Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday 28th September 2015…well the time has come!!!

Last night I felt a little bug coming on and today I was not firing on all cylinders…..stayed home till 4.30pm and just took things easy did some last minute stuff…I was supposed to play tennis at 1.30pm and then again at 4.30pm but I cancelled the first game but did  play in the second and glad I did…. it did me good to work out I think although not happy the strings broke again in my racquet!!!!

Came and got cleaned up and Heather had prepared a lovely farewell meal…Ben’s girlfriend Mia made a wonderful strawberry dessert and the Notley’s came over and it was a really nice send off.

Heather always writes on the mirrors and windows…



It was a great evening but I crashed at 9.30pm and had to go to bed hopefully I will feel Ok in the morning!

So this is it my last post till November 5th when I shall be in Wellington New Zealand…..thanks to all my readers  and thanks for all the good wishes e mail!!!!

Another adventure starts……..

Yashi Kochi!!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday 27th September 2015… promised suitcase packed!!!

Well another good sleep and this morning it was time to tackle this


Heather came to the rescue and asked if she could help and she did it all on her own I am so happy what a job!!!


and I still have room!!!!

Boomer and I went on a long hike  to


It is lovely walking around the point…



I have decided if and when I grow up and settle down I will get a dog…Boomer is a “chick”  magnet!!!  At least 4 women stopped and their words were…Oh how beautiful!!!!  of course I asked if they were referring to me or the dog and they all said of course the DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!








We walked 13 km and Boomer was great!!!!!

Tonight Heather cooked a lovely dinner and then I had a long soak in the tub!!!

This is a brief summary of my stops on the ship

Astoria Oregon where I am going to go on the free river walk and trolley ride.

San Diego I have booked a mountain bike 3 hour ride.

Hilo Hawaii I have booked a private 5 hour tour to Volcano National Park and some waterfalls….this is with a man who comes really well recommended and he just takes 4 people on his tours so I paid for the whole thing now I have to fine 3 others on the ship willing to join me I think that will not be a problem.

Honolulu I have booked a small compact car for the day to see some volcanoes and waterfalls.

Apia I plan to hire a taxi and visit about 7 waterfalls.

Suva will be a walking tour to some swim holes.

Lautoka I have hired a scooter for the day.

Tadine another walking tour on my own to some more water holes this will be a short stop as this is the only stop where we get tendered into the port.

Sydney and Melbourne I will just tour the city as I shall be coming back here in January.

Hobart I have hired a car for the whole day to see a National park and some historic buildings.

Then there are 5 stops in New Zealand before I dis embark in Wellington on 5th November.

Sounds like fun right???








Was not able to get any photos of the eclipse tonight but it was awesome!!!!




A supermoon lunar eclipse will put on a show tonight -- marking the first time the spectacle has occurred in more than three decades.

A supermoon occurs when a full moon happens when it is at the closest point in its elliptical orbit around Earth, making the full moon appear up to 14 percent larger and brighter than usual. A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes into Earth's shadow, often turning a blood red color.

What Makes a Full Moon So Special

The coincidence of events is so rare it won't be seen again until 2033, making it a can't-miss event tonight for sky gazers. As an added bonus, it will appear in prime time for many in the United States, meaning there's no need to set your alarm for the middle of the night.



Yashi Kochi!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Saturday 26th September 2015…almost ready well not really!!!

Another beautiful sunny morning and I was at the tennis club for 10am for the last session with the boys I do play again Monday but with a different group…really great time again but with a twist….a travelling professional player was in town for the weekend and he came to the club and I was selected to have a short game with him..I was honored to be chosen and with out being swell headed we played 5 games and I won 4 of the them quite a feather in my cap!!!

he allowed me to take his photo afterwards!!!





Came home and Boomer was sun bathing in my room!!


I got cleaned up and then Heather and I went to a celebration for Gordie a friend of ours who passed away last month…….it was well attended and really a nice afternoon and closure for Annie!!




Annie on the right with her daughter Nicola then a friend and then Nicola's daughter Kailen!!

Afterwards I went down to the soccer field and this is where I used to spend most of my weekends in another life I would be the man in the yellow!!!!



Tonight I went out for dinner with Karen and then back to her place to see Lilly and watch a movie!!!!

I would like to tell you that my suitcase is packed but that would be a lie….I at least have it open on the spare bed and things I need on the bed tomorrow is packing day!!!

yashi kochi!!!!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday 25th September 2015……another beautiful sunny day!!

We all got up at 7.15am to say goodbye to Aunt Doll and Uncle Bob they left on the ferry this morning and then home to Ottawa later today it was sure nice to visit with them again.

I had 2 hours of good tennis this morning




and then into town had a lot of little errands that needed to be done…then I went to the barbers and had a haircut nice and short and manageable but I am still gorgeous even without my curls!!!!

Came home and did the final last minute trip planning for the shore excursions and again did not get my packing done but at least I did sort of decide what I am taking I really needed to down size and I think I did….

I cooked dinner tonight and it was strange just three of us at the dinner table……

I did get my room assigned I was hoping for an upgrade but I did not get one but at least my room is on the 7th deck and towards the back of the ship!!!

A quiet night at home!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

Thursday 24th September 2015….Blink and this day is gone!!!

Up at 8am and after taking Heather to work came home and Kirby cooked a great breakfast.

I then got a call from the tennis club asking me if I wanted to play doubles at 11am and of course I did and it was 2 hours of great tennis….afterwards did a little bit of last minute shopping then I hit the computer and completed all my trips for the days the cruise ships docks in various ports…I have the whole gamut from walking to bike riding, hiring a scooter, a car hire in Honolulu and a taxi in Samoa where the tourist board advises against car hire…….so I am glad that is all done because my access to Internet on the ship will be short and expensive.

I still have not received confirmation of my room..I booked an inside stateroom and am hoping for an up grade but they should have assigned me one by now I called this morning but still waiting.

This guy was in the back yard this afternoon!!





5.30pm it was off to dinner with the poker boys

this is on the way to the restaurant that whole cloud formation is hiding mountains!!!


Shows you what a dreary day it was today!!



and for my last night I was a huge winner my biggest winnings to date of 38 dollars and I think they are glad to see the back of me!!!!


So there another day into the books!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wednesday 23rd September 2015……..where does the time go???




This article was taken off the Internet!!!


It’s hard to believe summer is officially over. After another hot summer season, the days are finally getting cooler and the nights are getting longer. The kids are back in school and a brand new TV season is underway. It’s time to unpack your woolly winter wardrobe, dust off the ole’ crock pot and get those favorite comfort food recipes ready, folks! According to a WTOP report published on Sept. 21, fall is finally in the air! The Autumnal Equinox, also known as Autumn Equinox, Fall Equinox and/or September Equinox, officially takes place at 4:21 a.m. EDT on Sept. 23, 2015.

For people in the Northern Hemisphere, the Autumnal Equinox, or the first official day of fall or autumn, begins when the sun crosses the celestial equator. On this day, both day and night are nearly of equal length, about 12 hours each. This typically occurs on Sept. 22, Sept. 23 or Sept. 24. The date varies slightly due to irregularities in the calendar as well as the Earth’s irregular orbit.

It’s time to turn off those air conditioners, open the windows and enjoy some fresh air for a change. It won’t be long before it’s time for hayrack rides, apple fests, pumpkin patches, corn mazes and colorful foliage. As the leaves begin to turn magnificent hues of red, yellow and orange, why not pack up the family and go for a scenic drive or take a hike and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature? And speaking of time – don’t change those clocks quite yet. The clocks are turned back an hour when Daylight Saving Time ends on Nov. 1, 2015.



This morning I treated the family to breakfast at Ricky’s and we all agreed the food was great afterwards Heather and I went to pick up Boomer who had been for a badly needed haircut…doesn’t he look good???




This afternoon I went and had tea with Karen and of course saw Lilly again!!!

Then I came home and did some serious work on the clothes I am going to be taking with me..I realize that for the next almost 12 months I shall be living out of a suitcase and back pack so I have to carefully pack so I have purged back on my clothes and think I have all the ones I need..good job I am not like my brother who takes 20 pairs of underwear for a 7 day trip!!!!!!

We all had a quiet evening at home and I just may have watched a live soccer game tonight!!!

Yasho kochi!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tuesday 22nd September 2015……a full day!!!

Had a good sleep and here is a question for you….how many had breakfast this morning whilst looking at this????


What is the X you might ask??


Later in the morning Kirby took Aunt Doll and Uncle Bob and myself to this beautiful forest


The trees here are so big hard to capture their true glory on camera!!









It was an interesting walk…we then went to the little tourist town of Coombes which is famous for the restaurant with goats on the roof!!



Thanks Kirby for treating us to lunch and when we arrived home this was in the bay


The reason for the naval traffic is because there is a Canadian base about 10 km away.

I went to the library this afternoon and got a one on one instruction for some computer work and my teacher was very good.

7 pm tonight it was back to the tennis club for a really hard and great of tennis doubles!!!

Below is the itinerary for the cruise I have managed so far to arrange for myself tours and things to do in most of the ports!!!



29 Sep 2015
Vancouver, B.C., CA
04:00 PM

30 Sep 2015
Astoria, Oregon, US
06:00 PM

01 Oct 2015
At Sea

02 Oct 2015
At Sea

03 Oct 2015
San Diego, California, US
10:00 AM
06:00 PM

04 Oct 2015
At Sea

05 Oct 2015
At Sea

06 Oct 2015
At Sea

07 Oct 2015
At Sea

08 Oct 2015
At Sea

09 Oct 2015
Hilo, Hawaii, US
08:00 AM
06:00 PM

10 Oct 2015
Honolulu, Hawaii, US
08:00 AM
06:00 PM

11 Oct 2015
At Sea

12 Oct 2015
Cross International Dateline CO

14 Oct 2015
At Sea

15 Oct 2015
At Sea

16 Oct 2015
At Sea

17 Oct 2015
Apia, Upolo, Samoa
08:00 AM
05:00 PM

18 Oct 2015
At Sea

19 Oct 2015
Suva, Viti Levu, Fiji Islands
08:00 AM
05:00 PM

20 Oct 2015
Lautoka, Fiji
08:00 AM
04:00 PM

21 Oct 2015
At Sea

22 Oct 2015
Tadine, Mare, New CaledoniaTR DH
08:00 AM
03:00 PM

23 Oct 2015
At Sea

24 Oct 2015
At Sea

25 Oct 2015
Sydney, Australia VX
07:00 AM
04:00 PM

26 Oct 2015
At Sea

27 Oct 2015
Melbourne, Australia VX
08:00 AM
06:00 PM

28 Oct 2015
At Sea

29 Oct 2015
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia VX
08:00 AM
11:00 PM

30 Oct 2015
At Sea

31 Oct 2015
At Sea

01 Nov 2015
Milford Sound, New ZealandSC
08:00 AM
09:00 AM

01 Nov 2015
Cruising Fiordland Natl ParkCO

02 Nov 2015
Port Chalmers (Dunedin), New Zealand
09:00 AM
06:00 PM

03 Nov 2015
Akaroa (Christchurch), New Zealand TR
07:00 AM
06:00 PM

04 Nov 2015
Picton, New Zealand
10:00 AM
08:00 PM

05 Nov 2015
Wellington, New Zealand
08:00 AM
04:00 PM

06 Nov 2015
Napier, New Zealand
07:00 AM
02:00 PM

07 Nov 2015
Tauranga (Rotorua), New Zealand TC
08:00 AM
06:00 PM

08 Nov 2015
Auckland, New Zealand

Yashi Kochi!!!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday 21st September 2015…..back to the house on the Bank!!!!

Just another beautiful sunny warm day and after taking Lilly for her morning walk settleddown and got my stuff sorted and got Karen's house fixed up for her and then did more trip planning.

I now have my own tours organized for the cruise ship’s port of Astoria, San Diego, Hilo, Honolulu and two separate stops in Fiji so it is all coming together.

This will be my home for 37 days….


I took these photos when I was in Vancouver in June!!!


Karen and John arrived around 1pm after a great week’s holiday and I left for tennis…it was a great time then went back to the Bank house with my stuff and then in time to be back on the tennis court at 4.30pm for two hours and again another good time.

Heather cooked a lovely dinner tonight and over dinner Aunt Doll who knows I like to have names for my things told me that I should call the cruise ship Big Bluey and I love that so there it is Big Bluey!!!

This is the back deck of the house


and I have traded up in size from Lilly to Boomer!!!!!


So now I am down to one more week before the next journey begins!!!

Yashi kochi!!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday 20th September 2015…oh a lazy day!!!

Up at 8am and lucky enough to find a live soccer game to watch whilst having breakfast it was a great game…..Lilly and I then went on a big walk around the neighborhood it was cool.

Then did some sorting out and getting things ready for Karen to return home tomorrow…around noon the sun came out and it was hot…so hot I went outside in my shorts and enjoyed reading my book!!!

Later in the afternoon I went to H & K’s and met Aunt Doll and Uncle Bob who are visiting for a few days they just returned from an Alaska cruise on the same company that I sail with but not the same ship..they look really good and if you go into the blog archives and search 15th July 2011…you will read and see photos of them and my stay with them.

Heather prepared a lovely meal and it was a nice evening of great food and conversation!!!

So tonight is my last sleep and time with Lilly she is a lovely little dog and always so happy to see me…will miss her.

Talked to my brother and Janet this afternoon always to be in touch with family…..

Yashi Kochi!!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Saturday 19th September 2015…Saturday so must be sports day!!!!

Lilly and I went out for our morning walk at 7.30am this morning there was a misty rain and it was a bit cool but she had fun and did what she had to do if you know what I mean!!!!

Home and had breakfast watching a live soccer game from England and then got ready for my 10am tennis at the club and like yesterday no doubt we would play we just go to the 4 courts inside the bubble.

It was a three good games I do enjoy these mixers and get some great games…..afterwards went to Heather and Kirby's and helped Heather a little bit as their Aunt Doll and Uncle Bob are arriving tomorrow for 6 days it will be great to see them I last saw them when I stayed with them at their beautiful lake side cottage in Smith Falls Ontario  when I did my cross country tour in 2011 in Ramona….

I did some shopping for Heather and then came back and I have been trying to cut the grass but with the intermittent rain it has been hard but since it had not rained since this morning around 6pm I got to the task….Karen has a beautiful garden and she takes good care of it and is  a hard task mistress so I hope it meets her approval!!!



I cooked myself a nice dinner then took you know who


out for a walk…then it was bath time and now going to watch some more soccer on TV….

I have had a few e mails asking me what exactly are my travel plans and I can answer that to a certain point so here goes……

I leave here 29th September on the Noordam cruise ship from Vancouver to New Zealand……I get off the ship in Wellington NZ on 5th November where I pick up my hire care and tour the North island of NZ ending in Auckland on 20th November where I have an apartment for three days before I fly to Queenstown on the south island where on the 25th November I start a 5 day 60 km hike which is rated as one of the top ten hikes in the world….

On the 29th November I again pick up a car hire and tour the south island till 20th December when I start a three week housesit in Christchurch..the family have a young lab who needs looking after….it will be nice to stay put for a while and eat some home cooked meals and I have also got permission to join a local tennis club for a month.

The 18th January I fly from Christchurch to Melbourne where I have another apartment booked for a week and have two day tickets to the Aussie open tennis grand slam…that takes me to the 25th January…..  from here I have nothing set in stone and will work on that time later this year…..I do know that late May I want to go to my brother’s home and then buy a car and spend the summer touring all of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales and be back at my brother’s house for the first week in October when it is Janet and Malc’s 50th wedding anniversary which I shall look forward to being a part of……

What then…good question…..I think I will return to Nanaimo spend a little while there and then get Little Bluey and return to San Miguel ……

Of course after January anything can happen…

Wish everybody a great Sunday and want to send my love and blessings to my lovely friend Rita!!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!

Thursday 5 th January 2023…it was a great run!!!

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