Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday 31st October 2011…surrounded by spooky goblins!!!!

Said good bye to Danna this morning as she went off to the operating room… was a wonderful weekend thank you so much for all you did for me!!!!

Today was going to be a long driving day and the sun was shining as I left Tennessee and drove for three hours to

oct31 002

 oct31 005

if you are interested in the dimensions and everything please Google Ruby was a great adventure…down 265 feet in an elevator and then walking about half a mile into the cave underneath Lookout Mountain until you come to this incredible waterfall!!

oct31 022

you know I like waterfalls!!

oct31 018

Again I marvel at the power and energy of this planet!!

On the road again and spent a few miles in

oct31 023

and then into

oct31 024

and now settled for the night in Wal-Mart or should I say I will be when I leave MacD’s…there are a few more RV’s in the lot so it should be safe.

Drove just over 400 miles but it was a pleasant drive sunny and warm and with the Sirius radio the time goes by fast.

I am now in an intense conversation with Alaska, she is 3 years old dressed as super girl and she is telling me her life story…so cute!!!

I think the plan with be to drive almost to New Orleans tomorrow and stay some where outside and then Wednesday morning go to the RV park which is close to the French Quarter!!

Map picture

Where I am tonight!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday 30th October 2011…..a Fall day in Paradise!!!!

Could not have asked for a better day to go exploring and photographing in the wilds of Tennessee!!!

The sun was warm, the day brilliant and the company lovely!!

The place we went to

oct30 026

One of Danna’s hobbies is taking photos and I picked up a few tips from her sit back and enjoy the show…..I cannot take credit for all of these but I did take most of them!!!

oct30 001

oct30 002

oct30 006

oct30 008

oct30 018Me taking a photo of Danna taking a photo of me!!

oct30 019

We then crossed over into North Carolina

oct30 021

oct30 023

oct30 028

oct30 029

oct30 036

oct30 037Paint rock!!

oct30 040

As a treat Danna knew of this place

oct30 046

about 13 private thermal hot spring tubs on the river!!!

oct30 045

What a great way to spend a fabulous time in nature!!!

Another great meal and a movie.  I have really enjoyed my time here with Danna and she was the perfect hostess!!!

On the road again tomorrow bound for New Orleans!!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday 29th October 2011…isn’t is supposed to be warm in the south???

This morning it was cold and damp and that breaks one promise I made to myself 5 years ago when I started all this…never to be cold again!!!

As the morning went on it did get warmer and the sun came out…..I helped Danna with a few household chores and then we went off to the country…..

The colours here are just magnificent and fall is a special season!!

octt29 003

octt29 013

The real pro!!!

octt29 008

This is the best river shot I think!!

octt29 020

It was just really so much beauty everywhere!!

octt29 033octt29 026

octt29 037

octt29 021

It was a lovey afternoon but really cold!!!

Danna is slaving away in the kitchen…Bangers and Mash on the menu!!!!!

A perfect Fall day ending with tea and a movie!!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday 28th October 2011…a photo less blog!!

The beauty of travelling the way I do with no real fixed schedule is that I can change my mind at anytime…so I have…..I called Danna and asked her if she had plans for the weekend and if she wanted company BUT I would not wear a dress and she said sure!!!

So I have backtracked a little and going to be here for the weekend apparently there are some lovely hikes in the area…now we just need the weather to cooperate…so far it is cool and wet.

Halloween weekend boy how the time flies by it seems a long time ago since I was leaving my Family on the Bank on June 24th……..but boy what a journey so far!!!

Wish you all a great weekend….

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday 27th October 2011….a Potpourri!!!!!

First of all today is my Dad’s Birthday he would have 92 years young today!!daD

He was an inspiration to me and with Mum at his side they formed a formidable couple!!  I thank him for the time he put in with me as a kid on the soccer field and in the school of life….I miss and love you Dad!!!

It was a short driving day as the weather changed and cold and rain coming soon so I crossed the border into

oct27 001

and I am now in the small rural town of

oct27 002

and in a small rustic but lovely Passport America camp ground…15 dollars and full hook ups, hot showers , good Wi fi and I have done my laundry already!!!

oct27 027

The rain was just around the corner so I took advantage and went on a nice trail walk

oct27 008

I figured wearing black socks would prevent me from falling again!!

The old railway tracks trail was lovely!!

oct27 010

oct27 020

oct27 011

The old covered bridge!!

oct27 012

The old caboose!!

oct27 021

oct27 023

I still prefer my own plate motto!!!

oct27 026

So had supper, did some cleaning and now route planning for the entry into Mexico in about 15 days!!

Map picture

Would you please YouTube the song Alabama by the group Alabama I think you will enjoy it!!

Gregg I hope you read this and I hope the property court case went well today…I have mis-placed your e mail address could you send me an e mail please!!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday 26th October 2011…just found this in the archives!!


Do you see a pattern developing here???


Wednesday 26th October 2011……The Music City!!

I managed to be waiting for the tour bus at the right time this morning and the bus arrived right on time and off we went another 8 passengers for a narrated tour of down town Nashville!!

oct26 007

The one thing I did not know about the city was that it suffered devastating damages and loss in what they call the 1000 year flood last summer apparently when the Cumberland river overflowed it’s banks some parts of the city was under 15 feet of water….the restorations are almost complete!!!

The driver was a real life native of Nashville and I had to listed really hard to understand him but he knew all about the city!!

oct26 014

The State Capitol!!

oct26 017

This photo below is for all you ladies

oct26 012

This is the building where the Bill was signed that enabled you lovely ladies to vote!!!

oct26 024

oct26 025

The first stop was here

oct26 026

This was the first home of the Grand Ole Opry!!

oct26 027

The scuttle bug around town is that there is a new country sensation on his way!!!!!!

oct26 031Sorry it is not clear but you cannot mistake those hips…any references to pink dresses that means you Danna will result in a blog ban!!!

oct26 034They nick name this the bat building!!

oct26 036

Nashville is know as the Athens of the east because of all the schools and colleges in the area so they erected the Parthenon a full scale replica!!

oct26 043

The biggest, by number of hits, recording studio in the world!!

oct26 048

We then stopped here for a private one hour tour

oct26 063

which was really very interesting and full of memorabilia!!!

oct26 0512

oct26 052

oct26 055

oct26 058

oct26 060

oct26 061

It was a great 4 hour tour and I am glad I took it….I was dropped of at the RV park and picked up Ramona and again on Paula’s advice went here

oct26 077

What a huge fancy hotel!!!

oct26 065

oct26 066

oct26 070

oct26 076

Whilst walking back to where I had parked came across this motel that was now converted into a Flee Market and all the rooms were storage spaces!!

oct26 078

I changed my plans and decided not to go to Memphis after all he is dead right!!!!! Sorry Barb!!!

So I left town and stopped at this famous cafe and motel

oct26 081

and sampled their biscuits!!!

oct26 083

Then made my way to

oct26 084

Which runs over 300 miles south…so I shall follow this slow paced and beautiful Parkway for a while!!!

oct26 086

oct26 090

oct26 093

oct26 095

If you look very closely you can see the waterfall!!!

oct26 097

I am now in a town called Columbia and at MacD’s doing the blog then off two blocks to Wal-Mart for the night…..good wishes to you all!!

Map picture

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