Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Took a friend down to Victoria to expediate a passport application and these are a few of the spectacular views from a road side turn out. I am lucky to live in a such a beautiful part of the world. Have a great day...

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

What a beautiful day it was yesterday the photos are taken at the soccer complex in Bellingham, 12 fields, the mountain in the centre background is Mount Baker, what a majestic peak with the snow capped top, looking over the fields. I had three games yesterday and I am slated for 5 today, but I do get some breaks. Ramona is great showered, ate and watched a movie last night. I wish everyone a great weekend…I don’t have access to the Internet at the soccer field so it is now Saturday evening and I have just finished all my games, showered and had supper and my tired old legs and I are going to sit, relax with tea and cream puffs and watch a movie. 8.30am start tomorrow for games,,,Now Sunday evening and I am at Horse Bay ferry terminal after another great weekend, the bridge is the Alex Fraser coming into Vancouver. Now to rest my weary bones with a few days R & R, take care everyone and I think tomorrow is a big event in the skies something about Mars not sure but I have it marked on my calendar to watch, cheers Les

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Good afternoon on this lovely sunny day I am at the moment in the Public Library in Burlington, Washington having left Nanaimo this morning. The top picture is the ferry arriving at the terminal in Vancouver and the next picture is the 2 hour line up at the border to get into the USA. The completely empty lane to the right is the lane that I am in, with my Nexus Card I am able to scoot down with no hold ups, what a great card to have been lucky enough to obtain!!!!! I am having a restful day doing some shopping then staying the night in the back lot of Camping World like I did two weeks ago, then head out to Bellingham tomorrow afternoon for a weekend of soccer. I wish that you all (see I still can speak Texan) have a great weekend.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sorry I never got to finish off this part of my weekend in Penticton, the 4 games went well on Sunday although it was a little rainy. I spent the night behind the visitors centre in Chilliwack couldn't find a spot anywhere along the river bank and it was cold, windy and wet. Spent another great night with Ramona and arrived back in Nanaimo Monday afternoon. I have been very busy catching up on things and doing a couple of small jobs for friends and now getting ready to leave tomorrow for Bellingham for another weekend of soccer. I am going back to the same place where I was two weeks ago when it was the girls tournament, this weekend it is the boy's turn. So I know where to park and what to expect, will post photos when I can, have a great weekend everyone...

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Just a couple of photos of a younger girls team in action just a few feet from where Ramona is parked for the night. I am very tired did 7 games today, way too many, but survived and apart from aching feet feel pretty good. It is the finals tomorrow and I have another 4 games. It has been a great weekend and getting to know Ramona better each day, this is for sure 5 star camping!!!!! A good weekend to everyone...

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The photos are of where I stopped for lunch on my way to Kelowna and the new bridge under construction in kelwona and where I paerked for the games the first night in Penticton. Ramona is great really enjoying all her comforts...

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Good evening from sunny Kelowna, arrived safely yesterday and Romana did really well I am getting used to her now and she is a pleasure to drive. Had a great day with my friends, relaxed, read, walked, grunt work helping install a couple of windows, lots of catching up, just a good day. I leave in the morning for Penticton, about 80 minute drive, where I have a very busy weekend of soccer. Hope I can park close to the stadium and I look forward to the games and staying in the motor home. Wish you all a happy and safe weekend....Les

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ramona decided that she had such a great time last weekend she wants to go away again....we leave tomorrow morning to visit my long time friends in Kelowna for a couple of days then Friday drive down to Penticton for a huge soccer weekend. Had a few more things done today to the motor home and now just about equipped inside with everything I need. It has been a whirlwind month and I feel I have, with many friend's help, been able to accomplish many things that will give me a comfortable and happy winter......The Okanagan is a great part of this province so I hope to post some wonderful pictures, wish you all a great weekend..

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Had a great weekend in Bellingham the soccer was great it was a girls under 19 competition, very competitive and intense. Spent three nights with Ramona Valeda and it worked out so well. I learned lots of little things; here I camped right at the soccer field without any hook ups and with the batteries and generator I survived quite nicely. I had two hot showers after the games were finished each day and I think I still have enough water in the fresh tank to do another one. I turned the generator on for the microwave, what a treat to have cold food and drinks in the fridge. I think this is going to be great for my travelling, I have made a list of questions I need to ask and a list of things I need to get but I would say the first trip was a huge success. I am getting more comfortable with the running of everything and it is important to get into a routine when it comes to turning things on and off. It was such a neat sight at the last game tonight, three hot air balloons came over the field they were so colourful and you could hear the surge of the air and boy are ever big, wish I could have run to the motor home for my camera. Hope you all had a great weekend……

Friday, August 10, 2007

MY FIRST NIGHT>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Ramona Valeda and I spent our first of many nights together and I have to say it was a good one with no problems. I left Nanaimo yesterday morning and the ferry that I wanted to take from Duke Point and then down to the border was full so I had to leave from Departure Bay and drive through down town Vancouver. This seemed like a daunting task but one I would have to face eventually so I went for it and it really was a non issue, obviously I am driving a much bigger, wider and heavier vehicle than my van, so I am more cautious and drive slower but it was easy. At the Peace Arch border the radio was warning 2 hour delays going into the States, except when you have been smart enough last year to apply for and receive a NEXUS card ( this is a card that when approved after many background checks, fingerprints, etc the card holders are issued a card and use a special line with no line ups) I was through without a wait and away I went. Ramona does have one issue, she has a drinking problem!!!!! I have suggested to her that she may want to attend some meetings but I know this is something she needs to do on her own. Gas here is 35 cents a litre cheaper than home so although she consumes a lot of gas the price is more reasonable and I knew this before I started this life style and it is something I am not going to give a second thought to, when she is thirsty she gets watered or gassed!!!!I had a good afternoon in the States did some shopping and went back to the dealership where I bought her and had a couple of small problems attended to. I then went to a State park to stay for the night but it just didn’t look that great, yes it was situated on a nice lake but the stalls were close together and it was not a place I was comfortable with, plus it was 25 dollars for one night. When I go on my second journey of a life time for this winter I am a member of Passport of America a camping club which offers half price stay at thousands of camp grounds, I shall use this a lot plus I want to stay out of camp grounds a lot too by rivers, canyons etc , in the RV business they call this “boon docking”. Also when just going from point A to point B you can stay in parking lots belonging to stores like Walmart, Costco, Cracker barrel. So I decided to drive close to where the soccer games are taking place and here there is a store Camping World. I had been here earlier and bought a few things and when I went back I asked if allowed to overnight in the parking lot ( always ask first) and they told me they have a small parking area at the back of the parking lot where not only could I stay but I could plug Ramona into power hook up and best of all there is no charge. So the pictures are where we spent our first night…It was just great having all these facilities bathroom, shower, micro/convection oven, three burner stove, radio, TV and all very comfortable. I cleaned up, ate and although there is a 20” TV and a satellite dish I am not hooked up but was able to watch a dvd….I do have to make up the bed and take in down every day, but what kind of a problem is that?? I slept really well, the foam mattress and memory foam work well. Showered and had breakfast and here I am….I do miss not being able to connect with the Internet when I want so I may look into a solution to that problem, in the mean time I have just typed this on Microsoft words and will copy and paste(Thanks nephew Andy for the lesson) and when I find Internet this morning post it. So there you are I know a bit long winded but wanted to share the first time with you all. This is going to be a lot of fun…..have to go the soccer pitch is awaiting me, best wishes to all..
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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Well I am now back in my apartment, the month with Ken went by so fast it was a very special time for me to be with him, I do feel that some people play a huge role in our lives and I do have to say that I have been blessed to have known three very special men in my life that have taught me about the value of life and how to live...my Dad was right there for me and I owe him so much, he was not a "big" man but his stature, compassion and zest for life were there for all to see. I also feel so lucky to have spent five years being Roy's companion, now there was a "big" man, he had hockey player's hands and his heart and smile were just as large. I also feel blessed to be a small part of Ken's life, he is a kind and gentle man in all senses of the word. July went by so fast, where did it go? It was a busy month for me but now I can slow down a bit. I am going to spend the next little while getting to know the motor home, I have just realized it is just over 8 weeks till I leave on the second part of my journey of a life time, there is a lot to do and plan for. To my Canadian friends I wish you all a great long weekend and to everyone else I hope the weekend is a restful and happy one....Les

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Do you think this man is having FUN!!!!!!!!!!

Ken and I took the train today from Nanaimo to Courtney and back and it was a great trip. It was so interesting to see the familiar sights but from a different perspective and angle and also to see things that you do not see when you drive the same route. All the pictures were taken whilst the train was moving and I was very happy with the way the photos turned out. The one of the Terminal Mall is where the Granary, the restaurant that I worked in(seems years ago!!) is located. I packed a lunch and we had about a 15 minute walk around in Courtney. Both Ken and I had a great time and of course the weather was warm and sunny. I did have a thought on the way back that probably the next train ride I shall be on is a trip through the Copper Canyon (bigger than the Grand Canyon) in Mexico. I wish you all a very happy and safe long weekend....
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