Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wednesday 30th November 2016...kinda takes some beating!!!!!

I walked down to the main Jardin around 11.00 am and sat on the bench looking at these scenes

and thought to myself who would have thought a kid from the big steel city of Sheffield, England would finish up here on this bench and just how lucky, blessed and fortunate I am to be on this bench!!!!

Just over three hours of poker this afternoon and I must have had my best poker face on because I won 145 pesos!!!

Just had time to come home, eat and get cleaned up for my special English class tonight....
I told my students that I would be inviting 9 friends to class and I did and after introductions I paired them off one on one with my friends and just told them to talk and tell each other about themselves!!!
Then everyone took a turn coming to the front and telling of their new friend...and of course we finished up with chocolates!!
I knew they were nervous about this but after about 8 seconds they were all so wonderfully engaged it brought tears to my eyes!!!

Just a fabulous class thank you students and special thanks to my friends!!!

Walking back through the main Jardin there was a great concert taking place!!

A special day to end November blessings to all....

Yashi Kochi!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tuesday 29th November 2016....First order of the day

is to wish my one and only Aunt Rita a wonderful, happy and safe birthday!!!!!

It was lovely seeing you and Uncle Bram in October and you both look like Royalty!!!!

Love and blessings....

I am not going to tell you how young they are but they are amazing!!!

Tennis at 9.00 am the sun shone the whole two hours and another great mixed doubles games with two more very talented women, Barb and Jenny!!!

I came home had time for a light lunch and then off to my private workout session with Joe and another good 30 minute workout. from there I came home and decided to walk around my neighborhood.....all these shots are taken 300 yards of my casita...I love the fact I am in a Mexican hood!!!!

Tree in the middle of the road no problem just drive around it!!
 Does not look like much from the outside but this little store sells the most amazing strawberry cheesecake and YES today I did by myself a slice for my tea tonight!!!
 I was looking for a laundry as my Spanish teacher Bonnie is going to take me here on Thursday to practice more Spanish..will tell you why then!!

 70 pesos for a chicken!!!

 I passed by here and there was some sort of spiritual healing going on....
 My opinion the shot of the day...check out their faces!!!
 Christmas stuff!!!

Stopped by the fruit and veggie stall and bought these for 40 pesos!!

 This is looking up my street...
All those different stores so close by!!!

Relaxed out on the patio finished off my book and did myself a treat and ordered a pizza for supper

 and tonight just a quiet night doing some Spanish homework and some is good in San Miguel!!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Monday 28th November 2016...Sometimes I don't know where the day goes!!!

So after a hectic week and a long hike yesterday today was a little easier day for me...I was able to relax over my breakfast and then at 10.00 am Bonnie came to the casita for my Spanish lesson..this hour goes by quite fast she has me trying to tell about my weekend and although I am primarily working in the present tense I am able to get through although my vocabulary is lacking.....she is a great teacher and I feel each week I get more knowledge.....I then went into town for some chores and then went to visit my friends Glenna and Rod, these are the folks I sold Little Blackie to when I left 18 months ago and as you know I have bought her back so today I needed to go and pay and have a visit and a catch up...always nice that I have so many friends in town!!

I was home in time to cook a dinner for tonight....I made pork chops in a mushroom sauce with a sweet potato and carrots and green beans......

It was by now almost time to go to the tennis courts for another two hours of wonderful games on Monday and Tuesday mornings are mixed doubles and the other days men's doubles...there are some very talented women players in town and Debra and Carolyn who played today fit into that category....always fun on the courts....

I just got home in time to get cleaned up and then head up town for my English class...only 4 students tonight but for their homework I had them being the teacher for 7 minutes.....they did really well and obviously put a lot of thought into their work....they are wonderful students and women!!

Came home and I enjoyed my dinner, then a long hot shower and now after this just going to sit with some juice and read my book!!!

Sorry this was not a get you out of your seat blog!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sunday 27th November to the hills!!!

OK hands up those of you who started your day at 7.30 am out on your patio with yogurt and peaches and seeing this????
At one point they came so close I was having a conversation with them!!!!!
I am saying look at that!!!
I then went to the meeting place for our usual Sunday morning hike...9 of us today and we drove about 20 minutes to the small Campo where I parked Little Bluey outside these gates
and we are heading into those hills!!!
Always plenty of animals in the surrounding tracks...
Part of the grouop or otherwise known as Pierre and his Harem!!!!
Looking back down on a water hole and the cattle...
and then looking back where we had come from as you can tell a lot of up hill!!!!
I like this shot below...
We at some point missed a turn and finished up on the wrong side of the canyon but no worries....we stopped here for lunch and although we do like to go to 9000 we only managed one complaining!!!
Sometimes coming down in my opinion is harder than going was lovely and sunny all day!!!
A bit blurry but a rushed shot of a family with baby....

I like this shot too...
Hope no one objects to a cool one on the steps of the church!!!
We were gone over 6 hours and hiked around 7 hard miles!!!!!

Came home and rested watching the Grey Cup from Canada and a pre recorded soccer game from England...and I will admit to being a tad tired tonight!!!

I do like this!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Saturday 26th November 2016...what a day!!!

It has been almost 3 weeks for me to be on my new eating regime and I decided today was the day to have some treats so I started this morning by going up to the local McD's..

I had two bacon and egg Mcmuffins with 3 potato wedges and a milk shake and boy did it taste good....
I was back home by 10 am and decided it was time for a nap so I went back to bed for a couple of hours and when  woke up I went to the local bakery and bought two blue berry muffins and had an ice tea........

Are you believing any of this???

Of course it is not true but just trying to find a new way to tell you that I woke up at 7 am and watched a live soccer game from 9.00 am I went to the tennis courts, brilliant sunshine and lots of fun.....
 I came home and took delivery of this...
 a 9 inch chicken pot pie..I found on the Civil list a lady who makes and delivers pies....this one cost me 210 pesos good value when you consider i cut it into 6 pieces and froze them all except for one I kept out for tonight....

There was another live soccer game on TV and I watched that before I took off for this event....
beautiful hotel grounds and lots of events for the kids...
What are these kids watching??
here is the answer...
There was about 8 stalls making various kinds of pancakes I did sample a blueberry pancake and one with poppy seeds...
I was watching the activities eating a small pancake when I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around and here she was....Daniela!!!!

She hugged me and it was a wonderful reunion.....does she not look like a beautiful young lady!!!

There was another girl from Casa Hogar with her and Monica spoke quite good English ..she asked me why I had not been back to Casa Hogar and I just said I was not really welcome anymore to which she told me there were all new Madres there and one of them was here and I should meet I my broken Spanish I introduced myself and asked if I could take Daniela and 2 other girls out swimming next Saturday and she told me yes at 2.30 pm!!!

I shall hold my breath because I have gone through all this before but I will be at Casa Hogar next Saturday and hope to take Daniela thrilling!!!!

these girls performing reminded me of Paola as I had her in this class for over two years!!!

Obviously i was on a high when I left going back down the hill is one of two Miradors(lookout)
and a great zoom shot got to like this camera!!!
I then stopped off to see Catalina at her home..she was the maid at Linda and Guy;'s home for years and I have always liked her..I took her a Poinsettia and met her gorgeous Grand daughter!!!
then on my way home stopped at the same stall as Thursday and treated myself to 12 mixed roses!!!
At home I relaxed and cooked dinner, a sweet potato and some Brussel sprouts with the chicken pot pie which was lovely!!!!

Now settled down with tea and watching Vancouver Canucks hockey is great!!!

Yashi Kochi!!

Sunday 2 nd October 2022…town busy, me not so!!!

 Today is perhaps the busiest, noisiest, and loudest day of the year in town with the celebrations going on for the patron saint of the town...