Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween and other things…


Had a really busy but productive and good day.  Saw some friends this morning and thank you Mary so much for the cookies and food packages.

Then drove out to Port Alberni iiiu 028 to see my good iiiu 031 friends Barb and Frank had a lovely lunch and Frank, handyman that he is, did some work on Ramona including the bike rack and installing a new DVD player.

Then back to the houseiiiu 041 and two scary kids!!iiiu 044 iiiu 043

This kids these days don’t know how to dress…Scan0035 Me about 12 years ago!!!!!

I would like to introduce you to my friend Chris he started two years ago putting my blog into book form and he does an amazing job.  Chris really wants me to see if I can find a publisher next year….thanks Chris for all the help and time and effort you have put in.iiiu 049

Tonight I went to visit Ken and the home had booked a show troupe to come in and perform.iiiu 051

Ken really enjoyed the showiiiu 060 here he is with the leader of the show.

I really do want to say how humbled I am by the staff at the home where Ken lives, they are AWESOME!!!!  So caring, kind and considerate.

So a really busy day to see out October…I am now on my final countdown and plan to leave on Thursday on my new adventure.  Hope the weekend is a good one for all..

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpkin Day…

Had a busy day driving around doing visiting and chores and tonight was pumpkin carving night.mmmnm 004

mmmnm 005








mmmnm 014 Ken with his sister,  Doll and her husband, Bob.

mmmnm 018






Was a fun time…

Tomorrow I am going up island to Comox to referee some high school soccer games, should be fun rain all day is in the forecast.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Yet another great day

What another lovely sunny day here in Nanaimo, although it is supposed to get wet and cooler tomorrow.

Spent a really nice lunch time with Heather and Ken and Kens’s sister Dolly and her husband Bob.  We went to Coombes for lunch then drove down to the beach in Parksville.

vvv 017 vvv 019





Later in the afternoon I went for a walk with my buddy Trooper and the following photos were taken three houses away from where I am staying.  They rank right up there with the best photos I have ever taken.

Please enjoy them….vvv 026 vvv 027 vvv 028

vvv 037

vvv 039 vvv 040

Another beautiful day

I am still waking up a little early not yet adjusted back from British time but the morning was lovely, sunny with a nip in the air.  I spent the day catching up with some friends and a little time with Ramona getting things sorted there.

The fall colours are quite spectacularooooi 008 ooooi 010






ooooi 009

Pat and Eric are good friends of mine and allow me to keep Ramona parked at their farm.  Eric tells me whilst I was in England, he washed and waxed and talked to Ramona most days.  As Eric is one of my poker buddies and regularly takes money from me I trust nothing he says.ooooi 012 This is baby Zoe their latest Grand Child, isn’t she adorable??

I would like to thank all those friends who have told me how much they love reading the blog and they feel they travel with me.  I get a great deal of enjoyment from taking the photos and the writings and I am happy that you find it so enjoyable.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Back in Nanaimo, my Dad….

Yesterday was my first full day back in Nanaimo and a busy one it was.  I am very lucky to have great friends and Heather and Kirby have opened up their incredible family and home to me and I am staying with them till I leave next week.

I slept great until 4am and then I think I was still on British time and I was wide awake…decided best to get up so caught up on a few things.  I then refereed two soccer games which I enjoyed,  the weather was great sunny and warm and a perfect day for soccer.  From there it was to the ice hockey arena to watch Heather and Kirby’s son, Ben,  play hockey and this kid has energy unheard of as he also played soccer about two hours before.  He scored a great goal and I am sure Heather will be paying the mandatory 2 dollars per goal fee!!!

From there it was to the soccer club house where I conducted the last Junior referees education class before I leave.  I love getting together with these kids  about 18 of them and talking about soccer, the aspects of reffing answering their crazy questions and trying to instruct them in the finer qualities of the game.  I have done this for years and to see their enthusiasm and energy is such a great reward and then of course when I see them in action or hear comments about how good they are I smile to myself.  My dream for this town is to have one of our kids progress through the ranks and become a National and FIFA referee.

So you can see it was a busy but rewarding day.



Today is my Dad’s birthday and I want to honour him here he would have 89 years old today.  He was a great Dad and family was so important to him.  Here he is pictured with his Great Grand child, Tom, I love this photo.

Thinking of you Dad!!!! 

Best wishes to everyone and hope you all have a great week.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Back in the hood!!!

Saturday morning and an early start, Malc took me to Manchester airport at 5.30am ready for my 9am flight to London, then onto Vancouver.mmmmmmmm 005 Who said there is no more green space in England??mmmmmmmm 006





The incredible beautiful mountains  of Greenland!!mmmmmmmm 012  mmmmmmmm 011mmmmmmmm 016






The flight from London was  a long one.mmmmmmmm 018

mmmmmmmm 020 Before long(actually 10 hours) touching down in Vancouver.mmmmmmmm 023

Sparing no expense this car is waiting for me at the airport!!!!!  NOT!!  To take me to the float planemmmmmmmm 025





and the 20 minute flight back to Nanaimo.mmmmmmmm 035 mmmmmmmm 037






mmmmmmmm 042

Back home 21 hours later to a lovely warm sunny evening.  I have had a special time with my family and I want to thank everyone for the kindness to me it was a holiday to remember!!

Friday, October 24, 2008


My last day in England and up at 7am and out for my usual walk.  How lucky have I been with the weather these last few weeks, today was just a beautiful morning sunny and not so cold.  After breakfast Malc or as I must from now on refer to him as “Tiger”, went and resumed our rivalries on the golf course.  Two holes to go and all square and then I thought what kind of brother would I be if I, a Sunday hacker, and my brother an esteemed golf club member, and I beat him, his ego would be so deflated and he has been so good to me these weeks, so I gassed the last two holes and he won!!!IMG_9961 Check out his new haircut!!!

Well done Tiger you deserved the win and I enjoyed so much both games we played.

Then it was haircut time for me, sorry ladies gone are those lovely curls you all enjoyed so much!!!!

Then later in the afternoon another treat for me a visit from another cousin, Jill, and her lovely two daughters, Katie and Emma.IMG_9962

Jill is Rita and Bram’s younger daughter and Katie on the left is 13 and Emma on the right is 11 years old.  So how cool is this another photo with second cousins!!!IMG_9965 Notice how quickly Emma picked up my bad habit of sticking the tongue out!!!

It was a lovely visit and I am amazed how many lovely family members I have lucky enough to have!!

Today was my Nephew Mark’s birthday so a fitting way to end this adventure with a family get together over a wonderful meal.IMG_9967 IMG_9971 IMG_9974 IMG_9968




So there you go I fly out at 9am tomorrow and the next blog will be from Nanaimo.

I hope you have enjoyed reading and looking and sharing my travels and my family as much as I have.  They are a great bunch and I love em all!!!!!

Blessings and a great weekend to all..

Thursday, October 23, 2008

How can you not have a nice day

when is starts with a brisk 3 mile walk at 7am through the village and the countryside then you get to take your great nephew to school?????llo 001

George Clooney move over the next heart throb Tom Pearson!!!!!!

llo 002 Malc was designated to chores today whilst Janet and I went on a road trip.  We drove about 40 miles to Sheffield where I left Janet with her friend and I went to visit my high school chum.

Ian and I grew up together from about the age of 11 years and we were both interesting in only three things, soccer, baked beans on toast and girls(sorry Margaret).  We played soccer when ever we could and I swear Ian’s Mum was the best cooker of beans and toast ever.

It was great to spend a few hours with them and I may in time forgive Ian for still reading menu’s without glasses and still having DARK HAIR!!!!llo 006

One of the places we visited was the one house that I left out of my blog from last week when I photographed all the houses I lived in.  My parents owned this house for a few years.llo 008

I then went and picked up Janet and we drove to Andy and Sally’s house for a visit.llo 011 This is their first house together and they are busy fixing it up just the way they want it.  They have done lots of work and it looks great and they hope to have all the work completed in a few weeks.  After a lovely meal we drove home and again another great day.

Tomorrow is my last full day here as I fly out early Saturday morning and tomorrow is Mark’s birthday so all the family is coming over and we are going out for a meal for a final celebration for me and to help celebrate Mark’s birthday.

Thursday 5 th January 2023…it was a great run!!!

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