Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday 30th April 2010……early start

for my trip to Kyuquot at 8.15am I left the house on the Bank and the drive up to Gold River was a good one.  On the way the road leads through Strathcona Park

apr30 007and the views around the lake are spectacular!!

apr30 002 

apr30 003

apr30 005

apr30 004

I arrived in Gold River at the float plane terminal at noon ready for the 12.30pm flight on this baby…

apr30 014

Everything looks Ok to me…

apr30 015

lets get going..

apr30 019

How can you get lost with one of these??

apr30 021

Some of the views…. the weather changed from sunny to cloudy to wet!!!!

apr30 025 Fish farm…

apr30 030

apr30 038

Soon we were landing in Kyuquot..

apr30 044

It was lovely to see Sara waiting at the dock for me…the location of the Outpost and her residence is on a small island so she has a boat and this is us arriving at the dock.

apr30 047

After we unpacked it was time for tea at the kitchen table….this is our view!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

apr30 048

So all is well it was a good journey and it reinforces in my mind just what an incredible Island I live on and how lucky I am to be surrounded my magnificent vistas……

I am still waiting for Sara to say to me…”just kidding of course I have the Satellite TV working and of course you can watch the big hockey game tomorrow”!!!!!    Oh well I cannot have everything……

Cannot believe this is the last day of April it seems so long since we were in Mexico…..wish you all a great weekend…..Les

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday 29th April 2010…on the go again

It is a lovely sunny day and I have already had my run and I am taking out Irene for lunch to celebrate her Birthday on May 1st, also hoping Heather and Ken can come.

Tonight is poker night so I look forward to my first game this year, to seeing my buddies and taking as much of their 20 dollars as I can!!

Tomorrow morning I leave for Kyuquot to visit Sara for 12 days.  The journey involves about a three hour car ride to Gold River then a 40 minute float plane ride to Kyuquot.

I look forward to spending time with Sara, even though the Satellite TV is still broken!!!!!  We shall spend lots of time on the water and it really is a small part of paradise.

Map picture
The right hand pin is Nanaimo, the middle one is Gold River and the left hand one is Kyuquot.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday 27th April 2010…mini road trip

Went to see my friends Barb and Frank in Port Alberni today….these were taken on the journey..

apr27 003

apr27 004

You see lots of photos of Ramona but not many of her sister Pili, so here she is!!

apr27 005

apr27 007

Had a great visit and we exchanged our Mexico stories and as always Barb cooked a wonderful lunch.  Frank and I took a short walk down to Sproat Lake.

apr27 009

These are the Mars water bomber planes that are used for the forest fires…

apr27 011

I do have a bit of a dilemma….I am flying out to see Sara on Friday in Kyuquot but the satellite TV at the residence is not working and she is waiting for a technician to come in and fix it…..well a big hockey game Saturday night and a big soccer game on Sunday, what is a man supposed to do!!!!!

Map picture

Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday 26th April 2010……cold and wet in Nanaimo

but I still went for a walk on the sea wall this afternoon and these are some of the sights from there.

april26 001 

april26 002

april26 003

The local Mayor a few years ago

april26 004

Spring flowers…

april26 005

The busy water ways…

april26 006

april26 008

april26 009

It was a good walk and on the way home I saw that the local deer are still in the neighbourhood.

april26 015

april26 018

Alex got another chance to celebrate his birthday….his Grandpa was unable to attend last week so Heather cooked a great meal and Ken was able to enjoy some birthday cake with Alex…

april26 021

Because it was Sara`s birthday day I celebrated by having two pieces of cake one for Alex and one for Sara…it was good!!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Monday 26th April 2010…..Somebody has a birthday today!!!!

2009-10-06 office day



Hope you day is a very special one and wish I could be there to help celebrate.  See you on Friday….party hard!!!!!!

Sunday 25th April 2010…my Kings go down!!!

Congratulations to the Vancouver Canucks hockey team on their win tonight and their advance to the next round!!!


Sunday 25th April 2010…remember these girls??

On Saturday evening after supper and without Internet I looked through my photos of the winter journey and thought you may enjoy seeing these lovely Angels again!!!!


day20 039


jan20 004


jan25 002

I miss you three and I know Ms.Josefina shows you this blog… hello and I hope you are being good girls and working hard in school and having fun at Casa Hogar….Love to you all…..Les

It is now Sunday afternoon and all my games are completed and I am in the ferry line up ready to go to Vancouver Island and I should be home in time for the big hockey game at 6pm…..all is well!!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday 24th April 2010…Saturday morning musings….

I have to tip my hat to the Vancouver Canucks hockey team they beat my Kings last night quite easily and it wasn’t fun be in the Anderson house hold surrounded by raucous Canuck fans…I almost had to leave by the back door!!!!

After the game at 10pm I drove down to the ferry terminal for the Salt Spring Island ferry where I had a great sleep even though it rained most of the night.  I was in line for the 8am ferry this morning

apr24 001 

apr24 002

It is a 20 minute ride to the island and I then came down to the main town.

apr24 007

Took some photos of the small harbour.

apr24 006

apr24 008

apr24 010

Each Saturday there is a farmer’s market

apr24 012

apr24 013

I do understand the economics of a small market and it is an interesting one but the prices are so very high.

This is what I shall be doing this weekend

apr24 015

on the soccer field

apr24 016

I have three games today and then three tomorrow.  So after the games I shall relax shower, have supper and watch a movie.  I know a good quiet place where I can spend the night.

My last game tomorrow will finish in time for me to get the 4pm ferry back and then home in time for another hockey game.  If Vancouver win they move onto the next round.  If my Kings pull off a victory the series will be tied at 3 games each then they play the deciding and final game on Tuesday evening.

Hi Sara hope you have a good day and get chance to get out on the water.

Wish all my readers a great weekend…

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday 22nd April 2010….a fun day

started with me spending the morning washing the car and Ramona and getting her ready for my weekend trip for the soccer tournament.

In the afternoon I went to visit some friends, Mary and Jack and this is the view from their balcony

apr22 001

Mary makes awesome cookies and I left with a huge container of healthy and tasty cookies, thanks!!!

This evening it was off to

apr22 026

celebrating Alex’s 16th Birthday!!!

The views from the ferry terminal

apr22 007

apr22 009

The restaurant is on a small island just outside the harbour and you take this small ferry to get there.

apr22 011

apr22 020

We had a great meal and these are the views on the way back.

apr22 021

apr22 023

apr22 025

Back at the house the birthday boy celebrates!!!

apr22 029

Ended the day by talking with Sara who said she enjoyed her first full day back at work… ends another wonderful day!!

I leave tomorrow evening after the hockey game to go to Salt Spring Island, about a 40 minute drive, then a 20 minute ferry.  So the plan is to take Ramona and sleep in the ferry parking lot tomorrow night and then be in line for the ferry on Saturday morning.  I have 6 games to ref over the weekend and I shall stay the night Saturday night. 

Salt Spring Island is a funky little island and I may get a chance to do a little sight seeing.

Map picture
The green 1 is the location of Nanaimo and the the red pin Salt spring.

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