Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thursday 31st October 2013…Spooky day!!!!

So as I thought the huge deluge of rain cancelled out the tennis at the RV ark courts but Carolyn called her club and the courts were open there so we went there and hit some balls and it was fun.

I then had a small surprise for Carolyn her late birthday present…..  a couple of hours of pampering at a local spa…she said it was wonderful.

I wanted to get paola’s face painted for her class tonight and I contacted my friend Carol and she had a friend who offered to do this at 3pm I took paola to NJ’s house and she did a great job don’t you think!!!





Thanks NJ you made her look fabulous!!!


She got lots of looks as we drove around town…..she enjoyed her class and I took her for a few treats before I left her at home!!!

So another day winds down and I hope all the kids had fun tonight!!!

An interesting story!!


Mexico passes 'junk food tax' reform

Mexican street vendors sell fried food Mexican authorities are trying to curb the consumption of unhealthy food


The Mexican Congress has approved a tax reform bill imposing new levies on junk food and soft drinks.

President Enrique Pena Nieto's project also aims to boost government revenue by increasing top earners' income tax.

The government says the extra cash will go on infrastructure and social security, but critics say it will hurt Mexico's sluggish growth.

Mexico recently surpassed the United States as the country with the highest obesity rates in the world.

A recent report by the United Nation's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) says that 32.8% of adult Mexicans are obese, compared to 31.8% of Americans.

The country's health authorities say there are more than five million obese children in the country and a 9.2% incidence of diabetes among children.

"Obesity and diabetes are affecting school and work performances, and with it, the country's economic competitiveness," Mexico's Health Minister, Mercedes Juan, told reporters on Thursday, at the launch of a country strategy to tackle the problem.

Long debate

It involves a big push to label unhealthy food, restrict advertisements to protect children and boost physical exercise in schools and workplaces.

The Senate approved the tax reform after more than eight hours of debate, proposing amendments that require another vote by the lower house.

After the Congress' final approval, it now needs to be sanctioned by President Pena Nieto.

The law imposes a levy of 8% on junk food, after the Senate increased it from the 5% originally proposed; and creates a tax of one peso ($0.07; £0.04) on every litre of soft or sugary drinks.

Obese Mexicans The new anti-obesity strategy aims to boost exercise in schools and workplaces

The income tax rate for those earning more than 750,000 pesos ($57,000; £36,000) is to go up as high as 35%.

The legislators also passed a controversial hike in value added tax (VAT) for border regions, from 11% to 16%.

Critics say the actual boost in tax revenue will be small.

The original government's proposal aimed at raising an additional 2.7% of tax revenue until 2018.

But after the changes passed by the Congress, the package is expected to bring in less than that.

The tax hike is part of wide-ranging structural reforms proposed by the Pact for Mexico alliance, led by the president.

The broad alliance has already passed a telecommunications reform.


Yashi Koshi!!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wednesday 30th October 2013……..another busy day!!!

This morning after breakfast I want to prove to you that being retired is not all beach, fun, eating and drinking!!!!


Finished my lesson plan for tonight’s class and then went into town to do some errands for my friend Rita, went to the bank and then off to poker…my winning ways continued only 85 pesos but a win is a win.

Afterwards I went to pick up Little Blackie which I had taken in for a full service…the scooter is a huge part of my life here use it everyday and it is so easy to get around these small busy streets.

Next I went to get Paola and we went and did some Halloween shopping she managed to get some treats plus some socks…..we went by this doorway and heard the noise of trumpet playing so I sneaked this photo


I told Paola when I was her age I also used to play a trumpet  …my Dad and my brother would say that I did not play very well and they would be right!!!

Took the kid home and then went to my English class.

I had decided tonight would be a fun night and I bought some small chocolate bars and we played word games and it was great….. here they are a great class!!!


When I divided the chocolates between them I had one left so I told them to guess my age and the one nearest gets the last chocolate…well this went well with guesses of 58, 61, 62, 64 until Margarita she is in the blue to said 69!!!!   needless to say she had her chocolate bars confiscated and extra homework….we all laughed so hard.

When the class finished the heavens opened and it just poured down so hard I got drenched on the way home.

Jumped in the shower and now watching Boston one innings away from the World series……special for me because I went to the Boston ball park last year!!

My friend Sara has just joined a sailing boat which is off the coast of Chile she is crewing for four months and sent me this photo never quite seen anything like it she describes it as a waterfall sunset!!


Yashi koshi!!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tuesday 29th October 2013…blink and the day is gone!!!

My morning started by doing my usual Tuesday morning delivery for the Feed the Hungry….I always enjoy this I


pick up the food and take it to the school and the two same young women cooks are there to greet me… the kitchen is small but spotless and the food they serve the children looks healthy and nutritious.

Then is was off to tennis..this morning I was subbing in for another one of the players but when I arrived there were already 4 players so I was not needed of course a bit disappointed I always enjoy the tennis.

I then went to Carolyn's and picked up the pots she had made for me and also bought 4 more of those 20 pesos plants that I bought the other day and brought them to my casita and planted them and I think my stairwell looks pretty and colorful!!




I then went to the bank and did some errands and at 3.30pm went to get Paola and take her to her dance class…after I left her there I went for a visit with Linda and Guy always so nice to see them and for them to be enjoying  good health.

After I returned to get Paola and took her to the store where I bought her some dinner to take home..she is always smiling these days so great to see.

Back home in time to change into my yoga stuff and off to class…hard now because it is dark when I get there…the class was great I really feel the benefit of these classes..did not get home till 8m a long day 12 hours since I did the school delivery.

Had supper and now going for that long hot soak in the tub!!!

The wedding photo of my good friends Paula and Jerry what a great shot!!!!


yashi Koshi!!!

Monday 28th October 2013… could write this blog!!!!!

Some of my days are the same every week Monday being one of them so that is why I say anyone could write it…….not a terribly interesting one today.

Starts out with me getting my Casita ready for my cleaning lady patty to come….I know she wonders why my place is always so neat and tidy…it is just the way I am been like it many many years but everything needs to be in it’s place before I go out…….then went to the bank and from there to Yoga class which I always enjoy…I had promised Carolyn that I would pick her up from her Spanish class and then help her with some grunt work at her house…which I did.

I was back home by 4 pm in time to shower eat and then get down to my English class…these students are so great always happy and willing to learn and I try to make sure we have some fun but also get them every time coming to the front of the class to talk on a certain subject usually of their choosing to give them confidence and speaking out aloud.

I went to Carolyn's after class to play our favorite board game.

So there you have Monday came and went.

Four die as storm hits southern UK


The strongest gust of 99mph (159km/h) was recorded at Needles Old Battery, Isle of Wight.

Four people have died after a storm battered southern Britain, leading to 625,000 homes losing power, and major rush-hour disruption to commuters.

A teenager in Kent and a man in Watford were killed by falling trees.

A man and a woman died in west London after a falling tree caused a suspected gas explosion and a house to collapse.

Many rail companies suspended morning services before running reduced services later. They say operations should be back to normal on Tuesday.

Flights and ferry crossing were also affected as the storm moved across Britain.

BBC forecasters say the storm, which began on Sunday night and saw heavy rain fall across many areas and wind speeds of more than 70mph (112 km/h), moved out of the UK shortly after 12:00 GMT - leaving a "broadly windy day" behind.

The strongest gust of 99mph during the storm was recorded at Needles Old Battery, Isle of Wight, at 05:00 GMT.

Wind speeds of 115mph were recorded during the so-called Great Storm of October 1987.

Bethany Freeman Bethany Freeman was staying in a caravan next to her family home

Travel disruption includes:


Bethany Freeman, 17, suffered fatal injuries when the tree came down on the caravan she was sleeping in in Hever, near Edenbridge, Kent, at about 07:20 GMT.

The caravan was next to the house she lived in with her family and she had been sleeping there while renovations were carried out.

Donal Drohan, 51, from Harrow, was pronounced dead at the scene after a tree crushed a red Peugeot 307 at Lower High Street in Watford, Hertfordshire, at 6:50 GMT.

Mark Joseph, who was passing by before the emergency services arrived, said: "We tried to assist, trying to get the tree off, but it was impossible."

The man and woman who died in west London were found after three houses collapsed and two others were damaged following a suspected gas explosion after a tree fell during high winds in Hounslow, the London Fire Brigade said. Three people injured in the incident were taken to hospital.

Power restored

The Energy Networks Association, which represents power companies across the UK, confirmed 166,000 homes were still without power at 17:00 GMT.



A spokesman said 459,000 households that had lost power earlier had been reconnected, but more had been cut off as the storm moved north and eastwards.

BBC News correspondent Duncan Kennedy, reporting from Berkshire, said engineers had had trouble reaching some of the more remote areas in southern England because of fallen trees and it could be a few days before power supplies were restored to all locations.

Network Rail said the damage to infrastructure had been "worse than expected", with more than 100 trees on lines. Several hundred staff worked through Sunday night and into the morning to monitor conditions and react to damage.

Anthony Smith, chief executive of rail customer watchdog Passenger Focus, said it was "too early to tell if the industry made the right call when cancelling so many services, but the fact that major incidents have been avoided is good news".

Prime Minister David Cameron said the deaths caused by the storm were "hugely regrettable".

Asked whether train companies had over-reacted, he said: "These are difficult things to handle because you don't know for certain just how strong the storm will be."

Yashi Koshi!!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday 27th October 2013….Headed into the hills!!

This day in 1919 by Dad was born and he has been gone over 7 years now…he made a huge impact in my life and was a constant supporter of all my career moves and an influence in my sporting life…thanks Dad love you. Here he is with his great grand son Tom!!!


I gained an extra hour of sleep last night as we put our clocks back and I was awake at 7am and packed up as I was joining the hiking group for a long hike into the Sierra Gorda mountains……7 of us went in two cars and the drive was spectacular and took about 90 minutes!!!



Jock our leader led us off the main highway through a small village and are parking space for the hike.  The sun was shining the sky was a picture blue and a perfect way to spend a Sunday morning..enjoy the following photos….





A couple of other hikers on the trail…






The above was out lunch stop quite stunning!!!!





This plant was quite different with the black edges..


We reckon we walked about 5 miles and it was so beautiful and peaceful……a fantastic day!!!

I stopped in on the way back to see Carolyn and she is almost back to being 100% again……now home had supper and a long hot soak and alternating between MLS Soccer and the World series!!!!

Yashi Koshi!!!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Saturday 26th October 2013….Birthdays!!!

Today is Carolyn’s Birthday and also Ashley’s Birthday so I hope the days are special for these two lovely ladies!!!


Ashley and her coach!!


So this morning started with two hours of singles tennis with Loren which was as always great!!!

After tennis I went and picked up Carolyn and we left to go to Queretaro, a  city about one hours drive away as one of Carolyn's friends was hosting a surprise Birthday party…..

The house is right in the old  center and a very beautiful and huge home.

Here is Carolyn signing in



There was over a 100 guests and the Birthday boy Ned was sure surprised when he came in the front door…he is below in the cream shirt.


Views from the roof





Birthday girl Carolyn on the left of the ladies!!

It was a lovely afternoon and Carolyn saw some friends she had not seen for a long time…we left around 5.30pm and it was a lovely drive home.

Carolyn has gone to visit her friend Ann who is not feeling good and I am at home watching hockey…..

So I hope you had a great birthday Carolyn….  we are going to have a little celebration next weekend when she will be feeling back to her old self…I don’t mean old as in old……you know what I mean.

Hope you had a great day too Ashley!!!

Tonight we set our clocks back one hour so get an extra hour in bed good job as I am going on the group hike tomorrow and it is a long way 8 hours so looking forward to that.

yashi Koshi!!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday 25th October 2013…..what Friday here again!!!!!

Boy the weeks sure do go by fast in this neighborhood…..Serena and Scott arrived late last night they have rented the downstairs casita for 6 months and they are lovely to have for neighbors!!!

Not too many plans today but I did over to Carolyn’s this morning she is doing a lot better and I helped her with some planting of flowers in her pots and then she also planted some pots for my roof terrace.

On the way home I stopped at this real small nursery on the side of the road outside a mans house and bought these 3 pots for a total of 60 pesos…not even 5 dollars!!!


I transplanted them and they look lovely!!!


I have a busy two days coming up so I needed to go get groceries and then home in time to go to the roof and enjoy the sunshine and my book!!!

At 5.30pm I went off in to the canyons behind my casita as you know I always enjoy it up there.




I like the sky in the shot above!!!



X is my casita…it was a great hike and I was hoping for a good sunset but the clouds came….

Even though it was sunny all day there is a nip to the air and this evening a little cool…I had a great supper and then a long hot soak in the tub now watching the BC Lions Canadian football!!!!

Wish you all a great weekend!!!

Yashi Koshi!!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thursday 24th October 2013…well if yesterday was busy!!!!!!

The sun came back a bright light in the sky but still a little cool….back on the tennis court at 9am for two hours we played doubles and it was fun..afterwards I took some fruit over to Carolyn she is getting better but still not much energy..Saturday is her birthday and we are going to another birthday party in a city one hour away so hopefully she will be able to go.

I then did some grocery shopping and finally got home around 2pm in time for lunch and then I had to go get Paola and take her to her class…..after I dropped her off I came back home and made myself a sandwich for later, showered and changed and went to pick her up and again she was beaming she just loves all the things they do there.

After I left her at home I went into town to St.Paul's church where they have the play readers on again…tonight was a really good comedy a packed house and a very funny play and well acted.

On the drive home it was cold..not used to that.


A Birthday to celebrate today….


It is my Nephew Mark’s birthday..hope you had a great day with the family!!!

Also another big day yesterday this is my friends Paula and Jerry…their daughter’s wedding…wish you all the very best wishes.


Then I had a photo sent from one of my tennis buddies who comes here for the Winter….the good looking couple were in the area of Turkey where I was last year and sent me this photo…


and this is me last year


Obviously I am a bit more extraverted!!!!

The header photo about the Salvation Army which was a huge part of my childhood!!

Yashi Koshi!!!

Thursday 5 th January 2023…it was a great run!!!

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