Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday 31st July 2011…another new Province!!

Well it finally stopped raining but woke up to cool and foggy conditions so decided it would be a driving day….the fog would lift and then come back.  Some nice spots along the way

July 311111111111111111 001An eagle face????

July 311111111111111111 003

Check out the X that is where i am headed!!

July 311111111111111111 029The very quaint town of Perce…reason for this photo is that my Dad was called Percy but really his name was William or Bill as he liked to be called later on in his life I wish he could have seen this town….it is the home of the big rock!!!

July 311111111111111111 013

The fog kept slipping in and then away so some photos are a bit blurry

July 311111111111111111 006

July 311111111111111111 012

July 311111111111111111 023

July 311111111111111111 024

I then went to the Visitor information centre and found a good hike

July 311111111111111111 036it was about a 30 minute hike to the Grotto

July 311111111111111111 037

This was a very lovely and serene place!!!

July 311111111111111111 040

July 311111111111111111 042

July 311111111111111111 043

I mentioned before that i liked waterfalls so i decided on this hike that instead of crossing of items from my bucket list today i was going to add one…so I shall find out where the highest waterfall in the world is and put that on my list!!!  I know some of you smarty pants will already know where it is but I shall have to Google it!!!!!

There was another trail leading to a view point of the big rock

July 311111111111111111 035

Yes it is in there somewhere!!!

Back on the road again the weather picked up and the sun came out…some scenes along the highway!!

July 311111111111111111 054

July 311111111111111111 055

July 311111111111111111 056

About 4pm nice and sunny so time for a pit stop!!

July 311111111111111111 059

Back on the road and now the longest bridge in the world!!!!

July 311111111111111111 060

July 311111111111111111 062

OK I fess up it is not really the longest bridge in the world it is just that when you get on the bridge you are in Quebec and when you get off you are in

July 311111111111111111 061

and there is a one hour time difference in NB so it really takes an hour to go across the bridge…boy Mary, Heather and Annie I hope you get this!!!!!!!

So now in the parking lot of MacD’s again in Bathurst New Brunswick and hoping for a good nights sleep….tomorrow the plan is to go across the Confederation Bridge into PEI!!!!!

Happy Canadian Holiday tomorrow!!!

Map picture

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday 30th 2011….two posts again!!!!

Map picture
Map picture

As the old cigarette commercial says…”You’ve come a long way baby!!!!

Saturday 30th July 2011…rain rain go away!!!!

So last night by the Church proved to be a great spot and I had an undisturbed sleep but woke up to a dull cool morning so it seemed like a good idea to get and the road and find this place…

july3000000000000 008

july3000000000000 009

So whilst the clothes were getting washed I took a stroll through town…always a nice looking church

july3000000000000 007

and a quaint harbour

july3000000000000 006

and of course the..

july3000000000000 015

So the shirts I don’t put in the dryer and they hand dry in a few minutes!!!

july3000000000000 019

The weather was deteriorating and I kept on driving

july3000000000000 020until my lunch time stop!!

Some scenes in the afternoon

july3000000000000 023

july3000000000000 025

july3000000000000 026

july3000000000000 028

I did want to hike this trail but just too wet!!!

july3000000000000 037

july3000000000000 033

By now it was serious rain and no end in sight so as I was close to the town of Gaspe I decided to stop for the night and hope tomorrow brings brighter skies….I found a McDonalds with a huge parking lot and found a good place to stop for the night at around 5pm…by the time I was settling in three other Rv’s pulled in so I won’t be lonely!!

Had a great supper of left overs from last night…showered… sorted out my sock drawer….that was a joke!!!!

july3000000000000 038Quebec City on the left and tonight’s stay ay Gaspe on right!!


Tea and a movie coming up and I think tomorrow I will be in New Brunswick before I head onto PEI on Monday.

The Gaspe Bay peninsular was a pretty nice drive with some very scenic views and small towns and a drive I enjoyed and shall remember……

Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday 29th July 2011…2 posts in one day again!!!

Well after I posted the last one packed up and I decided to just go down the road to the church…. a huge parking lot in the back and spend the night there I feel this will be a great place to stay.

So I went for a walk around 9pm down the little village’s main street and came across this lady sitting in a garden swing on the front stoop of her house….IT PAYS TO WEAR YOUR BOSTON BRUIN HOCKEY SHIRT!!!!

She saw the shirt and in French asked me something…I told her I was sorry I did not speak French and she spoke a little English.  She asked about the shirt and invited me to sit with her…..

We had a great time and I found out her son is a very famous ex hockey player who has a Stanley Cup ring.

This is his bio from Wikipedia!!!!

He signed with the Montreal Canadiens in 1986 and made the team's roster in 1989–90 as an undrafted free agent. He played three seasons with the Habs before being dealt to the Toronto Maple Leafs in exchange for a third round draft pick prior to the start of the 1992–93 season. Lefebvre played two seasons with the Leafs before being dealt to the Quebec Nordiques as part of the Wendel Clark-Mats Sundin blockbuster trade on June 28, 1994. Lefebvre played the next five seasons with the Quebec Nordiques/Colorado Avalanche before signing a four-year, $10-million US contract with the New York Rangers that secured a club-option for him to play a fifth season at $3 million in the 1999 off-season. Lefebvre's productivity decreased dramatically and he was considered another overpaid veteran player signed as part of then-general manager Neil Smith's grocery shopping team-building approach. Lefebvre's career low came in the 2002–03 season, when he was assigned to the Rangers farm affiliate, the Hartford Wolf Pack. After the season he left the NHL for one season for the Swiss team SC Bern before retiring.

After winning the Stanley Cup with the Colorado Avalanche in 1996, Lefebvre was involved in an amusing incident that attracted media attention. As part of tradition, each player on the Stanley Cup winning team can take personal possession of the trophy for a day during the summer following the championship, a practice that has led to several misadventures. When it was his turn, Lefebvre decided to have his baby daughter, Alexanne, baptized in it.

She told me all about the teams he played for then asked me if I wanted a drink and I said I would love a water and she went inside her house and came back with drinks, cookies and the photo of her son!!!!!

hocccccccccccccccccccc 001

hocccccccccccccccccccc 002

We sat for over an hour and it was just again one of those special times that pops up out of nowhere…

Time for tea and a movie…….good story eh????

Friday 29th July 2011….back on the road again!!!

Yet another fine night’s sleep and after getting my 5 gallon water jug filled at the local grocery store I was on the road by 9am.

The first two hour’s were uneventful on the highway except for this..

july2999999999999999 001

I was soon back on the smaller secondary road and found this little gem

july2999999999999999 005

july2999999999999999 004

Good job I had a big breakfast this sucker was heavy!!!!

july2999999999999999 009

After stopping at a Provincial Park and I was allowed to empty my grey tank and fill up with fresh water back on the road again..

july2999999999999999 011

It was about 3pm and I decided enough for one day and turned into the little quaint town of St.Ulric and found this park

july2999999999999999 016

Looks perfect

july2999999999999999 015

I walked all the way down the main street and back on the beach.

july2999999999999999 022

july2999999999999999 023

I know you like games but no clues this time…spot Ramona!!!!!

july2999999999999999 030

A heavy rainstorm came through!!!

july2999999999999999 032

Today was a culinary test I have been eating frozen meals I prepared before I left and of course staying with friends so today was the first time to try out my new steamer pan.  Thanks to my friend Gail in Kelowna….I am now the proud owner of this

july2999999999999999 033

july2999999999999999 034

Fresh carrots, turnips and potatoes and they all cooked perfectly in about 20 minutes and only one pot to clean…thanks Gail!!!!

I turned on my computer and lucky enough to get Internet but then the bad news happened!!!!

The arrival of a guy in a Municipal truck and he was very friendly shook my hand asked where I was from and then told me I could not spend the night here!!!!

Oh well this is the second time in over 600 overnights that I have been asked to move on….so I cleaned up the dishes from dinner posted this and now 8pm I will be back on the road and I am sure somewhere close down the highway I will find the right spot…….wish you all a great weekend!!!!

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