Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday 30th June 2009…last day of June!!

I have spent the last day and a half taking it easy and recuperating from my hectic weekend soccer schedule and still fuming over that horrid female driver and how close to destruction I came.  It just reaffirms my believe in doing things now and how quickly your life can change.

Spent a lot of time on the deck at the house looking at this peaceful and beautiful vista.home 004 

My friend Larry sent me this Mexican joke and those of you knowing the Mexican culture hopefully will enjoy this.

Alice and Frank were Bungee jumping one day.
Alice says to Frank, 'You know we could make a lot of money running our
own Bungee-jumping business in Mexico .
Frank thinks this is a great idea, so they pool their money and
buy everything they need: a tower, an elastic cord, insurance, etc.
They  travel to Mexico and begin to set up on the square. As they are
constructing the tower, a crowd begins to assemble. Slowly,
more and more people gather to watch them at work. When they had
finished, there was such a crowd, they  thought it would be a good idea to
give a demonstration, so Alice jumps.  She bounces at the end of the cord,
but when she comes back up, Frank  notices  that she has a few cuts and
scratches. Unfortunately, Frank isn't able  to  catch her and she falls
again, bounces, and comes back up again. This time, she is bruised and
bleeding. Again, Frank misses her. Alice falls  again and bounces back up.
This time, she comes back pretty messed  up -- she's got a couple of broken
bones and is almost unconscious.
Luckily, Frank finally catches her this time and says,  'What  happened?
Was the cord too long?'
Barely able to speak, Alice gasps,  'No, the Bungee cord was fine ... it was
the crowd!  What the heck is a PINATA??????

Have a great evening…..

Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday 29th June 2009….home again

I am back with my “Family” on the bank in Nanaimo.  Heather and Kirby and the boys leave today for 8 days in their motor home and I wish them a safe and happy trip and the boys good luck in their soccer provincials in Nelson, B.C.

When I posted last I was staying in the Wal-Mart in Yakima and I had yet again another good sleep and although still stuffed up a little, felt pretty good.

My first game started at 1pm Friday afternoon and Ramona was parked at yak 002 right by the soccer fields.yak 003

yak 001








I had 5 games Friday with my last game finishing at 8.45pm.

I knew it was going to be a busy weekend and it sure turned out that way.  After the game it was back to Ramona a hot shower, supper and almost time for bed because my first game Saturday was at 7.30am, yes you read it right 7.30am!!!!!

I had 7 games Saturday with my last one again finishing at 8.45pm, THAT WAS A LONG DAY!!!!!!

Guess what time my first game was Sunday morning??

Yes ……7.30am AGAIN!!!!!!   Sunday it was 5 games and at 5pm Sunday afternoon I was all finished and started on the journey home.

I know that is a lot of games but I am very happy to brag that even though I was not feeling 100% I did all my games and did a decent job I think and it was hot too…in the 90’s.  So pretty proud that my body stood up to the physical pounding.

I have been coming here to this tournament for 8 years and I know all the local referees and they treat me very well and I really enjoyed myself.

This sunset photo was taken on the way home.

yak 006

I want to thank Vanessa’s Mum who gave me these Rosary beads about 20 years ago promising me a safe journey always.yak 011

Also Karen and Heather who gave me these Angels, to keep me safe on the road.yak 015 yak 009

I have all of these Angels in Ramona and the next story is not melodramatic although it still seems so unbelievable.

About 20 miles from the Canadian border on Interstate 5 at 9pm and it is a lovely sunny evening and I am travelling on the inside lane with my cruise control set at 55 m.p.h. and all is well when the most incredible event occurred.  I have been driving 45 years and this is the very closest I have ever come to be involved in a serious accident. 

I was being passed by lots of cars and one car passed me and very stupidly after passing me the driver pulled into the lane in front of me and I can only imagine that the driver pulled in too sharp because the car immediately fishtailed and spun 360 degrees.  How on earth it did not flip I have no idea.  I immediately braked sharply sending everything flying forward in Ramona.  The car then in a could of braking smoke did another 360 turn and came at me sideward's.  I was able to slow and drove onto the shoulder and avoided the rear end by inches.  A quick look in my mirrors told me that the vehicles behind had seen what happened and they all stopped safely.

This next part made me so angry and I am still fuming.  The car that caused this almost incredible destruction came to rest about 40 feet behind me facing the wrong way on the opposite shoulder.  I saw in my mirror that the car turned around  so I start to move forward and the car, I know saw was driven by a young lady with three females in the passenger seats then flew past me again.  I could not believe it.  I leaned on the horn and the girls in the back seat turned round laughed and gave me the finger!!!!!!!!' 

They turned off about 500 yards later at the next exit.  They have no idea how close they came to serious injury and the cause of a multi vehicle pile up.

I was quite amazed at my calmness, I just braked like mad but controlled Ramona and she performed like the lady she is. 

I do not know who to thank but I do believe that there was some “Angel” riding along with me because this is the very closest I have ever come to disaster.

My Nexus card proved invaluable again at the Border Crossingyak 010All the cars on the left were lined up over a mile back and my Nexus Lane to the right, empty…I was through without any problems.

My incredible run of the luck at the BC Ferry Terminals continues.  I knew I was pushing it to make the 10.45pm ferry but I arrived at the Terminal at 10.25pm and did not even turn the engine off drove straight onto the ferry.

So ends my latest journey and take away the near miss, it was a great week……blessings to all.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Thursday 25th June 2009…..an easy day

I have been fighting a bit of a cold but feel like I am winning the battle and should be fine for my games this weekend.

Had a great sleep last night and this morning drove through the mountains first in fog

Day 2 001

then in sunshine.

Day 2 004

I arrived around noon at this quaint townDay 2 006 Day 2 009










The town reminds me of an Austrian village and the buildings are very lovely.

Day 2 012

Day 2 011

There is a hiking trail that runs along the river and I spent a very pleasant hour on the trail.

Day 2 013

Day 2 019








Day 2 014

Day 2 015

I then left the mountains and trees and passed through many orchards and then onto the Yakima Canyon.Day 2 026

A very beautiful drive

Day 2 025

I wanted to spend the night along this road but only found one spot and it was just too close to the highway so I drove into Yakima and I am now settled in the parking lot at Wal-Mart.  The store is open 24 hours and it is a huge store.  There are about 6 other motor homes parked for the night….so time for that tea and movie…

This will be my last post till I get back home on Monday as I shall be parked at the soccer field all weekend and will not have Internet access.

So I wish you a safe and happy weekend……Pura Vida!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wednesday 24th June 2009….back in the good old US of A..

I left Nanaimo from

bellingham 006

bound for 

bellingham 005

I stayed the night in Vancouver Tuesday evening at a friend’s driveway and this morning drove down to the USA border at Peace Arch.

bellingham 007






A few years ago I went through quite a lengthy process and obtained a Nexus card which expedites the border crossing here and I have used it frequently and saved hours as there is a special fast lane with usually no line ups.bellingham 008

You can see it is raining quite hard and I showed by Nexus Card to the machine at the gate and then got stopped by the US Customs officer who told me it was my lucky day I had been selected for a vehicle search.

There is something about this process that rubs me the wrong way it maybe stems from my years in the Police Force.  When we executed a search warrant it was imperative that the owner of the property being searched was present at all times thus alleviating any question of impropriety.  Now I know this is going back many years but I just feel slightly miffed knowing someone is going through all my personal stuff and I am not present, OK rant over.. 30 minutes later I was on my way…bellingham 009

I stopped and did some shopping in Bellingham and filled up with much cheaper gas than in BC.

I have two days to get to Yakima so took a different route through the mountains.

bellingham 011

bellingham 013

bellingham 014

bellingham 015

It was getting time to stop for the evening and as luck would have it found this great rest stop.bellingham 028

bellingham 025

Ramona settled in for the evening and in the distant I can hear the flowing waterfall.

bellingham 029

Some photos of the very fast and raging river!!bellingham 023 bellingham 021

bellingham 020

So now it is time for tea and a movie and I again just sit amazed at how good life is and how lucky I am to be able to do the things that I do.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday 22nd June…new computer

This is my new HP 13 inch Notebook

comp 002

It is very sleek and I like the layout and just about got all the information from my old computer transferred.  This will be so much easier for my travels.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday 21st June…the end of a lovely day

I had a great day today and now getting Ramona ready for the road trip.

Map picture

My destination ….Yakima, Washington State…

Sunday 21st June 2009…the newest member of the Pearson clan!!

Sally and Andy’s baby!!!!!





Sunday 21st June 2009….Happy Father’s Day


I am still having a little trouble with the transfer of the Picasa program which is where I download the photos for the blog but hopefully when I Skype Andy on Monday he can help me solve that and then I think I am ready to go……

Father’s day….. a very special day and I want to wish all Dads everywhere a very happy and special day.  It will be three years in October since I lost my Dad and I have talked often of him on this blog.  He was a great man, small in stature but huge in energy, caring and the love for his family.  He lived a full and active lifestyle and I am sure I have some of his genes, all the moving around I do.  So today I honour my Dad and wished he could have joined me and Ramona on one of these trips to Mexico he would have loved it.  God bless you Dad….

This is the photo of my Dad about three days before he passed away..

dads 004

Of course on this day I ponder my own life and I often say that not having children of my own is a fact that at times makes me very sad and at times makes me realize that my life would have been so different if I did have a child of my own.

I know I am really good with kids and they warm up to me very easily and I think I am like a doting Grand Father with me talking about Paola and Daniela all the time but these girls already have added a new dimension to my life.picasabackground

I reflect how lucky I am to have over 60 years of incredible great health, the best friends anyone could ask for, people that I would trust with my very being.  So at this time I want to thank everyone who has contributed to me being where I am today, some live very close by, some live thousands of miles away, I also want to thank my brother Malc, Janet and their great family.  I salute you all…

I came to Heather and Kirby’s house this morning where i am having dinner tonight and this was how I found the table set…dads 001

My place setting… 

dads 002

How wonderful to have such special friends and special tributes to all our Dad’s, thank you so much!!!

I leave on Tuesday for a small road trip.  I am going to visit a friend in Vancouver then go across the border into Washington  State down to Yakima for a huge soccer tournament.  I have been going here for over 6 years and I really enjoy my time there, even the 100 degree days.  I will try to blog when I can.

It will be good to get Ramona on the road again, so wish you all a great day blessings Les

Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday 19th June 2009…maybe

Just perhaps I have this thing sorted…..

frustrated 001

frustrated 002

Almost have this system down…still testing…

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday 18th June 2009…hold your breath

I think with my Nephew’s help I have solved the problem, thanks Andy, it was a very frustrating time but….now I have to transfer all my stuff from my old computer to the new one so I hope that goes well, I am getting help to do that so maybe check in tomorrow and the KID WILL BE BACK!!!!IMG_7018

Monday 15th June 2009…a little technical problem

I have had some computer problems so unable to post the last few days, hopefully the problem is fixed, thanks Andy for the help.  So here are the happenings of the last few days in no particular order.


It was another nice morning and decided to do a hike..IMG_6964 This is the trailIMG_6960

that leads


to a place called the Abyss…


This is a neat feature and it is a crack in the ground caused many years ago by an earthquake.  Rumour has it that it is a bottomless pit and dropping a rock into the crevice you cannot hear it stop.

I am so lucky to spend my summers in such a beautiful part of the world.  This hike is about 8 minutes away by car from down town.

Then took a day off for a road trip down to Victoria, some of the views on the drive downIMG_6998



This water fall is called Little Niagara and is found about 100 yards off the high way.


Photos from downtown VictoriaIMG_6976


If you 54 dollars you can go to this hotel below and have English afternoon tea!!!!!




IMG_6988 I often talk and show Ramona and I think Pili has her feelings hurt so here is Pili on the road to VictoriaIMG_6999

Close up of the backIMG_7000

Another day I went toIMG_7015

to see my friends Barb and Frank.  I did take Ramona and Frank did a few little jobs for me, some sights on the drive there




Always a special day when I get a letter from my girls!!!

Hi Les,
Thank you for our e-mail.  Now we know that the funny bird is an owl. He is funny and cute.  Les, thank you for my birthday presents. Madre Chuy told me that she will give me  my presents on Saturday. Thank you. I love you.
I love you too Les. Thank you for my birthday presents. I already got them and I liked them very much. Daniela
We sent you our love and lots, lots of hugs and kisses.
Paola and Daniela

girls This is the latest photo of the girls, thanks Robin for sending it on…


Well there you are all caught up, I wish you all a great and happy and safe weekend…..

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