Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Tuesday 30th April 2019...a full day!!

The weather gods were right in their predictions.....the forecast for the rest of the week is not great but by Saturday supposed to change and be nice for the rest of the month!!!

Drinking my tea downstairs as I write this..Gracie still sleeping and Emily and Izzie still asleep too although I think the baby did not have a great night......

Emily is home again today but then goes to work for the rest of the week....

Ryan takes Jonah to day care with him on his way to work.....and I will pick him up later in the afternoon.

Going to get my warmer clothes on and go for a long walk......

Some sights along the way...

I had a good walk just over two hours..

This is a nice little town and does not have a big city feel to it......

Gracie and I went out and did some shopping and then it was time for me to relax and watch a wonderful live soccer game from England before I left and went to get Jonah...

We went to a different park and he played on the equipment.....

..I have learned that almost three year old boys have boundless energy and that almost seventy one year old men do not!!!!!

He is really well behaved and a joy to be around....

We just happened to pass a McDonalds!!!

Just being in a family environment like this which I have never done before makes me realize what a hard and demanding and rewarding time it is for families.....very time consuming and not easy on the wallet either!!!

This evening was eating, cleaning up dishes, watching some tv..reading to Jonah......great fun.......

Yashi Kochi!!!

Monday, April 29, 2019

Monday 29th April 2019....a kiddie day!!!

Woke up to a sunny but coolish morning......Ryan had taken Jonah to day care already and then he had gone to work...everyone else were still sleeping so I got my shoes and long pants out and went walking....walked briskly and felt good...I found a lovely huge park with tennis courts but unfortunately they are starting to resurface the courts and will not be open for another three weeks....

I enjoyed the walk and also the breakfast Gracie made for me.

Some quiet time...

I finished unloading the car and then Emily and Gracie took little Izzie to the doctors for a check up an I stayed home and researched some stuff on the computer.

This afternoon we went grocery shopping and the Gracie went with me to show me where Jonah’s day care is located and when we came home I took him out in the stroller to the park..

He has a good right foot kick!!!

...he had a great time.

This is of course all a new and different experience for me...I am comfortable with being alone and taking Jonah out but with Izzie I feel a tad timid and of course would not take her anywhere without Gracie....also it is important for me to remember to close doors and cupboards and learn all the safety features they have around the house as a soon to be three year will get into anything.

I also know already it is a little exhausting but great fun!!

This following article may only be of interest to my Brother.....but Sheffield United was my boyhood team and this new promotion to the elite league of English soccer will mean literally millions of dollars to the club.

Sheffield United were promoted to the Premier League as Leeds United drew with Aston Villa in a hugely controversial game at Elland Road.

The Blades are five points clear of their Yorkshire rivals with one game of the Championship season remaining.

United could win the title if they win at Stoke City and Norwich lose at Villa on the final day.

Promotion means the Bramall Lane side will play in the top flight for the first time since 2007.

"It's one of the greatest days of my life, 100%," an emotional manager Chris Wilder told BBC Radio Sheffield.

"To see it over the line today, surrounded by my players and my family, to see us back in the Premier League is truly incredible.

"What a day to be a Blade. Next season will be a fabulous experience for everyone involved."

Yashi Kochi!!!

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Sunday 28th April 2019.....made it to New Jersey!!!

Woke up to a wet and windy day, our first!!

Loaded the car and on the road by 9am.....our first stop In Pennsylvania was around the town of Lancaster I wanted to show Gracie some of the Amish areas.....

Just got off the main roads and took these photos..

This tells a little about the community!!!

Amish travel by:

Buggy-the buggy is the standard form of travel, and both regulates and symbolizes Amish life

Automobile-most Amish permit riding as a passenger in a car or bus, but not driving

Bicycle and scooter-both are used by Amish, depending on the community

Rollerblades-rollerblades and skates are used as a form of recreation and short-distance travel in communities such as Lancaster County

Train-Amish take both long- and short-distance trips by rail

Boat and ship-Amish occasionally travel by boat, often for recreational purposes

Buggy travel

All Amish households have at least one, and sometimes numerous carriages, except for in some cases the elderly who may live near or in small towns in Amish communities.  The buggy is important to Amish life as it serves as both a symbolic and literal brake on the pace of life.  It also symbolizes Amish identity, serving an important cultural role.  Use of the buggy is a key indicator of Old Order Amish status.

Amish rely on the horse-and-buggy to travel short distances, such as to town, to visit family and neighbors, or to travel to church on Sundays.  Buggies typically travel at about 5-10 miles per hour, and have a range of 15-20 miles before horses need to be rested.  Amish only rarely ride horseback.

Automobile travel

Amish universally object to both automobile ownership, and to operating a vehicle, but in most cases permit riding in cars as passengers.  Amish acknowledge a need to sometimes travel further than a buggy allows, thus the allowance for automobile travel.

Amish may be driven by friends, non-Amish employees, and in some cases unbaptized or non-Amish children and relatives.  Amish also frequently make use of the so-called “Amish taxi” services provided by non-Amish individuals in most Amish areas.  Bus travel is another form of transport common among Amish.  

Bicycles and scooters

Bicycle is a popular form of travel, especially among Amish in the Midwest.  Some communities are more bike-friendly, for example Arthur Illinois, with its asphalt roads and flat landscape.  Holmes County, Ohio features the Holmes County Trail, a byway traversing the county and designed for both bike, buggy, and foot travel.

Scooters are common among Lancaster Amish

Other communities rely on the scooter, such as the Lancaster County community, or that of Allen County, Indiana.  Most church districts in Lancaster do not permit the bicycle.

Back on the interstate and we arrived at Emily and Ryan’s house in Bloomfield New Jersey  just around 3.30pm!!

Great for me to see newborn Izzie for the first time..

 and almost three year old Jonah again!!

He is so cute already calling me Grandpa!!!! This is going to be fun taking care of him when he is not in day care!!

This will be our home for the next month and we are going to help with the children!!!

So this is the map of the travel since SMA.....all went well a good safe and happy trip!!!

Now tomorrow I need to find a tennis court in between my child caring duties!!

Yashi Kochi!!

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Saturday 27th April 2019..second post today!!

An easy drive today and we went through West Virginia and into Hagerstown Maryland where we are staying the night.

The plan was to come up the Skyline parkway but the cost was 30 dollars and we had both been on this road in the past so we decided not to take that route.

It is 5 pm and we are settled into our nice motel room and going to have a quiet evening before we begin the month tomorrow with babysitting duties!!

We will go out for dinner and then come back and watch a movie...

So it has been a week since we started the journey and it all has been easy...

Have a great Sunday!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

Saturday 27th April 2019..catch up...

Our plans changed last night...Gracie met an old friend of hers and he invited us to attend a lecture at the university campus by this man...you should Google him and see his credentials!!!

The stadium was packed and he was such an enlightening and dynamic speaker..a wonder evening!!

This morning we had a good breakfast it seems that all the motels and hotels now offer free continental breakfast..this one had some good choices!!

We were soon on the famous Blue ridge Parkway ...the speed limit is 45 mph and very scenic with many pull outs to take photos ..

After about one hour we encountered fog for about twenty minutes and we decided to get off the parkway and go down in elevation and take the highway..

Around 5pm we arrived at the motel we had booked and a good job they were completely sold out.....the room is nice but there is no internet...we called the front desk and the man came to the room apologized. And said he would re boot the routers but it still did not work......

We played cards and I actually won a game!!!!!

Tomorrow we head out along the Skyline Parkway and finish up tomorrow in Maryland!!!

We have been on the road almost a week and have travelled a good long way and it has been problem free....

I will post this when I get Internet tomorrow!!

Saturday now in Mac D’s using the Internet,,,,,,

Yashi Kochi!!

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Thursday 25th April 2019...City girl.......Country boy!!!!!

We had a really nice dinner last night with Annie and Jake and afterwards went back to their home for a nice visit!

Today Gracie wanted to take some time and look around the centre of Asheville, she has been here before, have curry for lunch and I chose to go on a hike!!

After a nice breakfast at the hotel I set out for Chimney rock state park 40 minutes away!!

Enjoy the photos!!!

Great zoom on my camera

The top of the waterfall..

Then down the mountain and down to the bottom of the falls..

I really enjoyed the hike , the views and being out in nature.

Some of you want to know what kind of car Gracie has....

It is VW Cross...only made in Mexico and with a Mexican plate..we get some strange looks..

I got back to the hotel around 4 pm and Gracie was there enjoying herself watching the news.....

Tonight we are going to drive around some of the nice avenues and then have dinner!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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