Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thursday 28th February 2013….where did February go??

Boy this month sure flew by for has been exactly 5 months since I arrived here in SMA and they have been magical months with the only downer being the situation with Daniela which is still unresolved but I am patiently waiting……I have seen so much of Paola culminating with the trip to the beach…..I have my own new and lovely casita to move into……playing tennis at least 4 times a week…..enjoying new friends…..blessed with wonderful health…and then there is that lady that lives in Cinco de Mayo!!!!!

This morning after breakfast I went and took Linda and Guy’s van to the repair shop to have it tested to see if there are any  emission problems… today was the last day for the test and I was at the shop 8.30am when the garage opened and a good job because a few minutes later there was a line up!!



The employees all passed this statue and blessed themselves before starting work!!

DSCF8148I then drove home and turned around on the scooter and went to pick up Paola….

   and we did some errands in town had breakfast and then I dropped her back home in time for her to go to school…it was good to see here again and she seemed pretty happy. 

I then went to my casita and did some more sorting it is looking really nice…came back here and went outside and read and sunbathed and then at 5pm went for a nice sunset hike down to the lake!!




I enjoy my hikes it gives me chance to do some thinking and a lot of my plans are made this way.

Tonight after supper just relaxing watching TV.


Old Timer's Hospital Stay

I am a sick old man.

I was sick and in the hospital.

There was one nurse,Joyce, that just drove me crazy.

Every time she came in, she would talk to me like I was a little child.

She would say in a patronizing tone of voice,

'And how are we doing this morning',

Or 'Are we ready for a bath', or 'Are we hungry ?'

I had had enough of this particular nurse.

One day, at breakfast, I took the apple juice off the tray and put it in my bed side stand.

Later, I was given a urine bottle to fill for testing.

So you know where the juice went !


The Joyce came in a little later, picked up the urine bottle and looked at it.

'My, it seems we are a little cloudy today. '

At this, I snatched the bottle out of her hand, popped off the top, and drank it down, saying, 'Well, I'll run it through again. Maybe I can filter it better this time.'

The nurse fainted.......... I just smiled.



Thanks Carolyn for that laugh!!


Also like this quote!!


This is my buddy Ashley at a big tournament yesterday she got to the final by beating two other girls she has never beaten before and she lost in the final but her Mum was so thrilled with her play and sportswoman ship…I look forward to watching her play at a huge tournament in Palm Springs in April…way to go GIRL!!!!

Yashi Koshi!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wednesday 27th February 2013…what a day!!!

Boring I know BUT tennis again at 9am and it was another wonderful 2 hours…..from there I went to my casita where I met the technician and got the Vonage phone installed and up and running….from there it was to poker where I donated 80 pesos to my good buddies….home for 30 minutes of frustrating calls to the Government in Canada again…….and then 5pm back to the poker room for my Spanish lesson….this is the first time that I feel I am at last getting a little ahead Lily and I were able to converse most of the time in Spanish admittedly very broken Spanish but she tells me she is very proud of me and my progress…Friday will be my last lesson until I come back from my big trip but I fully intend to continue with my studies.

So eventually arrived home at 6.30pm and did some laundry and then had supper, a shower, had a nice conversation with Carolyn and now the really good news…..I got a call from Heather in Nanaimo where I live when I am on the Island…Heather has my Power of Attorney and she told me she just pulled out all her tax forms and found the form that I am required to send to the Government in amongst her files….so this I hope will mean no more calls to Canada and that when they receive this that will be it  and my first pension cheque should arrive in June…Thanks Heather saved me lots of time, trouble and calls.

Yashi Koshi!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday 26th February 2013….UGH Government!!!!!

Tennis this morning for 2 hours was yet again a great way to start my day and then came home and iced down… had lunch and then went to my casita to meet my technician who was installing the Vonage is all set up but he had a little problem trying to program my new phone to receive messages so he took it with him and I will meet him again tomorrow.

Came home and spent another frustrating afternoon on the


to a Government agency in Canada…this is the second day I have spent a lot of time getting no where and today they even suggested I contact the Canadian Embassy in Mexico city.

The problem is to do with my application for my Government pension which will commence in May…I filled all the forms out and submitted them in September but then I get a letter telling me they are missing a form and I need to send this form to them. Two problems I know I already submitted this form because I remember some of the questions were ambiguous also it cost 30 dollars and I have the receipt….the problem is the toll free number they give to call is only accessible from within Canada and do you think they could give me another number to call…not a chance… after two days I am no further ahead and beginning to wonder who I can call tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!

At 5pm I went to pick up Sara and we attended a free lecture on the Camino Santiago Pilgrimage in is a walk of 500 miles that is on my bucket list. It was a very in formative lecture and slide show.

Sara then treated me to dinner at the China Dragon, thanks and then I dropped her at her dance class and I went to my casita for a while to do some more sorting and then picked up her and took her home.

Amazing the days just fly by!!!

Yashi Kochi

Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday 25th February 2013……bits and pieces!!

This morning after breakfast I jacked up Linda and guy’s SUV because the front tire is completely flat and then I went to meet a technician at my new casita who is going to install a Vonage phone  for me..everything is set up and I am going back there tomorrow to meet again and do the final touches…it will be nice to have a phone without big monthly bills where I can call anywhere in the US and Canada very reasonably.

After he left I did some arranging and got the book case stand ready for my own TV.

On the way home I did some shopping and then was on the phone to Canada for a while trying to sort out a glitch in the application for my Canadian pension it seems I have to again download another form and send it off.

At 4pm I went back into town for my Spanish lesson with Lily I am going to have two more lessons then take a break for my holiday the middle of March.  After the lesson I went to the tire shop where they repaired the tire for me for the grand cost of 40 pesos about 3 dollars!!

Came home and went for a walk down to the lake and now watching a pre recorded soccer game from England.

Pura Vida!!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday 24th February 2013……new casita!!

Had a rare and restful morning breakfast and read a newspaper and just relaxed…….I then loaded up my car and took lots of my stuff to my new casita…I need a name any suggestions ???  I spent a couple of hours there taking out some things that I do not need and these photos below are not complete but they show the beauty of the casita!!


All the upstairs is mine!!

the steps leading to the casita!!


Some of the view from the private rooftop terrace





The kitchen is well equipped and I do not need a thing


I will take that TV out and bring my own flat screen over tomorrow…


YES that is a bath tub!!!!

I need to do some work in the bedroom but waiting till Carolyn gets back to help with suggestions!!


The turtle will go above the bed and I know the hockey shirt needs to be a bit higher..


There is a story to this short will tell you another day!!


I then went to the car wash to get the car cleaned up


It took the guy 45 minutes and he did it all washed and vacuumed and armor all it looks like new


inside and out and the cost 55 pesos about just over 4 dollars he got a great tip…..

I then went and picked up Sara and took her to the casita and she helped with moving things around…thanks!!!

Came home and got cleaned up and ate and now just relaxing watching a hockey game.

The following photo contains partial nudity only fit for my mature female readers!!!


Apart from the toes almost a perfect specimen!!!

Yashi Koshi!!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Saturday 23rd February 2013……a day of rest!!!

Was happy to go to the courts this morning at 9am and again 2 hours of great tennis in wonderful warm sunshine.

Came home and over lunch watched a live soccer game from England and then about 2pm I went over to my new casita and spent a couple of hours there…it is really nice… love the area… the full roof top terrace and it is delightfully furnished…I have a few things I need to put up and getting it looking perfect…. Sara is going to come and help tomorrow and then when Carolyn comes back she will help also with the roof top…I shall probably move in during the next week…another chapter in my life.

I have had time to reflect on the last week and all the things that happened and in no particular order……it was so wonderful to be able to participate in Paola’s first ocean visit after about 5 minutes she was not afraid of the waves and she spent hours just frolicking in the ocean…..she was a huge hit at the wedding and so well mannered and I was proud to be there with her.  I know I said it yesterday but Sara was a doll with her thanks!!!

I miss Carolyn she comes back Sunday..enjoy your family visit!!!

A problem occurred at Casa Hogar with Daniela and it seems that I am just going to have to sit and wait this one out…I am not allowed to see her and will not be able until Daniela has some tests and the Madres decide what they will do…..this does not sit well with me after all these years with Daniela but I have no choice BUT if things get worse I feel I need to stand up for myself and let myself be heard but not yet!!

A new casita and a new stage in my life I think I am going to be very happy there.

I want to thank all the special people in my life I am blessed with so many and you all mean the world to me thanks for being there for me when ever I need you.

I miss my family in England wish you all a great weekend!!

Yashi Koshi!!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday 22nd February 2013….Day 6!!

We left our little piece of beach paradise this morning at 9.45am we had lots of food and drinks and Paola was again in charge of the toll booth money but she also slept lots I think the days of so much activity got to her..


During the journey turned a milestone on the odometer


The trip back took 30 minutes longer than the drive to the coast and it went by fairly well lots of toll roads which makes the driving easier…we had some breaks and both the girls were good passengers…we dropped Paola off at home at 6.30pm and she was happy to see her Mum and she thanked us so much for taking her to the beach.

I then dropped Sara off at her casita thank you so much for being so great with the kid she loves you to death and you are a wonderful influence in her life!!!

I then came home unpacked and had a long shower and now feel refreshed.

I need a few days to take in all that has happened these past few days…. there is also a new issue at Casa Hogar that I shall have to deal with soon.

I spoke to Carolyn tonight and she is enjoying being with one of her daughter’s for a few days…   have a great visit!!!.

So the end of a project that has been in the works for a couple of years…getting Paola to the ocean was a memory bank moment I think for us all..thanks for sharing the journey!!

Yashi Koshi!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thursday 21st February 2013…..Day 5!!

Well we have gotten into a routine here I wake up around 8.15am and take my cup of tea up to the roof terrace..Paola gets up around 9am and has her cereal and fruit and Sara anytime before 10am and has her coffee except this morning being as it was our last day here we were all up and and on the go and went to the town where Gail and Larry are and we had breakfast in town which was good then went to see G & L….we visited for a while then went to the beach where I had promised her a boat ride hopefully to see whales…I have been whale watching here about a 12 dozen times and had some spectacular sights in the past.



She makes these faces on purpose!!!

I am sorry to say that today was not a good day for seeing whales…we did see two dolphins and one whale but from a distance and this was the only shot!!!


At least Paola can say she saw a whale…on the way home some of us had a little snooze because we ran out of gas and had to wait for another boat to bring some more!!


Soon wide awake again



Is that enough leg for my female readers??

So for her first boat trip it was a bit of a drag not to see what I know is out there but she did say she enjoyed the ride.

After lunch Sara took the bus back home here to spend time with her girl friends and I took Paola to the beach for her last swim…we got there at 2pm and at 5pm she was still in the ocean!!

I was amazed we both swam and jumped waves for an hour and then I came on the beach and sat and watched her and she just frolicked in the waves all by herself so happy and content..then she would come back to me and get the inner tube and off she went.

I did try to get her to go on a jet ski but she did not want to…


Then I tried to entice her to go on the banana boat


but she did not want to do that either..just play in the ocean!!

Simply wonderful to watch her all these hours just amusing herself so happy, so full of joy…she has brought Sara and I hours of pleasure being around her and she has caused a stir everywhere we take her and never a problem..Bless her…oh how I wish Daniela was here too.

We said our goodbyes to Gail and Larry and thanks yet again for such special hospitality and we drove home stopping for some comfort food on the way home.

After we all got cleaned up we played card games and packed and just had fun.

We leave for home tomorrow again an 8 hour drive but I do not mind…….what a holiday to remember.

Happy to report That Carolyn who was driving from SMA to visit her family in San Antonio arrived safely after a long days drive…take care and enjoy your family!!!

Thanks for all the e mails wishing us a great time at the beach…we DID!!!!!

Yashi Koshi!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday 20th February 2013 …….Day 4!!!

What a busy day ahead of us…after breakfast Sara went to the beauty shop to have a pedi and mani cure and I told Paola I would try and rent bikes and we would bike ride for a couple of hours…we went to the only bike rental shop in the village but all his bikes were rented out…so next stop was  a bike repair shop where I tried to bribe the owner to let Paola ride a bike for a couple of hours and I would pay him, but he would not do that…….I often wonder why no smart woman has snapped me up?????  After all I am drop dead gorgeous Brad Pitt like, I have a wonderful personality, a great smile, no baggage, I know how to treat a lady and I can be fun and I am an athlete of near Olympic why???   Why is the woman on Cinco de Mayo not into this program??  Above all I am really smart and I proved it once again this morning..after being turned down for the bikes as we were walking home Paola a little sad we passed this house we often walk by


outside were three ladies talking and also a child's bike…so I went up to the ladies and in my best Spanish asked if they would rent the bike for Paola for 2 hours and I would pay…they smile as I butchered the language and said yes…I gave the lady 100 pesos but she would not take we left and I had one little happy girl again!!



I walked every street in this village and again was water boy



when it was time to take the bike back I got Paola to say thanks and to give the lady 50 pesos which she did!!!  Only in Mexico…then it was time for Paola’s beauty treatment first came the mani cure


I was also the lunch server because her hands were drying I had to feed her!!!!!


As we were running short of time we had to miss the feet and went straight to getting her hair done when she came out she looked beautiful!!



We all changed and went to the wedding!!!



It was really lovely and I think a thrill for Paola to attend!!



This is for my female fan club members (if there are ANY!!!!!)




Isn’t that a great dress that Sara bought for Paola on a street corner sale for a few pesos??


We came home for a while before the reception and Sara took Paola up to the terrace for some art lessons!


Soon it was time to get back to town and the wedding reception was simply wonderful, the lay out, the food, the entertainment and my little gal was a huge hit with every one!!!



Spot Paola???






Finally the Bride and Groom.

Sara stayed at the reception and at 9pm we came home and played dominoes and now she is fast asleep what an ANGEL!!!!!

Again many thanks Sara for being so good with her!!!

Yashi Koshi!!

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