leave at 4.45 am tomorrow morning......YES!!!!!!

You read that right!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!

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