Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sunday 31st July know it is going to be a good day when.....

your first stop of a day long mystery tour is
Something a little bit different check out the gorgeous sky..this is

Ireland’s Highest Waterfall

Powerscourt Waterfall is Ireland’s highest at 121m (398ft.) and is 6km from the Main Estate. It is set in one of Ireland’s most beautiful parklands at the foothills of the Wicklow Mountains.
As you drive from the gatelodge towards the Waterfall you are surrounded by Beech, Oak, Larch and Pine trees some of which were planted over 200 years ago. Look out for the Giant Redwoods, which are native to Northern California where they may grow up to 80m high and live for 4,000 years so they are still youngsters!
The Waterfall is an ideal location for summer picnics and barbecues. There is a vast amount of space to keep children entertained. There is also a playground for younger children. But be mindful of the other inhabitants of the parkland! It is a haven for wildlife and children can have fun trying to spot some of the locals – the Chaffinch, Cuckoo, Raven and the Willow Warbler. Some other inhabitants are the Sika Deer which were introduced to Ireland in 1858 and there may be a red squirrel or two.
Don’t fret if you forget your picnic as there is a kiosk on site that serves everything from coffee and tea to hot-dogs and ice-cream. The kiosk is open everyday from the 1st June to the end of August and year round at weekends, if weather permits. There is ample car parking and toilet facilities at the waterfall. Dogs are welcome but they must be on a leash.

I just want to say that I am frugal but also do not mind spending money on good value...the cost to get into these grounds was 5.5 Euros about 9 Canadian dollars which is reasonable except there was no walking tracks only a restaurant there so once you have seen the falls that is it compare it with the next attraction which was free!!!

This is worth a Google to read all about the history.  It was a magnificent area and I spent over two hours here...enjoy as I did!!!

Aren't the round towers cool!!!

A beautiful walk through the woods by the lake with Camino arrows!!!!

A nice way to end the visit...back on the small mountain pass roads
You can see by the clouds that I was lucky to have sunny skies for my walks this morning...
Reminds me of Mexico except sheep instead of cows!!
It seems every small town has some wonderful historical churches!!

Around 2.00 pm I pulled into the medieval city of Kilkenny although it should also be called the city of lovely flower boxes!!

I love the reflection shot!!
This is the reflection!!

My next stop was this magnificent Cathedral...

I paid 3 Euros and enjoyed my climb to the top!!!

The view from the top,,,,

I went into a local Pub and had a real Irish was good!!!!

Around 5.00 pm I drove about 15 minutes to my stay for tonight!!!
 They have two rooms and this is mine..
 The breakfast area and lounge where i am writing this...
 The view from my bedroom window
The hosts are lovely and already had fresh carrot and strawberries and was a long but great day amazing at how kind everyone is!!!
Yashi Koch!!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Saturday 30th July 2016...yet another new country for me!!!

The owners never came home last night so I had the farm house to myself this morning and they had left me lots of breakfast food so I enjoyed a lazy morning eating and packing up and at 10.30 am left for Belfast centre and returned the car...Europcar is a great company good service and one of the young employees drove me downtown to the bus station.
I had pre booked my ticket and i was on the 12 noon bus to Dublin

 I chose the back center seat which gave me lots of leg room and the bus was not full so I had the whole back row to myself so i could spread out my maps and food.....the 2 hour ride went by fast and I am now in the republic of Ireland.....I was told I would need my passport but there are no borders no check point and the only difference is the currency is Euro and one Euro equals $1.50 Canadian and I can already tell things are expensive here.
At the airport I went to Budget car rental where I had booked a car with out going into too much detail i was not thrilled with the service and will not use this company again but I did get a "deal" because they did not have the car I booked they gave me a diesel which will save me some money on fuel.....because of the circumstances i am going to call this car simply Little diesel!!

My trusty Sat Nav got me to my stay for tonight a beautiful home in the country with kind hosts!!

 I have my own en suite bedroom and another room with cooking facilities..

 A really tranquil setting!!!

My hosts told me of a lovely circular walk and after I got settled I put on my hiking shoes and went down this lovely small lane
 Nothing special about this except if you look in the middle
 here is a a waterfall that I shall visit tomorrow called
 How on earth am I going to learn any of this language??

I do not know what crop the sheep is hiding in!!!
 Love the peacefulness of this view!!!
 This is my view through the window as I write the blog!!!

Some history on the country!!!

The flag of Ireland – a symbol of hope and peace

Flag of Ireland flying on roof of GPO, DublinThe tricolor was not adopted as the official flag of Ireland until after the country became a free state on 6th December 1921. But it had been around for nearly 80 years, albeit with its colours rearranged, having first been flown by Thomas Francis Meagher, a militant nationalist, in 1848.This was the beginning of the Young Irelander Rebellion, which took place at the height of the Great Hunger in Ireland and shortly after King Louis-Philippe of France, and a good few other European monarchs and despots were overthrown by popular insurrection. The Young Irelanders believed the time had come for revolution in Ireland and launched an unsuccessful rebellion that summer.
Thomas Meagher and the other leaders were initially sentenced to death but their sentences were later commuted to transportation to Australia.
While they were unsuccessful in their revolution, their flag now flies as the ultimate of all symbols of Ireland.

The green of the flag of Ireland

It is often assumed that the colour green on the flag of Ireland symbolises the famously verdant landscape of the 'Emerald Isle'.
The flag of Ireland's Leinster province
In fact, green had long been the colour used in flags by the Catholic majority in their fight to gain independence from Britain.
An earlier flag, with a gold harp on a green background, served from 1798 until the early 20th century as a symbol of nationalism. It is now the flag of Ireland's Leinster province and is known as the Arms of Ireland.

The orange of the flag of Ireland

The orange of the tricolour represents the Protestant minority who were settled into Ireland by the British monarchy from the mid-1550s. It is also a reminder of Protestant William of Orange's defeat of the exiled Catholic King James II at the Battle of the Boyne in 1690. In the lead up to that battle, King James II had proved to have none of the 'people skills' of his elder brother, King Charles II, whom he succeeded on the throne of England, Scotland and Ireland in 1685.
As a Catholic king in Protestant England and Scotland, he provoked enormous opposition when he began actively trying to promote Catholicism across his realm. His behaviour led to his being deposed within three years in favour of his Protestant daughter Mary and her Dutch husband William of Orange. They ruled jointly as King William III and Queen Mary II from 1688.
Never one to know when to give up, James was easily convinced by Irish Catholics to launch his campaign to win back his crown from Ireland a year later. Having lost Derry (Londonderry) after a two-month seige, he was defeated at the Boyne by William III in July 1690 and fled to France where he lived out the rest of his days.
William's victory secured Protestant dominance in Ireland but a century later the Anglican (English) and Presbyterian (Scottish) settlers were feeling threatened by Catholic nationalism. In 1795 the Orange Order was founded and grew increasingly strong over the next sixty or so years amid Protestant fears that their dominance would end if the island were granted Home Rule or even Independence from the UK.

The white of the flag of Ireland

The tricolour made its first public outing at the Wolfe Tone Confederate Club on 7th March 1848. The twenty-four-year-old nationalist Thomas Meagher, son of the city's mayor, made a speech to explain the symbolism of the three colours.

Thomas Meagher went on to become Brigidier General of the Irish Brigade and Governor of Montana after escaping from Tasmania
Line drawing of Thomas Francis Meagher, Brigidier General of the Irish Brigade 1861-1864.

He said: "The white in the centre signifies a lasting truce between the Orange and the Green, and I trust that beneath its folds, the hands of the Irish Protestant and the Irish Catholic may be clasped in generous and heroic brotherhood."
Although Meagher is usually described as the designer of the flag, there is no evidence to suggest he was. All that is known is that after a visit to Paris, where he congratulated ministers for their their successful revolution, he returned with the tricolor to Ireland. It is not known whether the flag was a gift of the French or had been designed by the Young Irelanders after being inspired by the French flag.
Whatever the truth, Meagher's flag was presented to Dublin a week after its first airing during a meeting that advocated the use of physical force in the cause of independence. Just days later, Meagher and two of his Young Irelander colleagues were arrested for sedition. The summer rebellion failed.
Meagher's flag was revived by the Irish Volunteers and in the Easter Rising of 1916, it was raised above the General Post Office in Dublin's main boulevard, O'Connell Street, while the proclamation of the Irish Republic was read out on the steps below.
Today, it is the flag of the Republic of Ireland, though Meagher's version had the orange stripe closest to the staff, while the modern version has the green stripe in that position.

Yashi Kochi!!!

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