Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday 28th February 2011…did something today I have never done before!!!

Went into town in the van this morning had to do some chores and get groceries so I parked on a side street where I have parked lots before close to the RV park and when I came back the van and the two vehicles behind me we all had a flat tire…I knew right away that it was vandals the rear tire was as flat as a pancake and the other owners were not happy campers… for the very first time I attempted to change a flat tire,,,,,yes all these years driving and my first flat to change…I know I got a flat a few weeks ago but I didn’t have to change the tire.

So I found the jack but could not find anywhere the tool to loosen and undone the nuts….so I got the spare tire out of its hiding place then had to go search around and borrow the tool to take the nuts off and did this and managed to change the wheels over but I was sweating and hot!!!!

Back to the repair shop I went to last time

fen29 001

fen29 003

He looked at the tire and confirmed my suspicion there was a huge slit in the side wall and the tire was toast… bought a new tire and he installed it in a few minutes…total cost 900 pesos about 75 dollars…….

Came home and did some cooking and also some sorting out for Ramona…Linda and Guy have confirmed their return and I pick them up this Sunday!!

I have enjoyed watching the numerous Hummingbirds around the two feeders but this guy…does he not know that he is not a hummingbird!!!

fen29 005

Had a late tennis date we played at 5pm for two hours just until it got dark…so there you have it another day done and tomorrow if you can believe it is MARCH!!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday 27th February 2011…a surprise visitor!!!

Just as I was leaving the casa to play my usual 2 hours oF Sunday morning tennis the phone rings and it is Sara’s son, Gabe, who I knew was travelling around Mexico but here he was in SMA.

So after tennis I went into town and picked Gabe up and brought him back to the casa where we visited and as he was leaving by bus for Queretaro later that afternoon I took him up to Casa Hogar to meet the girls.

They mobbed him and Paola was there and happy to report she was doing well and both her and Daniela were happy when I introduced Gabe as Sara’s son….

feb27 002

Paola was fascinated by Gabe’s angel tattoo…I just love this photo here is Paola with a man she has just met and yet she is looking at his arm and her little hand his on his…so sweet!!

feb27 003

and Daniela the dragon..

feb27 004Check out her hair!!!!

Gabe really enjoyed his visit and later I dropped him off at the bus station he is eventually working his way down to the Yucatan.

On the way home I stopped at my usual flower stand to buy flowers..the stand is situated outside of one of the big cemeteries and I had to follow the crowds today…

feb27 007

The flowers are beautiful and only 5 dollars!!!

feb27 013

Some of my regular lady readers are again complaining of not enough photos of me……now this might be a little stretch but after all it is MY blog….so feast your eyes as I am all dressed up to go out to dinner at one of my poker buddies house…I took the flowers as a gift..

not bad for an old guy!!!!!

feb27 011

Boy do I have some great days!!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday 26th February 2011…Big adventure…well almost!!!

Here we ago again…Saturday morning so you know you will find me in front of the TV at 9am with tea and toast and watching a live soccer game from England…

feb26 002

Rafael came over to some yard work and he brought his son with him, Rafael Junior…like Father like son!!!

feb26 003

So the adventure begins..I found out there is a huge soccer game being played in Queretaro

Map picture


at 5pm so decided to take the bus and go…here is the bus station in SMA and I found a good safe place to park the scooter

feb26 006

Here is the place to get the ticket can you believe it 50 pesos…4 dollars for a bus ride of about 75km!!!!

feb26 007

Off we go!!!

feb26 013

As the bus approached the station I saw that we passed the soccer stadium and it was an easy 15 minute walk to the stadium….so far so good…

There were lots of people and vendors around and I found a local soccer shirt but couldn’t decide upon the blue home shirt or the white away shirt (more on that later)..

feb26 024

feb26 025

feb26 026

This is where the problem started hundreds of fans and I tried to get to a ticket window only to be told all the tickets were sold out….Now I know they were playing the best club in Mexico and I was there 90 minutes before the start but surprised no tickets available.  I stood aside and watched the crowds and it was obvious that many people were in the same position as me and there were scalpers around but also lots of police and it was obvious from their actions that scalpers were not allowed…I watched and tried for over 45 minutes but could not get my hands on a ticket and the game was about to start and hundreds of people still outside…so decided enough and walked back to the bus station….saw this lady on the side walk

feb26 018

Just arrived at the terminal and got a ticket and got on the bus right away and was back in SMA by 7pm…..

On the ride home stopped on the road to take these photos…some of the best I think!!!

feb26 028

feb26 027

I just love this sunset!!!

So the big dilemma was should I buy the blue home jersey

feb26 029

or should I buy the white away jersey!!

feb26 032

feb26 031

So the way i solved this was to buy both shirts for a total cost of 200pesos…16 dollars for two shirts…I love Mexico!!

So after a day that was still a good day finished off by watching live hockey game from Vancouver!!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday 25th February 2011…a real lazy day!!!

For the first time in weeks I had no plans till tennis at 4pm…so I enjoyed my time at the casa…poached eggs for breakfast..did some computer and reading…spent a couple of hours cleaning the rugs in Ramona and of course some sun bathing…..then it was time for tennis…this is one of the owner’s of the RV park little guy..

feb255 001

After tennis I had been invited by friends from the RV park to dinner and then we had tickets for a play….the restaurant was my kind of place..

feb255 002

The restaurant was empty but the burgers very delicious thank you Jecka!!!!!

The play was in the funky little theatre

feb255 005

Just a cast of two, no intermission and a very well acted but deep and dark play…

on the walk home the busiest taco stand in town!!

feb255 006

So another day comes to an end and I have a big adventure planned for tomorrow so stay tuned!!!!!

Friday 25th february 2011…had some time on my hands this morning


So I planned a provisional route of my road trip starting in mid June…the red pins show my start on the Island at the top left going all the way to the east coast and then down into Mexico across to the Baja and back home…….so what do you think?


Map picture

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday 24th February 2011..some sadness!!

9am found me on the tennis court yet again and yet again 2 hours of good fun and a bit of a workout..came home and relaxed for a while before going to Casa Hogar to pick up the girls…this is where the sadness started..I saw Paola still in her school uniform in a deep conversation with one of the Madres, she did come over and give me a hug and a peck on the cheek, but she had these huge tears in her eyes……from what I could understand she would not be allowed to come out this afternoon with me…she was being very brave about it…Paola is one tough girl and she does not like to show any sign of weakness but this was hard for her as I left with Daniela and her sister Lupita.  My knowledge of Spanish did not let me understand what had transpired just so sad that Paola could not come out.

We first went and did some chores and then went grocery shopping they love to do this…

feb24 006

feb24 007

feb24 008

Lupita is so cute she loves to help with everything and so very willing and happy and Daniela looks out for her, they are so good together…

Some street scenes….

One everywhere isn’t there??

feb24 004

feb24 002This lady was outside one of the small bakeries so we went inside and bought and gave her two muffins….the girls wanted to do this!!!!!!

feb24 001

This is the first plate I have ever seen and hope to see lot more when I pass that way in October!!

feb24 009

So the girls got a choice for a little lunch..feliz chicken, Pizza, McDonalds and I think you know by now what their number one choice is…the casa and

feb24 017

I think the fun of eating them is half the reason…

feb24 015

feb24 019

feb24 010

feb24 020

Backyard flower pot..

feb24 011

Time for a nap on the way home…

feb24 022

I gave a little care package to Daniela and asked her to give it to Paola….these girls bring so much happiness and joy to my life…I am so lucky!!!

Had an eye test last week to get new reading glasses I gave them a pair of my frames and I picked them up this afternoon total cost 40 dollars…

feb24 025

feb24 023

Notice the George Clooney look alike 3 day growth!!!!



Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday 23rd February 2011…I may loose some readers over this post!!!!

Today started with a 9am trip into town to pick up two of my friends from the RV park and another lady from town and drive them out to the pyramid that I went to on Saturday…I stayed in the parking lot and enjoyed myself relaxing and reading and doing research on my upcoming summer trip.

They really enjoyed the visit except the other lady that I took got sick and they had to get an ambulance for her……I think the heat and the walking got to her.  However she did recover enough for me to bring her back to town.

The regular poker game was cancelled as too many guys were away…I think they were frightened to loose more money to me!!!!

So I had to stay home and a watch a live European soccer game from France!!!!!  The game finished in time for me to dash to the tennis courts for two hours of yet again great tennis…home in time for wonderful sunset shots.

At the casa the cable TV I watch is the same as back home in Nanaimo so imagine my surprise when I am watching the evening news and they are talking about the unexpected and large snow storms on the island….

Sorry I just cannot resist this…

feb23 003

feb23 020

feb23 008

feb23 021

feb23 009

feb23 022

feb23 024-1

So where would you rather be?????

Glad to report that my friend Guy is out of hospital now he just needs to get his strength back…

Another really good day here in Mexican paradise!!

Thursday 5 th January 2023…it was a great run!!!

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