Monday, June 30, 2008


How many times can it continue for me I do not know but again I am the very last vehicle allowed on the ferry before she sails.  I did have a reservation for the 5.45pm sailing but I didn’t know what the traffic would be like so I arrived at the ferry terminal just before 3pm never dreaming I would get on the 3.15pm sailing but I did.  My run of luck with the ferries has been this way for years and long may it continue!!uuuuu 009

Not only did I make the 3.15pm sailing but my place on the parking deck was the best ever.  Right at water level with an open space,  this photo was taken whilst sitting in Ramona writing this entry!!uuuuu 012










The other great investment I made a couple of years ago was applying and receiving the Nexus card to expedite border crossings.  This has saved me hours in line ups at the border.uuuuu 001 See all the traffic jams I am missing??uuuuu 004

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday night and weary legs!!!

I am again parked in another Walmart parking lot this time just outside Bellingham and really wish that Ramona came installed with a whirlpool tub and a masseuse lady!!!!

I finished up doing 15 games in three days and it was 101 degrees BUT I survived better than a lot of the Refs, even those half my age.  I made sure I drank lots and lots, poured cold water over me often and in between games came back to Ramona to cool down, eat and rest.  It was really a great weekend I have been going to Yakima for 6 years now and I know a lot of the soccer crowd and they treat me really.

I would like to wish all my Canadian friends a very happy long weekend!!

This is a shot of the approach to down town Seattle and the only reason I put this in is because I can never drive by Seattle without thinking of 911.  After that horrific day I really had no idea of what a building over 100 storey’s looks like as the tallest buildings in Nanaimo are only about 24.  So when I went south on my winter sojourn after 911 and drove through the down town of Seattle the enormity of those buildings struck me as incredible and the power of destruction  of that tragic day.

lllk 006 


lllk 009

Sunset drive by photo!!

I’m football crazy, I’m football mad….my older English readers will understand this famous English song..


The drive into Yakima on Friday morning saw Ramona cross over the mighty Columbia River.

bbbbv 009

bbbbv 002

bbbbv 003

Wish I had my kayak would have loved to have paddled the river.bbbbv 011 That is Mount Baker in the distance.bbbbv 012

bbbbv 016 bbbbv 015

This is how I spent my weekend.  The tournament in Yakima is huge over 200 teams and I reffed three games Friday afternoon.  Six games on Saturday and four more on Sunday.  It was extremely hot over 100 degrees.  The games went well and although I feel tired and a little sore I think this old body stood up well to the heat and the running.  Ramona was parked in the soccer complex parking lot for the weekend so it was close by for extra drinks and comfortable resting of the old bones.

Monday I intend to spend the day in Bellingham looking at motor scooters and be on the 5.45pm ferry on Monday evening back to Nanaimo.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Harley Heaven

Had a very restful and comfortable sleep and was on the road and found this great spot to stop and have breakfast.jjju 001

jjju 002






Heading east towards Yakima went through the very charming town of Chelan that sits on the Lake Chelan.jjju 006

jjju 007






Again found a great place to stop have lunch, a hike and a Mexican siesta.jjju 016





Some of the sights along the hike.jjju 020

jjju 017

Harley heaven continued


Still getting used to this new format of posting.


I arrived at the Walmart in Wenatchee and have a quiet resting place.jjju 029

Then the HARLEYS CAME!!jjju 032

There was a big Harley rally in town and the meeting point was the Walmart parking lot, I think at least 300 bikes, it was a fun sight.jjju 041 jjju 035

Put your own words to this photograph!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Back in the good old US of A..

kkki 003 Just across the border in USA kkki 005

Before  I left Kelowna this morning took a few shots of downtown and of course the famous Ogopoko that lurks somewhere in the very depths of Lake Okanagan.  It was another lovely hot sunny day and I crossed the border by Osoyoos into the States.  What an easy border crossing very small and friendly and no line ups.  Ramona is now resting comfortably in the parking lot of Walmart in a town called Omak.

I plan to be close to Yakima tomorrow night and my first soccer game to referee is Friday afternoon.  I have already been warned that the temperature for the weekend is around 101 degrees, bring it on!

It is a great feeling to be back on the road again, as the song goes “I’m just a travelling man”

Wish you all a great weekend, safe and happy and as they say in Costa Rica, PURA VIDA! bbbv 001

bbbv 003

The famous Ogopoko!!

                     Lake Okanagan

bbbv 004

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


cccccx 023 cccccx 021 cccccx 020 Kelowna by the lake..

cccccx 028  cccccx 030 Ramona and my friend’s house and flowers from their beautiful garden.cccccx 031

Had a great drive here and always nice to see old and true friends.  Going to relax for a couple of days before my weekend trip to Yakima and the running around the soccer fields for three days.  Blessings to all…

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Welcome to the first day of summer

The longest day of the year and it was quite a nice day here in Nanaimo.  Had a lazy morning reading some newspapers, did my regular walk on the sea wall about 5 miles then settled down to watch a live soccer game from the European cup finals in Switzerland.

In the afternoon at the down town park by the sea wall there was a small Aboriginal Festival that I enjoyed walking around.Copy of loik 008

 loik 006

loik 005

loik 013loik 016 Then it was off to watch Ken’s grandson, Zach pitch in a baseball game.  Ken is in the photo here on the right with his Uncle Bill.  Uncle bill is only a sprightly 94 years of age, he looks better than me!!!!

I leave for Kelowna tomorrow night after I referee a soccer game in the morning.  I am looking forward to my first trip in Ramona since the winter, it will nice to get back on the road for a few days.

Wish you all a great weekend and as they say in Costa Rica…Pura Vida!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ramona’s getting restless

and I think a little jealous that I keep driving around with Pili, so I have decided to take her on a  road trip at the end of this week.

I leave for Kelowna on Sunday and stay with friends before heading south for Yakima in Washington State for a huge long weekend soccer tournament.  I have been going to Yakima for 5 years now and enjoy my stay there.  On the way back I plan to stop in Bellingham and look for a 49cc motor scooter that I shall buy and then get a hitch put on the back of Ramona and when I go south for the winter will have some means of transportation for whipping into town or on small side trips.




The whole route!!




I like this new format,  much easier for me to post to the blog!!!



Nanaimo to Kelowna


Then Kelowna to Yakima in Washington State


Yakima to Bellingham


Bellingham back to Nanaimo

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Dad MY  DAD!!!!!!


My Dad passed away in his sleep about 20 months ago at the great age of 87 years.  This photo above was taken just a few days before he left us and doesn’t he look like a wonderful guy!!!!!

He was a gifted and special man, small in stature but huge in caring, compassion and very generous.  He was an avid sportsman, now you know why I am a sports nut, and he always attended Malc’s and my soccer games cheering passionately from the side lines.

I miss him and really wish I could have given him and my Mum one good ride in Ramona!!!

On this Fathers Day I would like to pay tribute to all the Dads out there.


Just playing

Map image
Sheffield is my home town and Hull is where my brother and his family live.

My home town

Map image

Where I live…Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th……..

Well the sun has finally decided to make an appearance and the weekend forecast is a good one.


Today Heather who is Ken’s daughter in law invited Ken and I to the care facility where she works as the staff there were treating the Father’s to a special treat, a belly dancer was coming to perform.  So Ken and I got dressed in our Sunday best and away we went.


Heather is in the white on the right.

miuuu 003 miuuu 026 miuuu 020 miuuu 021

miuuu 010 You can see Ken and I were not enjoying this at all!!!!!!


It was a lovely afternoon and it was obvious that all the residents enjoyed the afternoon.


I want to take this opportunity to publicly thank every care and support worker in all the care facilities all over of the world.  Your love, caring and compassion is unbelievable.  Both my parents passed away in their sleep at home without any serious and lengthy hospital stays and for that I am always thankful but if they had to have gone into a home it is so comforting to know there are people like you in this world.


I salute you all!!!!!  Have a great weekend, blessings..

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