Friday, December 31, 2010

Friday 31st December 2010…FELIZ ANO NUEVO!!!

The last day of the year was a great one started off with two hours of tennis followed by two hours of sunbathing, the weather was just beautiful today.

We then took the scooter into town for a couple of chores and of course ice cream!!!

dec31 004It was really good!!

We then went to Casa Hogar to see how Paola was doing after her dentist work and happy to report she was doing well and we caught her in the middle of getting her hair done!!

dec31 008

On the way home a garage sale that Sara could not resist!!

dec31 009

Sara cooked a lovely supper and we then went down to the main Jardin to take in the festivities….the place was packed lots of children and the light and sound show on the main church was incredible I had seen it before but they added another 15 minutes of Christmas music and camera does not capture the beauty and wonderment of this show…

end 015

The fire and ambulance put on a noisy display..

end 021


end 020

After the light show a wonderful group played music in the square..

end 027

end 023

We stayed in the square till about 11pm then came home and watched a great broadcast on TV televised from the White House featuring music of and performed by Paul was really good…then midnight came and here we are 2011!!!!

I would like to wish you all a very happy, healthy and wonderful New year and may all your dreams come true in 2011!!!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thursday 30th December 2010…..Dentist day for Paola!!

This morning at 11am we went to Casa Hogar to pick up Paola and Daniela for a few hours..we brought them back to the casa and I gave the girls outfits that my friends Heather and Kirby had sent for them, here Paola is showing hers..

dec30 005

Sara had got the girls some ear rings and here she is putting in Daniela’s!!!!

dec30 002There ears were pierced but had not had rings in for a while so it took a little prodding to get them in, check out Daniela’s face!!!


When we saw the girls last Sara noticed that Paola’s gums were infected and one of her molars loose so I had made an appointment to take her to the dentist and today was the day.

dec30 007

dec30 006

Sara went in with Paola and she had the tooth pulled….Sara said she was very brave but it was obvious that she was hurting a little as the freezing was fading..we took them to the park but didn’t stay long as Paola was not feeling good.

We brought them back to the house and Sara got some ice and took care of Paola……pretty soon she was feeling better and we took them back to Casa Hogar……here is Paola!!!!

dec30 013The dentist gave her the tooth and I gave her 10 pesos for the tooth!!

Thanks Sara for taking care of Paola and also for paying for her procedure!!!

Here are the girls all smiles again as we leave them..

dec30 014

I went and played tennis and Sara went and spent an hour at a huge indoor craft market and we met up and did grocery shopping…home for dinner and there again another day gone by…

I borrowed this photo from my friend’s Chris’s blog….


Taken tonight these are my good friends Norma and Croft and Chris and Juan…we were all together here in SMA last new years eve and now Chris and Juan met up with Croft and Norma in Galveston…have a great time together and keep on dancing!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wednesday 29th December 2010…..well I didn’t watch TV today!!!

Had no time.. off to tennis for 10am…I really do enjoy the games played for two hours and then back to the casa for a quick shower and lunch and then off to poker!!!

dec29 001

I was a big winner today…well maybe not a big winner but at least a winner…OK I only won 20 pesos but it all counts!!!

We had a great steak  for supper and then went down town on the scooter to check out the action…

dec29 005

The main square was a hopping!!!!

dec29 009

dec29 011

dec29 019

dec29 016

dec29 008

We enjoyed watching all the people, the children and the smiling faces…


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tuesday 28th December 2010… and play!!!

Whilst having cereal this morning just managed to turn on the TV and there it was

dec28 003

another live soccer game from England…after the game I took Sara up to the Tuesday big market and came back to the casa.

As the Holidays fall on the days that Catalina was to work this afternoon I morphed into Mr.Mop!!!

Did some house keeping chores for a couple of hours and then went and picked up Sara…the market was hopping!!

dec28 005

dec28 006

Sara had a hair appointment at 3.30pm so I dropped her at the salon (anybody detect a pattern here??)

I came back and did some more chores then thought it was time for a good old cuppa…switched on the TV and there it was

dec28 010

a live world junior hockey game…

At 6pm back to town and the salon

dec28 011

dec28 012

I went and waited in the main square and it was hopping  with people..

dec28 013

dec28 014

It was fun just sitting and watching..we didn't`t get home till 7pm…

Yes another good day!!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday 27th December 2010…..where do the days go??

I will try not to start this entry by saying “it is a lovely sunny day”…

after breakfast this morning Sara and I took the scooter to down town she wanted to scout out the Hair salons and she found one she likes and has made an appointment for tomorrow..we then found an optometrists store where Sara had a free eye examination and picked out her frames which will be ready on Friday.

Then we went for a walk into the covered market

dec27 004

where we ordered a fresh juice!!

dec27 005

Sara doing what she likes best!!!!

dec27 002

We had to be home by 2pm because I had a date with the TV

dec27 010

a great live game from England!!!

Sara actually found where the kitchen is located in the house and made a wonderful stew for supper!!!!

supp 001

Another good evening with tea and a movie!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday 26th December 2010…it is all go..go..go..

My morning started with tea, crumpet and watching a live soccer game form England…not a bad life of course I had to go and make Sara’s coffee…

Then off to the tennis courts for 2 hours of great entertainment and came back and found that Sara had been busy making English scones, brownies and cookies..

We had a little break then went to Casa Hogar Daniela was not there but we took Paola and her friend Lupita and brought them back to the casa for an afternoon of fun.

We played soccer, basketball and this crazy game called twister that Sara brought with her…

dec26 017-1

This was a good fun game plus the instructions were in both Spanish and English!!

Then Sara had the girls in the kitchen decorating cookies

dec26 010-1

I love the girls faces on this photo below!!!

dec26 011-1

Then it was time to watch some TV

dec26 020-1

dec26 021-1

I then fired up the BBQ and the girls loved the hot dogs!!!

dec26 022-1

I know we all had a great afternoon and soon it was time to take the girls back,,,they again were so much fun and perfectly well behaved!!!

The evening was a quiet evening of games and TV…

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Saturday 25th December 2010…….a wonderful day!!

A delight to wake up to a sunny day and to know that I had been a good boy because I had pressies from Santa!!

dec25 001

Sara and I had a nice morning..poached eggs for breakfast and we exchanged a few presents and then got all the drinks and cookies ready to take to Casa Hogar….when we got there the girls were all doing chores and Sara went into the kitchen and made the hot apple and cranberry punch and I set up the tables and put out the cookies….all the girls seemed to enjoy the treats…..thanks to the special angels who provided that!!!

Soon Santa arrived and every girl got to sit on his knee as they received a is Paola..

dec25 014

dec25 009and Daniela

All the girls were thrilled with the items in their stockings and they share and play so well together..this is Daniela’s sister Lupita

dec25 032

One of the guests brought her little dog which was a great hit with the girls..

dec25 020

Sara and Santa

dec25 025

Robin and Santa

dec25 024

The 5 Madres that look after the girls are so giving of their love and time that they sometimes get forgotten so I bought 5 bottle of hand lotion  one for each them…

dec25 023

Yours truly!!!

dec25 027

Sara1 020

So many special stories at this time of the year……a friend of mine in the RV park, Janelle, her sister is an artist and made 12 beautiful necklaces m of out nails they were really pretty and she had wrapped each one and included a story on them in Spanish, she wanted them to be given to some of the girls so Robin picked out the 12 oldest girls and here they are with their necklaces!!!

dec25 029

Here is another moving story and I think I have these facts correct…..Daniela and her sister Lupita have been in Casa Hogar for a few years both their mother and father are in prison.  Apparently last night their Grandmother passed away and as the family members gathered also in attendance was Daniela and Lupita’s God mother who they have not seen since the baptism and the God mother did not know where the girls were.  At the gathering she was informed about the location of the girls and today she came to introduce herself to the Madres and the girls…the girls were just thrilled to know of her and see her…

dec25 038

It was a wonderful time and thanks to so many people the girls had a happy time….Sara and I came home and did some sunbathing then we jointly cooked a lovely chicken supper

Sara1 022

watched some TV and there it was another lovely day!!!

My special friends in Port Alberni, Barb and Paco sent me this photo today


This is just a crazy lovely photo….Barb and Paco are usually somewhere in Mexico at this time of year and actually they were right here in SMA 2 years ago…this year due to some medical problems they were unable to travel but you can see from the above where they really wanted to be!!!!!

Lastly I want to thank to everyone for making this a special time of the year, friends who have donated money for Casar Hogar, friends who have sent me beautiful gifts, Heather and Kirby thanks…I am so blessed to have such special people who enrich my life.

To my brother Malc and Janet a special hello to you it was great to talk to you tonight…we are many miles apart but we have always been close and i want you to know that I love and miss you both…blessings to all!!!

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