Saturday, July 31, 2021

Saturday 31 st July 2021...upcoming road trip!

I leave tomorrow for a six day road trip to Chapala, Jalisco State..

I am going to do a dog and house sit....I really have not been to the north side of Lake Chapala, the biggest lake in I look forward to doing some hiking and exploring.
I will be taking care of Bella, a German Shepard and I shall also enjoy time with her.....

Enjoy the last evening of July!!

Stay safe and healthy!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

Friday, July 30, 2021

Friday 30th July delivery!!

Today Reyes drove Lynn, JoAnn and a new volunteer Sanda, and myself to deliver some food hampers to five very poor families with in SMA city limits.....
We then finished the delivery to three families with 9 children living very close to the dumpsters on the way to Los Rodriguez....

After we delivered the food we went to a nearby material store and from donations received were able to buy and deliver three bags of cement...

Finally we gave the children a chart with multiplication tables...some coloured paper and crayons and boxed drinks and lollipops for after they do some tables!!!

All these people are so grateful for anything we give them and they are also doing lots in their commune to better their living standards.
If you would like to donate cash or any items you know longer use please contact me at

Now time for more Olympics..

Stay safe and healthy!!

Yashi Kochi!!

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Thursday 29 th July 2021...amazing start to the day!!

I was still in bed at 7.45am when I heard the swoosh from a hot air balloon and took my camera to my roof top!!

This morning was one of the best mixed doubles games I have been involved in....

Naomi and my partner Diane were truly was three great sets...fabulous way to start the day.....

Andrea came over for a little while and started painting the mural...

I then had some chores to do around town and some shopping before coming home and relaxing the rest of the day....

I do like this...

And two photos taken in Nanaimo from one year ago...that adorable dog Boomer...

Two front lawn ornaments!!!

I am enjoying watching the Olympics!!

Stay safe and healthy!!

Yashi Kochi!,

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Wednesday 28 th 2021...a good day!!

Here we are almost at the end of July the time goes very quickly for me....

This morning I took Scout, Einstein and Negrita on a nice hike, they are very good off leash, Negrita not so good in the car for some reason she wants to bark at every dog she sees...

Don’t fret I know they look thirsty but they all had just finished a good long drink!!

Off to poker next and the winning ways back with another 160 pesos in the coffers!!!

Came home and waited for Andrea to show up, she is an Artist that was recommended to me and I have permission from my landlord to paint the white blank wall in the kitchen.

Being a different person I wanted something to reflect my life and to make me smile when I walk in the door.

Andrea and I talked it through and she came up with this, which I really like.

If you look closely you see Boomer, Frida, Ramona, my RV, games, occupation, waterfall, countries where I have lived

Don’t ask me how she does it but she brought a very tiny projector that displayed the image on the wall....

Then traced around it and she was done in about 45 minutes..

She is coming back over the next few days to finish it off.......

Ok time for tea, cookies and the Olympics!!

Thought you might like this!!


Two English men got on a bus. They sit down and engage in an animated conversation.

The lady sitting next to them ignores them at first, but her attention

is galvanized when she hears one of them say the following:

       Emma come first.

       Den I come.
Den two asses come together.
I come once-a-more! ...
Two asses, they come together again

       I come again and pee twice.
   Then I come one lasta time.'

The lady can't take this anymore, "You foul- mouthed sex obsessed pig!",

she retorted indignantly. 'In this country, we don't speak aloud in public places about our sex lives!"

'Hey, coola down lady,' said the man, 'Whooza talkin' about sex?

I'm a justa tellin' my frienda how to spell ' Mississippi .'


      $10.00 says you're gonna read this again

Stay safe and healthy!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Tuesday 27 th July 2021.....Olympics!!

Flora Duffy won the Olympic women's triathlon Tuesday morning in Tokyo, securing Bermuda's first-ever gold medal.

Bermuda is now the smallest nation to win a gold medal at the Summer Olympics. This is only Bermuda's second Olympic medal, after boxer Clarence Hill won the bronze during the 1976 Olympics.

With a population of just 63,000, Bermuda became the smallest nation or territory to win an Olympic gold medal at a summer Games when Flora Duffy won the triathlon in Tokyo.

The 33-year-old, making her fourth appearance at an Olympics, came out on top of the 56-woman field with a time of one hour 55 minutes 36 seconds - more than a minute ahead of Great Britain's Georgia Taylor-Brown and USA's Katie Zaferes.

Bermuda already held the record for being the least populated country to win a summer Olympic medal thanks to a bronze for boxer Clarence Hill in 1976 but now they have their first gold medal winner.

"It's been a heck of a lot of pressure for five years," said Duffy.

"I would never recommend being an Olympic favourite for five years. Of course it's made it all worth it now.

"I think the whole of Bermuda is going crazy. That's what makes it so special to me is that, yes, this was my dream, but I also knew it was bigger than me.

Reported in the Bermuda press, early 1997:

Boxing: Bermuda's lone moment of glory came in 1976 when Clarence Hill took the bronze in Montreal. Four men have represented the country with Quinn Paynter being the last one in 1988. Since then, the sport has fallen on hard times and is virtually non-existent except for a couple of bouts per year.

Tony McWilliam reported:

TWO ex-inmates yesterday made an impassioned plea to Government to rescue a small business which they say is keeping them out of jail.  The carpentry workshop where they work desperately needs an injection of cash, and without it they fear being sucked back into a vacuum of joblessness and crime.

"We have taken the first step to mending our ways for the better," said former Olympic boxer and convicted robber Clarence Hill, "and if Government is serious about rehabilitation, here is their opportunity to show it."

Clarence Hill, 45, has spent a decade in jail off and on for drug-related offences, and was released earlier this month after a three-year stretch for robbery.

He learned carpentry in prison and is now trying to earn some money at the workshop and get his life back on track.

Bermuda Sun Newspaper - November 10, 1998 

King of the ring

By Don Burgess

NO ONE in Bermuda's sport's history touches the emotions as Clarence Hill does. To some, he is a man who squandered a great talent; but to others he is a man who's potential was done in by the system and a lack of support.

Hill received his first training at the Pembroke Youth Centre under Stanley Trimm. Allan (Forty) Rego would be Hill's next trainer and Rego saw a lot of potential in the young southpaw.

Rego said: "He was a difficult person to train because he was so carefree. He wouldn't really settle down, but he was cocky."  Part of that carefree attitude got him in trouble: He was convicted of marijuana possession when he was 19 years old. It would set an unfortunate pattern Hill would have throughout his life. He reached what would prove to be the pinnacle of his career in the heavyweight division at the 1976 Olympics. A fortunate draw meant that Hill would not have to compete against Tefilo Stevenson and John Tate unless he reached the final.

His first fight was against Parviz Badpa of Iran. It wasn't much of a boxing match: Hill picked up a technical knock-out after 2:41 of the second round when he bloodied Badpa's mouth and nose. After the bout Hill said: "I could hear the Bermudians in the crowd cheering me and it gave me a good feeling. After the first few times we traded punches, I knew I could take him. He was slower than me and I could see his punches coming."

Hill won a decision against Belgian Rudy Gauwe and was then pitted against Romanian Mircea Simon.

The winner earning the right to take on Stevenson for the gold, the loser taking home the bronze. But an inflamed left arm sapped all the strength from his punches. Hill said afterwards: "I knew he had beaten me as soon as the last bell sounded. I wanted to do good for Bermuda, but my left arm was useless. I couldn't land a decent punch."

Hill was charged with possession of marijuana in 1978, an event that would prove to have dire consequences eight years later.

He stayed an amateur after the Olympics and beat American Jimmy Clark, who had given Hill his only loss in Bermuda, in a rematch in January 1979. He contemplated turning pro at the end of the year and was offered to be trained by George Francis in England. At the time Francis said: "Clarence could become the hottest property in heavyweight boxing. He's a natural."

But while he was in England, an anonymous person sent a letter about his marijuana conviction to the British Boxing Board of Control -- and Hill came home after his finances ran out.

He briefly thought about fighting in the 1980 Olympics but that was rejected by local Olympic officials. They said he was still considered a pro because he had accepted some money.

With no chance at the Olympic, Hill made his professional debut in April 1980 against David Fry in London, England. That bout did not last long as Fry was knocked out in the first round.Hill would knock out his first nine opponents, with only two of those fights lasting longer than two rounds.

Rego said: "Clarence was a difficult southpaw because he fought you straight on and then he'd twitch on you. He did it in such a smooth way, you didn't even know he was twitching."  Hill racked up an impressive 11-0 record before getting a shot at Tony Tubbs in August of 1982. Hill lost a split decision to Tubbs, who went on to defeat Mike Weaver for a share of the heavyweight title. Rego said: "That fight left something to be desired. Clarence was beating him rather easily. That was the first time that Tubbs had ever been down. He dropped Tubbs in the first round rather easily."

Hill won his next two bouts and was set to face lightly-regarded Walter Santemore in 1983. But Hill's mother died, and his thoughts were far from the ring as he trained. Santemore would be the only person to knock Hill out, with a fourth round KO. His next big match was against unbeaten Jimmy Clark in New York in 1984. Hill lost a tough 10-round decision.

Clark would say afterwards: "Clarence is an outstanding fighter. For people to say he isn't, they certainly haven't been in the ring with him. I think he has a future in front of him, but he must live right. If he does the things a fighter should, then he should be all right. The fight with Clark cost Hill a shot at the vacant World Athletic Association title against Eddie (Animal) Lopez. He was battered by Clark and doctors recommended that he retire from the sport.

Hill did retire for two years but made his comeback against Terry Mimms in 1986. The rust was showing from a two-year lay-off, but Hill won the decision after a 10-round battle. He knocked out Mike Perkins in the third round two months later, but that would be his last fight.

Coming back home to Bermuda was a disaster for Hill. He was not allowed back into the U.S. because of his drug conviction in 1978. Soon, everything would collapse around the boxer. His marriage ended in divorce, and various brushes with the law culminated with his conviction on a cocaine charge in 1990.

He said in a press report: "I am sorry for what I did. I need help with my addiction." Hill felt he never got the recognition he deserved. He said in one interview: "The people of this country have nothing for Clarence Hill. For one who won the country's first Olympic medal...they have given me a lot of hassles...I haven't received anything but criticism."

Whatever people want to say bout his life after boxing, they cannot take away that he was a brilliant fighter -- one who owns Bermuda's brightest moment on the Olympic stage.

Rego said: "He was Bermuda's greatest heavyweight. He was quite a difficult person for people to fight. I felt he could have gone all the way if he had a little assistance. He had a lot of heartbreaks. I think he was underrated as far as boxers are concerned in Bermud

I was one of the Police officers involved in the arrest of Clarence!!!

Found these photos from ten years ago.....interesting that I had a wrap on my right knee then.....and I am still going strong today!!

Stay safe and healthy!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

Monday, July 26, 2021

Monday26 th July interesting read!!


Let vaccinated Canadians drive across the U.S. border, urges N.Y. congressman | CBC Radio Loaded

As It Happens·Q&A

A New York congressman says it’s time for the U.S. to open its land border to fully vaccinated Canadians.

Both southern and northern U.S. land borders will remain closed to non-essential travel until at least Aug. 21, according to a renewal order issued by the U.S. government Wednesday.

This is despite the fact that Canada will allow fully vaccinated U.S. citizens and permanent residents to enter the country starting on Aug. 9. Fully vaccinated travellers from all other countries will be free to enter Canada on Sept. 7.

When pressed on the matter, the U.S. government was tight-lipped, saying only that it is following the advice of health experts to stop the spread of the more contagious COVID-19 delta variant.

Democratic U.S. Rep. Brian Higgins, who represents constituents living along the U.S.-Canadian border, says that’s not a good enough answer. Here is part of his conversation with As It Happens guest host Susan Bonner.

Why are you so keen to open up the borders to Canadians?

Because both Americans and Canadians have been told for 16 months to follow the science, to follow the facts, to follow the data. And the fact of the matter is the science is that if you are fully vaccinated, you have very strong immunity against the disease, against giving it or getting it, and that has to account for something.

What are you hearing from your constituents as they face another summer without any Canadian visitors?

It hurts both sides of the border. I represent Buffalo and western New York, the city of Niagara Falls, N.Y. And our economy is deeply interdependent on the Canadian economy, specifically the province of Ontario.

So it hurts our economy. It hurts our life quality. And there’s a mental health issue as well as it relates to people who love each other, who have been separated for 16 months.

And again, all of us have been admonished to follow the science. And the science says that if you are fully vaccinated, you, in fact, have strong immunity against both giving COVID or getting OVID, even when you take into account the delta variant.

Because it’s the delta variant that the White House cites as the increased risk and its increased caution, if you will.

The Pfizer vaccine studies have shown that the Pfizer vaccine is highly effective in giving you immunity against the delta variant, 88 per cent relative to the disease, 96 per cent relative to hospitalization. Those are very, very high rates of efficacy.

You’ve been quite public in your criticism of the decision by the Biden administration, and you have said this decision should be made by the president himself. Why appeal directly to the president on this?

Because for the past six months, primarily, I have dealt with many, many members of the Biden administration cabinet, all of whom say the right things, but there is no action.

And in the end, there’s only two people that can make the decision as it relates to the U.S.-Canadian border, and that is the Canadian prime minister and the president of the United States, both of whom I think are people of goodwill who have told us repeatedly: Follow the science.

Think about this for a moment. If you’re in Canada and you fly into Buffalo, that’s permitted. If you’re in Canada and you want to [drive] into Buffalo, you can’t. How does that make sense?

That’s why I think the frustration has been that too many of these decisions are arbitrary. For example, you know, National Hockey League hockey players were given an exemption owing not to science, but to the NHL playoffs schedule.

That frustrates people who have not been able to visit their cottages, who have not been able to become reunited with people they love.

And yet we heard from Jen Psaki, the presidential spokesperson, that it is the science advice that the White House is receiving from officials that is guiding their decision on the border.

She is not reading what the [U.S.] Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is saying. And if you look on the website today, relative to COVID guidance, it is very explicit. And it says if you are fully vaccinated, you can return to pre-pandemic activity.

Therefore, they should read their own CDC website. Because what the press secretary is saying and what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are saying are two different things.

If you don’t buy that answer, why do you believe they are hesitating?

We have two sovereign nations here that are connected by a common border, and … each side has their own politics. You know, you’ve got the Liberal-Conservative dynamic of Canadian federal politics going on. In the United States, you’ve got two borders — you’ve got the northern border and you have the southern border, both of which offer both challenges and opportunities, but they are different.

There is some speculation that perhaps the administration doesn’t want to open the northern border without also concurrently opening the southern border. There’s [also] word in the White House that some people are opposed to the whole notion of vaccine passports.

So you’re their decisions are being made purely on political reasons?

I’m not saying that at all. I’m just saying that’s the speculation. But I do think that if the United States makes a decision not to open its border to Canadians … they have an obligation to state why. And saying when you have complete radio silence, that does not serve the purpose or the benefit of citizens on either side of the border.

You are a Democrat. You have roles on two powerful committees that deal with the border issue. Have you appealed directly to President Biden? Have you called him? Have you tried to be in touch?

To the president directly through the White House and, you know, through the procedures that we are expected to follow. But also with many cabinet secretaries. And Sen. [Chuck] Schumer, my counterpart in the Senate, has done the same thing. We’ve had over 70 members of Congress that have communicated directly to the White House.

What are you prepared to do to force this issue?

As a member of Congress, I have two things — I have a voice and I have a vote. And I use both of them. And during this whole thing, my obligation to my constituents is to be honest and to keep trying.

So every single day, including this day and tomorrow and the next day, we will be trying to find whatever pressure points there are available to get the administration to do what it ought to be doing in the natural course of their responsibility.

Stay safe and healthy!!

Yashi Kochi!!

Sunday, July 25, 2021

(Temporary Backup) Sunday 25 th July 2021...a mini road trip!

Sunday so doing what my Grandma and Granddad Pearson did...went for a drive in the country!!

I was hoping to find this waterfall..

Which is I have been told close to San Diego de la Union....

After asking a few people I was finally directed to here....

A huge nature reserve with pleasant views and a huge Pressa and dam...

I followed the trail until I met these guys who refused to get off the road...

the large dam wall...

I had gone about two miles when I came to the small river crossing....

There was no way I was taking Blaze through this especially after seeing this...

So I parked and continued on foot......

A really nice walk and I eventually came to a camping area where a few locals were having a cook out....there was a small river but that was all..

I enjoyed the trip and feel that I was close to the falls but obviously not in the right part of the park....

Tonight watching Olympic Games....

Stay safe and healthy!!

Yashi Kochi!!

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Saturday 24 th July 2021...happy memories from one year ago!!

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Saturday 25th July 2020..Day 159!!

Part of my morning chores is to water the front and rear gardens and as you can see Kilo is a huge help to me!!!

This is so funny to watch and to hear the loud clatter of his teeth as he snaps away at the water!!

A beautiful sunny hot weekend ahead and I picked out another hike called Cascade falls in Coquitlam.

When I arrived at the trail head it was in an urban area and just no where to park and lots of people going down the trail....I really should have gone to Plan B but instead I found a parking spot a ways away and walked back to the trail.

Walking the trail I realized another reason why it was so popular it was a very flat easy walk of about 2 km to the falls....this is not the kind of hiking I enjoy......

To be honest the falls were not the most impressive that I have seen this week....

 I did hike up the bank and found a nice quiet spot away from the clouds and had my lunch.


On the way back is where the excitement happened......I was only thinking the other day all these hikes I have taken in the last four months most of them out in the wilderness and I have near seen a bear or a cougar....

I walked around this corner..

and there was the black bear cub on the trail!!!!

This photo is from the Internet..I did not get a chance to take one....

I immediately stopped and slowly baked away and the cub ran off into the trees.....I never did see Momma Bear......shortly after other hikers came in the other direction and I continued on!!

Spent the later afternoon reading and being lazy on the lounge chair in the back yard.

Atlas decided to join me..

A quiet evening in store for me....I have started watching Homeland on Netflix and really like the first three episodes!!

Stay safe and healthy!!!

Yashi Kochi!!

Friday, July 23, 2021

Friday 23 rd July 2021...another of those busy days!!

Another great day starting off with going on a hike to the dam to see if any water was

flowing over...and it was!

The flowers are just starting to come out..

Then Reyes came and picked me up in the truck he had 25 sheets of lamina already on board and then we went to the warehouse of Feed the Hungry!!

A close up of a bag..

This is from the President..

For more than 35 Years, FTH has been devoted to its mission of feeding hungry schoolchildren. We have expanded the number of communities we serve and provided safe, sanitary dining areas for the children. FTH takes pride in the quality and nutritional value of our school lunch program meals. Year after year, we have done this work with a budget of approximately US$600,000 for nearly 1,000,000 meals served.

And now, mothers and their pre-school-age children also benefit from our Early Childhood Nutrition initiative. We know that what

babies and toddlers eat has a profound effect on both their physical and cognitive development. The program provides healthy food for weaned children not yet receiving school meals.

Our professional nutritionists conduct health assessments and provide education for parents on how eating habits at a young age can last a lifetime. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, hundreds of workshops have been safely conducted in the communities.

To address the pandemic’s resulting school closures and economic ruin, we totally retooled our operations to meet the nutritional needs of not just our beneficiary children, but also their families. Food packages were designed and delivered to keep entire families fed during the emergency. Our beneficiary list expanded as other NGOs ran out of funds, and we worked together to help the most desperate. FTH is the only NGO in this part of Mexico capable of purchasing, packaging, and distributing food for the 20,000 people we have been helping for more than a year.

During the past 15 months, our Feed the Families program has provided food for more than 10,000,000 meals that have no doubt helped to save many lives. This program continues and the new Early Childhood Nutrition program is expanding to more communities.

Back to School

On top of all of this, when schools reopen later this year, we will gear up to resume the school meals program! While gradually phasing out the Feed the Families program, we intend to continue to provide food supplies to those identified as most in need, including the elderly not served by other NGOs.

To accomplish all of this our funding needs have grown to over US$1,200,000 per year. Despite the contributions from our wonderful supporters, we are still left with an operating deficit. FTH and our many beneficiaries very much welcome and appreciate your continued generous support.

Thank you – we couldn’t do this without you!

– Al Kocourek, President, Feed the Hungry San Miguel Inc.

They have so kindly offered to give us ten food bags every week, so Reyes and I picked them and then off to the village to deliver both...

All the families were so happy...

We are getting to know their names and this way of giving feels much more personal.....

The little girl in the middle has the same name as me and her sister Naomi..

It was a great trip..

My last thing today was to go up to the small cafe at the Mall where I met Vane, my fantastic young student and we sat and talked for an hour.....

I took my IPad and showed her lots of photos of my family, friends and life......she is very enthusiastic and her English Excellent.

Another busy but good day!!

Stay safe and healthy!!

Yashi Kochi!

Thursday 5 th January 2023…it was a great run!!!

 This was my first ever blog post back in November of 2006!!! With just a couple of days off I have written a blog every day since and I hav...