Saturday, November 30, 2013

Saturday 30th November 2013….sports day!!!!

Always Saturday is a sports day and today was no exception..started out at 7am watching live soccer from England and I left the house at 8.45 for tennis it was sunny which was nice to see but a bit cold but I was well wrapped up and I even used the scarf I bought yesterday to cover my face.

Tennis with Loren was as always great


We had 2 hours of sunshine, great shots not so great shots and of course the usual banter!!!

Came home afterwards and whilst icing down and having lunch watched another live soccer game from England.

Luis the gardener was here and I asked him if it was possible to plant some morning glory flowerseeds


in a pot on my steps


he said it was possible…so you see the pot in the photo well there was no soil in it five minutes before this shot was taken and as fate would have it a man knocked on the door and asked me if I wanted to buy some soil…perfect timing…so how many of you have had soil delivered to your house 2 large pots full for 40 pesos or 3 dollars in this fashion!!!!


I then went to get Paola and we went to pick up the car and her bike and went to the huge sports complex just outside for town….she biked non stop except for drinks for 2 hours.


I love her eyes in this one below


She had a ball and then we stopped at the big Mega supermarket they have a new McDonalds kiosk in there just serving ice cream and floats so she had a cool treat.

I also took her food shopping for some things for dinner tonight she always says thank you to me and is always smiling she is so much fun and I so enjoy being with her.

As I was preparing dinner looked out the window at this sight


So now I have had dinner a long hot bath and settled in for the night in front of the television watching live hockey from Montreal.

Hard to believe the last day of November.

Yashi Koshi!!!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday 29th November 2013….a mixed bag!!!

I must confess I did not have great morning was feeling a little blue so put on my hiking shoes and went off into the canyons I always enjoy this and as the sun began to shine through the grey skies I felt my mood improve…..the mornings have been really cool and I am wearing long sweat pants and sweaters the sun does come out and it is lovely but then cool again in the evenings….I know enough complaining!!!!

This evening the plan was to go to Hechos, my favorite restaurant with fond memories, with Linda and Guy and their daughter Kate and SIL Raymond who are visiting for a week…but unfortunately Guy was not feeling well so he stayed home…..the food here is always so good even though I always have the same thing….. chicken tenders and they were excellent and the music, a quartet, with the lead a wonderful violin player, was also good.



It was a really nice evening and thanks for my dinner treat!!

Today is my  Aunt Rita’s birthday and I want to wish her a great day..I am so happy to have my Aunt and Uncle Bram, my Dad’s Brother, still in good health and active.


My brother Malc and the young un’s on the beach in Bridlington a favorite east coast resort in England…I took this photo last year it was a great day.

Today is also another milestone…..on this day seven years ago I worked my last shift in the restaurant and retired and drove that evening on towards Mexico and my retirement.

I have been so blessed to have such a wonderful 7 years I have driven many miles in Ramona all of with were special…seen some amazing countryside, waterfalls and mountains.  met some people who have become great friends… I am blessed with fantastic health and enough money to live this lifestyle…….thank you to everyone who has helped me all these years you know who you are and believe me I am indebted to you all…thank you!!!

Yashi Koshi!!!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thursday 28th November 2013…..happy Thanksgiving Day!!!

Let every one take a step back today and reflect on all our lives blessings and how lucky we are to be in the world at this moment and to enjoy and appreciate all that is offered to us.

I wish everyone a joyous and special and healthy time blessings Les

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wednesday 27th November 2013…what a busy day!!!!

So it started at 10am when I had a Doctor’s appointment… know from reading this blog that I am blessed with great health and I hope to maintain that but I did get my medical records sent from my Doctor in Nanaimo, who has been my Doctor for 18 years and I really like him and I decided it was time that I start a rapport with a local Doctor and one was recommended to me and that is who I had the appointment with this morning.

He is a young Doctor who works in a practice with his Brother and Father and his office was very clean and very well equppied and I liked him.  I gave him my records and he asked me lots of questions and took my blood pressure and listened to my heart, took my weight and height….we talked about my toes which have been over lapped all my life and I was having some issues with the toes on my left foot again..he advised that I see a podiatrist who he recommended and then I asked him about a colonoscopy and he asked if I have had one and said I had not and he stressed how important it was for me to think about having the procedure…..he told me that he does that in his office surgery and for all the pre and after treatment and the scope the cost was 8500 pesos about 650 dollars…I think it would be very wise for me to have this so I shall give it more thought.

He then told me that if I needed him in an emergency to contact him by his cell phone and that he looks forward to being my Doctor but hoped his services would not be necessary…..  the cost for the consultation was 350 dollars, about 28 dollars.

I left his office feeling that now my health was in good hands…I went from there around the corner to the foot doctor and he took me in right away and did some work on my toe which I hope will relief the problem I have…his cost was 250 pesos about 20 dollars…so a medical morning but I am convinced I will have the colon scope and now I have  a Doctor I trust and my foot issue is relieve for the moment…so a good day so far.

Next it was time for poker I always enjoy the afternoon of fun and interaction and I continued my winning ways…no need for you to know how much just that I won….OK I cannot hold it in I won 5 pesos maybe 40 cents but a win is a win!!!

Then I went and picked up paola and spent some time with her shopping and then after I took her home I went straight to my English class…..even though I was told the extra students would not be in my class their Teacher is still away so I had them again…..I thought this might happen so I had prepared and printed an article on the meaning of Thanksgiving day and we read and talked about that then it was time for fun and chocolate..we played 20 questions which they enjoyed and of course who does not like chocolate……

So home by 8pm so a long day but a productive day all round.

Yashi Koshi!!!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tuesday 26th November 2013…blink and the day is gone!!!

Tuesdays are always busy for me and it started at 7.45am when I went to do the usual Tuesday delivery to the school…this is such a wonderful well run organization and the food is always ready for me and at the school the two young cooks are always so happy to greet me…..from there it was to take back my car to the garage and get the scooter and drive down to tennis ..about a block or two away from the courts I knew I had a flat back tire……so after a great game of tennis I pushed the scooter about 300 yards to a small repair shop and about 10 minutes and 30 pesos later Little Blackie was all set to go again!!


Had chores to do in town and did not get home till mid afternoon when it was time for a quick bite to eat and then off to Paola's house pick her up and drive her to her last dance class of the year…..after I dropped her off I went over to visit with Linda and Guy..they are both doing well and they have their daughter and son in law on a quick visit from Hawaii…..I did not get to meet them as they were in town having a massage.

From there I went back to get Paola and we stooped on the way home to buy a full chicken meal for her and her Family…she is so happy these days always smiling and fun to be around.

Then it was back home to get my yoga mat and off to class…as always enjoyed the class and finally home by 8m….so there the day gone!!

It was lovely and sunny and warm but when the sun goes down the temperature drops quite a bit …but not complaining.

Yashi Koshi!!!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday 25th November 2013…..always a busy day!!

You know the Monday story Paty comes to clean so I make sure the casita is in order for her and then off to my yoga class…this is my third month of classes and I really enjoy them and I feel it has helped my balance and mobility and my teacher is wonderful!!!

From class I had lots of errands to do around town and did not get home till 2m and time for lunch.  I did stop at Paola's house and she was outside playing and I am thrilled to tell you when she saw me she came running to me and gave me a hug and a huge smile now that made my day!!!!

I then finished my lesson plan for tonight I had received an e mail yesterday from the school Administrator asking me if I would help out and take the 6 students from next level as their teacher could not make the class tonight I said I would so instead of a regular class I printed out two pages on fun facts about Mexico.

I did manage 1 hour on the roof enjoying the sunshine and then left for class.

I had my 7 regular students plus the 6 students from the other class..I introduced myself and my students introduced themselves and then I got the new ones to come to the front and tell all of us something about themselves and then I handed out the print out and we read and talked about it…they all I think enjoyed the class and they are coming again next Monday…..this has brought a new and exciting dimension to my life I enjoy the planning and the students are so great.

Home by 8pm and relaxed and watched some TV.

Yashi Koshi!!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday 24th November 2013….hiking day!!

Woke up to overcast skies and a bit cool and left the house by 7.45am to meet up with the hiking group..there was about 20 of us and the leader decided to divide us into the groups and I chose to go with two of my tennis buddies, Barry and Steve and with Barry leading us on  a different hike we walked from the meeting point up one of the side streets and through this tunnel under the highway that I never knew existed




We were heading to the top of this hill


The views on the way up were quite spectacular






Got to love the face of the baby…..

We then came into a wonderful canyon




Great views!!!


Barry told us that we need to come back here in rainy season as this is a waterfall!!


Steve and Barry!!



It was a great 3 hour hike which we enjoyed and to think it was all around the city!!!

I stopped in to see Daniela at Casa Hogar but was told she was not there and then I went to see if Paola was home and she was not either.

So what do you do when you are driving home and the road is blocked….


You park your scooter and get ready to take photos…. never know when you will come across a parade here







I have no idea what the celebration was.

Stayed home the rest of the day doing odd jobs around the casita and I did watch the big Football game from Canada but it was a bit one sided……

the 30 dollar printer that I bought works well I printed up some copies for my class tomorrow night.

Yashi Koshi!!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Saturday 23rd November 2013…….nice to be home.

I thought I had a tennis game at 9am but I was wrong so I was forced to have breakfast and watch a live soccer game from England and it was a great game.

Then it was laundry time and cleaning and fixing the flower pots and then headed to town for some grocery shopping and then I went to Paola's house but no one was home.

Next was sorting out all the stuff I had bought I did manage to get some great hiking shoes, trekking poles, socks, a cover for my back pack of course you know about the great camera and I also bought a printer for 30 dollars I find I need to print for my class and I also bought a Nexus 7 Notebook which I have not yet taken out of the box as I know I will need someone to help me set it up… I also bought some grocery items and a couple of things for the casita.

In the afternoon I went onto the roof and read for a while and then went back to Paola's house I wanted to take her to the concert tonight but again no one home.

Had a good supper and then went down town to the beautiful old theater for a concert which was to benefit the local school for children with hearing issues.


The group was a brass quintet and they were really great.


I never go to a concert like this without thinking of my Dad…..we were raised with a brass musical back ground and my Dad would have been in his element at this concert…they were wonderful.

For the last song they brought in the kids from the school…what a teary sight and sound!!!


I was home in time to watch the late night hockey game from Vancouver!!!

This is especially true for me today!!!


Yashi Koshi!!!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday 22nd November 2013…..a Day to remember!!!


May you rest in peace!!!



Well we were up at 6am and packed and ready to go and on the road by was gloomy and raining but great highways and we made it to the border in 2 hours…no waiting on the bridge and getting into Mexico was so easy two green lights and away we go!!!


Almost right away the sun came out and we took turns driving and it was just uneventful and we arrived home just before 5pm…great time.

I helped unload at Carolyn's then came home and unpacked all my stuff……it feels really good to be home this is my town and I love living here, my casita, my girls and the life that I lead I have many blessings and I am thankful for everyone of them.

Thanks for coming on this journey with me hope you had a great time…..blessings to all my readers!!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thursday 21st November 2013……Final day!!!

So here I go again except this morning was very gloomy skies but not cold and we started our River walk at 7.45am and walked for 90 minutes passing by the Alamo!!


Had out last wonderful buffet breakfast and a few goodies for the road and then Kirsten came and the three of us went hiking to the hill country, went to see the old Missions, went for a cruise on the river.NOOOOO

we went shopping!!!!!

It was OK I had some last minute stuff to get and Carolyn had a bigger list so we spent the whole day till 5pm in the malls and stores and then it was back to the same funky diner as a couple of days ago so I could have my last chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes!!!   Carolyn’s Brother philpi joined us and we had a great last meal……Kirsten said goodbye to her Mum and we came back to the hotel where I spent an hour getting the car packed up believe me there is not much room left in the vehicle…I have the back seats folded down so lots of room but it is all taken!!

So now just catching up on e mails and making sure we have everything  ready and I even made my sandwiches for tomorrow.

The plan is to leave whenever we get up and we hope for a short stop at the border and then a good and safe drive home…it should take in all about 12 hours but if we get delayed anywhere and we are tired we will stop and spend the night……so I may or may not blog tomorrow evening….hope you enjoyed the little trip into Texas!!!

Yashi Koshi!!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wednesday 20th November 2013…Day 7!!!

I know I am starting to sound like a broken record with saying had a  good breakfast but it is true…really a good way to start the day.  We did not do the River walk this morning but did some work on our final lists and what we had to do today and at 11am Carolyn dropped me off at Wal-Mart to do my final shop whilst she went into town for some appointments.

Carolyn came back for me an hour later and I was finished and had a cart full.  Sent the next couple of hours doing errands before we went to Kirsten’s house where she made a lovely lunch and then I spent a little time doing some outside chores i.e. sweeping and cleaning the rear patio before I was summoned in to hang a curtain rod…..well I know that sounds easy and it probably is but remember here who you are talking to..the unhandiest man around…..well I did the best I could and if there is any negative feedback about the rod not being straight a weeks blog ban is in your future.


The girls went into town for some appointments so I finished my work in the back yard then came back to the hotel where I sent a full hour loading and re-arranging the car…. most of the stuff we have bought is in and I think I did a good job and there is room I hope for Carolyn’s last minute shopping tomorrow.

Surprised the day went by quickly it is now 6m and Carolyn is not back so I am just relaxing after a hot bath with the newspaper….

Tomorrow is our last day of this whirlwind visit and I have enjoyed everyday…getting to meet Carolyn’s wonderful family, seeing the sights of down town, the river and the hill country……the weather has been fabulous and the hotel the best…..we plan to leave early Friday morning and depending how long a wait at the border we may do the tri in one day of stay over night in Mexico…we will see!!

Yashi Koshi!!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday 19th November 2013…Day 6!!!

No River walk this morning instead a leisurely breakfast down at the buffet and then Kirsten came to get us and take us to the recording studio where she works…..I have never been in a studio before and this one they broadcast over the Internet!!


Just remembered this is from last night Carolyn and her brother Phillip…


So back to the studio the live guest was a man called Gary Delaune…..who was a news Correspondent and the first man to broadcast the shooting of president Kennedy…as the 50th anniversary is on Friday the studio scheduled this interview today.

So we sat in the back of the studio and listened to the live interview…it was so remarkable……to hear the stories from someone who was there and involved in the reporting was a treat not to be missed…  this shot shows Oswald being shot by Jack Rudy and Mr.Delaune was 12 feet away!!!


He was delightful man and I think he enjoyed this photo…


Carolyn has this thing about taking look down and then the person taking the photo says one two and three you look up well I thought she meant on three you close your eyes!!!!


It was just a great morning which I would not have wanted to miss.

We then went to the Art Museum which is where Carolyn was a huge part of the organization many years ago.


It was a beautiful building and some very interesting exhibits…..after lunch we did our River walk and went by the theatre


where we are going to the show later tonight.

We finally got back to the room at 4 m and time for a quick cup of tea before getting ready for the show.

Well just back from the concert and what a concert it was




My dates for the evening!!!



..the theater lives up to the name it was so royal and beautiful and the everything about the concert was first class…wow a wonderful evening and for Carolyn to be there with her daughter and grand daughter!!!!

Another wonderful day finished!!!

Yashi Koshi!!!

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