Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday 29th August 2009….a day at Mount Washington….

This afternoon I left for a small one night road trip, my first stop was at Mount Washington which is on the island and about a 90 minute drive from Nanaimo.

Map picture

Mt Washington 001

Mt Washington 002

This is a year round tourist area in the winter a fabulous ski complex and in summer many great biking  and hiking trails.

Mt Washington 003

My destination today is the top of the mountain in the background in the above photo.

There are two choices of doing this the first one is to take the chair lift to the top(1600 metres) and hike down, about 5 kms to the start or to do it in reverse.

I had already decided to hike up as I figured it would easier on my feet and knees and come down on the chair lift.  This was further confirmed when I found out it is 15 dollars to take the chair lift up but if you hike up the chair lift down if free, always an eye for a bargain!!!!Mt Washington 035

Sit back and enjoy the views up and on top of the mountain.Mt Washington 006

Mt Washington 013 Mt Washington 014

Mt Washington 025

Mt Washington 028

Mt Washington 031

Mt Washington 037 Here I thought I was at the top but no I have to scale this peak above still!!!!

Mt Washington 043

This photo above I really like it reminds me of Sedona the only difference the rocks there are bright red there.

Mt Washington 047

The runaway bride!!!!

Mt Washington 048 Part of the bridal party.

Mt Washington 051 Made it to the top!!!

Mt Washington 052

Mt Washington 055

Mt Washington 054

The ride down!!!!!!

Mt Washington 059

Mt Washington 064

Mt Washington 065

Mt Washington 072

Mt Washington 066 

Mt Washington 067

Home again!!

Mt Washington 076

I saw no one at all on the trail and I was sitting on a bench at the summit enjoying the spectacular vistas when over the peak came these two delightful young single mums with their children, they asked if they could share the bench and we talked for over one hour.  It was very pleasant the view was incredible and these 2 young ladies were so smart and interesting and all they wanted to hear was my stories of Mexico.  They told me of a free camp site just down and around the corner from the ski hill which is where I am now.Mt Washington 078

It was really a very beautiful afternoon and we all who live on this fabulous island should be so thankful for its beauty and peacefulness.

I am going to spend the night here and in the morning drive about 30 miles north to visit with my friends Norma and Croft before returning home tomorrow evening.

I hope you enjoyed this trip as much as I did!!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday 27th August 2009…those girls AGAIN!!!

My girls started school this week and go back to their English classes next week so I know I shall hear from them next week…JUST IN CASE

you forgot what they look like!!!!!!!!

IMG_4864 DANIELA                                  and            PAOLA

Thursday 27th August 2009……another month almost gone

Do not know where the days and weeks go by, almost the end of August, dark by 8.30pm……

This sign will either bring an instant smile to your face or you will wonder why I posted it here, it is at the entrance to one of our many Senior retirement homes…….slow 001

The fast seniors cross somewhere else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


slow 002

This is the fitness centre where I just finished my last personal training session with the owner, Jon.

He was a great instructor and motivator and he has given me workouts that I can quite easily do on the road with one piece of equipment.

This will give me structure and work my whole core as opposed to just my lower body with my running and walking.

You can see that that the weeks of training have paid dividends already….my hair is no longer grey and I am a lean mean fighting machine and eating much healthier!!!!!!!!


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday 23rd August 2009……..THE WALK!!!!


The Great Lake Walk and Ultra marathon is a 56 km walk or run around beautiful Cowichan Lake on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. This walking/running event takes place on the third Saturday in September each year. This year's walk is September 19th, 2009.

party 002

My goal is to take part and complete this walk and I shall be raising money for Casa Hogar, Santa Julia, where my girls live in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

It is a sponsored walk where you pledge so much per kilometre or just a pledge to complete the walk.

My local friends know where to find me and if any of my readers wish to help that would be wonderful, leave a comment in the section below and I will get back to you and thank you, now I need to get my walking shoes on.  I am hoping to complete the walk in ten hours, wish me luck!!!!

Sunday 23rd August 2009…this post is for Paola and Daniela…

Good morning girls I hope you are having a great day.  Took these photos yesterday and thought of you both and I know how much you would have liked to have been here and seen them for yourselves.



Take care miss you both love and blessings Les

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday 22nd August 2009…this month is flying by ….

Took a little trip this afternoon to Little Qualicum Falls.Quakicim 004 

Quakicim 009

Quakicim 007










It was a nice hike around the falls and I was surprised to see the water flowing so fast.

This was taken about 100 yards from the house!!!!!Quakicim 014 

Have a great Sunday!!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday 18th August 2009…back on the island

Arrived back home around 8pm this evening after a great 12 day road trip.

Spent this morning walking around the area around Granville Market in Vancouver.vancouver 004

It was lovely and warm and the market reminded me a little of those vibrant Mexican markets

vancouver 009

vancouver 011

vancouver 010









The downtown area, I like this shot!!!

vancouver 005

These kids were funny trying to carry this heavy canoe!!!vancouver 001

Sunny skies for the next few days  ENJOY!!!

Tuesday 18th August 2009….weekend of soccer

I am now in Vancouver and will return to the island this afternoon the weekend was spent here…..   

Vanc 005



Doing games like this….

Vanc 004

In weather like this…

Vanc 006

I enjoyed all the games but Friday and Saturday were very wet days…

I drive to Vancouver yesterday and had occasion to go over the new Golden ears bridge in Maple Ridge, very impressive….

Vanc 008

these shots were taken at Spanish Banks in Vancouver last night.Vanc 021

Vanc 018

Vanc 017

Vanc 010

I am heading home later today….hope you have a great day.

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