Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thursday 31st January 2013……….cooking!!!

Let this great weather continue…another great 2 hours of men’s doubles tennis this morning and I then went to pick up Sara and she came up to the house and whilst I cleaned and puttered she cooked for me…..she spent most of the afternoon in the kitchen and I now have about 12 dinners in the freezer, chicken, shepherd's pie, veggies thanks so much and then she gave me a hair cut so now I look perhaps 58 years old!!!!!

We had some shepherd's pie for dinner and then I took her home….thank you so much for everything!!!

Well the last day of January where it went I have no idea…..February is going to be a busy month I have signed up for a creativity course that runs for 8 weeks and then I am starting private Spanish lessons….I will be going with Sara to the beach for a week she is going to a wedding and I have friends there to visit with but we are hoping to take Paola with us….wanted to take Daniela too but that obviously is not going to happen now.  Also I take possession of my casita later in the month……so it is going to a month full of changes and challenges …….want to take time to thank all the special people in my life I am so blessed to have so many great friends and I want to pay tribute to you all…thanks for being in my life!!!!

Yashi Koshi!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday 30th January 2013………sunny again!!!

Tennis this morning which was really good….sunny skies and lots of fun…

I then went with Carolyn to the next big town Celaya to do some shopping at Costco and  a look around the big mall.

Tonight it is hockey on TV and finishing off the paper work that I need to get done for my British pension application……I have to make sure that it is all correct before I mail the forms off and thanks to Heather back home in Nanaimo for getting my insurance done and other little errands..thanks……

I am always amazed at how quickly the weeks go by I have been in SMA now 4 months…what a great time I have had so far…….a few little issues but in general very fortunate the transition went so well….

Yashi Koshi!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday 29th January 2013……..lovely day!!

Sunny and beautiful again this morning…at 10 am I went to pick up Paola and we came back to the house did about 30 minutes of work…..Spanish, English and Math and then it was fun time…all she wants to do is ride the bike so away we went!!!


You can just see the lake at the end of the street!!





She rode for over one hour with only stops for water and she was so happy!!!

We then went to have a short visit with Sara who gave her lunch then it was time to drop her off home so she could go to school but before we did we stopped at the store and bought some fruit, yogurt and bread to take home.

She is a delight to be with and I am so glad she is so happy but I couldn’t help thinking whilst she was riding that Daniela has not yet even seen her Christmas bike gift…how sad!!!!!

After I dropped Paola at home I went up to a small RV park just outside of town where my friend’s Sue and Brian are staying…we had a nice visit and Brian spent lots of time showing me things on the computer…thank you so much and I look forward to our dinner next week.

Back home and showered and went to pick up Diana she leaves on Thursday so we went out for dinner it has been really nice meeting her she is now on my list of wonderful friends.

Home in time for tea and to get myself ready for the paperwork I have to complete for my British pension………blessings to all.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday 28th January 2013……Happy Birthday Janet!!!

My adorable and lovely Sister in law is celebrating her Birthday today and I hope it is a magical event.

With the aid of modern technology I was able to talk to Janet tonight and wish her those thoughts in person…glad you had a great day…love you!!

IMG_2635_thumb1but who is that strange man lurking behind you???

This morning I went and picked up Sara from class and went to her casita for tea and then it was 2 hours of very enjoyable tennis and then I went into town and did some chores, signed up for a course next month and then went to the English school where Daniela goes tonight…I know the owner a lovely lady Ms.Josefina..we talked about the problems I am having at Casa Hogar and she also knows about my long involvement and my relationship with Daniela.

I wrote Daniela a long letter in Spanish, with Carolyn's help, and I bought some chocolate and asked Ms.Josefina if she would give the letter to Daniela and she said she would be very happy to and that she would let her read it in her office…she also told me that any time I wanted to leave a letter with I could so I was happy about that and I shall write to her every week!!!

I then came home about 4pm and did some house hold chores and spent 45 minutes studying Spanish….enjoyed my supper got cleaned up and now doing some more paper work but getting ready to watch the hockey game Vancouver versus Los Angeles…GO KINGS!!!!

Another photo from the archives….when I am not riding a Police motor cycle or my scooter this used to be my other form of transportation!!!!


and then just to prove that I am domesticated..

scan0015Me in Bermuda 1970!!!!

Yashi Koshi!!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday 27th January 2013….another tennis day!!!

What a lovely sunny day and 2 hours of tennis was the start for the day then off to Carolyn’s to watch the end of this game!!!





MELBOURNE, Australia -- No shirt ripping or bare-chested flexing this time.

Novak Djokovic completed his work before midnight, defeating Andy Murray in four sets for his third consecutive Australian Open title and fourth overall.

It was also the second time in three years Djokovic had beaten his longtime friend in this final. So the celebration was muted: a small victory shuffle, raised arms, a kiss for the trophy. No grand histrionics, although that's not to say the moment was lost on him.

"Winning it three in a row, it's incredible," Djokovic said after his 6-7 (2), 7-6 (3), 6-3, 6-2 victory Sunday night. "It's very thrilling. I'm full of joy right now. It's going to give me a lot of confidence for the rest of the season, that's for sure."

Nine other men had won consecutive Australian titles in the Open era, but none three straight years. One of them was Andre Agassi, who presented Djokovic with the trophy.

A year ago, Djokovic began his season with an epic 5-hour, 53-minute five-set win over Rafael Nadal at the Australian Open, the longest Grand Slam final. He tore off his shirt to celebrate, the TV replays repeated constantly at this tournament.

He mimicked that celebration after coming back to beat Stanislas Wawrinka in five hours in a surprisingly tough fourth-round victory this time.

Since then, he's looked every bit the No. 1 player. He said he played "perfectly" in his 89-minute win over fourth-seeded David Ferrer in the semifinals Thursday night. Murray struggled to beat 17-time major winner Roger Federer in five sets in the semifinals Friday night, and still had the bad blisters on his feet to show for it in the final.

In a final that had the makings of a classic when two of the best returners in tennis were unable to get a break of serve in the first two sets that lasted 2:13, the difference may have hinged on something as light as a feather.

Preparing for a second serve at 2-2 in the second set tiebreaker, Murray was rocking back about to toss the ball when he stopped, paused and then walked onto the court and tried to grab a small white feather that was floating in his view. He went back to the baseline, bounced the ball another eight times and served too long.

After being called for a double-fault, Murray knocked the ball away in anger and flung his arm down. He didn't get close for the rest of the tiebreaker and was the first to drop serve in the match -- in the eighth game of the third set. Djokovic broke him twice in the fourth set, which by then had turned into an easy march to victory.

"It was strange," said Djokovic, adding that it swung the momentum his way. "It obviously did. ... He made a crucial double-fault."

Murray didn't blame his loss on the one distraction.

"I mean, I could have served. It just caught my eye before I served. I thought it was a good idea to move it," he said. "Maybe it wasn't because I obviously double-faulted.

"You know, at this level it can come down to just a few points here or there. My biggest chance was at the beginning of the second set -- didn't quite get it. When Novak had his chance at the end of the third, he got his."

Djokovic had five break-point chances in the opening set, including four after having Murray at 0-40 in the seventh game, but wasn't able to convert any of them.

Then he surrendered the tiebreaker with six unforced errors. Murray appeared to be the stronger of the two at the time. He'd beaten Djokovic in their last Grand Slam encounter, the U.S. Open final, and had the Serb so off balance at times in the first set that he slipped to the court and took skin off his knee.

Murray held serve to open the second set and had three break points at 0-40 in the second game, but Djokovic dug himself out of trouble and held.

"After that I felt just mentally a little bit lighter and more confident on the court than I've done in the first hour or so," Djokovic said. "I was serving better against him today in the first two sets than I've done in any of the match in the last two years."

Djokovic said he loves playing at Rod Laver Arena, where he won his first major title in 2008. He now has six Grand Slam titles altogether. Federer has won four of his 17 majors at Melbourne Park, and Agassi is the only other player to have won that many in Australia since 1968.

Djokovic was just finding his way at the top level when Agassi retired in 2006, but he had watched enough of the eight-time major winner to appreciate his impact.

"He's I think one of the players that changed the game -- not just the game itself, but also the way the people see it," Djokovic said. "So it was obviously a big pleasure and honour for me to receive the trophy from him."


In the afternoon Carolyn and I were invited to Rosy’s home for a small party…Rosy is the other lady we play tennis with….it was just us Rosy’s lovely daughter and her brother and wife…..the Mexican people are so lovely and they treated us like family we had a really great time….

Now at home and doing some paper work I need to get some copies done for my vehicle insurance back in BC…also some bank documents for my temporary resident visa application and also for my British pension forms……

I have written and printed a letter out for Daniela that I will take to the English class tomorrow!!!


Liked these two cartoons from Isaiah thanks!!



Pura Vida!!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday 26th January 2013…a very busy day!!

Starting with men’s doubles and a really competitive and great 2 hours..from there is was straight to pick up Sara and then to pick up Paola and we first went to do some grocery shopping and then Sara wanted to go to an art opening out in the country and it was a very funky setting…



The building behind these two young ladies is actually the bathroom!!!

I dropped Paola at home and then Sara and then met up with Eric and Edgar and we went to Queretaro

Map picture

to watch the local soccer team play Monterrey… was my third time to the stadium but the first time I had actually got it…Eric had reserved the tickets….I really enjoyed the whole atmosphere from the pre- game to the final whistle…about 20000 fans and lots of away supporters




It was a good game but the home team was not really in it and lost 2-0….a thoroughly enjoyable time.

So now 10pm and watching hockey and tennis.

I have had time to think about the situation with Daniela and Casa Hogar and with wonderful help from very caring friends I see the only option for me is to write Daniela a letter and get it translated into Spanish and deliver it to the English class she goes to on Monday……..I sure miss her and hope soon things will change and I will be allowed to see her.

Yashi Koshi!!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday 25th January 2012…..the calm before the storm!!!

I have a really busy weekend coming up so it was nice to spend the morning at home catching up on lots of things..I have some paper work to do for applying for my British pension…I found out years ago through a good friend Colin that I could apply for a British pension even though I only worked for 5 years in England in the late 60’s….so I have for years now been paying back into that pension fund and in May when I turn 65 yes I know hard to believe!!!!   I can start to receive some monthly income but there is quite a lot of paperwork involved and Heather is helping me with this as she has access to my files back in Nanaimo..also she is helping me with vehicle insurance for my car, a tricky situation that we think we have solved…so spent some time on the computer trying to get it all sorted out.

I also have tried many times without success to contact Casa Hogar so a little frustrated at this and I will go up again this afternoon.

I was also not happy with my tutor session last night, not with the lady entirely not her fault but I came away from it thoroughly disheartened so I have made arrangements to have another tutor this will be Rocio who I took a conversation class with at Warren Hardy last year…..she is a great teacher and I hope to start on Monday!!

This afternoon I   watched the pre recorded tennis match from Australia and the British star Murray will be in the final which we will watch on Sunday that should be a great game.

Well I finally got a call from Barbara at Casa Hogar after leaving a couple of messages this morning and the news is that they have terminated any contact for me with Daniela until her behavior and school work improves.  I am so angry at the moment and do not want to write anything that I may regret at a later stage in my life… only request of Barbara was to inform Daniela that this was not my idea and there is no way at all that I have abandoned her and that I am still here for her and hope to see her when ever I can.   I cannot write anymore about this right now!!!!!!!!

Carolyn and I  went out for the evening to a British trio performing a cabaret act..I have seen them before and they are very funny and this show did not disappoint….very well done indeed.


Think I have to put this place on my bucket list!!!!

385436_10151117489273534_312636749_nThanks Linda!!

Had a few hours to think about my situation with Daniela and I want the weekend to think more about some solutions I could come up with.

Hope you all have a great weekend blessings Les

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thursday 24th January 2013..a bit of a tennis time today and coming up!!!

Lovely sunny morning to have tennis and another good game…. from there it was tennis again but this time on the TV….watching the MEN’S semi final really very one sided and a very quick game……I then went into town where I had arranged a private tutor for a Spanish lesson….the lady was very nice but it was not a good fit for me so I am going to try a different tutor….I realize I have a long way to go and it is not easy for me but I am determined to try my best…

Next stop was to meet Sara at the St.Paul’s church where they have the play readers performing…you have heard me talk of this before usually a great night out for 20 pesos…the play tonight was just OK not great but nice to visit with Sara…..

Now home watching hockey…..yes Doris raised a sports nut!!!


Yashi koshi!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday 23rd January 2013….a busy day!!

With all this tennis that I am playing and watching I found this report quite interesting!!!


Taken from BBC world sports!!





A tennis racquet


Tennis to step up drug fight in light of Lance Armstrong scandal

Lance Armstrong's admission that he took drugs to help him win all seven of his Tour de France titles has put performance enhancing substances in the spotlight.

Now tennis has been brought into the debate with former world number four Guy Forget claiming he was beaten by rivals who took drugs.

Three players - Ryan Newport from the United States, Bulgarian Dimitar Kutrovsky and Italian Filippo Calorosi - are currently suspended from playing for taking drugs and Forget believes they are not the only men on the circuit guilty of doping.

BBC Sport speaks to current and ex players, coaches and officials in charge of testing to try and discover if tennis has a drug problem.

Drugs in tennis

The Men's Tennis Council began drug testing in the late 1980s with the focus mainly on recreational drugs. The testing was extended to include performance-enhancing drugs when the ATP Tour was formed in 1990.

Guy Forget

Guy Forget claims he played against rivals who had taken drugs

But Guy Forget, who was ranked the fourth best player in the world in 1991, is convinced he played against players who were doping.

He says: "I have lost matches against guys who beat me with an unfair advantage because they were taking drugs.

"For sure, it has happened. I can look at myself in the mirror knowing I have never taken anything.

"When I played there were no controls at all so why wouldn't you cheat the system."

The situation now

The International Tennis Federation (ITF) now leads a unified Tennis Anti-Doping Programme applying across all tennis events.

The ITF carried out 131 blood tests both in and out of competition in 2011, the last year for which figures are available. That was alongside 2,019 urine tests.

Now the ITF is planning to introduce an athlete biological passport (ABP) which allows officials to collect and compare biological data and spot variances that suggest doping.

“I feel tennis is clean, I do very much. For the amount of times that we get tested throughout the year and as random as they are, definitely”

Maria Sharapova

It is an improvement many in the game believe is needed.

Forget added: "I don't feel our sport is clean. I am sure now as we speak there are some guys that are cheating. You cannot say tennis is not touched by this poisonous thing.

"I think it is a minority probably, but that is why Roger Federer and the other guys says we should put more money into blood test and controls because we should fight this any way we can."

Australian coach Darren Cahill, who has coached Lleyton Hewitt and Andre Agassi in the past, says on Twitter: "Our testing program is inadequate. That's why no-one can stand up and speak out. It's gone backwards in recent years."

Current world number one Novak Djokovic recently complained the number of blood tests he has undergone has dropped in the last year.

He said: "I wasn't tested with blood for last six, seven months. It was more regularly in last two, three years ago. I don't know the reason why they stopped it."

Fighting back

Dr. Stuart Miller, who oversees the ITF's anti-doping programme, claims education as much as detection is the best way to cure the problems of drugs in sport.

But he is an advocate of plans to bring in an ABP to make it easier to find the drug cheats.

Miller says: "We think we can improve by introducing what is known as the athlete biological passport, which is a blood-based testing programme which allows you to establish individual baseline parameters.

"That is not in operation at the moment. But we're looking very, very closely at it and I think that there's a reasonably good chance that that will be operational probably towards the end of 2013.

"It takes a long time to set up. There's a number of constraints and conditions that you have to satisfy, you can't just turn a switch."

What is a athlete biological passport

An ABP is an electronic document about the athlete that contains certain biomarkers from through his career.

If these markers change dramatically from the historic levels it alerts officials that the athlete might be doping.

Miller went on to answer Forget's complaints.

"I think we need to put a couple of things into context," he said. "Firstly I think Forget answered his own question when he said back at the time when he was playing, anti-doping was very different.

"There was no such thing as the World Anti-Doping Agency, there was no list of prohibited substances that all the sports signed up to and actually tennis was one of the pioneering sports in introducing anti-doping testing back in Forget's time.

"Granted, it was for a different list of prohibited substances - it was mainly recreational substances - and he's right, there wasn't as much testing, but tennis was pioneering at that particular time. And it's come a long way since that time, when he was playing."

Is tennis clean?

The leading players have thrown their support behind initiatives to weed out rivals who use drugs to enhance their performance but many are content that the sport is not on a par with the level of doping that has been uncovered in cycling.

World number three Andy Murray says: "I think all sports are trying to improve their doping controls.

"If that's more blood testing or the biological passports, that's something we need to do and improve in tennis, as well.

The three men currently banned for drug taking

  • Filippo Calorosi (Ita)
  • Dimitar Kutrovsky (Bul)
  • Ryan Newport (USA)

Four time grand slam winner Maria Sharapova is confident she is competing on a level playing field.

The Russian says: "I feel tennis is clean, I do very much. For the amount of times that we get tested throughout the year and as random as they are, definitely."

Tennis great Martina Navratilova, who won 18 Grand Slam titles, accepts doping has taken place in tennis but not a large degree.

She says: "There is very stringent drug testing going on and it has to be done, because there obviously has been some cheating going on as a few people have been caught.

"But overall, I think we have a pretty clean sport. You know that Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal or any of those guys wouldn't do anything like what Lance Armstrong was doing.

"I think tennis is doing a pretty good job, at least from what I see."


Started with mixed doubles again this morning Carolyn and Loren and Marypat and another great game…then it was poker where my winning streak came to an abrupt halt..lost 80 pesos.

I then went to CH to see Daniela but unfortunately she was not there and neither was the head Madre so still waiting for an appointment there…..

Tonight it is more live coverage of the tennis from Australia.

This photo was sent to me by my second cousin Carolyn, who lives in England and this was her back yard tonight!!!!!!

DSCF4006That is a lot of snow!!!!

This is from Linda…thanks!!



Pura Vida!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday 22nd January 2013…at last an easy day!!!

Well my constant whining must have worked because this morning woke to sunshine and blue skies!!

9 am tennis game…. men’s doubles which again was a lot of fun and then home for the day.

Did some laundry, cleaning, sorting, Spanish study and sunbathing, washed the car and the scooter but all in my own time and I found it relaxing.

Made a nice omelet for supper and now settled watching live tennis from Australia.

I was on the computer and came across this from my archives…


I reckon this was taken in 1972 and I lasted about  6 weeks on the motor cycle squad………I have no idea why they chose me for this squad but I was always uncomfortable on the bike and the first guy that I pulled over was hilarious…the roads in Bermuda are very small as is the island…but there are many roads out of town where the lanes are tiny and the drop off is down a bank.

So I am out on patrol and saw this guy on a motor cycle speed past where I was parked….I started up and caught him and put on my flashing lights and siren and pulled him over…he stopped and I pulled up behind him…  and in my best manly cop movement got off my motorcycle and did the swagger walk towards him BUT…..I had forgotten to put down my stand to prop the bike up and as I am strutting towards him I turn and see my prized white Honda roll down the side bank!!!!!!!

I never missed a beat and told the guy it was his lucky day…help me pull up my bike and you get a break on the ticket!!!!  Should have been a warning because the next day I am on the stretch of road by the airport which is long and straight and I was chasing a speeder…I reckon I was going over 50mph when I lost control of my bike and started heading in the opposite lane…I had no choice but to ditch the bike and I did 5 summersaults and finished up in the bushes which my elbows and bum skinned almost down to the bone but fortunately no other serious injuries…..I was in hospital for over a week and came close to getting skin grafts on my elbows….I was off work for 6 weeks and on my first day back my boss told me that the bike I crashed had been fixed and the only way I would overcome the fear was to get back on the bike and go out on patrol…so I did!!!

I had been out about 3 minutes when I came up a hill to a stop sign and ran into the back of a car…no damage or injuries except my pride.   I called on my radio and asked for assistance…two buddies came out and one of them drove the bike back to the headquarters and I rode in the police car.

I asked for an immediate transfer and the next day I was Detective Constable Pearson!!!


So here I am 40 years later really enjoying my cycle days!!!!


Yashi Koshi!!!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday 21st January 2013….Big Birthday celebration!!!

Would you believe it the cool and dreary day came back…..I need that sun to come back.

Today is the birthday of

Allende was born on January 21, 1769, to a wealthy Spanish criollo family in San Miguel el Grande in Guanajuato. His father was Domingo Narciso de Allende, a wealthy trader.

In 1802, he joined the Viceregal army of New Spain, serving under general Félix María Calleja. In 1806, he started to favor the possibility of independence from Spain. His attendance at a conspiratorial meeting in Valladolid (today Morelia) was discovered, in 1809, by the Spanish and went unsanctioned. Regardless, Allende kept supporting the underground independence movement. He was eventually invited by the mayor of Querétaro, Miguel Domínguez and his wife Josefa Ortíz de Domínguez to discuss further plans for independence at their home. It was during one of these meetings where Allende met Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla and his captain Juan Aldama.



Originally, the independence movement was to be led jointly by Allende and Aldama. A change of plans prompted by the discovery of the conspiracy forced Hidalgo to start the rebellion earlier than agreed. The famous Grito de Dolores by Hidalgo signaled the beginning of the revolution, after which the conspirators rallied behind him. The rebel army quickly captured the town of Dolores and marched towards San Miguel el Grande, where Allende obtained the support of his cavalry regiment. On September 22, 1810, Hidalgo y Costilla was officially made captain general of the Revolutionary army while Allende was made lieutenant general. After the famous capture of the Alhóndiga de Granaditas, in Guanajuato, and his victory in the Battle of Monte de las Cruces Allende suggested Hidalgo march toward Mexico City and capture it. As a consequence of the rebels' defeat in the Battle of Calderón Bridge, the leadership of the Revolutionary army demanded the replacement of Hidalgo as their leader. Allende took this new responsibility and, with a decimated army, he decided to march north to the United States, hoping to gather more money, weapons and troops. The rebels, however, were ambushed at the Wells of Baján (Norias de Baján) due to the betrayal of Ignacio Elizondo, leading to the capture of Allende, Hidalgo, and several other commanders. Allende's illegitimate child Indalecio was killed during this ambush.

Allende was taken to the city of Chihuahua where he was tried for insubordination and executed by firing squad on June 26, 1811. His body was decapitated and his head taken to the Alhóndiga de Granaditas where it was shown to the public inside a cage hung from one corner of the building. In 1824 his remains were buried in the vault reserved for the viceroys and presidents in the cathedral of Mexico. His remains were moved in 1925 to the Independence Column in Mexico City.


Allende is a national hero of Mexico. Places named in his honor include the municipality of Allende and town of San Miguel de Allende in the state of Guanajuato, and the Chihuahua municipality of Allende and its municipal seat, Valle de

The kids were off school today so I went to pick up Paola at 10am and this time she was not too happy and it took a few questions for me to find out that she was cold and hungry…so I took her to a nice restaurant where she had a large cup of coffee and 3 hotcakes!!


She was a bit happier after breakfast and we went and watched the parade for a while…







Around 2pm I dropped Paola back at home and then went back into town to meet two friends, Sue and Brian, who I met a few years ago they are Rv’ers and are here in SMA for a couple of weeks in their big motorhome….it was good to connect again and we will get together later in the week.

Then went to Sara's she has two more friends visiting SMA so stayed for a while… a busy day….later tonight watching the tennis from Australia….

Yashi Koshi!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday 20th January 2012….Happy to report……..

Sunday morning so that means tennis again… was a bit cloudy but great for playing tennis and Carolyn, Rosy, Loren and I thoroughly enjoyed the 2 hours!!!

Came home and just had time to shower and eat and then off to get Paola and this is where I am happy to report….. she was there waiting for me, looked bright and happy.  After what happened on Friday I did not know what to expect as Erika, Paola’s Mum had not called Robin back…so really no idea what was happening with the police and social workers.

I picked Paola up in the car and had he bike on board which she was really happy about and we went here


It is the site of a beautiful restaurant and then acres of grounds mainly with horse related properties but it is free to bike all around the many paths so away she went!!!


I walked around and took horse photos and every 5 minutes  Paola would stop by for a drink she looked so happy!!




Green X denotes the kid!!!


Do not know what kind of horse these are but the look so majestic!!!




Paola had so much fun just riding all over the trails…we then went to the market where I bought her a huge bag of fresh strawberries to take home and then she needed to have that ice cream……

Dropped her home and I am picking her up tomorrow at 10.30am as she has no school tomorrow because of a big celebration… check here tomorrow for more about that.

Didn’t get home till just before 6pm and now I have a big dilemma should I watch live hockey or live tennis………….

Yashi Koshi!!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday 19th January 2013…..well the sun came back but still a bit cool!!!

At the tennis club where Carolyn is a member had a sort of tourney with refreshments and I was invited.  Carolyn and I played two sets against two of the young Pro’s at the club…it was a really good game and although we were totally outclassed we had some wonderful rallies and enjoyed it




……there was wonderful fruit, juice and cake provided and then we played two more games with different players and I will admit I was tired at the end…but it was a great morning.

I spent the afternoon on the couch watching tennis and soccer and then this evening I was invited to Sara's for dinner, she cooked a lovely meal and then treated me to a show at the same little theatre we went to the other night this time the show was really good and very funny!!

Robin has still not heard from Paola’s Mum so still have no idea what is going on but I am scheduled to pick up Paola at 1.30pm tomorrow but unfortunately this is not my weekend to have Daniela!!

Yashi Koshi!!

Friday 18th January 2013…Happy Birthday Linda!!

Happy Birthday Linda thanks for your friendship and support all these years hope you and Guy have an awesome day!!!


Well still really cold here had to go out at 10am on the scooter and it was really cool…..I met Jeannie a fellow couch surfer who is in town for a few days for coffee always nice to meet like minded travellers!!!!

I then went to pick up Paola and had a nasty shock outside her home were two police cars and two police officers and 2 very well dressed women who were writing feverishly on notepads…this is where the language barrier is difficult ….I asked the police officer if there was a problem and he told me no and then I told him I was a good friend of Paola and I had come to take her out for my amazement he let me take her…she was obviously very shook up and  we had arranged to meet Sara but when we got to the library couldn’t find Sara so went across the street where I knew Carolyn was in a Spanish class and I interrupted the class and Carolyn came out and spoke to Paola and told me she was very upset but just that she was home this morning when the police banged on the door and came in the house…..her Mother was at work but her older Brother was home.

I took Paola for breakfast and then took her back to the house and the police and 2 women were still there and I dropped Paola off and left….this was so disturbing and not having any idea what was going on.

I came home and called my good friend Robin who knows Paola and her Mum and asked if she would call the Mum and see if she will say what was going on…..Robin did call but got the voice mail so left a message…so hopefully she calls Robin back tonight…..

Went out to dinner at Karen’s and Gregg’s house tonight it was a lovely evening good food and great company…..

Back home and still not heard from Robin….

Now let it be warmer tomorrow please….

Pura Vida!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thursday 17th January 2013…bring out the Woollies!!!!

WOW..what happened it was cold this morning!!!!!

Another good morning of tennis and then chores in town……..

Sara came over to the house tonight she wanted to see the Lance Armstrong interview with Oprah……what a state the sport of cycling has become it seems to me that the team with the best doctors will win.

Well I am hoping for warmer times the next couple of days as I have lots of tennis coming up……

Happy Birthday to my good friend Jerry…hope it was a special day for you!!!!

Yashi koshi!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wednesday 16th January 2013………fun filled day!!

9am tennis in the sun again….it was a great game…..but it appears there seems to be some controversy over my prior accomplishments in the world of tennis so just to prove that in the 70’s I was both the singles and doubles Bermuda Police Tennis champion for a few years in a row…here is the proof!!!


Ladies if you can manage to drag your eyes of my lithe and svelte body you may to run your hands through my locks!!!!

Poker this afternoon where I spent over 3 very enjoyable hours winning 35 pesos.

As I am not allowed to have Daniela during the week I decided to go to Casa Hogar and visit with her there….she looked lovely and we sat and talked and I hope she understood that I am there for her and will see her when I can.

I just want to thank everyone who reads my daily postings…it is fun for me to write and what started out as an update for my family has turned into a regular daily post for the last 6 years…..blessings to you all….Les

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday 15th January 2013…….fulfilled a few of my new year’s resolutions!!!

Brilliant sunny and warm and I had an easy morning and then went to pick up Paola…she was waiting for me and was all smiles…I had some errands around town to do and she is always fun to shop with….I did not buy her ice cream but I did buy her a juice and 2 muffins to take to school……she now starts school at 1pm so there is not enough time to come here and ride the bike but we will on the weekend…..I dropped her home and she was just a ray of sunshine.

Came home and relaxed this afternoon and had some fruit and then went for another hike down to the lake…







Had lots of veggies with my BBQ turkey burger tonight and I also told two of my special friends they were loved….so did stick to the resolutions!!!!

Yashi Koshi!!!

Thursday 5 th January 2023…it was a great run!!!

 This was my first ever blog post back in November of 2006!!! With just a couple of days off I have written a blog every day since and I hav...