Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday 31st march 2014……a lot accomplished today!!!

Spent the morning doing more clearing out and cleaning as my maid was coming this morning and I had her wash all the carpets and shower curtains and she will come again on Thursday to do a final clean before Stella arrives.

I have not been to yoga for a couple of weeks now and I have my reasons so this morning I decided to join Linda at her water aerobics class at a lovely gated community pool about 14 km outside of town…..the pool and the gardens are quite lovely and there were 8 of us in the class which I really enjoyed….now ladies prepare yourself for the next shots!!!!




I came home and Scott from downstairs spent some time with my trying to down load an e book on the Camino!!!

At 2pm I went to get Paola and took her to her meeting with a counselor I had asked if I could stay for part of the meeting and have some things I wanted to say to Paola translated…anyway without going into details she is doing OK her Grandmother who lives in Mexico city was really sick and she went there which is why she was not home on the occasions I went for her……I gave her some Birthday gifts and told her I would be back in August… it was nice to have that memory of her for my trip and this photo..


If George Clooney can have a 5 o clock shadow so can I!!!!!!!

I then did some chores in town and then came back home and got my last lesson for my class prepared and off I went to my last English class…..I printed off an interesting article which we talked about and then I told them how so proud I was to have been their teacher and that they are all so wonderful!!!!


I have invited them all to a really nice restaurant this Wednesday where I will treat them to dinner and a drink to celebrate their graduation in a few weeks time and I am happy that with the exception of Rebecca who is taking her daughter to the airport in Mexico city they are all coming.  I have told them that the restaurant is a good one and the menu is in English and Spanish and that for all the evening we will only order in English and talk in English and if they speak Spanish they have to ay me 5 pesos..they are all excited to come and I am thrilled to be able to help celebrate with them.

Can you believe it a whole day and no sports watching for me.

My great tennis star Ashley underwent a long surgery today and I want to wish her and her family all the very best for a speedy recovery….best wishes ASH!!!!!!


Also Paula and Jerry left Mexico yesterday they went in a convey and my friend Chris posted this shot on his blog..


That is  them in front.!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday 30th March 2014…..couch potato, then casita cleaner, then hiker and finishing with couch potato again!!!

So one more day left in March how quickly the weeks have gone by…my Sunday morning started at 9am when I had breakfast whilst watching a live soccer game from England and this also was a good entertaining game.

After the game I continued with my cleaning and sorting of my stuff in the casita as I am going to be gone a long time certain things need to be moved and stored and then I want it perfect for when my friend Stella comes on Friday….as I am still awaiting news on my visa I will be here for I hope just a few days to show her around……Linda and Guy have kindly offered me their spare bedroom upstairs in their casa so that is so kind of them.

I then did some yard work I do need to buy some more plants and some fertilizer so that is on my list for this week and then it was time for some fruit and to sit and relax and watch the game described below!!! 

Novak Djokovic beats Rafael Nadal to win Sony Open in Miami

Novak Djokovic took his winning run against world number one Rafael Nadal to three matches with a superb victory in the Sony Open final.

The Serb, 26, won 6-3 6-3 to claim his fourth Miami title, moving him ahead of Pete Sampras and two behind Andre Agassi in the event's all-time list.

Djokovic, the world number two, broke serve once in the first set and twice in the second as he dominated Nadal.

The pair now hold all nine elite Masters 1000 titles between them.

Most meetings in Open era

  • 40: Novak Djokovic v Rafael Nadal
  • 36: Ivan Lendl v John McEnroe
  • 35: Jimmy Connors v Ivan Lendl
  • 35: Boris Becker v Stefan Edberg
  • 34: Jimmy Connors v John McEnroe
  • 34: Andre Agassi v Pete Sampras

Nadal, 27, will hope to regain the initiative as the tour heads to Europe for the clay-court season, with Djokovic having won back-to-back hard-court Masters titles in Indian Wells and Miami.

Djokovic might have been without head coach Boris Becker, who is recovering from hip surgery, but he could not have played much better as the world's top two players met for a record 40th time on Sunday.

The Serb saved a break point in the opening game and began to put the pressure on Nadal, moving 4-2 clear when a huge forehand clipped the back of the baseline.

He closed out the set after 40 minutes and tightened his grip further with another break at the start of the second, moving Nadal from side to side before firing a backhand winner into the space created.

Nadal was hanging on as best he could, and he fired a brilliant forehand winner down the line to stave off another break point at 3-1 down, but his hopes of finally landing a first Miami title were slipping away.

Djokovic attacked the Spaniard's serve once again at 5-3 to earn two more break points and converted his first match point in a stunning 30-shot rally that ended with a half-volley into the open court.

"This tournament has been perfect from the beginning to the end," Djokovic said. "The matches that I have played I played really well, and I elevated my game as the tournament progressed. The best performance of the tournament came in the right moment on Sunday, against the biggest rival."

Nadal said: "No frustration. That's tennis. I played a few games and a few points with right way, with right intensity. But for the rest, easy to analyse. The opponent was better than me. That's it."


The clay-court season looms, and the result might be different when the rivalry resumes on Nadal's favourite surface. He still leads the rivalry, 22-18.



Novak Djokovic (Photo: The Canadian Press)

After the game I put on my hiking shoes and did an 11km hike around the neighborhood and through town…want to accompany me!!!!


In the next community there was a big festival taking place and as far as I could find out they were celebrating to the Saint who brings rain!!!




The locals sure know how to celebrate!!!

I then passed Rafael and his family he is L & G’s gardener and I know him well I told him he would get in trouble from Linda when she sees the photo for not wearing helmets!!!


The next few photos are just of interesting sights in town!!








the school where I teach English!!



The little store where I often get a chicken for Paola to take home!!!





As always I enjoy the walks…..

So now I have had supper and going back to sorting out my walk in closet and then tea and to finish the night I shall be watching a live hockey game!!

Yashi Kochi!!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Saturday 29th March 2014……Saturday so you know what that means!!!

My morning started at 7am with a protein drink and watching a live soccer game from England…and then I was off to play tennis which as you know by now is how I love to start my day…another good game and afterwards I went and paid my rent and then home for lunch and yes you guessed it another live soccer game from England.

After the game I went to see paola and she was home and all smiles and we went and picked up her bike and rode to her house.  I bought this bike for her 2 Christmases ago and she loves it and late last year she asked if I could leave it for her at her house and I did but unfortunately her older Brother wrecked the bike.  I picked it up and got if fixed and it has stayed at my place ever since.  I gave it some thought and I know she loves the bike and I am going to be gone for 4 months so I decided to let her keep it at the house.  I tried to tell her that she was responsible to take care of it……after I left her at home I went to get gas for the scooter and on the way home saw her riding her bike so it did not take her long to make use of it.




I came home and stripped my walk in closet out and sorted everything making it ready for when Stella arrives on Friday………then it was time for supper and I am now finishing the evening watching a live hockey game from Vancouver.

Hope you enjoy the article below and I hope to spend my Birthday walking to the top of the tower. 

It's the Eiffel Tower's 125th Birthday! Here's 10 Things You Didn't Know About It

eiffel tower

Pawel Libera

The Eiffel Tower

You might think you've heard all there is to know about the Eiffel Tower, which turns 125 today. But you might be surprised at some of the quirky things we've unearthed in its history:

1. The Eiffel Tower was built in two years, two months, and five days—a record back in the late 1880s. It was officially completed on March 31, 1889.

2. It was only supposed to last for 20 years. Gustave Eiffel had it built specifically to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution.

3. It hasn't always been brown. It was briefly painted yellow in 1889, and from 1954 to 1961, it was painted a brownish-red color.

4. In the late 1920s and early 1930s, the Eiffel Tower acted as a billboard—three of its sides held advertisements for Citroën automobiles. No other brand has ever used the monument as an advertising medium.

5. The French originally hated it. A number of high-profile creatives and architects signed a petition to protest the tower during its construction. They called the tower "useless" and "monstrous."

6. It played a crucial role in the First World War, during the Battle of the Marne in 1914. Signals would actually be sent out from the top of the tower, directing the French troops to the front line.

7. In 1889, the French newspaper Le Figaro actually set up a printing press on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower.

8. The Eiffel Tower shrinks. Seriously, it's been measured. In the winter it is approximately four to eight inches shorter.

9. Welcoming around seven million visitors each year, it's the most visited monument in the world that you have to pay for. (The Empire State Building only draws around 3.5 million visitors each year).

10. Every night, every hour on the hour the tower is covered in golden lights and will sparkles for five whole minutes while the Eiffel Tower’s beam lights up the city. The best place to see the light show is from is Place du Trocadéro.

Yashi Kochi!!!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday 28th March 2014……a first for me!!!

I want to tell you about a very special, brave and strong woman friend I have her name is Rita and I took her to her appointment with her Eye Doctor this morning.

I met Rita two years ago through my friends Linda and Guy and Rita unfortunately suffers the same medical problems as Guy they both have to be on oxygen 24 hours a day so it is always a struggle to get out of the house with portable machines and then finding somewhere to plug in if they are in a building for a time.  Anyway I went and picked up Rita this morning along with her friend Dorothy and I drove them into town and double parked right outside the Doctor’s office and helped Rita inside and I went and parked the car as I was doing this I made a U turn that I really should not have made and I should not have made it right in front of a police car..he immediately stopped me and the two officers got out.  I was in the wrong and as they aroached I rolled down the window and in my best Spanish I told them that I was really sorry for what I had done but I had an emergency with my wife who was on oxygen and I showed them the connection in the car and I had to get her to the doctors and I was going to get her but made a wrong turn… my sheer surprise and joy he told me to carry on!!!!

Anyway I went back to the office and waited for Rita and then went and got the car and reversed the order and drove her home.  This is a rare outing for Rita because she is a little afraid of going out and something happening to her portable machine but really thrilled to tell you she enjoyed this trip and has now confidence to go out some more.

As I mentioned Guy suffers from the same issues and he has Linda to constantly be there for him if needed but Rita lives alone in a beautiful large house and never once I have heard her complain and always she has a smile on her face…I tip my hat and salute you and proud you are my friend!!!

I came home and had some lunch and I bet you thought there would not be a day when I did not watch a sporting event on TV….well today was one  and not by choice…I had my lunch set out on the couch and turned on the TV for the live tennis game and would believe one of the players had to pull out because of injury so Novak got a bye into Sunday’s finals…read on!!!

So I decided that I was over my cold enough to go for a hike so I did a 13 km or 8 mile hike around the railroad tracks down by the lake but first of all I walked through town


Could not figure out what the celebration was here.

This gentleman often sits on this corner and weaves his magic!!


I never tire of this church in the main Jardin!!!


I then went through a colorful subdivision




and then down to the tracks and the lake




When I house sat at Linda and Guy’s a few years ago before I had my scooter I had my bike and I used to ride this way into town and always saw this cross and thought one day I would like to see if I could hike up  there


well today was the day..there was no trail and it was a bit of a scramble but I managed to find my way to the summit.


I must come back here to watch the sunset as the views were quite lovely!!!




Really like the zoom on my camera and this shot below is using the panoramic setting!!


I got home by 5 o clock and enjoyed the hike always gives me a chance to reflect on all that is going on for my and the big journey coming up!!!

So I had my evening all planned around watching the second live tennis game from Miami at 7.30pm….supper all done….. tea made and sat down turned on the TV and would you believe it this game was also cancelled because one of the players got food poisoning…so there you have it a Pearson day without sports!!!!


Sony Open: Rafael Nadal & Novak Djokovic into final after walkovers

Top seeds Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic will meet in Sunday's Sony Open final after both their opponents pulled out of the semi-finals in Miami.

Djokovic, the second seed, progressed when Japan's Kei Nishikori withdrew from their match with a groin injury.

And Nadal also went through without hitting a ball after Tomas Berdych was laid low by gastroenteritis.

"I woke up at 7.30am with pain in my stomach," said the Czech seventh seed.

Kei Nishikori

"I am disappointed about not getting a chance to play."

Nishikori, who beat Roger Federer in the quarter-finals, felt a problem when he went for his morning warm-up on Friday.

"I couldn't move from side to side," said the 20th seed.

"I really felt it in the last match against Roger, the quarter-final. I had it before Indian Wells, and I hurt it in Delray. It wasn't 100% yet."

Djokovic, who is trying to win the Miami title for the fourth time, also had a walkover in the third round when Florian Mayer pulled out with a groin injury.

"It's not the first time it has happened to me," said the Serb. "Maybe it is the first time twice in the same tournament but it is the way it is and you have to deal with that mentally.

"I practised today, 30-40 minutes on centre court, got good rhythm and trying to keep up with what I have been doing.

"I won in Indian Wells, which gave me a lot of confidence. I've played a lot of matches so hopefully it will pay off."

Nadal and Djokovic will meet for the 40th time on Sunday, with the Spaniard 22-17 ahead in their personal battle but having lost the last two encounters.


Guess I will get my fair share of soccer tomorrow and wait for the tennis finals on Sunday!!

Yashi kochi!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thursday 27th March 2014…just a day!!

Had my first tennis game of the week this morning and the weather was wonderful and I enjoyed the game it is so nice to be able to get some exercise, enjoy the sunshine and good friends.

I did some chores in town and was back home for 1 o clock and had lunch watching live tennis.

Spent the afternoon doing chores as Stella will be here next Friday to stay in the casita……later in the afternoon I went to say good bye to Paula and Jerry they leave tomorrow morning for their long drive back to Nova scotia we had a good visit with all their friends from the RV park…..

Tonight I watched a great tennis match and Nadal won a hard fought match against the up and coming Canadian player Roanic.

I forgot to post this photo from class last night it was Matilde’s birthday last week and I always get them a cake on their Birthday…


Yashi Kochi!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wednesday 26th March 2014…..a day on the run!!!

A little bit overcast this morning and I went over to see how Carolyn was doing and she looks much better and I think she has turned the corner..she has been living on liquids and soups for a few days so I made her my famous Pearson scrambled eggs and judging by how fast she devoured them I say with authority they were good.

I then went to see a friend who helped me with down loading some music for my I pod and from there straight home to make a sandwich and a drink and off to poker…we have not played for three weeks beause some of the guys have been away so glad to say I kept on with my winning ways and today was a big winner 275 pesos!!!!

I then went to Paola's house and I really do not know what is going on there was no one home I guess I have to keep trying.

Back home I got my lesson ready and then went to English class……we have nearly finished the prescribed text book so for this class and the one next Monday which is my last class we are just doing fun things which involve them coming to the front and talking they are all so confident now speaking in front of the class also tonight I talked to them about my up coming summer journey…..I am going to miss them.

I was home by 8 o clock had a light sandwich and tea and now watching a hockey game.


Royal and Ancient club house, St Andrews golf course


The Open: About time R&A opened the door to women

  By Iain Carter BBC golf correspondent

Admitting women members to the Royal and Ancient Golf Club for the first time in its 260-year history will be a welcome and significant development for the image of the game.

The existing male-only policy serves only to undermine the St Andrews club and R and A Limited, the company it spawned as the governing body that runs the Open.

It's an anachronism that makes golf look elitist and out of touch with modern society, and does nothing to help grow a game that is under increasing pressure to attract new players.



Single-sex golf clubs 'not a problem' says the R&A's Dawson

An otherwise brilliant Open at Muirfield last year was overshadowed because the Championship was staged at an exclusively male club.

As Phil Mickelson surged to his thrilling win, there should have been unequivocal evidence of golf's ability to excite and inspire but the message was compromised by plentiful ammunition given to critics who claim it's a sport for snobs.

At first glance, the furore last July seems to have been the tipping point. Royal and Ancient members are now being urged by their committee to vote to allow women members in a ballot to be staged on 18 September.

But club secretary Peter Dawson, who is also the chief executive of the R and A, denies the move is a reaction to the adverse headlines generated at the last Open.

"This change at the R and A is not related to that," Dawson told BBC Sport. "It's about our role as a governing body in golf and we feel it is the right move.

"If you look at all good governance practice documents, the gender issue is right up there. For a governing body not to recognise that is very difficult.

Lowdown on Muirfield


  • Location: Gullane, East Lothian, Scotland. Overlooks the Firth of Forth.
  • Founded: 1744. Club established rules of the game
  • This is the 16th time it has hosted the Open.
  • Full name: Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers.
  • Rules: Only men can become members. No play before 07:00 (so Tiger Woods was denied access to the practice range at 06:40 on Monday). Members must arrive in jacket and tie and then change into golf clothes to play.
  • Did you know? After winning the Open at Muirfield in 1980, Tom Watson went onto the course to play a few holes with Ben Crenshaw. Club secretary Paddy Hammer hurried out to tell them: "The Open has ended, you are trespassing."

"It will enable us, as time goes by, to increasingly populate our committees and so on with women, which can only be good for the game."

Dawson sees no reason to abandon the policy of playing the Open on courses that are the home of a male only-club. Currently Muirfield and Royal St Georges exclude women members, while Royal Troon is home to separate men's and women's clubs.

How they respond to the R and A's move is for them to decide but it surely makes them look ever more isolated.

"Obviously they are aware of what's happening," Dawson said.

"They are aware of the pressures at the time of the Open Championship but we are not doing this to try to put pressure on those clubs.

"The Open has to go to the best courses and these clubs are certainly among them."

Dawson admits he wouldn't want another Open overshadowed in the way that happened at the last Open, adding: "I would never want not to have the Open at Muirfield.

"To take a course like that away from the Open rota would not be good for the Championship. It'll be some years before we go back to Muirfield and we will have to see how golf's journey has progressed by then."

A two-thirds majority is required at the St Andrews meeting of members in September. However the motion would not have been put forward if there was much chance of it being rejected.

Open sponsors expressed discomfort at the male-only members policy at last year's tournament, which was another area of influence.

"As a partner of the R and A and a long-term international sponsor of golf, we welcome this positive step and look forward to further developments," said HSBC's head of sponsorship, Giles Morgan.

Condoleezza Rice

Former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (right) and financier Darla Moore became the first women members of Augusta National Golf Club

The move has also won approval from leading figures in the game. Gary Player told his Twitter followers: "Like Augusta National, the R&A at last realises you cannot lead by example, grow the game and exclude women members. Respect."

Player's sentiments get to the heart of the issue for the grassroots game. The fact that the Old Course and the other layouts in St Andrews are public facilities available to both men and women isn't universally known.

Part of the reason is that these courses are synonymous with the iconic R and A clubhouse, which has always been known as the home of an all-male club. Not for much longer, it would seem.

18 September is a hugely significant day of voting in Scotland as the nation decides on independence. On the same date, there will be another ballot that should mean plenty for the game of golf.



Yashi Kochi!!!

Thursday 5 th January 2023…it was a great run!!!

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