Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday 31st August 2014…another repeat!!!!

May as well go to last Sunday’s blog because was another repeat….I met Pierre at the hiking club base at 8am this morning and we were the only ones who wanted to do a long hike so off we went in Pierre's reliable but old VW bug.

On the way we talked about last Sunday and Pierre really wanted to go back and do the same hike and this time find out where we went wrong and I was game for this too.

So here we are the X is the first peak we have to reach…



The view looking back into the valley and the dark clouds


Another peak we are aiming for


It was a great day for a hike and we both had brought lots of extra water and food just in case!!!!


Not even close yet!!!!


Some views on the way up


It took us over three hours but we reached the summit about 9200 feet and again looking into the old volcano


and the lake behind L & G’s house



We had lunch and rested here before heading back


we passed this lady again and said a silent prayer to let us find the right track


and after about 300 yards we found the reason we went so wrong last week…there were two tracks no more than 20 feet apart and we took the one to the left last week and that was the wrong one this time we took the one to the right


the dark clouds lifted and the sun came out and these were the only animals we saw this week


So it was a successful mission we came down in 3 hours less and about 8 miles off last week..still we hiked for 7 hours and about 17 miles but it was great!!!

Home in time for a recorded soccer game from England, some dinner and now watching tennis from New York.

Hard to believe the last day of the month…have a great long weekend !!!

A good friend of mine here in SMA John does many many things for the community especially the children one of the big things is the distribution of gifts to children, about 1200, in the Campos at Christmas time.

His other main cause is the deaf school here in SMA..I said I would post the following website for your information and in case you felt like you could contribute..well done John!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Saturday 30th August 2014…….a repeat!!!

Really all you have to do is check last Saturday's blog to see what I did and this day was a virtual repeat!!!!

Anyway here goes up at 7am to watch a live soccer game from England whilst having breakfast and then off to the tennis courts for 9am and and again glorious weather and two hours of good fun, good banter and the occasional good shot, not by Loren though!!!!!  Sorry bud could not resist that one!!!!

Home in time for a snack and another game from England this was a classic with 9 goals you could not take your eyes off the screen….

At 1pm I went to get Paola and we were going to the water park and she asked if her friend Angelica could come and that was no problem….they had fun and were in the water the whole time almost three hours except to come out to eat and drink!!!!



They look happy enough!!!!   and if not an ice cream on the way did the trick!!

They were fun and well behaved and I did not get home till 6 o clock….

Had a sandwich for a change and now watching tennis from New York!!!

Would like to wish all my Canadian and American friends a great long weekend holiday be safe out there!!!

Yashi Kochi!!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday 29th August 2014…….a day to myself!!!

Before I left on my epic summer Camino I tried to make every Friday a Pearson day…a day when I had no appointments, usually saw no one and most times did not even speak to anyone and after a busy 6 day week that I had I liked the idea……so I am going to continue on with it and after breakfast I packed up lots of food and drinks and went to get Little Bluey from L & G’s house and set out for this town!!!!!



The rebirth of Mineral de Pozos

Many call Mineral de Pozos, Guanajuato a “ghost town”. But that is because they have not visited it during the Mariachi Festival, which in April dresses up its quiet, cobbled streets. Actually, this Magic Town wakes up from a short break to brighten up its streets with the “Son de la Negra” song, as well as with a good dose of international rhythms: (the Blues Festival in June), or with the beat of the huehuetl or pre-Hispanic drum (the Toltequidad Festival in July).

Surrounded by cacti and arid hills, Mineral de Pozos was founded in 1576 to exploit the rich gold and silver mines nearby. During its most glorious period, there were 17 gold and silver mining haciendas, and up to one thousand men worked in each one every day. “Pozos” became one of the cities where more silver was produced in Mexico and in the world. By the early twentieth century, “Pozos” had become a prosperous city, with about 50,000 inhabitants and a strong trading network. As the veins became depleted, the town slowly faded, until the last mine was closed in 1950.


Just about 300 people remained in the town. Thus, almost abandoned and demolished, Mineral de Pozos captivated the big screen as a result of the film “Pedro P├íramo”, directed by Carlos Velo and starring John Gavin. The roofless mansions with their old furniture were the natural setting for the spooky novel written by Juan Rulfo. Gradually, “Pozos” began to creep into some films and into the routes of adventurer visitors…

In the 80s, as a result of its architectural heritage, as its buildings date back to the sixteenth century, Mineral de Pozos was declared Historic Heritage of Mexico; a few years ago it was recognized as Magic Town in Guanajuato. Both designations have marked the rebirth of this place, with its first renovated streets, dressed in white and ochre. Spa services, tours of the mines, workshops on pre-Hispanic musical instruments, craft shops, a vibrant cultural activity and the first boutique hotels begin the define Mineral de Pozos’ style: a perfect place to indulge, to become disconnected from everyday life and lose yourself in a clean landscape with the echoes of the mariachi, blues and pre-Hispanic rhythms.

It took me just over one hour and it felt good to be behind the wheel again this is the first time I have driven the car since I arrived home almost 3 weeks ago!!!

The government and town’s folk have obviously sent a lot of money to modernize the town and it is very clean but I saw no tourists.




I took a side road out to the old haciendas they are all deserted but you can just imagine the majesty of this area a few years ago!!!




I found a bike trail no yellow arrows but at least signs…


problem was this was the last sign I found but I was heading for the top of this range below


It was a beautiful day and the hiking was fairly easy and at the top the views lovely



I took a different route back and came across more old buildings



Still a few open shaft mines


This one went down forever!!!





Had lunch inside one of these old buildings and let my imagination run wild into what it may have been like here when the mines were flourishing!!!!

It was a different and a great hike and I enjoyed the solitude…the drive back was easy and I washed Little bluey and got on my scooter and came home and it started to rain on the way home so jumped into a nice hot bath and then I had dinner and now relaxing watching live tennis from New York.

So I did not see anyone…did not speak to anyone…..and I enjoyed my day!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thursday 28th August 2014…..a beautiful day in SMA!!!

and my morning started out with 2 hours of great tennis with Loren and Alfredo


and Steve


What a wonderful way to start the day…..

Before I left the casita this morning I washed my sheets and decided to go to L&G’s house for the afternoon and hang the sheets out in the sun…..took my book and read for a while then washed Little Bluey and Little was a nice change.

Back home watched two great tennis games from New York…so an easy day…

Aren’t these roses so lovely…


Have to go another tennis match coming on!!!!

Yashi Koshi!!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wednesday 27th August 2014…..I am relocating to Vegas!!!!

Just another great sunny and warm morning and after breakfast I went down town to my yoga class…I really enjoy this class and I think the stretching is helping me.

Came home and watched some live tennis from New York and also prepared some dinner for later and at 1 o clock went to poker which is why I am moving to Vegas…. another winning afternoon this time 325 pesos!!!!!


After poker I went to Jane's house and here she is busy with my project


Jane has done the three projects and they are ready to be framed…

here is the collage


and the special quote


the other one is a collection  of Camino stuff.

So I took them to the framer’s store and they should be ready next week I think they are going to look so good and then Jane will come over and help me hang them…she has done a great job for me!!!

Home in time to relax on the roof terrace for an hour and then a nice English dinner followed by a bath and now watching tennis again!!!!

the days fly by……..

Yashi Kochi!!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tuesday 26th August 2014……. sunny and lovely!!!

Had a much better sleep and the sun was shining early and I was on the tennis courts by 9am…again another two hours of great tennis here is a shot of one of the players, Barry, who is one of my hero’s..he is 78 years young a great player, a fellow pilgrim from about 5 years ago and in the hiking group!!!


Home in time to watch live tennis from the Big Apple and saw this young lady win what I am sure is the high light of her young career!!!



American 15-year-old CiCi Bellis caused a sensational upset as she beat 12th seed Dominika Cibulkova at the US Open.

Bellis, ranked 1,208 in the world, saw off the Australian Open finalist 6-1 4-6 6-4 on a raucous Court Six.

The junior world number two only received a wildcard by winning the US girls' national championships.

She becomes the youngest winner of a US Open match since Russia's Anna Kournikova, who was 59 days younger when she reached the fourth round in 1996.

At 15 years 152 days old, Bellis is the youngest player to feature in a Grand Slam main draw for over nine years. She is the youngest player in the draw by two years

had never played at WTA level before, let alone in a Grand Slam, and she has only 12 singles matches on the lower ITF circuit to her name.

Who is Cici Bellis?

Real name: Cici is a nickname. Her full name is Catherine Cartan Bellis

Born: 8 April 1999

From: San Francisco

Senior WTA debut: February 2014 in the Abierto Mexicano Telcel

Her favourite player growing up was Kim Clijsters

She chose tennis over "soccer" at the age of 10

Her first US Open memory was Maria Sharapova in 2005 or 2006.

She is schooled online at home in California

"I'm feeling amazing," she said. "I'm still speechless. I'm still in shock about that match.

"I went into the match thinking it was going to be such a great experience, but I never thought I would come out on top winning."

The teenager from California came back from a break down in the final set, fist pumping all the way and urged on by a home crowd that packed into and all around the outside court.

"I had like four friends that started some of the chants," said Bellis. "I was like, 'Oh, my God!' I loved it. It made me play even better."

Bellis will face Zarbia Dyas of Kazakhstan, the world number 48, in the second round, but she cannot collect the US$60,420 (£36,518). prize money on offer as she is an amateur.

"I don't really think about it," she said. "I try to just focus on the tennis rather than anything else.

"I think I'm definitely going to stay an amateur right now to keep my options open for college, in case an injury or something happens. But I'd love to be a pro one day."

One day could this be Ashley!!!

At 2 o clock I went to Rita’s casa and we again had a lovely visit we sit and chat and eat her delicious banana bread then we play a card game called phase 10 and we have fun at this…who won..well I could tell you but then you would say here he goes again that Pearson kid is a braggart!!!!

Did some errands in town after I left and home in time to do some paperwork and e mails and then a nice meal and now enjoying late night tennis from New York!!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday 25th August 2014…A twist!!!!

Did not have a great sleep last night I think I was a little over tired from the hike and then I could not switch my brain off thinking about all sorts of things so I was glad when 6am came around and I got up  and had breakfast.

Went to yoga this morning and the stretching was really good for me and I do not feel any soreness after yesterday’s ordeal and thinking back on yesterday it was a good lesson to take more drinks and have more granola bars I am sure we were never in danger but we did get really wet and we needed to be off the mountain before it got dark but I put a lot of power in the Camino to keep me safe and I am not being flippant about that.

After class I did some errands in town and met with Jane again and we ordered frames for my stuff I know the finished product is going to look wonderful.

Guess what there was a live soccer game on from England this afternoon and I sat on the couch with ice tea, some chips and enjoyed the game and the rest.

A twist….I am offering anyone who wants to do a guest blog to send me an e mail with your post it can be about anything and I will post it …

I thought it would be more interesting that hearing about me all the time.




  This article below is to show you how stupid some people can be…The resident of this Canadian football team guaranteed a win and it back fired on him I am so glad…..I played sports at a pretty high level and even then we knew not to belittle the opposition it just gives them incentive to kiss your you know what…I was a hard nosed defender when I played and I could trash talk some times but never nasty usually the best line was when we were winning…”Check the scoreboard matey”

VANCOUVER - Tino Sunseri's first CFL career touchdown pass sparked the Saskatchewan Roughriders to a comeback 20-16 victory over the B.C. Lions on Sunday.

Saskatchewan spoiled Lions president Dennis Skulsky's guarantee of a B.C. win.

As a result, the 33,196 fans who attended Sunday's game will receive a free ticket to a future game. The Riders (6-2) are now tied for second place with Winnipeg in the ultra-competitive West Division. The Lions (5-4) fell to third place.

The game was decided on the final play of the third quarter. With the Riders scrimmaging from the B.C. one-yard line, offensive lineman Dan Clark lined up as an eligible receiver at tight end and got his hands on a high Sunseri pass in the end zone and held on, while falling backward. The TD and Chris Milo's convert gave the Roughriders their first lead of the game and put them ahead to stay before Josh Bartel's punt single in the fourth quarter rounded out the scoring.

Both teams lost their starting quarterbacks to injuries.

The Riders were forced to play the second half with rarely used backup Sunseri at the helm. After playing the entire first half, starter Darian Durant was sidelined with an apparent finger injury.

Yashi Kochi!!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday 24th August 2014…hiking day and what a day!!!!!

Up at the unearthly hour of 7am for breakfast and to get myself ready for the Sunday hike….we met at the gas station in town at 8am and a pattern has developed…the numbers on the hike vary from week to week and no one knows how many will show but also Pierre the man I hiked with last Sunday likes to do longer and higher hikes than the most and that suits me so today just him and I were the only ones who wanted  to go on an extended hike….so we left and drove almost to the same place we were last week but we were heading for a different ridge…Pierre is experienced and knows these mountains and I like his company we set off and the summit in the middle of the photo is the first objective..


The trails were not well marked at all and we had to cross this ridge


and then through this field


The clouds on the next ridge over



Things got a little dicey as we managed to get off the tracks and spent a whole lot of time going through this kind of undergrowth



The animals always make a hike special



How about this beauty






We even found a friendly one!!!


We eventually found our way to the summit and the views of the lake again by Linda and Guy’s house


behind Pierre who was taking five are the rims of an old volcanic crater and here we are at 9200 feet!!!!


Coming down was Ok as we met this young lady!!!


Unfortunately things did not go well for us after here we managed to get off the trail actually this is not true because there really wasn’t a trail but we did find ourselves in some very nasty undergrowth and the clouds were turning a bit nasty


We really were not lost because we could almost see where we had to be but we were on the wrong side of the canyon and getting down into the canyon only to climb the other side was very hard but we did find time for some lovely fall colors!!!




We could tell by the clouds we were in for a heavy downpour and sure enough the thunder, lightening and heavy rain descended on us and we took shelter…the big issue was that both of us had used all our water and food supply up and we were still along way from the car and a little  bit lost…..I like that neither of us panicked and we sat and talked about what we needed to do and we figured we had one more canyon to navigate down and up and we would be close to the campo where we we carried on and I must admit it was very hard and we were both a little parched but stayed warm during the rain storm and frequently asked each other how we were doing.

Thankfully we made it over the canyon and into a tiny settlement where we found a store or at least a room selling drinks and who comes out of the door but Susannah, she was a special friend at Casa Hogar where she lived for 12 years was great to see her and she told me she left two months ago and came to live with this family I asked her about Daniela and she said she was growing up and doing well…that made me feel good.

Both Pierre and I were glad to be back at the car and with drinks….he dropped me off at the gas station can you believe at 6.30pm and we both reckon we had hiked a very hard and tough 20 miles!!!!  But if was an adventure and I love those.

Straight home and into the bath and did that feel good…had left overs again and they were delicious and watching a pre recorded soccer game from England added to the enjoyment……so I shall not be any trouble tonight!!!!

Jane sent me another draft of a quotation that you all know means so much to me….


Calligraphy by Jane Dill!!!

Well this tired boy wishes you all

Yashi Kochi!!!!

Thursday 5 th January 2023…it was a great run!!!

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