Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Wednesday 19th September one!!

All settled into Casita Doris it will great when I get organized...the only issue I do not have Internet so I have to go to the cable company and get then to come out that could be anywhere from one day to a I will blog when I can ..kno I ng great...Gracie is happy and I am playing tennis manana!!

Yashi Kochi!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Tuesday 18th September 2018...back home!!!

I was on the road by 5.30am and it was still dark so I drove very the Mexican 
 Border I was pulled over by a lady officer and told to park in the search area..she asked me to get out of the car and open the trunk and she asked me if I had any beer?  I told her no...she opened maybe half a corner of the zip on one of my suitcases...said thanks and off I went!!!!

The drive was just about ten  hours and there was no incidents and the traffic was light!!

I went around to see Gracie..really good to see her and we are catching up.........

No time to let the dust settle with poker and teaching my class tomorrow!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

Tuesday 18th September 2018...forgot to mention

In my post yesterday this little incident...

Gracie and her friend Bo love cream of wheat but you cannot buy it in SMA so they asked me to bring them three boxes I know cream of wheat is everywhere and think of all the stores I have been in that have sold it but I waited till my final shop at Walmart last evening to get point driving cream of wheat around all over the States was my theory......

So as I am going up and down the aisles in Walmart there were two employees stocking shelves and I asked them where I could find cream of wheat?

I do not know if it was my accent or what but one of the women pulled out her I phone and searched for the product and told me sorry we do not carry cream of wheat!!! immediate reaction was I cannot arrive in SMA without it my life would have been miserable, maybe a slight exaggeration.....but I thought now I have to go and find another grocery store....

I continued shopping and a few minutes later this lovely Latino woman approached me with a box of cream of wheat in her hand and said sorry but I overheard your conversation and there are many boxes of cream of wheat down aisle 18 and handed me the box!!!

I just smiled at her and said that is so very kind of you and she said my pleasure!!!  This is the kind of interaction I get most days in Mexico that make me feel so humble and warms my heart!!!

So Gracie and Bo...sleep well..... wheat is on its way!!!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!

Monday, September 17, 2018

Monday 17th September and out!!!

Did not sleep too well last night don’t know why the room was great....anyway I decided to help out Maria she has a tree close by her driveway and some branches were really low and overhanging the I just used her clippers and lopped off a few branches ...looks much better.

Then it was my venture into Mexico to get my visa and car permit..I parked close to down town and walked across the was so easy to get in no one approaches you at all.

I went to the same office where I had a hard time getting my visa a year ago and I don’t know if it was the same man but it all went very smoothly and with in no time I had a visa for 180 days!!

Then walked about 500 yards to the office where I wanted to obtain my car permit..I have done this numerous times before and I am  good at it ....I had the documents I needed..the three copies of each plus the originals..and again very easy to get....I was in total time about 30 minutes doing all the work needed.

I then walked back across the bridge with scores of Mexicans going into Laredo...into the immigration hall and there were four open counters with line ups...I picked the young lady immigration officer line up...BIG MISTAKE!!

She asked me where I was going and I politely told her what I had just done to save time tomorrow when I drive my car into Mexico..she seemed to be not able to grasp why I had done this and then the questions started including why was my Canadian passport issued in Mexico....she had me for about seven minutes in which time I just answered every question without offering any additional this time many many Mexicans had gone through the other check points....she finally handed me my passport back and waved me through!!!!!

So I was all set...did some more final shopping and came back to the house packed the car and all ready for the morning...

I hope to leave around 6 am and it will be at least a ten hour drive but I am ready!!

So here it is the last night of this epic journey and now I feel like I am going home and I think I shall be staying put for a while....thanks for coming along and all the supportive comments!!

Yashi Kochi!!

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Sunday 16th September the border!!

Left my tiny house did not get to meet the owner but she was very helpful by e mail with any questions I had.....I met Carolyn at the posh club again and played 90 minutes of fun tennis....I knew I had missed playing and it makes my spirits soar to be back on the courts and knowing my next game will be Thursday morning on the clay at Weber’s in SMA!!!

Carolyn and I had a little visit and she will be back in SMA in three weeks so we will continue playing there......I had a shower at the club and was on the road by 2pm.

Exactly a five hour drive with nothing to report except does anyone see the bull here in the clouds???

I arrived at my home away from home in Laredo and Maria was there to greet me...I stay here every time I am in Laredo and this is my sixth or seventh time....Maria is lovely and so accommodating I have my own room and bathroom and full use of the kitchen....she only charges me 30 dollars a night....I also have gotten her lots of business from travellers to and from SMA!!

Just relaxed this evening and started to get my stuff ready for tomorrow...the plan is to park down town and walk across the border and get my tourist visa and my car permit and then on Tuesday it will save me time not to have to stop!!

Two things hard to believe.....first of all it was only this time last Sunday I was watching the men’s final at the stadium in NYC.

Secondly in two days I shall be back home in SMA after leaving in the early part of April......

Hope everyone reading had a great day!!

Yashi Kochi!!

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Saturday 15th September 2018....after watching so much it was great to be playing!!!

This is a great tiny house no idea of square footage but very small with everything...

I met Carolyn this morning at 9.30am good to see her again and the good news is Parker is responding well to his treatments but does get tired.....

We drove together to the Life tennis centre which is located inside one of the biggest Malls in Texas and oh my what a club.... nine courts and such plush surroundings everywhere and everyone so nice...

The staff had arranged a mixed doubles game for us and we played for nearly two hours and it was just great..obviously being away from the game for five months i was a tad rusty plus playing on a surface I am not used to...but we had fun...

We stopped into the clubhouse after for a great smoothie..

Now is the size TV every man should have!!!

Said goodby to Carolyn we are playing again tomorrow at noon and I went to my favourite grocery store..

Spent nearly a hundred dollars!!!

I was home by 4 pm and just relaxed ..finished watching a movie I started last night ..cooked a light dinner and now going to get in the tub!!

After tennis today I have about a five hour drive to Laredo where I am staying with the lady I always stay with for two nights...I plan to walk across the border Monday get all my paper work done and then set off early Tuesday morning for SMA..

Devastating news both here on the eastern sea board and also in the Philippines!!!

Yashi Kochi!!

Friday, September 14, 2018

Friday 14th September 2018...getting closer to Mexico!!!

I knew today was going to be at least a six hour drive and I knew it was going to be hot so I decided to get an early start and was on the road by 7 am....

This was all Interstate driving and I must say I have found this trip that the truck drivers are not as polite and careful as I remember!!!

Nothing to report except it was hot and soon I was into another state!!

Then soon I was out of there into..

That is when the torrential downpour started and kept on for over 45 minutes and at one point the traffic came to a stand still as the road was flooded!!!

Eventually got by and into Houston and stopped and got some groceries before finding my little cute house!!

View from the front door

It is extremely small but it has every and I mean everything, very clean and comfortable and the tub will get used late on!!!

Made myself a light dinner and going to relax tonight!!

Tomorrow morning I am meeting my SMA tennis partner, Carolyn and we are going to a club where she has temporary membership and play.

Unfortunately she is in town with her partner, Parker, who is taking chemo and has been for a few weeks and they will be here for a few more it will be nice to see her again and after watching all this tennis to finally hit a ball!!!

I have been watching the news of the storms on the east coast and it is such a huge disaster!!!

The route today...

Yashi Kochi!!

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Thu 13th September 2018...a waterfall day!!

Good morning time for you to start your day with this....

Go to you tube and listen to her sing “One moment in time”!!!

Kleenex May be required!!

Had a wonderful Breakfast and an even better packed lunch..this was an amazing Airbnb !!

I had done some research and this was my first stop...

A great visitor centre and I hiked down to the pretty!!

Then there was a short scenic drive this is a huge canyon!!

Next stop was here ..

Another wonderful waterfall....

All the State parks are free which is great but this one charged me the senior rate of 4 Dollars for entrance which included a ride around the park on the train..

I then went down this gorge..

I take exception to this sign!!!

A beautiful place for lunch.....

Back on the train to the top of the falls...

The story behind the statue!!

Originally known as the Black Creek Falls, the Legend of Noccalula, as written by Mathilde Bilbro, says that “long ago, on a mountain summit within sight and sound of a rushing waterfall, lived a great Indian chief whose young daughter, Noccalula, was famed far and wide for her beauty and loveliness of character.” Many gallant braves lobbied the old chief for the hand of Noccalula, but only one was favored by the girl’s father, a rich chief of a powerful neighboring tribe, who had much to offer in exchange: wampum, horses, and blankets. Noccalula pleaded that her heart was already given to a young brave from her own tribe.

This young warrior, though noted for his skill and valor, possessed little in worldly goods. The old chief refused to listen and ordered his daughter to make ready for the marriage he had arranged. What was a maiden’s silly fancy compared to many horses, much wampum, and union with another strong tribe? The girl’s lover was driven from the tribe and a marriage agreement was made with the neighboring chief.

The wedding day came and a great feast was prepared. In silence, Noccalula allowed herself to be arrayed in festive wedding robes. Overcome with grief, she quietly slipped away from the merrymakers during the festivities as the soft rhythmical rush of waters called her. For a moment, she stood poised upon the brink of the yawning chasm. One leap, and her troubles were over.

Heartbroken, the remorseful father gave the great cascade his daughter’s name. Since that day the waterfall has been called Noccalula.

Then it was about a five hour drive on the interstate and was crazy went through storms..

Really hot sunshine..

I arrived at the Super 8 motel in Hattiesburg Mississippi where I had a reservation and for 60 dollars it is a lovely room!!

As I was driving here I said to myself..I sure feel like eating an Arby sandwich...I had not had one since Atlanta in imagine when I pulled into the motel parking lot..

And what is right next door!!!!

It was delicious!!!!

The drive today...

Going to relax and watch a movie..

Tomorrow I drive to Houston where I have an Airbnb apartment for two days.....what am I going to do there...

You will have to wait!!

I have been watching the news and I know I am safe now but this storm is really going to be a disaster!!

Yashi Kochi!!

Wednesday 19th September one!!

All settled into Casita Doris it will great when I get organized...the only issue I do not have Internet so I have to go to the cable compan...