Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thursday 31st December 2009…another year gone by!!

Don’t worry it is the last time this year I  am going to say I woke up to a lovely sunny day……BUT I DID!!!

Went to do my laps and ended the New Year in style ran 17 laps and walked 3…felt good.

I then went to say Happy New Year to the girls and Paola is still away at her Grandmother’s casa but Daniela

Dec31 001 

and her sister Lupita had just come back from church, don’t they look lovely??

Dec31 003

I did decide to go to the Bull fight and I wish my memories of the bull ring were these taken three weeks ago!!!!

day17 007

day17 008

Instead I will post my last March’s post of when I went  to the bull ring…

“One place that I have been unable to find was the bull ring I knew it was very close to the town centre so today for your tour we go in search of the elusive bull ring.  With good directions we get close and ask again and we are told it is behind the big red doors next door but “Senior es cerrado”  Closed…..but the Pearson tour promises sights unseen…push on one of the doors and it opens slightly and in we go and what do we see.

I can hear you saying Ok pretty nice but……..the Pearson tour does never disappoint……this magnificent sporting venue is clean, brilliant and beautiful but wait…..who is in the bull ring???

I stayed and watched these three young men for about 20 minutes I was in awe, here these Matadors of the future were training to the roaring and exciting throngs of one lucky Me.   This was one of those times that you just had to be there.








Needless to say I did not last long at the bull ring and will not post any of the photos I took……and I shall never again attend one of these events!!














Once in a New Year's Eve Blue Moon

As you ring in the New Year, take your glass of champagne and toast the blue moon in the sky above. It's a once in a generation thing, a rare astronomical happening that reminds us that while life is highly unpredictable, the heavens are not.


Tonight's New Year's Eve blue moon is the first since 1990. Another won't roll around for another 19 years. So the time to celebrate is now.   The blue moon is expected to be visible to New Year's Eve celebrants across the US. Canada, Europe, South America and Africa, according to the AP's Alicia Chang. And in New York City, the full moon will be competing with the glittery ball dropping in Times Square .

Of course, the name has nothing to do with its color (although a moon can sometimes appear bluish from the smoke of a forest fire or the ash of a volcano). The old expression, "once in a blue moon," has more to do with something that is rare, special, uncommon, even absurd--but not impossible.

The most popular current definition of a blue moon is the second full moon in a calendar month. A full moon occurred on December 2 and tonight's will be the second, a phenomenon that occurs every 2.5 years (the next will be in August, 2012). But the New Year's Eve blue moon is more exceptional. The next won't occur until 2028.

This evening I attended a gathering at the RV park where Norma and Croft are staying…..the other campers had decided to celebrate and bring in Nova Scotia New Year which is at 10pm our local time, which I thought was a great idea.  It was nice to end the year this way. Thank you for inviting me.

dec32 004

Norma and Croft before the dancing began!!!

I came back to the house and brought the new year in talking to my Sweetie in Kyuquot!!!

prince 022

Again want to thank everyone for taking the time to read my journal and I want to wish you all love, peace and health for 2010!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wednesday 30th December 2009…the battle is on!!!!

I did not mention it in the blog yesterday but after spending nearly one hour at the train tracks within 15 minutes of me coming home….you guessed it… a train came by.

So this afternoon a little later on I went to the tracks again and sawdec30 003and

dec30 004  and

dec30 007


So I came home and within like one minute of me setting foot inside the door I hear the train whistles…not enough time to get back and take a photo….so let the battle commence I SHALL get a train photo maybe not this year but soon!!!

Croft came over this morning and looked at my solar panel wiring I  am having a little problem which I cannot explain because I don’t understand but he helped and gave me some tips, thanks Croft.

Then did some errands down town and saw how busy the main plaza was..

dec30 002

I have booked my Spanish lessons starting on Monday and now the moral dilemma…..There is a bull fight taking place in the main bull ring tomorrow at 4pm.  I have never seen one and swore I never would but I am interested in seeing the pageantry and the whole process but don’t think I could handle the killing, so do I go?  I was tempted to buy a ticket this morning but refrained.  I guess I will have to think on it some more or go and come away before the attack commences.

This cat is perched on this ledge about 25 feet high peering into the computer room, he stays here for hours!!!

dec30 009

Sara is now in Kyuquot and here are some photos of my visit there this summer…an incredible and beautiful part of Vancouver Island…glad you arrived safely Sara!!

day2 002

The view from the float plane..

back 015

back 021

This is taken from the kitchen of the residence/clinic.

DSay 1 085

office 001

Night kayaking

day2 030

day3 020

Whales and beautiful deserted beaches.

Disaster 011

Disaster 034









Seals 066

Won’t forget these guys.

Nor this.

Seals 078

Some of the local children!!

office day 006

Sara at work!!

SARA 004

Wish you all a great evening….

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tuesday 29th December 2009…… a fun day..

I knew it had to happen sooner or later…I woke up to a cloudy day, and it stayed that way most of the day.

I had arranged to pick up the girls at 11.30 am this morning and when I arrived at Casa Hogar Daniela was waiting for me and the Madre told me that Paola had gone to her Grand Mothers home.

So Daniela and I went and found a taxi and we went to the restaurant where I took them last week to make the gingerbread houses as they had bicycles there to ride and they seemed to enjoy that but as we got there we told the restaurant was closed until tomorrow.  We kept the taxi and went down town to the market.

As much as I tried I could not get Daniela to have a drink, soda or otherwise or have anything to eat.  We then went into the square and I saw something I thought she would like.

dec29 003

A lady was selling a wand and soapy bubble water.  Daniela picked one out and we walked around the market for a while.

We then decided to go back to Casa Hogar, here she is waiting at the gate.

dec29 005

The first person we saw inside was Daniela’s sister, Lupita!!

dec29 007

The bubbles were a huge hit and we played for quite a while with them, enjoy the kids having fun!!

dec29 008

dec29 012

dec29 017

I really like these next two photos…

dec29 022

dec29 023

Time to leave and Daniela likes the scooter!!

dec29 006









My next stop was the Mexican version of Wal-Mart for some groceries..


dec29 028

I felt a little lazy and still a bit sore from climbing the rock on Sunday but knew I had to go do my laps thinking maybe do a few…but this old body surprised me I did the full 16 running laps and 2 walking, so felt good about that.

About 200 yards from the house is a single line railway which is used for cargo and infrequently I hear the trains going by so I thought I would spend some time down there and wait for a train..

dec29 031

dec29 030

Took my book whilst I waited..

dec29 032

Waited an hour and saw

dec29 033


dec29 035

but no train!!!


Sara have a good night in Gold River, miss you…

Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday 28th December 2009…did not leave the property.

I am ALMOST ashamed to say that I did not get up till 9 am this morning…too much hiking yesterday.  It was a very cloudy morning that shortly cleared into the usual sunny day.

Decided it was time for Ramona and Bonita to get a spa treatment…so I pumped up the volume on the radio and opened the windows..

dec28 001

the outside view…

dec28 002

Hooked up the hose and both vehicles received a really good wash and clean!!

dec28 003

dec28 004

Took me most of the morning and early afternoon and both were then resting in the afternoon sun so I thought I would do the same.  I have finished my third book since Sara left….

Then it was time to exchange all the information and addresses and phone numbers from my old day planner to my new 2010 one, supper, shower and here it is evening and I never ventured anywhere today!!

Sara leaves for her work tomorrow…

This is about the area where she works…


Kyuquot Sound is one of the 5 major sounds indenting the west coast of Vancouver Island. To the northwest of Kyuquot Sound is Checleseht Bay. To the east is the steep Vancouver Island mountain range, with peaks of over 1500 metres. The Kyuquot and Checleseht territories are accessible only by air and water; the only road access is at Fair Harbour, where there is a government dock, boat ramp, free and paid parking, fuel station, propane, small store and camping.

This magical region we call home boasts some of the most pristine temperate rainforest in the world.  We are proud to be able to share several world-class parks with visitors: Brooks Peninsula Provincial Park, Checleseht Bay Ecological Reserve, Tahsish-Kwois Provincial Park, Tahsish River Ecological Reserve, Dixie Cove Provincial Park and Rugged Point Marine Park. Many small islands, bays, beaches, rocky shoals, streams and rivers, lush forests, hills and mountains – these are the many features that make up this incredible land and seascape.

Look to the sea, and through the morning mist you may glimpse a grey whale, dolphin, or sea lion breaking the waves. Sea otters are plentiful here, and you’re sure to spot a seal or two. Birds abound here too; eagles, herons, gulls and other shore birds are here year round.  In summer, we have nesting puffins, marbled murrelets and other seabirds.

On the shore, you will see towering stands of old spruce, cedar and fir trees. And in the moss-shrouded forest, deer and Roosevelt elk graze while black bears forage for berries. Wolves and cougars also inhabit these woods.

Visit our village of Houpsitas in Walters Cove and you will be welcomed by our people.  On our reserves, you may find remnants of our traditional way of life, such as old home sites and fallen ancient totem poles.  While walking in the woods of this region be careful where you tread. This land contains our living history, and ancient artefacts are often both extremely delicate and difficult to spot.

Visiting Kyuquot / Checleseht

The magic of Kyuquot and Checleseht must be seen first hand to be truly experienced. In addition to experiencing our culture, there are many things for visitors to do here, including sea kayaking, sport fishing, hiking, and wildlife viewing. There are six provincial parks and four ecological reserves here.

The people of Kyuquot and Checleseht ask only that visitors to our region arrive with respect. Please follow these visitor guidelines:


Be aware that the region you are visiting is not just a wilderness area; it is our home and a historic cultural landscape. Being respectful of that, and taking time to understand some of our cultural and spiritual traditions, will enhance your travel experience.

Throughout the territory, both on and off reserve, are a number of sites of cultural significance to our people. These include old village sites, burial sites, fallen totem poles, and other artefacts. Take care not to disturb cultural sites, nor to remove any objects from them.

Do not trespass on Kyuquot / Checleseht gravesites.

Take only photographs and leave only footprints. And if you want to take photos of Kyuquot / Checleseht people, ask permission first.

If you are camping, where possible, we ask that you dig a hole in the forest for your human waste. Do not defecate in inter-tidal areas that contain shellfish, as this contaminates our shellfish beds.

There are a number of areas in our territories which contain fossils. Please do not use a rock hammer to remove fossils.

Fishing is an important resource that we depend on for our survival. The ocean is our supermarket and where many of us earn our living, without the oceans resources we would go hungry. In our traditional ways, outsiders would have to receive permission before entering our territory to fish or gather other resources. Today we ask for your respect in protecting our resources for future generations by using barbless hooks and by strictly adhering to daily and in-hand catch limits.

Getting Here

The Kyuquot / Checleseht region is accessible only by air or water.

Take Hwy 19 north from Campbell River, and turn left on logging roads about twenty minutes past Woss. The turn off and logging roads are marked with signs for Zeballos and then Fair Harbour. please be sure to travel with a spare and drive carefully on the logging roads. You can launch your boat at Fair Harbour or meet a water taxi there .The drive from Campbell River to Fair Harbour takes about three and a half hours, and Fair Harbour is half an hour by boat from Kyuquot. There are campsites, a small store, free and paid parking, a government wharf and a gas station at Fair Harbour. Zeballos has a hotel, restaurants, a mechanic, pay phones and a few small stores.

The passenger boat MV Uchuck III departs for Kyuquot from Gold River, on Vancouver Island, every Thursday morning, returning late Friday afternoon. Gold River is 90 kilometres west of Campbell River on Hwy 28. Cars may be left near the dock.
Air Nootka makes regularly scheduled flights every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from Gold River.  Charter flights are also available.


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