Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday 31st August 2015….Day7!!!!

I went to bed last night at 10 pm and did not wake till 7am this morning I think the last week with travelling and all the tennis took more out of me than I thought and my mind and body needed a break and I had one today.

Larry and I had planned to go biking over some train trestle bridges just out of town but the weather did not cooperate…so had a really lazy day around the house after doing some grocery shopping for Gail…..I read, ate , planned some activities later in the week in the Rockies and then sat and watched live tennis from New York.

This evening G & L invited three of their friends over and cooked a wonderful dinner and it was such a pleasant evening with everyone contributing the stories of thier lives..and now 10 o clock and I am ready for bed again.

Tomorrow the three of us are driving about three hours to Barriere Lake I have never been before but it is the home of Arlene and Doug, good friends of G & L and they also became my friends when I stayed with them for a couple of days in January in México…so it will be a nice reunion……the lake is quite isolated so not sure if they have Internet so I will post tomorrow if I can.

I promise a more exciting blog tomorrow…..

Yashi Kochi!!!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday 30th August 2015…..Day 6!!!!

Today was my road trip day and I was on the road by 8am driving through the streets of Vancouver I realized that the wind storm yesterday was huge and powerful with many trees fallen and leaves everywhere.

The roads were fairly quiet and it  was raining a little and after about an hour I stopped at the Othello tunnels…I have been here before but it always a nice short hike!!!




Another 3 hours on the road and I arrived to the out skirts of Kelowna where there is a Tourist office off the main highway and in the parking lot the main excitement was the bear which was on the bank on the other side of the highway…



I love seeing animals in the wild but I have never seen a bear run..this one seemed a bit confused and I think he was trying to get over the fence but I now know that bears can run fast!!!!

This is a lovely town set on a huge lake


It was great to see Gail and Larry again and we have known each other over 30 years…they have just completed a reno in their home…. looks wonderful


and this shows you how much care Gail takes of me..I am spoiled I know!!!!!


I treated us to dinner and then around 9pm I just hit the tank and was tired off to bed and I am still a bit sore from all the tennis……

Yashi kochi!!!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Saturday 29th August 2015…Day 5!!!!!!

Woke up to nasty rain storms and it was an early morning as the mixed doubles game started at 8am… was the bronze medal game and would love to tell you that Trish and I were winners but it was not to be….we were just not good enough today and lost in two sets not even sure of the score but I think it was 3-6 3-6… has been fun at the games and competing with Trish.

The bad news that I got next was that I was to stay on the same court and play my bronze medal singles opponent was already on the court……I think you all know that I am not a complainer or a sore loser but I felt after all these games it was totally unfair of them to schedule my games back to back two days in a row…I asked to speak to the tournament official and he came down and we talked and I told him yesterday the same thing happened but at least I got a 30 minute break but they insisted that the game had to go ahead as there was a full schedule so I asked him to then schedule the game later in the morning as there were games going on up to noon..but he would not budge…I thanked him and shook his hand and asked rather sarcastically if I had time to change my shirt.

Perhaps not a good way to start the game but it does  get worse……..the first game I stretched for a shot and heard my shorts rip!!!!!  they were open from seam to seam luckily I had on under shorts and also a spare pair of shorts in my bag……My opponent was about 6.4 foot and a good player and he won the first set 7-5…….now an aside…….I have been playing tennis a long time and never broken a string but before I left Nanaimo I though I should be smart and take a spare racquet with me so I went into the garage and borrowed Heather’s racquet…….

So on the very first point of the second set what happens I smash a forehand winner and whizzzzzzz……I broke 3 strings……my car was right outside and I had to go get the the other racquet…..came back and immediately lost the next 5 games…….I know all about this game and I know my talent and I know I was not bringing my A game and I was mad at myself but calmed down saved three match points and then won my first game of the set.

No excuse but I was really tired but managed to come back to 3-5 but then lost that last game……..Congratulations to all my opponents they all deserved their victories…… sadly I leave the games without a medal but I also leave with great memories of a wonderful 5 days and thanks to all the event staff…I also leave knowing that tennis is all about the head and for two days I did not do well in that department BUT actually it is all Heather's fault I lost it was her BAT!!!!!! See I still have my sense of humor….BUT wait it gets even worser…is that a word!!!!!

I came home and really felt bagged and needed a hot tub and I called around the sports departments but it seems the power was out everywhere so I checked on line for Spa’s I needed a massage called a couple and all busy but the third one I called said yes I could come in….I drove there and it looked a bit strange…opened the door to an inner door and there was a bell to press which I did and the door was opened by a very classy young woman wearing an evening dress and the room was soft and dim and I realized what kind of massage I would get here……I smiled and said I realize I have the wrong address and turned around and left!!!!!!

But it gets even more woser than that!!!  I know my command of the  English language is wonderful!!!

I went to the mall where Wal-Mart is located and parked by the end parking lot where there was a row of tress and went for a walk in through Mall what I did not realize that whilst I was looking around a huge and nasty wind storm came through…when I left the store and started walking towards Little Bluey I was horror struck a huge tree had been felled by the wind and it was completely over the roofs of the three cars to my left and there were a few small branches on Little Bluey but thank goodness no damage….. the 3 cars next to me were in bad shape…I got really lucky.

I figured it was time to go home and not venture out for the rest of the night!!!!

So going to soak in the tub have dinner and then watch a movie.

What a great time I have had here nice apartment and great senior games and again I am so thankful that I have the health to compete and enjoy myself.

Tomorrow I leave for Kelowna about a 4 hour drive and visit with my lovely friends Gail and Larry…the last time I saw them was in January in México…but I just realized that is not true they came through Nanaimo in June and we met for lunch.

Thanks for all the  emails of support for the games I do appreciate your thoughts.

I cannot let today go by without mentioning my thoughts and blessings go out to Linda and her family…today was their celebration of life for Guy…I wish I could have been there but I did send a letter and I am sure it was a special and wonderful day for them all.

Happy weekend to my readers!!!

Yashi kochi!!!!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday 28th August 2015….Day4!!!!!

We had rain all night and still raining this morning so the venue was changed to this lovely facility with 9 indoor courts!!!



Disaster strikes on the courts this morning!!!!!!!

A few things happened before our mixed doubles game which I will not get into here because at the end of the day we were soundly beaten and lost 6-2 6-2 to a very deserving couple and Trish and I now play for the bronze medal to morrow morning.

Now if you read the above paragraph again and remove Trish and substitute singles for the doubles the same result…again something happened before the game and I went onto the court and was humbled by a great player sadly I only managed 2 games out of 12!!!!

No excuses I know all about sport, head games and how to be on the courts and both the opponents today deserved their win and I wish them well in the finals tomorrow!!!

I was a tired boy playing two games in a row and came home and spent a while in the tub and then ate and rested…..

This evening I walked back to the same venue as last night as the local merchants have a Friday farmers market!!!




The music was not as good as last night.

Came home and going to watch a movie and an early night as my first game tomorrow is at 8am…blessings !!

Yashi Kochi!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thursday 27th August 2015…Day 3!!!!

Relaxed this morning with breakfast and a newspaper and because our game today was not till 1.30pm I went to another venue and watched some boys play!!!!!


I really always wanted to attend these games and play soccer but first the timing was never right and then I retired and took up reffing but part of my heart is with these boys!!!

I watched for a while then drove to the tennis complex…was there a few minutes early and walked a little ways into the park and found this scene…


  Trish and I played our next match.  We did not get off to a very good start and lost the first 3 games…this is a strange sport sometimes things go right and sometimes not so……on the change over we had a quick talk and both settled down and we reeled off the next 12 games to win 6-3 6-0 and through to the semi final, well played Trish!!!!

Came home and relaxed with some lunch and sat on the patio and read up on the Canadian Rockies what a trip that is going to be.

Another little glitch happened this morning with my GPS…those that know me well know that my strength is with people not gadgets so please excuse the layman’s terms…..I tried to plug my GPS into the 12 volt in Little Bluey but nothing happening I did check the end and realized that the end that goes into the 12 volt was missing all the end pieces so when I plugged it in nothing…now I do need the GPS for the venues and future travels so did not panic and thought oh no another 100 bucks for a GPS but no so …..I got smart and went into a Mall and found a store called the Source and the great assistant found me a great deal for a package of connections for 15 dollars…so now I plug the thingie into another thingie and then into the GPS and the 12 volt and there you have it GPS restored!!!

At 4pm I walked 5 blocks from the house down to Lonsdale Quay where the games society were putting on an evening of music, cruise and information booths…..I really enjoyed the first two music events all very talented…





One of the booths was from the BC nurses federation and they were checking blood pressure so I had mine taken and it was 114/60 which I think is quite good.

I then bought a ticket for a harbor cruise



Looking back at the music venue.


I really like the next two…



See the whiskers what a camera!!!!





After the cruise I listened to this group for a while before walking home after a lovely evening…


Now a little rant…when Trish and I left the tennis venue I was scheduled to play my singles game tomorrow at 9.30am and with Trish in the doubles at 1.30pm…but they told us to check the website for possible changes…..when I got home from the entertainment tonight I did check the schedule and I am not happy…they have changed the schedule and now Trish and I play at 9.30am and then I follow it at 11.30am with the singles…….the other three semi finalists do not have any other games tomorrow and one of the matches is at 1.30pm which is where I should be…no point complaining I would not anyway but it is what it is and I have to deal with it…..I think after the mixed doubles a quick bite to eat and back on the courts…….the organizers have done a wonderful job all week with so many games to deal with but now as the week draws in there are less games..oopppsss I am going on a bit too much!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wednesday 26th August 2015….Day 2!!!!

Had a really good sleep and do not remember if I told you but last Friday I bought a Kobo e reader, it is like a kindle and I really like it and used it for the first time last night and it is great will save me a lot of time and weight without paperbacks.

I had a good breakfast and got to the tennis venue


with lots of time to spare before my singles game at 9.30am.

There are 6 courts surrounded by wonderful majestic trees…


I know I have played lots of tennis these last few years but of all of it for fun this is a knockout competition and there are only 7 men in our age category so no room for error I do not get nervous but I take it very seriously even took a page out of André Agassi book and I dressed completely in black ….shirt, shorts and socks just trying to get an edge!!!!

I did mange to win the match 6-0 6-2 and I enjoyed the game and I now play in the semi final on Friday morning.

I came home after the game about a 7 minute drive and relaxed and ate and then went back to the same venue to play with Trish at 2pm….here we are before the game!!!


This was a tough match and I did not bring my A game for whatever reason…we won the first set 6-2 but lost the next set 5-7 the format here is then we play a 10 point tie break which we managed to squeak through and win the match 12-10..Trish was great and I promised her I would do better tomorrow…we play at 2.00 clock for a place in the semi finals…… a good day on the courts.

Came home and soaked in the tub with Epsom salts and then had a bite to eat and then went to the university sports complex for the opening ceremony.

At this point I really want to thank all the wonderful volunteers they are everywhere and do a magnificent job…with 3500 participants and 1000 volunteers those numbers are higher than the Winter Olympics in 2010….

The entertainment was first class





This man was the highlight of the night his name is Mark Donnelly and he sings the Canadian anthem at all the Vancouver Canucks hockey games and his pitch is to sing the first three verses and then point the mike towards the crowd for them to sing and it was a touching moment when he did that and everyone sang!!!!



These girls were awesome and I love this quick shot of their reflection high in the rafters  !!!


The final act was to light the torch and declare the games officially open another tear jerker as they lit the flame to a taped version of Susan Boyle singing “you raise me up”..Google it on You tube it is quite moving!!!!

So a great evening home by 9pm and now time for tea and a treat!!!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tuesday 25th August 2015….Day 1!!!!!!

Had an easy morning just making sure I had everything I needed packed I may have cold temperatures in the Rockies so needed some warm clothes……so after doing all the odd jobs that needed to be done and got Little Bluey all packed I was down at the ferry terminal for 2.30pm.





It was a good crossing just over 90 minutes and then with the help of my GPS found my way to the Centre where I picked up  my schedules and final accreditation…



I must say I am impressed with all the effort and the volunteers this is a huge event but very well organized….I received my tag



Confirmed my singles game is tomorrow at 9.30 am and followed by the mixed doubles at 2.00pm at the same venue but still do not know if it is round robin or knock out format.

I then drove to the apartment I have booked till Sunday it is really close to the courts and other activities…I met the owner Steph and her son and the apartment is great..complete separate entrance





Nice bathtub that I shall use every day…


A great bargain for Vancouver at 70 dollars a night and I shall be very comfortable here.

Sorted out my stuff had tea on the patio and then dinner and then a nice soak in the tub and now ready for a movie on the computer and then bed……..

So day one went well now if I can manage to win the matches tomorrow…….

Hope I am not playing this guy see all his medals!!!


Yashi Kochi!!!!

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