Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday 28th February 2010…..GO CANADA!!!!!!


I was invited to a friend’s house to watch the game..

feb28 002

feb28 004


 feb28 005

My hosts Bill and his daughter Maggie

feb28 006

Did I mention they are AMERICANS!!!!!

Maggie’s husband Doug..

feb28 007

It was just a great way to spend my last day in Barra, I really have great friends and thank you all for what you do and continue to do for me, love you all!!!  Even though you don’t let me win at Mexican Train!!!

I am all packed and the scooter is on Ramona and I have about a five hour drive north tomorrow to P. Vallarta.  I am booked in a RV park close to the airport for 2 nights and Sara arrives on Tuesday at around 4.30pm… exciting is that??


Map picture

A new month tomorrow and a new destination, blessings to all….


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday 27th February 2010….The Mother of all parties part 2!!!!!!

Did some laundry chores this morning before going to town to shop.  Never ceased to be amazed by the prices here.  This morning at a small local butchers shop I bought 12 eggs, 15 slices of lean bacon, 12 slices of ham, 2 rib eye steaks, 4 huge boneless chicken breasts and 24 wieners….all for the incredible equivalent of 18 dollars!!

I was dismayed to hear about the tragedy in Chile and loss of life and property.  The news of the tsunami had me driving down to the Malecon in Barra and although it is not clear in this photo the lagoon where I kayaked two days ago was effected and Barb and Frank who are staying on the canal told me it was quite remarkable to see the current come in quite rapidly.

feb27 001

The waves on the beach were bigger than normal.

feb27 006

feb27 009

feb27 007

Stopped by and watched a bit of a local soccer game

feb27 018

This little girl had her own game going on..

feb27 021

reminds me of Paola and Daniela, miss those kids!!!!!

Last year after I left SMA I came here to see my friends and we had a great party which we named the Mother of all parties.

Well today was part 2…….we all met at Joy and Colin's and of course the afternoon started with the big game….

feb27 010

feb27 012

The big winner today!!!!!

feb27 022

My friends put on an incredible spread of great food and we all had a wonderful time!!!   Even Frank behaved himself today!!!!!

feb27 025

Thank you for a great party!!!

My night shots are not very good..

feb27 031

More gold medals for Canada today!!!!

Three more days before I see Sara!!!!


the_championships_wimbledon_logosOn my Bucket List is to go to Wimbledon and I found out from my brother this morning that the tickets are handed out on a lottery system and that my Nephew Andy received two ticket applications and that he has given the tickets to me, thank you so much….so June 23rd 2010…Sara and I will be at Wimbledon!!!!!!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday 26th February 2010…Shave and a haircut………and a hockey win!!

Boy did I have a lazy morning, breakfast, reading and relaxing….then off to visit Barb and Frank and then to see Joy and Colin.  They are staying in the condo development where I used to come for many years before Ramona..

feb26 002

Bananas in the garden..

feb26 004 

It was time for Joy to give me the by the pool yearly haircut…

the before…

feb26 005

the during..

feb26 006

the after..

feb26 008

As per your instructions Sara!!!!

Thanks Joy another great hair cut.

I then went back home and packed up and went to the small beach out of town again and did my running and then had another lazy afternoon.

After I got showered and shaved and dressed for the big hockey game…

feb26 020

and went into Barra to the same restaurant and watched the boys beat Slovakia and advance to the gold medal game, a repeat match up with the USA on Sunday afternoon coming up!!!

feb26 023

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday 25th February 2010…Gone Fishin’’

Had a very relaxing and enjoyable breakfast and morning and was delighted to hear from Frank that he had managed to get a kayak for me to rent…so off I went to Barra.

feb25 001

feb25 002 

It felt good to be on the water the last time I was in a kayak Sara took me on Class 8 rapids and I ditched into the cold Pacific, this water is much warmer.

feb25 003

That is the Grand Bay hotel in the back ground and as the name suggests it is Grand!!

feb25 007

feb25 011

feb25 012

If anyone is having trouble thinking of a birthday present for me!!!!!

feb25 015

feb25 005

feb25 006

This looks like a good place for lunch break.

feb25 018

feb25 020

I tried my hand fishing on the way back.

feb25 021

The fish were jumping around me but not even a bite today.

Perhaps I should be careful here looks like a dangerous pass!!!

feb25 025

It was a very enjoyable time and I do miss my kayak.

WAY TO GO CANADIAN WOMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Good luck with your examination tonight Sara!!!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday 24th February 2010…market, fishing, hockey, what a day!!!

The small RV park I have been staying in closed today so my friends Barb and Frank have moved into Barra in a small apartment for a month and I moved about three blocks away to another great little place even though it is three blocks away from the ocean.

feb24 014

It is actually a small B & B with room in a small courtyard for 4 RV’s but I am the only one here it is great, very clean with wonderful facilities including Wi-Fi and 20 dollars per night.

feb24 002

feb24 003

feb24 005

This fountain is outside the main door..

feb24 016

I then went to the local market and treated myself to another soccer shirt, some shorts, strawberries and 5 second hand movies…and then it was time for my fishing expedition..

I first tried the Malecon in Melaque..

feb24 017

but I kept getting stuck in the rocks so I went on the scooter to the small village of

feb24 027

about three km away and found this nice spot…

feb24 019

Now I suppose I could tell great stories of the ones that got away…




but would you believe me….so one photo tells a 1000 words here you are Frankie baby!!!!!!!

feb24 021

SAY NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The beach here is flat and the sand hard and it was a great place to do my running which I did.

feb24 026 Looking left

Looking right

feb24 024

This photo reminds me of the ending in the film Shawshanke redemption!!

feb24 023

I had a good afternoon and then came home and relaxed and read and sunbathed!!!!

Here I am parading around in my new shorts

hockey 002

and new shirt…..and before you ask Karen   NO!!!! I am not wearing them together!!!

hockey 003 Sara please note I am now shaved!!!

I then cleaned up and went to visit my friends, Joy, Lynn and Colin in Barra and then went to see Barb and Frank’s new casa ..

hockey 011

with their friends Pat and Joe…it is a small but nice apartment right on the canal.

hockey 012

hockey 014

I like this photo of Grandpa rowing!!

hockey 015

Passed the local soccer field..

hockey 009

Then it was time to find a restaurant showing the Olympic hockey game between Canada and Russia!!

hockey 018

hockey 020

Nipped out after the first period for this sunset photo..

hockey 023


It was a great game which Canada won 7 – 3 and now move onto the semi-final….WAY TO GO CANADA!!!!


Now did I miss anything..mmmm

oh yes…Sara left her clinic this afternoon and flew to Gold River and is driving to her home in Duncan on Vancouver Island after working for two months and she will join me in Mexico on Tuesday!!

Now did I miss anything ..mmmm

Ok I cannot contain myself any longer…that fish that I am holding above…well if you must know this man caught it when he went spear fishing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

feb24 022

Thursday 5 th January 2023…it was a great run!!!

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