Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday 30th April 2011……Wow I have been back a week already!!!

Where did the week go???   May 1st tomorrow hard to believe…

OK here is a little mind game for you…….

imagine you are sat up in bed with big fluffy pillows behind you…

you have a cup of tea in your hands

you are watching a liver soccer game from England on TV

out of the bedroom window you see the ocean

you see the mountains on the mainland

there is a deer in the yard

eagles are flying over head

the sun is shining


THAT was me at 8am this morning!!!

Heather and Kirby were off in different directions and I volunteered to drive Zach,  the youngest son, who is golf crazy up to Comox for a golf tournament!!

Map picture

We left at 11am and after I dropped him at the golf course I went and did some shopping then went for a nice long walk on the beach…my knee and leg are feeling much better although my knee is still a little swollen…..but I had a knee brace for it and the walk felt good.

This is where I went



A beautiful day for a beach walk!!




Amazing really less than two weeks ago I was walking the beach in Mexico!!!

Map picture


Ramona seems to get all the attention but I do have a car, her name is Pili and she is great, nothing fancy but always gets me to where I need to go!!!


I then walked down town by the Marina



Afterwards I went to the Library and did some reading and computer work and picked Zach up at 5.30pm..we were home in time to watch the Canucks hockey game and they were beaten in double overtime by Nashville (way to go Croft!!!!).

Hope you all have a great Sunday!!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday 29th April 2011….dump day!!!

My busy day started off by meeting some friends for breakfast and then a visit to see my Financial lady at my bank and then back to the Physio for another session.  My knee and leg are starting to feel better I believe the laser treatments and the ice and the gel are working.

This is one of the nicest views in town in my opinion!!  You can tell by the sky that today was a lovely sunny day.

apr29 004

apr29 007

apr29 006

I then went to help Heather and Kirby do some work at Uncle Bill’s house.  Their oldest son Ben was there too and Ben and I did 7 trips to the dump and recycle depot getting rid of lots of stuff … that took care of the rest of the afternoon.

Tonight was a quiet night watching a couple of hockey games…….wish you all a great weekend!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday 28th April 2011……..another day flies by!!!!!!

Went with Heather this morning to visit Uncle Bill who has recently moved into a care facility in the south end of the city.  We took him to the local Tim Horton’s donut shop…

ap;r28 002I was a very good all these wonderful fattening delights and I order a blue berry muffin!!!

Here is Heather and Uncle Bill….guess his age???

ap;r28 003

He is a lovely man very mobile and alert and he will be 98 years young in October!!!!

This afternoon I did some errands and then paper work and claim forms….I also went to the eye care centre in Wal-Mart because the glasses that I had made in SMA actually the frames were made and inserted into my own dollar store frames, well the frame broke this morning and in Wal-Mart they wanted 99 dollars to take out the lenses and put them in one of their frames, there was no way.  So I went across the street to the Dollar store found an identical pair of glasses bought those and took the lenses out of the broken frame into the new frame, perfect all for one dollar!!!

Watched the Canucks win another hockey game tonight and this sunset photo was taken by the fence in the back garden!!!

ap;r28 008

I iced my leg and knee a few times today and used the gel and they are slowly starting to feel a little better……so another day gone by!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday 27th April 2011…rain rain go away!!!

Yes woke up to rain again and this morning I had to drive to Comox to see my book keeper and get my taxes filed.

Map picture

My heart nearly missed a beat when I had to fill up my car with gas!!!

apr27 001

The drive was in rain both ways..

apr27 008

apr27 003

So my taxes are all done for another year.

This afternoon i went to my first physiotherapist session and was impressed with my lady therapist and the deer as a welcome committee!!

apr27 012

After a consultation and checking out my X rays from yesterday the diagnosis is that i do have arthritis on my right knee and my left thigh I have badly damaged the tendon…both these ailments are treatable and I had laser therapy on both plus a rub down with anti inflammatory gel on my thigh and I return for another session on Friday.

I was also instructed to ice both knee and thigh 4 times a day ….to rub both areas with the gel and to ride a bike and swim and not do any running or long walks and to keep taking my pills if I do all this she told me I would be ready for my first reffing tournament on 7th May…so that is great news for me.

She also told me to remember that I was not as young as I used to be or think I am and that I played way too much tennis in SMA and for me to accept that I now must do thing things in moderation and to listen to my body….Yes MOM!!!!!

This evening I went to Karen’s for a lovely dinner and to catch up on our winter activities.  Karen is my oldest friend in Nanaimo, not in years, she is quite young!!!! but in length of time of the friendship I met her the first day I came to the Island 19 years ago….thanks for another great meal…

So a busy but productive day…….and all is well!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday 26th April 2011…..this and that!!

Happy Birthday to Sara this photo is of you maybe??


Another busy day and a visit to my Doctor to try to cure my ailments so the verdict is that my swollen finger is getting better and I have to keep soaking in salted hot water.  The infection in my eye is also getting better and no treatment required.  My Doctor thinks the swelling knee may be the start of arthritis and the painful other leg the swelling there caused maybe by over compensation because of my sore knee….so he has given me a prescription for anti inflammatory pills…..$68.00 dollars cost!!!! and he wants me to go to a physio and also wanted me to go to the hospital for X rays on my knee and leg.

So I went across the street to the X ray department and got those X rays taken and I then went and made an appointment for a physio session tomorrow afternoon and then went to the pharmacy for the pills…..hopefully by this time next week I will be able to report that the Kid is back!!!!

House full again tonight to watch the exciting game 7 of hockey between the Canucks and Blackhawks as the other night I am not very popular being the only Non Canucks fan in the room BUT I must say it was a very exciting game and congratulations to Vancouver on the win!!!   Now the new phrase is go Nashville!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday 25th April 2011………a working day!!

Didn’t have a great sleep last night my leg was really bothering me so glad I am going to my Doctor tomorrow..spent the whole morning sorting out Ramona it is a bit of a task being away over 5 months but I did lots, turned off the fridge and cleaned her up.  Got Bonita off and parked in the driveway and I think tomorrow I shall take Ramona to Eric’s place where she stays when I am at home.

This afternoon I went to the ferry terminal in Duke Point to pick up Sara who was coming home from being at her Sister’s for Easter…these deer  were on the street where I live it is so nice to see them every day!!

apr25 003

apr25 005

Drove Sara home to Duncan

Map picture

and took her out for dinner to celebrate her Birthday which is tomorrow and on Wednesday she goes back to Kyuquot to work for a month!!!

So a busy day and really I have a busy week coming up but I like it that way!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday 24th April 2011…..Day one at home and rain!!!

Had a good sleep but woke up to rain and a cool morning

apr24 001

.spent the morning visiting with Heather and Kirby and then had a visit from my friends Barb and Paco it was really good to see them and see how good Barb looks and feels after her medical issues over the Winter.

I did some sorting  out and cleaning up Ramona after her ordeal of yesterday…the day seemed to fly by and soon it was time to watch the important hockey game between the Canucks and the Blackhawks…..Heather had cooked a wonderful holiday turkey dinner and the game went into overtime

apr24 007

so we all ate dinner watching the game and I was not very popular as I was the only one cheering for the Blackhawks and when they won in overtime

apr24 009

…. I may have to sleep in Ramona tonight!!!!!!

So my first day home was a good one and I feel rested …now I have to get all my tax papers ready and get them done……

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday 23rd April 2011…….Home on the Bank!!!

Had another good sleep and woke up to a bright sunny day…..I was about 70 miles away from the ferry terminal so I decided to drive straight there and have breakfast when I got there and I arrived about 10.30am and was the first vehicle in line so I parked and I had nearly three hours to kill so after breakfast I did a clean up of Ramona inside and got everything sorted and neat and tidy.

apr23 006

The ferry arrived on time and at 2pm we left it was a beautiful sunny and warm day

apr23 010

apr23 014

apr23 021

and I enjoyed the 90 minute crossing and arrived in Victoria  just after 3.30pm and I was the first vehicle in line to Canada customs.

apr23 030

Now let me explain here you all know I don’t drink but Sara did ask me to bring her back a couple of bottles of Tequila and when I saw Inga I offered to bring her bottle of Kahlua back this bottle was opened and about half left,  I have to be honest and tell you that I knew I had an extra bottle of tequila but they were 700ml size bottles.

At the booth the usual questions and when it came to liquor he asked me what I had and I told him a couple bottles of tequila and a half bottle of Kahlua….he gave me back my passport and told me to go the secondary area for a search…I knew then I was in trouble!!!!

Another Officer came out very friendly asking where I had been and how was my trip and then he said he was going to search and for me to wait over by the fence….I had on purpose left my bed down making it pretty hard to get into the compartments under the dining table and from the fence I could see him removing the cushions to these compartments….I knew he would fine the extra bottle.

He was about one hour and came out and said to me that I had not been honest with him and that he had found more bottle of tequila and I just said you know I packed this up so many weeks ago I really cannot remember what I had.  Well he said we found 7 more bottles!!   I was amazed and said there is no way that I had that many and he said no just checking BUT tell me know before I go through everything what else am i going to find and I said go ahead I have nothing to hide so off he went back inside whilst another agent emptied all the outside storage bins and I just waited by the fence.

Another Officer then came to me and said he wanted to talk to me and said that he did not know what kind of lifestyle I led but why did I have 4 photos of girls in my motorhome.  The photos he was referring to are of Paola and Daniela I have displayed and I also happened to be wearing a T shirt with their photos screened on.  I politely told him about my involvement with the girls.  He then asked me why I had so many Bounce sheets through the motor home and outside compartments and I told him for a nice scent and they also discourage ants.  He then told me that he was the dog handler and he was going to get his dog who would sniff for firearms and drugs and he said to me now is the time to tell me if he will find anything, much better to tell me than the dog finding anything.  I just smiled and said please go get your dog, which he did.

Of course they never found anything and it was now nearly three hours and I could not get upset because I knew I was at fault with the liquor but it was a bit much.

The next thing that happened was the first Officer came back to me with my passport and asked me if I used to be a police officer as he had seen my Bobby helmet hanging in Ramona and I told him I had for 16 years.  He then went back into Ramona and came out a few minutes and said he was going to extend professional courtesy to me and that I was free to go and to just remember next time where and what I packed.  I thanked him and then he said you better come inside the RV because I have made a bit of a mess and I will help you.  I went inside Ramona and could not believe it he had everything out of every cupboard it was an absolute MESS!!!..I told him not to worry i would do it and he left and I drove away and stopped in the first parking area and tried to fix the mess but just gave up….interestingly enough they didn’t confiscate the liquor it was all there……

apr23 035The mess!!

apr23 031

apr23 034

So nothing really too much I can about all of this….I was wrong!!

Anyway arrived home at the Bank around 8pm

even the deer were there to welcome me

apr23 042

apr23 043

It was lovely to see Heather and Kirby and the boys..they are so great to me, feels really good to be back.

I have had a wonderful Winter and will talk more of it in days to come… is good.

Sorry for some reason I wasn’t able to download the photos today, will try and get them posted tomorrow.

Friday 22nd April 2011….Last day on the road!!!!

and it was a good one, sunny all day but I still find it a little cool.  I had a lazy morning and eventually left my parking spot behind the solar shop at 10 am and went a few blocks to here

apr22 001again another family run business and again so friendly.  the part I needed had arrived that morning and they told me I could wait or come back in 90 minutes so I went for a walk and when I arrived back at the shop everything was done and they told me that indeed the house batteries that I had were correct and were 6 volt but they were had been wired wrong that is the information that the solar place passed to them.  Anyway they told me the batteries were OK but low because of the faulty controller but driving today would charge them up.

Their bill was $390 dollars only 90 dollars for labour the rest parts…so that is the solar panel, the batteries, the controller and the welding all done with great deals for me so I am very happy that all is finished and now anxious to plug Ramona in and NOT hear the clicking!!!!

I was out of there by noon so decided to drive north.

My first stop was in Wilsonville where I need a small Wi-Fi antenna from Fry’s Electrical store I have never been in their store before and oh my goodness what a huge store and so many helpful staff walking around.  I found what I needed then went a few more blocks to Camping World where my friend Ray had asked me to pick up some things for him…Ray I now need a tow trailer to get them home to you!!!!!!!

Back on the road this guy must have strong arms to ride like this!!

apr22 004

All the tour books say to take the Interstate 205 to avoid downtown Portland and I did and ran into a traffic accident and was delayed at least 40 minutes…

apr22 006

I made plenty of stops for my knee stretching and when I saw this

apr22 014

I knew it was time to stop for the night.  I found a Wal-Mart on the 101 about 70 miles before Port Angeles……so had a shower and supper and going to watch my last Red box movie.

The plan tomorrow is to drive to Port Angeles and take the 2pm ferry to Victoria and hopefully if all goes well I should be home an the Bank tomorrow evening around 7pm…

It has been an incredible journey!!!

Map picture

The bottom pin is where I am tonight..the next two pins are the ferry terminals and the top one home!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday 21st April 2011…….this is one friendly town!!!

Had a brain wave last night, now now keep those nasty comments to yourself, I thought if I got up early and went to the tire store

apr21 001


about 8 miles away for when they open at 8am they could install the last tire and then I could come back here to the solar shop knowing that no matter what time they finished the work the tire was done….so that is what I did and I was back here by 9am.

So the agenda for today was for the workers here to re wire the solar panel with the correct gauge wire and do it under the chassis and directly into the house batteries.  Then they would order a new controller box that needs to be replaced but that work is done by another company.  So the owner here contacted the other store ordered the part checked times and openings and I am lucky that this store is open tomorrow and they can have the part delivered by 11.30am tomorrow.

So they worked on the wiring for at least 4 hours and it is all complete and I am now in Ramona and they have let me stay here again tonight and tomorrow I go to the other store they will install the controller and then check the state of my batteries but everyone seems to think they will need to be replaced.

The owner then took me aside and told me that he was very sorry that they wasted all that time yesterday instead of just doing the work and he presented me with a bill for $465 dollars …I was happily floored I was expecting so much more.  This family company have been so good to me and if you ever need any solar work they are AM Solar in Eugene!!!

The owner is even going to document the problems with the first installation which I shall take to the original installer back on the Island and I shall at least ask for some sort of settlement but not expecting anything but does not hurt to try they have cost me many dollars for shoddy work!!

I know I still will have a large bill tomorrow because the controller cost alone is 290 dollars but I do feel that all the work I have had done in 3 days has been very reasonable and Ramona will leave almost like new!!

So around lunch time I took a ride on Bonita down by the river it was sunny but cool but I enjoyed the fresh air and sights!!!

apr21 004 

apr21 007

This guy sure needs a haircut!!

apr21 005

apr21 006

apr21 009

I am sure happy with Bonita over 5000 km on the clock and not one single issue with her!!

apr21 008

I came back around 4pm and Ramona was ready so here I sit had a great long hot shower, shaved and at Costco yesterday I bought this great beef roast that is ready cooked and just needs to be heated in the microwave, I had some frozen mashed potatoes and veggies that I had cooked and froze in SMA, so I had a great supper and now listening to the Vancouver Canucks getting thrashed by the Blackhawks going to be an interesting game on Sunday!!

This is the ceremonial dumping of my Crocs I have walked many a mile, beach and footpath in these but they are worn down to almost nothing!!

apr21 011

Now a welcome to my new Crocs very similar but black!!

apr21 012

I have a movie to watch after the game…life is good…….

So hopefully be on the road tomorrow late and then may be home either Sunday or Monday.

I would like to wish all my readers a very special and Happy Easter!!!!

Map picture

Not sure at this point if I am going to take the ferry from Port Angeles or go through Bellingham!!

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