Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Well the last day is almost over for my brother, we drove up to Puerta Vallarta and arrived around 1pm and spent a couple of hours looking around this very busy and bustling city, I think we both yearned foir the quiet beaches we had left behind. We then came out to a small town called Buceras, where we have a wonderful room very close to the ocean and went into the village square where there was another Mexican dance festival taking place and we then had supper and now commences the final game of scrabble. Anyone noticed how my brother quickly adapted to this new life style, he very quickly adopted the siesta part ........On the road early brother to airport and for unknown roads to travel. Will keep in touch when I can until next time be happy and safe every one..

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I leave tomorrow to take Malc to Puerta Vallarta where we shall spend the night then Malc to the airport and me on the next phase of my journey. I plan to go inland from P.v. towards Guadalajara, then on to Zacatacas to Monterrey and finally the border town of Reynosa. I have sme information from different people and have been told that there are some worthy side trips along the way so will see what we will see....looking forward to this journey it is a first for me, the only schedule I have is to be in Livingston, Texas by the 14th March. My e mails and blog reports may be spotty for a while but hopefully I can keep in contact, take care every one....
Today was our last day in Barra de Navidad, it has been a very special two weeks for me, spending time with my brother, I have teased him constantly for 14 days and he has been great company. We had a couple of hours fishing this morning, another first for Malc, and it was great time out on the water, the skipper and mate were two kids about 17 years old and they were very good. Another friend came with us and he caught one nice size fish and I pulled in two that were thrown back, they were ugly long fish with a very sharp bill and teeth, we all had a great time….I will leave it for you the reader to decide if the fish on Malc’s line is one he caught or the bait!!!!!!!!! We spent the afternoon on the beach and had our last swim, it seemed we both we in different worlds thinking about our lives and how different they are and then without any comment Malc went for a long walk on the beach one way and I went in the opposite direction thinking about my life, choices, decisions made and not made and the direction I was going in, we the some how met back in the middle of the bay and I think it was like an ending for us, it felt special to me. Then we came home and packed up the van and again walked to the beach for the last sunset, which was again a very different and beautiful one, a quiet evening and a game of scrabble, the score now is 8 – 2 and Malc tells me he is going to hide the game so we cannot play our last night tomorrow. One of my special friends at work gave me a bike and wanted me to use it but if not the right kind of bike for me, to donate it, well the bike has been well used and now proudly belongs to Sacramento, who has two children and three jobs and no transportation, the picture is of me and him at the handing over ceremony, he was thrilled and wanted Starr and Wayne to know that!!!!!!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Had a really great day today, started out by a group of friends going with us back to the thermal river hot springs as I wanted Malc to have his first massage. We sat around in the volcanic river for about 40 minutes moving slowly to different parts of the river for huge differences in temperatures, then the big moment for Malc… I had been before I knew that it would be a very tasteful and hopefully pleasant experience for him. The look of horror on his face when he lay on the massage table helpless, except for the towel…..I took a couple of pictures and left. The pictures of Malc are first in the river, then on the table, then the fighters pose with hands raised, were immediately after the massage (is that a smile on his face?) Then when we got home he was so drained he showered and slept like a baby on the bed !!!!!! He said it was a wonderful event and happy he had gone along!!!!In the evening a few couples in the complex held a farewell BBQ for us, which was lovely. One of the families in the units are Mexican, with a lovely 3 old girl, Lucia, her Dad is a professional singer and he graced us with singing a few of his own compositions. It was a very special night I am so indebted to these great people who are truly treasured friends. Well now the humble pie, not only did the old goat beat me at scrabble he managed a seven-letter word!!!!!!!!!!!!The only saving grace is of course that I lead the series 7 games to 2. Tomorrow our last day we have fishing in the morning followed by packing….take care everyone

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Well my last Saturday here in Barra de Navidad before I begin the next stage of my journey on Wednesday…Malc and I were self invited to the home of some lovely friend’s of mine where we had the thrill to watch live an English soccer game featuring our home side Sheffield United play the dreaded opponents Liverpool. It was really neat to be with my brother in Mexico watching our boyhood team on TV.. Many moons ago when I was an English Bobby I used to work at the football stadium on crowd control but I got into trouble one afternoon when instead of watching the crowd I was watching the game and when the “Blades” scored I instinctively took off my police helmet and threw it in the air in celebration of the goal, boy did I get into trouble for that one. Well you all know what is coming now our team got thumped this morning by 4 goals!!!!!!!In the afternoon I took Malc to the local driving range and watched his impression of Tiger!!!!!!The range was pretty basic but he enjoyed himself, then we played a few games of table tennis, modesty forbids me from revealing the score, oh heck I have never been modest, I thrashed him!!!!!! Then off to the beach for a couple of hours sun tanning, swimming and 40 winks. Tonight we were invited to another friend’s house in this complex where there was a birthday celebration and we were treated to a lovely steak BBQ dinner complete with home made key lime pie!!!!!!Back home for another scrabble encounter and I was lucky enough to get back on track so now Mexico kid 6 old Mexico kid 1…..wish you all a happy weekend

I think we were both a little tired today after our adventure of the last days so whilst my brother sat and counted his money, I had to clean the van. We then had a quiet day around the house and then to the beach for a couple of hours.
The coke a cola Pearson boys are seen in a small cantina where we had been invited to see a small stage show of female impersonators, we went with an open mind not knowing what to expect but we were quite pleased that everything was very classy and tastefully done and the show was entertaining and the singers were very good.On a more sombre note I have to let you all now that I have tasted defeat…Malc whipped me at scrabble tonight fair and square so for those who like stats…Mexico kid 5 Old Mexico kid 1…have a great weekend everyone, we are down to out last few days so we have lots of activities planned.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Thanks to my great editor I was informed i neglected to down load this picture regarding Bro's undies, see text re sizes on blog a couple of days ago....

I think I unleashed a monster……my brother loves to shop, had to drag him away, see all those bags of trinkets he bought…. Today was Tonola Market, one of the largest outdoor markets in Mexico, it goes for many blocks and the prices are really unbelievable. I tried to capture the essence of the market with the vendors, the people, the smells, the stalls and all the goods. We spent 3 hours and probably only saw half of the stalls. Malc managed to buy some very unusual gifts for his family where he is going to pack them all I don’t know. We both really enjoyed the time spent in Tonola and arrived back in Barra about 5pm and after unpacking headed straight for the beach and a swim. It was good to visit the city and see some of the more historical and cultural sights but we both agreed it was nice to get back to our quiet hometown where the pace of life is so much easier and peaceful. So a very good three days and now we only have a few days left so we are going to cram many activities in. For the scorekeepers in scrabble…Mexico kid 5 older Mexico Kid 0…

Thursday 5 th January 2023…it was a great run!!!

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