Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday February 29th..Leap Year!!!

I was woken up at 7am by this pounding on my door I got up and opened the door and saw this sight outside Ramona!!!!!!


I could not believe it I rubbed my eyes and looked again and they were still there!!!!


Suddenly I realized it was Leap Year and these ladies were waiting to pop the question!!!!

Again I looked because at my age my eyes are fading and this time I saw this line up…


So what is this Leap year all about??


Leap Year: What it really means




It’s a Leap Year! Yep, everyone’s favourite little intercalary (or, indeed, bissextile) year shoehorned in to even up the calendar every four years (well, mostly) has come round again. It’s also apparently the only day in the year in which women can propose to men. So watch out, chaps.

Why we need it. Paul Simons in The Times explained why we have one. It actually takes the Earth 365.25 days to whizz round the Sun, which means we need an extra day in the year every four years to keep up with the seasons. If we didn’t, we’d “gradually grow out of step … so that February would be in summer.” There’s a little bit extra, but the “difference is only marginal.” It adds up, though – and this is why the Julian calendar went kaput. After “128 years, the calendar was a whole day out.” So we have the Gregorian calendar, set up in 1582. So leap years don’t actually happen every four years – at the beginning of a century, years divisible by 100 aren’t leap years, but they are if they’re divisible by 400. It’s “more confusing”, but it’s kept us “on track for more than four centuries.” OK, we are out by 26 seconds, but that only means that by 4000 AD we’ll be “one day out.” Adam Goucher, the mathematician, has suggested a rule based on 128 years, meaning we’d be out by 0.2 seconds a year – a “distinct improvement.”



So now you know!!!

Had a nice breakfast and a read of an old newspaper and then walked with Paula and Jerry to the local market aimed at the rich gringos!!!!!  I found  things quite expensive!!!


I came back for lunch then went into Barra to visit but Joy and Colin were at the market and Barb sorry to say was in bed not feeling great so Frank and I had a visit.

This is the pool at the house that the four of them are renting


and the view across the canal


Back at the park put on my runners as I still did not want to get  my blistered toe which is almost completely healed damaged and went to the beach for my walk….it is tough walk in the sand but I enjoy it and when I was finished I needed to go for a swim but didn’t want the hassle of talking of my shoes and socks and then be wet and sandy so I just went swimming as I was shoes, socks and knee brace it felt great!!!!

These two photos are of the damage caused by the hurricane that swept through last summer!!



Tonight Inga rode her bike over and with Paula and Jerry we went out for dinner and it was one of the best hamburgers we had tasted we all agreed!!!


So now 9.30pm and movie and tea time again and still a couple of hours if anybody wants to ask me to marry them!!!


I sure miss these two brats!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday 28th February 2012…..a road trip on Bonita!!!

These are the beaches that I have walked many times the past few days!!!


The X is about the place where I come to the beach which is just a few minutes walk from where Ramona is parked!!!

This morning I packed a lunch and took Bonita on a road trip about 20 km north to

IMG_8863 Boca where my friends Jenele and Bev were staying…I have known them for a few years and saw them last month in SMA…it was a nice visit and I  am really happy with the scooter now 9000 km on the  and never a problem at all!!

On the way back I stopped at a small town where I knew there was a crocodile pen and sure enough the boys were home!!!!


IMG_8868He was a monster!!!


I arrived back at the park just as Paula and Jerry were pulling in...great timing!!!

After they got set up it was my pleasure to repay them for all the meals they had served me and I cooked a good but simple Pearson supper…the plates were all empty so that is a good sign!!

Now after dishes and a shower and clean up… time for a movie and that good old English cuppa!!!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday 27th February 2012…the blog!!

A couple of days ago I received some very private and sad news and I needed to take some time off to assimilate the repercussions of the news…so I have been re evaluating my life style and my choices.  I have walked miles on the beaches which is very therapeutic for me.

Some things in this life we have no control over and this is one of those situations…..but still doesn’t lessen the sadness……with help of kind and encouraging words from close friends I am feeling OK and these changes no way impact my move to SMA in September I embrace and look forward to that move.

I shall be back to blogging tomorrow and sharing my life again..thanks and blessings to all!!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday 25th February 2012…..Barra de Navidad!!!

Paula and Jerry cooked me poached eggs for breakfast and by 9am I was on the road heading north.  I had a wonderful stay with them and I hope to see them in a few days when they travel this way!!

The almost 4 hour journey was really uneventful and the only cause for concern was if I was going to have pork sandwiches for lunch!!!!!


The turn off..


I have been coming down to this town for over 17 years and know the area well and I am settled into a small park where I have stayed before. The really nice owner told me she was actually closed but would let me stay because I was so nice when I was last here… comments please!!!!

It is actually a large place with apartments but the large parking area has been converted to accommodate 4 RV’s… I am the only one here it is very quiet, spotlessly clean, full facilities, great Wi-Fi and about 4 blocks to the beach and right behind me is a gate that leads to a lovely walkway along the lagoon…..and the price 12 dollars a night!!!


IMG_8846Bathroom and shower!!



right behind Ramona!!!


IMG_8851I am behind the big brown gate in the middle!!


 I already had a quick visit with my special friends, Barb, Joy, Frank and Colin and will see lots of them in the days ahead.

I also had a visit with another special friend who is here for a few more days.  Inga and I have known each other for over 15 years and have a history together and we are now good friends and it was nice to visit with her son Kailen for an hour this afternoon before he left for the airport to return to Nanaimo…Kailen and I also go back a long way!!!

So it is now 9pm and ready for that tea and movie……..I wish you all a great Sunday!!!!

Map picture

Saturday 25th February 2012…The Kid is back!!!

I am now in Barra de Navidad but more later about that!


I have updated the blog and done it in reverse order to make sense…so grab a good old English cuppa and read about the Kid and his exploits!!!

Monday 20th February 2012…….Beach Baby Beach Baby!!!!

I left this morning at 9am under clear and sunny skies and the drive was 6 hours and about 190 miles!!!


See the snow top mountain in the center in the distance??


This area is big on sugar cane!!


A couple of short toll roads but mainly small twisty roads like this!!


Then my first sighting of the ocean in nearly four months!!!


Around 3pm I saw the turn off for the town of Maruata…


and soon enough I saw Paula and Jerry’s camper next to their friend’s Chris and Ken!!


I am parked just across the street!!


It was lovely to connect with P & J again and after quick hugs I was off into the ocean…..the swim was divine!!!!!


I am about 100 feet from these views!!!





The local fisherman


It is so nice to be by the ocean again and this little village is a tight community…..there is a bathroom and shower available at the little restaurant but nothing else very rustic but charming….had my first cool shower  and it felt good.

The evening was spent catching up and then I walked around the corner to the Cyber Café they would not let me use my own computer so hence no blog till I get connected.

Tonight we are on turtle watch..the turtles come in at night and lay their eggs so I do hope to see some!!!

The people here are of an Indigenous race called Norwal and they speak their own language so…Yashi Kochi…sweet dreams!!!

Surfer kid signing off!!!

Tuesday 21st February 2012…Turtle day!!!

At 7am this morning Paula,Jerry and I went for our beach walk…what a lovely view!!!



P & J told me that at night this beach is famous for the turtles coming in and digging huge holes and laying their eggs…we stayed up last night waiting for them but did not see any… but this morning we could see so many tracks and the tracks look just like those made by a quad bikes!!

We walked through the village saw little Lupita, the owners of the restaurant’s daughter going to school!!


We then walked by the army base and then back onto the beach by the Turtle Sanctuary!!


Paula was the first to see this gal just up ahead!!!


We could not believe our luck..she was having trouble trying to get back to the ocean about 100 feet away so Jerry and I decided to help!!!!



Let me tell you she was heavy!!!


But worth it to see this!!!!


I don’t think I shall ever forget this time!!!!

I love this photo below!!


What a wonderful way to start a day!!!

The morning was taken up with breakfast, finishing my novel!!




Going to the Cyber café and then I decided to walk the length of the beach!!


X marks my destination!!!!

The beach was really busy first there was these guys..


then this gal!!


and this old timer!!


and finally !!IMG_8664

With this old critter keeping an eye on things!!!


X marks the spot where I came from!!


It was a great walk and so was the swim afterwards.

Now I do not know if this true or not but I was informed when I got in my lounger and had a snooze I woke up everyone with my snoring!!!!!

Around 5pm P & J and Chris and Ken and I decided to walk to the other end of the beach and it was again a spectacular walk!!









As we were walking back a lady in a palapa called me over she had these babies which she said she was going to put in the ocean tonight!!!



So ended a great day…wonderful friends and special memories…..wish Paola and Daniela had been here to see the sights but I know Carolyn will print off the photos and take them and show the girls!!!

So what will tomorrow bring???

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