Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday 31st May 2009…where did the month go???

Today was the big golf challenge….for my birthday gift Zach wanted to treat me to a game of golf so today was the big day.

Here we are at the the first hole still friends…IMG_6929

Zach also invited his brother Ben and his Dad to come along.  We had a great afternoon and you can be the judge who looks to have the better swing…IMG_6930
















Well in the end I will just say that I beat Zach on 2 holes!!!!!!!  It was a great gift thanks Zach!!!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday 30th May 2009…another great few days

This deer was by Ramona to see me off on Thursday morning for my three day trip to Campbell River.IMG_6896

I did four games which all went well then I drove to my friends Norma and Croft, where I was invited to stay for the two nights.  You see this “RV Park” is a nice one.IMG_6901

I haven’t seen them since last year in Mexico so it was nice to sit and swap stories and thanks for a great meal.  They live across from the ocean and the BIG Rock is right across from their home.IMG_6902

Apparently this rock was deposited in the Ice age thaw although the local Aboriginal story for the rock is that there are no Grizzly bears on Vancouver Island but many years ago one did manage to swim across the straight from the mainland and when he came ashore he was turned into the BIG rock!!!

Many cruise ships travelling to and from Alaska come very close inside the passage between Campbell River and Quadra Island.  Here is a pocket cruise ship.IMG_6908

Another interesting land mark.IMG_6915







The weather was very warm and sunny on Friday and I reffed four more games which again went well.

Saturday were the final games and I really enjoyed the tournament.  The standard of play was very good and it was a treat to see friends and park in their drive way, thank you Norma and Croft.

I am now back home and plan a couple of days of R & R and enjoy the sunshine……wish you a great Sunday…

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday 26th May 2009…an amazing lady!!!!

My friend Robin in SMA sent this article to me, Madre Chuy has been nominated for an award, very deserving.  She is the driving force of Santa Julia where Paola and Daniela live.


Madre Maria de Jesus Ortiz Balderas, otherwise known as Madre Chuy, or ‘Choo-Choo,’ to the littlest children she raises, has raised perhaps 500 children in her 50+ years, none of them hers.  A Catholic nun, she decided when she was about nine to live a life of service and spirituality.  The Order in which she took her vows has missions, seminaries, and children’s homes to tend, and it’s the latter that speaks to her heart.  In return, her heart goes out to orphaned, abandoned, and abused children as she goes about the task of being a professional mother.  Here Madre Chuy and little Dulce!!




As superior and director of Casa Hogar Santa Julia in San Miguel, she is in charge of the three other nuns at the home and the 41 children that they are resurrecting and righting.  Officially, this Sister is head of the nuns’ community, The Community of Our Lady of the Angels.  If angels are God’s messengers, she is an absolute angel among us.

Having taken vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, this amazing  mother must raise all the resources it takes to feed, clothe, heal, educate, transport, house, and otherwise provide for her 40 girls and a baby boy, because there is almost no assistance from the church or the government.  Her day job, so to speak, begins at 5 a.m. and officially ends around midnight, when her night jobs of tending one of the babies and 8 of the adolescents begins.

Nevertheless, she is merry, mirthful, and wise.  As bond mother for the infant girls who come her way, she always has a hug.  As disciplinarian for any errant soul, she offers consequences rather than punishments.  For her 14 adolescents, this progressive woman offers reproductive health, among other life skills.  And to those kind souls who have heard of her life’s work and have stepped up to help, she always has a kind word, an inquiry into their health and happiness, a blessing.

The buck stops with Madre Chuy where legal, social services, parents, her nuns, and her children are concerned.  Yet, the home seems very democratic and unregimented, though orderly.  She is their only driver, as well.

“We create family here,” says Madre Chuy.  “We do this with acceptance, humanity, and spirituality.”  And acceptance crosses religious boundaries, for Madre Chuy believes that there are many paths to know God. 

Hope you enjoyed this article..

Tuesday 26th May 2009……Great news!!!!


I am pleased to announce the engagement of my youngest Nephew, Andy and a wonderful young lady, Sally.  They plan a summer wedding in 2011…does this mean I will have to buy a suit???

The have just come back from a romantic weekend in Parisandy_and_sally

where Andy gave this beautiful ring to Sallythe_ring

So my very best wishes to Sally and Andy I am very happy and very proud of you both!!!!

Monday May 25th 2009…WELL

I would like to tell you that the MIGHTY BLADES won the game and this is me celebratingIMG_6894






it was not to be, they lost the game by one goal and to be honest did not deserve to win and I was disappointed in the lack of effort they showed.


So it is only my Brother’s team the MIGHTY TIGERS that will play in the top league….humble pie again for me….

Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday 25th May 2009….Lupita!!

It seems the photo of Lupita below did not show so I hope this photo of her works….Lupita (Small)

So Lupita is in the front, isn’t she lovely???  Daniela is behind her to the left……enjoy!!

Monday 25th May 2009……not the big game yet

Results of the big game tonight, do not leave your home!!!!!!

Robin sent me these photos from SMA.

This is Daniela at a local hotel where the girls went on a field trip.Daniela

This photo below is of course Daniela on the left but the little sweetheart in the middle is Lupita and I just found out she is Daniela’s sister.  So when I have my fund raiser in a couple of months, to which you are all invited to attend and if you wish donate, I know where the money will go, for Lupita.

So check back tonight for the game result I may be happy or in a funk…..

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday 24th May 2009..celebrations in Hull tonight

Up at 8am this morning to watch live coverage of a huge soccer game in England between my brother’s MIGHTY Hull and Manchester United.  The outcome of this game and other games being played at the same time determined that although Hull lost the game they get to stay up in Premier Division which is huge in the terms of revenue and prestige.

Some where in this crowd is my brother!!!



The really big soccer news is tomorrow is the BIG DAY!!!!

This is when my team the VERY MIGHTY BLADES, Sheffield United,  play Burnley and the winner will advance to the Premier League next season, stay tuned for the result tomorrow!!!!

The afternoon saw me “put” to work cleaning gutters, don’t people know I am old and retired!!!!!IMG_6889


Tonight I was lucky enough to have another birthday party.  Friday my great friend Ken was not feeling too well and couldn’t make the party so we celebrated again, aren’t I the lucky one…IMG_6890


Ken is such a great man after the cake we watched a DVD of his training in the RCMP in 1953……he just loved seeing all his old friends.

So ends another great day…..

Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday 22nd May 2009….birthday boy!!

Well the big day is here again…woke up to a lovely sunny morning and started my day at 7.30am with a run around the local neighbourhood.  As I expected I did run past a small deer grazing in one of the neighbour’s yard and I know that was the spirit of my Dad wishing me a happy birthday.

When I came this was attached to my computer screen!!! IMG_6845

Heather and Robin thank you so much for this really special birthday treat, a letter from my girls!!

Heather, Eddi and I then went to Heather’s son, Zack’s school for a concert.  It was great to see and hear the little kids and the band was good also.IMG_6846

IMG_6854 Zach is the first trumpet…

Then I was treated to a lovely breakfast and in the evening some of my special friends came over and Heather and Kirby made a delicious supper and Karen made a beautiful cake, thank you all.IMG_6857


I received some lovely gifts..IMG_6872


How about this for a gift???IMG_6873 IMG_6874

I shall proudly wear this T shirt.

My GIRLS!!!!!!!IMG_6876




My new favourite T shirt..


Thank you everyone for making my birthday so special and also including Paola and Daniela…… you all.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday 21st May 2009…home again

This was my parking spot at Gail and Larry's in Kelowna, 5 star for sure!!!!IMG_6837

These are 2 of the 5 windows that I helped Larry replace, really all I did was hold and knock a few nails in.  Larry is the master builder and I do like to watch how he is able to build, fix and replace anything.IMG_6838

Thank you both so much for your kindness to me and for the birthday meal, very lovely.  We have been close friends for over 28 years but usually see more of each other in Mexico these days.

These are taken from the ferry coming into Nanaimo this afternoon..



and from the deck outside my bedroom window tonight…IMG_6843

I am home in Nanaimo for another 4 weeks before I go off on another soccer weekend.  I have lots of plans and next weekend is another big 3 day soccer event in Campbell River, which is on the island.

Take care and Pura Vida…

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Monday 18th May 2009…a weekend of soccer

I left Nanaimo Friday morning on this ferry

IMG_6804you can see it carries very large vehicles.IMG_6808

Approaching mainland Vancouver.IMG_6810

It is about a 4 hour drive to Kamloops through some very beautiful mountain scenery.IMG_6812








My lunch stop by the river.IMG_6817


About 5.30pm I arrived in Kamloops which is named…IMG_6821

The soccer games that I was scheduled to officiate were atIMG_6822

and this is where Ramona and I are staying for three nights, a nice spot close to the fields, the river and theIMG_6825




I had a great sleep on Friday and on Saturday I did 4 game.  It is so great to have the luxury of my own kitchen, a place to sit and relax in between games.  The weather today was cold and windy.

Sunday saw me doing 4 more games but today the weather had changed to warm and sunny.IMG_6826

The fields when not being used and now with kids!!IMG_6827

At this tournament there is a tent set up for the referee’s where we have food and drinks and congregate before and after our games.  Whilst sitting there waiting for my last game there was about 7 youths sitting on the ground in front of the tent.  I don’t know if they were players or refs but one of them, a kid abut 17,  was telling the other kids if they got a chance to run into the opposing keeper to try and kick him in the head.  I was disgusted by these comments and could have said nothing but chose to tell him his comments were totally unacceptable especially so if he was a ref.  Of course he got loud and belligerent with me and I just told him he was out of order making those comments and I turned away and got ready for my game which was a boys under 15 match and who do you think was the assistant coach of the home team??? Yes the same mouthy kid!

I have played soccer all of my life and reffed for over 10 years, not being egotistical, I know I am good at what I do and I also know the laws of the game inside out.  I try to man manage the games as opposed to showing the players cards all the time.

I knew I could not let what happened before the game effect the way I reffed and the game was only five minutes old when this home team were down by two goals.  It was apparent they were not very skilled and I noticed a lot of dissent at my calls.

The game was about 10 minutes in when I called one of the home team players for a foul.  He was about 15 feet away from me, remembering these kids are 14 years of age.  This player looked me right in the face and told me I was a jerk, but he also inserted the F word there.  I asked him to come towards me and he just stood there and told me again that I was an idiot and again using the F word.

I quickly processed in my mind what action to take and decided that his actions warranted him being sent off so I produced the red card and ordered him to leave the field.  This brought out a barrage of swear words from him as he left the field.

I could hear his coach telling his players watch out for this ref he will red card you for nothing.  I could see where this game was going and immediately stopped play and went to the coach and told him he was out of order,  to calm his players down and if he uttered any more dissenting comments I would have him removed from the field as well.

I was I think at this stage the most unpopular man in Kamloops!!!!  The game stared again but there was one man in the bleachers making very nasty comments about my reffing, he really was disruptive and his comments very disrespectful.  I decided at this point to ignore him and half time came.

One of my assistants told me that the man making the comments in the bleachers was the husband of one of the soccer executive committee.  I decided at this point not to do anything with him.  Had this game been played in my home town I would have had the man removed from the area but I did not want to do this and just ignored his comments.

In the second half the game started with the home team clearly trying to intimidate and the hurt the opponents.  I stopped the game and brought the captains together and warned them that I would be now reffing this game very strictly and blowing for every foul and I would not hesitate to issue cards to any offenders and to make sure their team mates understood this.  The game finished without any incidents and no one made any comments to me after the game.  The man in the bleachers I never saw again.

This kind of game makes me wonder at times why I do this, subject myself to abuse every weekend but I choose to do it and I feel that I need to do it. Also I do it in the hope that it may save a younger official the same treatment.

This is the downfall of sports in my opinion the lack of respect and ignorance.

On Sunday I officiated the finals of the Girls Under 18 and the Boys Under 18 .  Both these games went smoothly and I enjoyed them both.

I am now in Kelowna staying with my friends for a couple of days.

Tuesday I helped my friend Larry install some windows in his 4 plex.  When I was here the last time I helped Larry lay some side walk and I am thinking I may never return here, does he not know I am retired!!!

To end another great day I receive this letter tonight from my girls……

Hi Les,

Thank you very much for your letters. We love to hear from you. 

We are happy you keep going to many different places.  We wish we could go with you one day.

Berenice helped us to draw a Happy Birthday Card for you. We will send it to you one way or the other. 

We love the photos!
We have to run back to our class.

Bye and please, be happy.

Daniela and Paola

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