Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thursday 30th May 2013……WHAT is a guy supposed to do??????

Here we go again started this morning with 2 hours of great tennis……..

Back home for lunch and then off to a Spanish lesson and from there back to get my computer fixed and then home and decided to hike into the canyons just before sunset and it was totally refreshing except a big cloud came over so no sunset photos.

Now back home showered and had a great meal    ….BUT

what do I do now???????

The first time in over a month there is no live hockey game to watch…what is a guy supposed to do?   Sort out my sock drawer?

Clean the shower?  Water the plants??

Good job I only have to wait to Saturday for the next game!!!!!

I just found out that Ashley is leaving on Sunday with Team USA going to Spain for some coaching clinics…what a wonderful opportunity for her…


Yashi Koshi!!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wednesday 29th May 2013……..a simple day!!!

My first item of the the day after breakfast was going to get Paola and we hung out and bought some fruit and a whole cooked chicken to take home…she was happy again and smiling I love the change in her!!!!

Poker this afternoon and I won back all the money I lost last week…came home and decided to do my canyon hike…this is a great hike it is all up hill for the first mile but I like the challenge and then the canyons open up and I do enjoy it up here I find it therapeutic the solitude and the quiet and the vistas!!!







Back home I had to change the hummingbird feeder water again…


Well sorry to say my casita sign was not delivered as promised yesterday I guess I have to go out there again…..

My Kings came through last night and now another game 7 going into overtime…Go red Wings!!!

yashi Koshi!!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuesday 28th May 2013…….a relaxing day!!

Tuesday tennis for 2 hours and it goes without saying it was a wonderful start to the day…..did some shopping on the way home and bought these flowers…the cost 80 pesos about 6 dollars..I know my flower arranging skills leave a lot to be desired but check out the beautiful flowers!!!!






The house looks so great I love it here…I really felt that I deserved some R & R time so off to the roof with food, drinks, book and sun block……..

A month ago I went about 25 km out of town to a good pottery store where they make and paint their own designs…..and I ordered a plaque for out side my house I sort of designed it myself and they told me it would be ready in  2 weeks  .I could not really understand why it would take so long  but anyway I went back in 2 weeks and they told me it was not quite ready but 2 more days…so I went back again all of this distance on the Little Blackie ..anyway they told me again not ready…..this is how things happen in Mexico and you just smile and say Ok thanks and I will return….I imagine if you were building a house and had a schedule it would be a little hard to fathom… now I got smart last Thursday I got a friend to call them and ask if it was ready … they promised it would be  on Saturday…so I went out today with the knowledge I would a month later have my sign BUT it was not to be…one more day…..I spoke to the manager in the best that I could and explained how many times I had been out and the telephone call and he promised to deliver the sign to my casita tomorrow at 12 noon……..will it happen ?  Let you know manana!!!!  Too funny.

I just am amazed where the days go to now it is almost time for the start of the big hockey game…Kings V Sharks… 7 bring it on Kings!!!!

Yashi Koshi!!!!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Monday 27th May 2013…the great news of the day is….

That I have at last been granted permission to see Daniela again….the Madres have outlined the times I can see her and I can take her out for 4 hours every second Saturday and this will commence on June 8th…this makes me very happy I have not seen her since Christmas…so wonderful news.

It seems like I have been on the go all day with some appointments and some chores to do..forgot to post these photos yesterday



I went to the Institute and signed up for a 4 week class in August these are the murals inside the office entrance..



I then went and picked up some frozen dinners that I had made for me and I can tell you now I had one tonight and am I a happy camper!!!!

DSCF9709Just happy this turned out because I dropped my camera this afternoon.

I had to fill the hummingbird feeder again they are used to it now…..

I have tried to figure out a way to tell you that I had supper, a great bath and watching another hockey game but I cannot!!!!!

Pura Vida!!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday 26th May 2013……… easy day!!



about the Camino de Santiago

The Camino de Santiago is a series of traditional pilgrimage routes leading to the city of Santiago de Compostela, the burial place of Saint James (Santiago in Spanish), the disciple of Jesus. In medieval times, pilgrims flocked from all our Europe to visit the tomb and receive blessing. The routes have been revived in the late 20th century and again pilgrims are drawn from around the world to make the journey on foot to Santiago.

The main route, the Camino Francés, begins on the French border in the sleepy town of St-Jean-Pied-de-Port and stretches over 800km (500 miles) to Santiago de Compostela near the western coast of Spain. The path follows the route laid out in the first pilgrim guidebook, the Codex Calixtinus, from the 12th century. Today, over 100,000 pilgrims make the trek along the Camino Francés.

Other popular Camino routes include the Camino del Norte or Coastal route, which begins in Irún and follows the coast to Santiago; the Camino Portugués, which follows the coast up from Lisboa, Portugal; the Le Puy route, which begins in Le Puy, France, and arrives at the starting point of the Camino Francés; the Vía de la Plata, which begins in Sevilla; and the Camino Finisterre, which leads from Santiago to the coastal town of Finisterre.

The Story of St. James and the Camino

Legend and oral history recount that Saint James ministered in Spain before returning to the Holy Land, where he was martyred. Poor James was none too successful in his efforts, amassing a total of only seven followers. After his death in Jerusalem, the legend continues that his body was transported to Spain in a ship made of stone and steered by angels. The legend picks us again in 813 when the shepherd Pelayo saw a bright light in a field, which led him to the martyred disciples grave. A small chapel was built on the site which was later expanded in a marvelous cathedral.

In the Middle Ages, people from all over Christendom left their home and made the perilous journey to Santiago to visit the grave of Saint James. The main pilgrimage cities of that time were Rome, Jerusalem and Santiago, and Santiago was the primary destination for those traveling on foot (rather than by sea). Pilgrim hospices (lodging) were developed by churches along the routes for pilgrims to find shelter and food. The church encouraged pilgrimage, but likely had the ulterior motive of maintaining Christian control over Iberia at a time that the Muslim presence strong in the south and moving northward. A legend from the Battle of Clavijo in 844 says that Saint James appeared to the Christian army riding a white horse and charged into battle to defeat the Muslim armies. Saint James became known as “Santiago Matamoros,” or Saint James the Moor-Slayer.

There were many reasons that people set out from their home to journey to Santiago. Many were ill and dying, or had some kind of physical deformity that they wanted to ask Saint James to heal. Others traveled to ask for healing for a family member or loved one. Priests would sometimes “prescribe” a pilgrimage to Santiago as penance for someone who had committed a great sin. Perhaps others were simply seeking a great adventure after living most of their life in a small village.


Having done some extensive research on this Camino Frances route


I am now thinking I will take this route instead


it is approximately the same distance but knowing my love of the ocean I prefer the second one…just starting to read about it and it is called Camino del Norte it is supposed to be less popular so fewer other walkers and a bit more hilly…anyway lots of time to decide…

Had a really easy day this morning was just just lounging around the casita doing odds and ends..Skyped my Bro, Malc and his charming bride Janet…they are so excited after over 30 years of being in the same home on Friday they are moving to their new bungalow…good wishes to you both for a safe and happy move and please do not forget I want some color on the walls of my bedroom.

I went and searched out a new route for a hike on the scooter and it will be a good one including hiking on roads and gravel paths and some nice scenery will show you when I do it…it is about 23 km….

I spent a bit of time going back on my blog if you are interested in these photos go back to August 30th 2011…what a day to remember!!!!



Hockey yet again this is getting repetitive I know!!!!

Yashi Koshi!!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Saturday 25th May 2013…Wanna see three happy kids?????

Saturday morning my favorite tennis doubles we are all evenly matched all like to win and all like to jibe and banter… 2 great hours!!!!

Came home for lunch and then went on Little Blackey


to pick up Paola and we had arranged to go swimming…when I got to her casa her two younger Brothers Leonardo and Andreas, who stay in the Boy’s home in town, were back for the weekend and Paola asked if they could come with us.

Of course I said yes so I told her to get the boys ready and I would come back in the car…so went home and picked up Little Bluey..


and back to pick them up..we like to go to La Gruta where the hot springs have one that goes through a tunnel into a great circular covered pool…so sit back and look at 3 kids at play!!!!!!













It was such a pleasure to see them bonding and having fun together they don’t often see each other and the boys have never been here before…we all stayed in the water for almost three hours…they all came out when I asked them to and they all got showered and dressed on their own..I treated them to a sandwich and a juice and they all said thank you…what a great afternoon!!!!

Now home fed and showered and watching a hockey game and following that a pre recorded soccer game from England the European cup final the biggest game in Europe…….now there you have  it!!

Yashi Koshi!!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday 24th May 2013….another long hike day!!!

Stayed home this morning and did some cleaning, sorting, fixing and reading and at 1.00 pm got packed up for my hike…I did the same route as I did on Monday…13 miles!!!



I enjoyed the hike I really appreciate the quite times and I do lots of thinking and planning on these walks.

I was home in 3.35 hour..which was 10 minutes faster than Monday I don’t think I walked any faster I perhaps spent less time on the couple of stops….not a bad pace and I had the back pack but I admit not much weight in it.

Back home on the couch icing my knee and my first hummingbird sighting!!!



It is now almost 8.30pm and for a change I am having tea and a treat and watching hockey!!!!

Yashi Koshi!!!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thursday 23rd May 2013….needed to relax after the big day!!!

Thursday morning tennis again and it was a lot of fun as usual and came straight home and had breakfast and then took my computer to a lady technician’s home where Linda is trying to clean up some files and work with I tunes but there are lots of problems and I was  there almost three hours…..

Came home and after supper just relaxed watching two hockey games… I am a pensioner this is what I think I should get used to….

Yashi Koshi!!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wednesday 22nd May 2013……..what a Birthday!!!!

Well I want to thank my Mum and Dad for all they did for me when I was growing I was not the perfect kid and I know I caused them some problems and also I spent the majority of my adult life 7000 miles away but through it all we had a bond a love and a connection and they were the best parents anyone could ask for!!!!!

It was a special and fabulous Birthday from morning till evening spent with some people that are important to me but perhaps the best Birthday gift was….


Thank you for all the e mails, photos, gifts, cards and best wishes how lucky I am to have you all in my life… are a few from the memory banks!!!!!







Blessings and with gratitude Les

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday 21st May 2013……….64 year old man coming to an end!!!!

What a lovely sunny and warm morning and the tennis was again a special way to start this day

DSCF9629Getting ready to pounce with my Nadal like reflexes!!!


An André Agassi smash!!!!

..I had decided today was going to be a day of rest so after tennis I came home iced down and had lunch and went up to the roof with drinks, food, book and  a lot of snoring!!!

Mariposa on the new flowers…


I had this collage made up and framed of one of the most special days of my life!!!!



Supper, bath, hockey and tomorrow I will be an official OLD AGE PENSIONER!!!!!


Yashi Koshi!!!

Thursday 5 th January 2023…it was a great run!!!

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