Thursday, December 31, 2015

Friday 1st January 2016...Rabbits, rabbits, rabbits!!!!

For those of you new to the blog my Mum, bless her, always told me to say rabbits, rabbits, rabbits, the first of every month when I wake up to bring good luck and I have been saying these three words for many years now and it does seem to work for me so imagine my joy to not only welcome a new month but a new year by saying rabbits, rabbits, rabbits when Babs the bunny is outside in the garden!!!
Hope you all had a wonderful safe and happy new years eve..I know the celebrations here were finished before most of yours were starting!

My new years day started off with a great breakfast and then down to the tennis courts for about an hour on the courts and then I took off onto the elusive waterfall hike.
A few days ago I wanted to explore and find the Ryde falls and as I documented that day I came to this sign below

and immediately turned right and hiked for almost five hours there and back before I had realized I had taken the wrong here I try again but this time I do in fact go straight onto the correct trail!!!

The above shots show the only part of the trail that was not in dense bush but with clear and easy paths some uphill but not too bad!
I made sure I followed each sign this time..

7 km later I came to the falls a lovely three tier falls...

I enjoyed my lunch at the base of the falls and then hiked the 7km back......
This evening just dinner a long soak in the tub and going to watch some TV.
For me a wonderful start to a year that is guaranteed to be filled with new countries and vistas, new friends and who knows what else.....had a great start tennis, a waterfall hike!!!!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!!

Thursday 31st December 2015...well my last post this year!!!

The rain was all finished and another lovely day so I decided to go play tennis and it was a lot of fun as always then went on a road trip to Akaroa!!!
It was nice to go back here because this is the port of call from the cruise ship where Becky and June and I went swimming with the Hector this time I approached from the road and the scenery was wonderful!!!

The town has a French flavor to it and most of the names are was busy with tourists and some of the homes and the flower beds are gorgeous!!!

I know I am a bit nuts!!!

I enjoyed the day and I did not get home till after 7pm and by the time I had dinner walked Tilley and had a bath it is now almost 11pm...I do not think I will wait up to bring the new year in.....But I do want to wish every single person reading this a safe and healthy and happy 2016......thanks for being such loyal readers of this blog which is now in it's ninth much has happened and thanks for being a part of wishes and blessings to all......les
Yashi Kochi!!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Wednesday 30th December 2015...where did the year go??

Another great sleep and Tilley is always waiting for me when I come out of the bedroom and we go straight to the park for about 30 minutes...come home and I feed her and then I let Babs out after giving her some water and then it is time for my breakfast...that is how the mornings go around here.
Spent a bit of time watering the grass in both front and back and it looks good.....I needed to do some more planning and unless I get a house sit job in February in Australia I plan to hire a car for the month and do some touring around maybe the Great coast road and then up the gold coast any suggestions???
I had planned to go to tennis at 6pm but wouldn't you know after a wonderful sunny day around 5pm the clouds came in and the rain clouds came and it just teemed down essentially cancelling the tennis!!!!
More walks for Tilley and I had take out fish and chips for dinner and now going to watch a movie and then a bath..not exciting to read I must admit...I promise stuff will happen tomorrow!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Tuesday 29th December and chore day!!

After a great sleep and a healthy breakfast I got into my Mrs.Mopp mode and cleaned the house, did some laundry and had Tilley down to the park.
The afternoon saw me taking advantage of the great weather reading and sunbathing before I got out the lawn mower and cut the grass and it looks good even if I say so myself!!

Then went and played tennis which I always enjoy and finished up in the local pub where I had a great pub dinner of bangers and mash!!!
and it was good.
The sun does not go down till around 9pm and then it gets dark shortly after so long days of sunshine....
Time for a movie!!!
Yashi Kochi!!

Monday, December 28, 2015

Tuesday 29th december 2015...Internet!!!

Woke up to a lovely morning yesterday but without Internet...funny how you get used to just turning on the computer seeing what happened in the world see who e mailed you and of course checking your bank account!!!!!
It was the day of a big hike and I had found a long waterfall hike that was about 30 minutes drive away and I was on the road by 11am.
Found the parking area and the signs
Ok let you into a little secret I am really bad at signs!!!!!  I do not pay close enough attention and I realize this but I still continue to have this bad habit.
Look at the sign above it is quite obvious which way to the waterfall but which way do I go??? I turned right!!!!
So I had a lovely hard up hill hike but on the wrong track!!!

IT was hard hike up and after about 2 hours I realize that I was not on the right track and I had seen no one else on the track....I decided to turn around and come back the same way and when I got back to the sign I realized how silly I had I had a great hike and enjoyed it and now the best part is I can go back another day and find the waterfall!!!!
I took a different route home and passed this wonderful river what gorgeous colors!

Came home and had a long soak in the bath cooked dinner and settled in and watched Shawshanke Redemption again...a wonderful movie!!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sunday 27th December 2015.....never left the house!!!

Boy this turned out to be one very laid back stay home and do not too much kind of a day BUT it felt good!!!!
Really do not know where the time went.....I did lots of walks with Tilley, I let Babs run free in the back yard and I am now at the stage where I can just about pet her and she is easy to get her back in her cage.....did lots of watering of the gardens and flowers as it was sunny and warm again.
Spent time on the computer and doing some planning...I leave NZ on 18th January for a week in Melbourne where I have tickets for the tennis open but after that no set plans so I have been applying for house sit jobs in Australia for the month of February and it that does not pan out then I may just hire a car and tour the east coast of Australia for a month.
In March I would like to go to South Africa and spend at least six weeks there before going to somewhere in Europe where I also have been applying for house sit jobs before I finish up in England in nothing fixed but plans in the works!!!
Watched a movie tonight and plan tomorrow not to be old and lazy and I will go on a long day hike!!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Saturday 26th December 2015...part two!!!

I am enjoying the mornings taking it easy over breakfast, walking with Tilley, research on the computer, watering the garden, getting friendlier each day with Babs and around 1pm I went for a drive for a few hours into the small mountains close to the you can see the sun shone, the clouds were light and everything looks so vibrant!!

Another long walk with Tilley this evening before settling down and watching a you can see a nice quiet relaxed lifestyle.......
Yashi Kochi!!!

Friday, December 25, 2015

Saturday 26th December 2015.......sunshine all day!!

After a lovely breakfast and doing some house chores I took Tilley for a long walk she is so good I let her off her leash but she always keeps an eye on me to see where I am.
I then packed some fruit and drinks and went to the about that for Christmas day???
It was only a 15 minute drive to a beach that both ways I could not see the end!!!

It was a great walk and the skies were so incredible...
I was home by late afternoon and just enjoyed the house, Tilley, trying to get Babs back into her cage and then a lovely supper of fresh picked(by me) pots and peas and lamb chops!!!!
Then it was a movie evening a Skype call to my Family in England and the end of my NZ Christmas!!!
I sleep really well and this morning I have been watering the lawns, playing with the "kids" and now going off on a hike....
I know some of you are still celebrating so have fun and be safe!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Friday 25th December 2015.......and a Merry Christmas to you!!!!

Yesterday was another beautiful warm sunny day and I went to a small town about 20 minutes away where the tradition is that a farmer opens his fields and you go pick your own stuff!!!
There was a huge crowd there and it was a lot of fun...

I have never done anything like this before and I had a hard time finding any spuds but did come away with enough peas and potatoes for one meal!!!!!
Went into the local town and did a little bit of shopping and then home for an afternoon of some chores of watering and clothes washing then onto the lounger for some sun and food and my book!!!
Tilley is great company very caring and obedient......watched a movie and then another day finished.
Woke up this morning to brilliant sunshine and already at 8am it is warm....I have .done my animal chores and after breakfast going to find the local beaches and walk them.
Tilley opened her Christmas gift and took to it right away!!!
Tilley and Babs!!!

I know most of you are busy with Christmas Eve chores and celebrations but I am a day ahead and the middle of summer but I do want to wish every one of you a blessed holiday season filled with good health, fun and love to your family and friends!!!
Yashi Kochi!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Wednesday 23 rd December 2015...the sun returns!!!!

A great sleep followed by a lazy nice breakfast and then some time in the yard with Tilley
and I let Babs out too but it is hard to get a good shot of her she is so fast!!
Just before noon I went out on the mountain bike and biked into town where I joined the library as a temporary member took out some books and then just enjoyed about two hours of walking all around town.

This is a great town has almost everything from a small hospital, good school and aquactic centre, many stores and a lovely central park

I was home by 3pm and just had a light lunch and then went into the garden to read before getting ready and going to the tennis club for 6pm.....another great evening and I know I say it a lot but everyone seems so kind and friendly.......
Boy the days go by so quickly!!!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!

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