Sunday, November 30, 2008

The rooster and I came to an understanding…..

and no there is no rooster casserole…..walked to Linda and Guy’s this morning,  about 40 minute walk, blue sunny skies accompanied 001 St.Paul’s church just around the corner from where I 003

Linda and I then went Christmas shopping at the huge store for the children at a deaf school.  “Angel”  Linda took it upon herself to give the 45 children at the local deaf school their first ever Christmas party.  So with help of local people and some of my friends (thank you) we are making sure that each child will have some gifts at their party on the 9th 006

We have to make sure each child has a similar selection of gifts so here are a few of them ready for the party.  Lots more work to do but today was a big job done, thanks Guy for your help in passing the ribbons to me!!!!!!!

On the walk home I went down to the lake at the bottom of their road and took these sunset 012

bb 010

bb 007

Having a quiet evening catching up on e mails, letters and stuff.

Hope the weekend was a good one for you in your part of the world, Blessings..

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Two years ago today

was my last shift as a waiter at the Granary restaurant in Nanaimo after 14 years.  Thank you to the owners of the restaurant for sticking with me I enjoyed every single day.  Worked with some great ladies and a few kids and we had so many laughs. Also thank you to all my regular customers so many of you made my work fun and easy.  Hard for me to believe that I have been retired for two years, where did the weeks go?

I think I can safely say that these last two years have been some of the best years ever.

A few of you have told me that I often show photos of Ramona from the outside so here are a few shots of the her on the inside.  She is just great so comfortable I have everything I need and already spent over 180 nights in her.ram 001 ram 004 ram 003

ram 005 ram 006

ram 007 ram 008

Just a typical Saturday…

Those of you who know me well know that I have a special affinity for animals and could never hurt one BUT I think I am going to make rooster stew tonight.

As I live a busy life my only day to sleep in is Saturday and wouldn’t you know those darn roosters woke me up at the unheard of time of 7.55am….I ask you is this fair?

I will give them one more chance..anyway as I was awake decided to get up and do my run/walk around the park close to where I am staying.  As usual the sun was shining and I counted over 50 people running and walking and getting a good start to their day.

After breakfast walked to the main plazal,m 009 l,m 017

l,m 016

interesting the sights sounds and smells.l,m 024 I love the expression on this young ladies face!

On Saturday mornings  one the Children’s Orphanages organizes a tour each Saturday and the money raised goes to the kids.  I took this mornings tour to San Gabriel to tour the home and factory.

After a short ride we arrived at the home of the ownerl,m 033 l,m 027 l,m 031

l,m 032 l,m 035






We then had a tour of the small factory where all the ceramics are made and hand painted, what a fascinating experience to see all done by the hand, except the kilns.l,m 054 l,m 055 l,m 052 l,m 049 l,m 045

l,m 051

Then the finished product.l,m 065

l,m 067






l,m 069

l,m 064 It was a good tour and I did buy a lovely soap dispenser.

On the way back I saw this lovely little girl and she now has some candy and money.l,m 075

Went to the huge Mega store to have a look aroundl,m 079

l,m 080

l,m 081







Which cereal do you want Mally when you come visit?l,m 082 Walked back into town to catch the night scenes but as always my night shots are not good.l,m 085 l,m 092 Love the colours in this one.l,m 095

So ends another wonderful day, time now for tea and to listen to a live broadcast of the Canucks hockey game.

If I don’t mention that the MIGHTY TIGERS(MY FAMILY’S HOME SOCCER CLUB) earned a valuable point away from home today.

Wish you all a great weekend, PURA VIDA

Friday, November 28, 2008


It is now Saturday morning in England and I want to wish my Aunt Rita (she wants me to drop the Aunt, but she is my only one) a very happy 80th birthday!!!mmk 008

You are a lovely lady and I love you lots and please get a computer so you can see this.  If any of my family want to copy this and send it Rita that would make me happy.



Where did the day go

Ok now this is getting serious I have to do something about the bells of the church and the roosters,  for the second day in a row they woke me up at 8am!!!!!!

If you don’t want to read about the brilliant sunny morning, clear blue skies and good to be alive feeling….well sorry you just did.  I am funny today, yes? No?

After breakfast walked into town passing the beautiful and incredible main attraction of the Jardine, the Parroquia de San Miguel Arcangel, which towers over everything.  More about this church in a future post.  mmm 002 mmm 003

I found the small school where over the phone I had booked a Spanish lesson, the first lesson was free but unfortunately it was not too great, the young man did not instil confidence with his way and I won’t be going back there.  I have some more options which I am going to look into.  Meanwhile I spend one hour on an on line program.

Walking back home took me through the main Mercado where you can buy mmm 007

mmm 009

mmm 010 mmm 011 everything.  If you didn’t like the flowers inside you could always go out to the truckmmm 012

Just some sights on the walk home.mmm 013

mmm 014 mmm 005

Found a little hole in the wall bakerymmm 025 Now before you give me grief I think after a busy day I deserve a small treat and the buns are for tomorrow.  Interesting these items came to 12 pesos (11 pesos to a Canadian dollar) and I gave the lady 2 ten pesos coins but she had no change so she gave me back one of the ten pesos coins and I think told me it would be OK tomorrow, only in Mexico.

After all the walking I thought I deserved some down time and as it was really hot, so I read and sunbathed and YES I ate one of the white cookies,mmmmm.

Then decided I needed to have some more exercise so I biked to Guy and Linda’s casa for a visit, that is a good ride especially on the cobble stones!!

Back home I figured it was time for a hair cut and had been told where there was  a barber.mmm 021 For 35 pesos, you can figure out how much that is ,  a hair cut!!mmm 027 mmm 028

Now it is 9pm and where did the day go.  I could say this every time but this is such a great town I do love everything about it.  I feel settled and happy and content.

Tomorrow going on a little tour to a pottery factory should be interesting tour.

Wish you all a happy weekend..

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