Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday 30th November 2012…..just me and the kid!!!

Paola did not have school today so I went to pick her up at 9.30am and we spent the first hour doing errands..she is so easy to be with and wants to help with everything.

It is St.Andrew’s day celebrated in Scotland and we went into the main Jardin where we saw this sight


I am sure Paola had never seen bagpipes before!!


This plaza is always busy


and always some interesting sights!!


Paola having a snack!!


It was a few more chores to do then we came back to the house where she spent time on her computer…she really does enjoy it and now knows how to send e mails!!


After lunch we went and took Carolyn’s car back to her and picked up mine….and then I dropped her home around 3pm….we had a great time and she is always so happy and well mannered and just a pleasure to be around.

Tonight I was invited to friend’s of Linda and Guy’s for supper and it is always treat to get invited out and see some of the homes this one was quite close to the city center and a beautiful home with million dollar views…had a good time.

So where did November go?

Yashi Koshi!!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thursday 29th November 2012…you never know what this Pearson boy will do next!!!

When you only have one Auntie and it is her Birthday it has to be a special day….Hope you have a wonderful day Auntie Rita…


I love this photo take in August at Bridlington a sea side resort where we went as kids…Auntie Rita and my Dad’s Brother Uncle Bram….what a lovely couple blessings on this special day!!!

Carolyn is feeling a lot better so this morning we went and hit some tennis balls for 20 minutes..she did well but did not do too much…..I then went to her house and borrowed her SUV because..wait for it….

these last 10 days or so when I have been going out to my new casita there was a feeling in the pit of my stomach that this was not the right place for me and it grew larger each time and then a few days ago Linda and Guy whose home I am staying let me know that they will not be returning until the New year….so I decided last night to terminate my lease……

So I went out there to talk to my landlady who understandably was upset with me but I explained my situation and we parted friends…I made two trips in the SUV and now have all my new stuff at the house here and I gave back the keys.  I feel good about this choice as I had to listen to my heart and my gut feelings..I think on Sunday I will have a small garage sale and I am sure I can sell all the stuff.

So the plan is now to stay here till the  New year then start looking for a place which I know I will find…….

These are big changes and happenings in my life the last few days..I am so happy to have great friends who support and care for me, to have my girls and to be healthy…so a big day but all quiet now..

Yashi Koshi!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wednesday 28th November 2012…a busy day with Paola!!!!

I had called Paola's Mum, Ericka, yesterday to ask if I could have Paola at 10am and return her home in time for school at 2pm…so I was at her house at 10am and she was ready waiting and smiling.  I do find it a little cool sometimes in the morning before the sun comes up but for Paola it is cold, she had a nice warm jacket on but I decided to go buy her gloves for the scooter.

When we are together we try and speak both English and Spanish and it seems to work for both of us…inside the store I told her we were going to buy cat food, garbage bags those I could say in Spanish but gloves I did not know so she told me the Spanish word for gloves is guantes……she found a pair of gloves she liked and whilst I was looking at garbage bags she went around the corner and came back with a bag of cat food and it is the same size and brand that we bought last time…. she has a great memory.

She couldn’t wait to put her new guantes on!!


You can see she has my keys in her hand no matter if we are on the scooter or in the car she likes to turn the key get the engine started or in the car move the gear stick, she just likes to help.

I decided last week that I am just going to take her everywhere I go so the next stop was to a house sale where I bought 8 dollars worth of pots for my new casita, 3 pots and a ceramic cross…..from here we came to the house where she checked her e mails and replied to those of you who were kind enough to write her  THANKS!!!

I made her a snack and she worked on the computer doing games soon I will teach her how to use the Internet and do searches.


Here she found that the gloves were actually two in one so she liked the cut offs!!!!

Just after 12pm we went down town to my last Spanish class…she was a immediate hit Rocio the teacher was so good with her and included her in the class and my class mates loved her…I hope these inter actions will benefit her I know her self confidence grows each time!!!


It was time to leave and we said our goodbyes I have really enjoyed this class and found it so helpful…I drove Paola home in time for her to change for school and told her I will see her at 10am on Friday for more adventures….how I wish I could have Daniela too!

I then went to poker where my winning ways returned with another win of 100 pesos.

So now home relaxing and going to have my crockpot meal that I prepared yesterday!!!

Pura Vida!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tuesday 27th November 2012………where do the days go?

Boring I know but 2 hours of really good tennis again dashed back home to shower and then to class for 12.15pm.  This is really a good class for me the teacher is the best so funny and her pronunciation is perfect I am learning lots.  Today we went into the local market and we were asking prices for veggies and fruits and it was a wonderful learning experience shame it is the last class tomorrow!!!


Our Teacher Rocio!!!

From class I went to my favorite flower stall and bought some flowers


and went to visit my good friend Robin and Ken.

We had a great visit and caught up on all of our news…..

Then went up to my casita and did some sorting out there…I think I have everything I need with the exception of some nice plants for my terrace and roof top….I shall probably move in the first week of December and I think it will look great…..

An old prospector shuffled into the town of El Indio, Texas leading a tired old mule. The old man headed straight for the only saloon in town, to clear his parched throat.

He walked up to the saloon and tied his old mule to the hitch rail.

As he stood there, brushing some of the dust from his face and clothes, a young gunslinger stepped out of the saloon with a gun in one hand and a bottle of whiskey in the other.
The young gunslinger looked at the old man and laughed, saying, "Hey old man, can you dance?"
The old man looked up at the gunslinger and said, "No son, I don't dance... never really wanted to."
A crowd had gathered as the gunslinger grinned and said, "Well, you old fool, you're gonna dance now!" and started shooting at the old man's feet.
The old prospector, not wanting to get a toe blown off, started hopping around like a flea on a hot skillet.
Everybody standing around was laughing.

When his last bullet had been fired, the young gunslinger, still laughing, holstered his gun and turned around to go back into the saloon.
The old man turned to his pack mule, pulled out a double-barrelled 12 gauge shotgun and cocked both hammers.
The loud clicks carried clearly through the desert air. The crowd stopped laughing immediately.
The young gunslinger heard the sounds too, and he turned around very slowly.
The silence was deafening. The crowd watched as the young gunman stared at the old timer and the large gaping holes of those twin 12 gauge barrels.
The barrels of the shotgun never wavered in the old man's hands, as he quietly said;
"Son, have you ever kissed a mule's ass?"
The gunslinger swallowed hard and said, "No sir... but...but I've always wanted to."
There are a few lessons for all of us here:
*Don't be arrogant.
*Don't waste ammunition.
*Whiskey makes you think you're smarter than you are.
*Always make sure you know who is in control.
*And finally, don't screw around with old folks; they didn't
get old by being stupid.
I just love a story with a happy ending, don't you?

Yashi Kochi!!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday 26th November 2012…a stroll down memory lane!!!

Had no appointments till my class at 12.30pm so spent the morning relaxing and sorting out some files on my computer and came across these Bermuda photos……


This was probably around 1974 when I organized and took these boys to San Francisco to play soccer…the tours were always great we did about 8 trips in the years I was there to Atlanta, Toronto, New York, Boston and Fort Lauderdale….we always played the game the following day because the boys would be a bit too merry otherwise…..OK I haven’t given a prize away for a while so the first one to comment and guess which is me in the above photo will get two weeks subscription to my blog!!!!

Do not mess with me!!!!!!

I was undisputed and undefeated middle weight champion of Bermuda!!!!

Record…… one fight one win and I vowed never again!!!


Just in case that is me in the blue!!!

I did many different jobs in the Police Force in Bermuda and here I am ready for one of my many undercover roles….


Young, skinny and HAIRY!!!!!!    My Mum was looking down saying  “Leslie you need a haircut”!!!!


OK enough of that..went to class and it was again really good the teacher is fantastic and I am learning pronunciation!!!

I went straight from there to tennis but at a different location..there is a huge sports complex close to where I live that has soccer fields, basketball, squash and tennis courts and that is where we played men’s doubles but I realize that I do not like to play at 2.00 pm and I really did not care for the court it was a hard-court and my knee is telling me don’t take me there again.

As I cannot get to see Daniela as much as I would like I went and spent some time with her at English class…she is so lovely and her English is slowly coming along when we are together we all benefit from the English/Spanish words we use with each other.

Home for the night and I have homework to do as there is class Tuesday and my last class Wednesday.

I like this quote..


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday 25th November 2012………….more girls!!

Up at 8am and surprised to find yet another live English soccer game on TV so watched that with a large glass of OJ before going to pick up Paola at 9.45am and then to Casa Hogar where I had arranged for about 16 girls to go here…


Do you think the little girls have missed Paola at CH??


So with Daniela and Paola and 5 others we went to the hotel…..there was about 20 participants that had their pancakes on hand for everyone to taste and then choose the best one……..the girls had a great time sampling all different sorts of hotcakes!!




Suddenly Paola’s face lit up as she realized her two younger Brothers, who live in the boy’s home in town, were here!!!


            Leo                                             and                          Alesi


DSCF6802I think this is a great photo!!!




Daniela having her face painted!!

Unlike last year the weather was wonderful and also unlike last year I did not win the massage raffle prize even though I purchased 24 tickets!!!!!!   Linda I guess you are just going to spring the 1200 pesos for the massage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was just a great time and I was hoping to have Daniela for the rest of the afternoon but she and the rest of the girls had to leave at 1pm to go to Mass……so said goodbye to the girls and Paola and I went back and she played on the swings and jumping machine.


Later we went back to the house where we bought the furniture and this time we loaded it all up and took it out to the casita…Paola is such a huge help she always want to help and she did carry a lot of things in….the casita is taking shape now and I think it is going to look lovely and perhaps by the beginning of December I will move in……

Brought Paola back to the house and she went onto her computer and was thrilled to receive her first three e mails…..from Sara, Paola and Jerry and Carolyn….she replied to them all and then she listened to You tube music…….

Took her back home for 5pm and her Mum was happy to see her and I was thrilled to have been with her so much this weekend….

Now back home watching the Grey Cup…for my non Canadian friends this is the Canadian equivalent of the US Super Bowl……..


Yashi Koshi

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saturday 24th November 2012……My Girl!!!!

Had a not bad sleep and I feel a little run down but went to play tennis and had a great two hours of singles which is much harder than doubles but really enjoyed it..i then went to the Saturday morning organic market and bought some very fresh scones, lemon cake and multi grain bread and came home, Catalina the maid was here but she was really sick so I immediately drove her home and came back had lunch whilst watching a live soccer game from England and at 1.30pm went and got my girl....her Mum was home and I asked if I could take her tomorrow for the pancake breakfast and was told yes.....we went to buy the microwave that had been advertised on the civil list and the lady lived three doors down from where Carolyn and I picked up the computer yesterday...the lady with the microwave also had two great carpets that are like 24 inches wide and about 4 feet long so I bought those and I also bought a lovely chair for watching TV it comes with an original milking stool and lovely cushion for the feet and I also got a paper towel holder all for 150 dollars a great deal!!! As we were leaving she asked to see Paola's shoe size went into her bedroom and came back and gave Paola a lovely pair of Converse runners(they are I know are too big for her)..but Paola hugged her and said thank you I am so proud of her, everywhere we go I always get her to say hello, shake hands and give a hug people love I go back tomorrow with the car to pick it up, all I really need in furniture is perhaps a bedside lamp but I have everything else....because the house was so close to where we got the computer I told Paola that back at my house I had a computer for her own and that the man who lives in this house gave it to we knocked on Richard’s door and his wife answered they are a couple in their late seventies and they were thrilled to see us especially when Paola said hello, held out her hand and hugged them and then thanked them for the computer, they as well as me were almost in tears!!!! From there we went to my casita she has not seen it yet and she watered the plants for me and she loved the horses in the yard next door, then back home where I gave her the computer she never stopped smiling..



..I showed her how to set up her email and she has her own e mail account it is

I went to make her a sandwich and when I came back she was playing you tube music and playing a Mario game....


the new shoes are on the left and she tried them on and they are too big for her so she just looked at me and said I will give them to my brother!!!  Don’t you just admire so much genuine love in some one so young!!

Dropped her home and i have decided to just throw myself into her life and see her as often as possible she is great therapy for me.....sad not to get Daniela but I will have time with her at the pancake breakfast tomorrow.


Just had a nice supper and now relaxing watching some TV...

Yashi Koshi

Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday 23 rd November 2012….didn’t do too much today!!!

Nothing on my agenda till late afternoon so spent the day doing some house chores, laundry, computer work, homework and washed the car and scooter….at 5pm I went with Carolyn to a friend of a friend and the organization he helps gives donated and refurbished laptops to the small schools and homes like Casa Hogar.  He had a small notebook that he was willing to donate to Paola…so we picked it up with much gratitude and I am sure Paola will just love it….it is Windows 7 and I tried it out tonight and instant Internet connection at home… I will give it to her tomorrow but I will keep it at the house for her..I know she will be really happy.

Just a quiet night at home tonight I feel just a touch under the weather……..Yashi Koshi!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thursday 22nd November 2012………So Many THANKS!!!!


It would take me too long to list everyone I give thanks to today so suffice it say that my life today is blessed with the love and friendship of so many…thanks to you ALL!!!!



This is the follow up article that I wrote about a few days ago about a high class soccer referee!!!


Mark Clattenburg cleared by FA as Mikel charged

The Football Association has cleared referee Mark Clattenburg of using "inappropriate language" towards Chelsea midfielder John Mikel Obi.

But Mikel, 25, has been charged by the FA with misconduct following his involvement in the incident.

The Blues had claimed Clattenburg directed racial language at Mikel in their home defeat by Manchester United.

Clattenburg said it was "truly frightening" to have faced the prospect that his career might be over.

Following the match at Stamford Bridge on 28 October, the FA interviewed Clattenburg, Mikel and several other Blues players before reaching its decision to clear the official and charge the Nigerian.

"It is alleged that in or around the match officials' changing room at the end of the fixture, Mikel used threatening and/or abusive and/or insulting words and/or behaviour," an FA statement read.

Mikel has until Friday, 30 November to respond. Chelsea have indicated he will not deny the charge but will request a hearing to "explain the mitigating circumstances".

The evidence for Chelsea's allegation towards Clattenburg came from their midfielder Ramires who, when interviewed, explained that his instinctive reaction was to seek confirmation from Mikel as to what the referee said.

Mikel, who was being spoken to by Clattenburg, was much closer than Ramires and did not hear what it is suggested was said to him.

The two assistant referees and the fourth official revealed they did not hear any of the comments Clattenburg was accused of making, despite being linked up to the referee via microphones.

An FA statement also said the complaint by Mikel's team-mate Ramires was "made in good faith".

Clattenburg, 37, has always maintained his innocence and the Metropolitan Police dropped its own inquiry earlier this month.


He missed four weekends of Premier League matches while the FA investigated Chelsea's complaint.

"I am looking forward to putting this behind me and concentrating on refereeing in the Premier League and other competitions," said Clattenburg.

"The messages of encouragement from those inside and outside of the game have helped me through the most stressful time of my professional life.

"To know you were innocent but there was the opportunity for it to wreck your career was truly frightening.

"Racism has no place in football and this experience should not discourage those to speak out if they genuinely believe they are a victim of abuse.

"However, there are processes that should be adhered to in order that any investigation can be carried out in a manner that is fair for all parties involved.

"I know first-hand the ramifications of allegations of this nature being placed into the public domain ahead of a formal process and investigation. I hope no referee has to go through this in the future."

Responding to the announcement, a Chelsea statement said: "Chelsea Football Club accepts the Football Association's decision regarding Mark Clattenburg and welcomes the fact that the FA recognises the club and players were correct in reporting the matter.

"The club accepts the case is now concluded and notes the FA states the allegation was made in good faith.

"Chelsea FC has a duty of care, as do all employers, to act responsibly when such allegations are reported by employees.

"We did not take the decision to lodge a formal complaint with the FA lightly and followed the correct processes and protocols throughout."

Referees' union Prospect, on behalf of Clattenburg, are asking Chelsea for a full apology and compensation.

Police dropped an investigation into the alleged comments towards Chelsea's Mikel and Juan Mata in the Premier League match at Stamford Bridge last month.

Chelsea initially suggested Spanish midfielder Mata had also been verbally abused by Clattenburg, before deciding there was insufficient evidence to support these claims


Had a great two hours of tennis this morning then came home and just relaxed outside in the sun and at 3.30pm when to Karen and Gregg’s house for Thanksgiving dinner…it was a wonderful celebration, the meal was delicious and the company charming a 91 years young lady and her Grandson….Betty could tell some wonderful stories she has been living in SMA for 40 years….thank you it was a great time!!!

Blessings to all!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wednesday 21 st November 2012……down memory lane!!

This morning the workmen from the water company were to come around at 9am and check the house for a water leak…….by noon they were a no show and I had to leave…this is the way that things sometimes work in Mexico….but when I came home I did find a note from them so they at least did show up.

I went to Casa Hogar to arrange for some of the girls to come to a pancake breakfast at a hotel on Sunday but did not see Daniela as she was still at school.  I then went over to Paola's house because I need to get her shoe size as my great friends Paula and Jerry are coming to SMA next month and they want to bring her some slippers but she was not home.  So I went to the house where her Mum works and arranged to see Paola at home tomorrow after tennis.

From here I went to poker where I donated most of my winnings from last week!!!

Next it was to pick up Carolyn we had planned to go to a movie being shown in a small theatre but when we got there we were told the film was broken and unavailable so we went and had supper and then I dropped her home she is finally beginning to feel much better.

When we were at dinner I was telling her about my involvement with Roy and Ken and what special men they were and how blessed I was to have been a part of their lives when they were so unwell…so I went through my photos and found these..

IMG_6890This is Ken..we spent many happy hours doing “stuff” around town..he was such a kind and gentle man!!

Roy and I spent almost six years together every week day for 5 hours a  honorable and kind man ………….


Here is Roy with his partner Eileen in the red and Eileen’s sister in law Irene.

Nice to reminisce about wonderful friends….

A quiet night at home……..Pura Vida!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesday 20th November 2012……….easy day!!

When I left for tennis this morning at 8.45 am it was cool on the scooter and it was cloudy but after about 15 minutes of tennis the sun burst through and stayed all day. Tennis again was really good and touch wood I am happy to report that I am not suffering with any problems with my knee or elbow..I am very strict about wearing my elbow brace and using a warming cream and then afterwards I ice both my knee and my elbow….

Carolyn has now more energy and I went over to help her plant some of my pots for the casita.  Whist there one of her friends came over with his maid and the maid’s beautiful daughter they wanted photos of her in her dress with the fountain…isn’t she adorable???



Now home and doing some homework and a quiet evening planned……I have some e mails to catch up on and some paperwork and some sorting to do…..hope you have a great evening!!!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday 19th November 2012….Holiday!!!


A big holiday in Mexico is Mexican Revolution Day. (November 20th).
In 2010 Mexico celebrated the 200th Anniversary of the Mexican Independence and 100th Anniversary of the Mexican Revolution!
En el 2010 Mexico celebro el BICENTENARIO de la Independencia Mexicana y Centenario de la Revolución Mexicana
The Mexican Revolution took place from 1910 to 1920. It was a "constitutionalist war", basically a fight between the have's and the have not's. Pretty much everyone has heard of its most famous hero, Pancho Villa. Well - here's the story behind this holiday.
Pancho Villa was born Doroteo Arango in 1877 in San Juan del Río, Durango, in north-central Mexico. He lived there until the age of 16, when he murdered a man who had raped his younger sister and was forced to flee for his life. Not much is known about how he spent the next few years of his life, other than that he changed his name to Francisco "Pancho" Villa to elude the law.
By the time he was 20, Pancho Villa had moved northward and was living in Chihuahua, working first as a miner and then as a cattle rustler. Official government biographies list his occupation then as "wholesale meat-seller." In 1899 he returned to mining, this time in Santa Eulalia near Chihuahua. However, he soon tired of the laborer's life and began robbing banks, adding that to the list of crimes he was wanted for by the Mexican government.
In order to avoid capture, Pancho Villa took off with his group of bandit followers into the Sierra mountains of central Mexico in 1900. Over the next decade he became a legendary hero-a Robin Hood to the poor in his country, robbing the rich and sharing with the hungry masses-all the while skillfully evading the government's troops.
On November 20, 1910, the war to overthrow General Porfirio Díaz officially began when Francisco Madero escaped from prison in San Luis Potosí and declared the electoral process in Mexico invalid. General Díaz had been in power since 1876. During those 34 years, Mexico's political stability had improved. Its economy had grown. New industries were established, railroads were built and foreign investment increased. Yet, none of this made any difference in the lives of the vast majority of Mexicans. Peasants and laborers, they were poorer than ever. They were also seriously fed up with their government.
Thus, soon after Francisco I. Madero's declaration of war, Pancho Villa led his men down from the hills to join the revolutionary forces-making the historical transition from bandito to revolucionario. The charismatic Pancho was able to recruit an army of thousands, including a substantial number of Americans, some of whom were made captains in the División del Norte.
Madero's forces were successful. Díaz was overthrown and Madero elected president of Mexico in 1911. However, he was captured and assassinated by one of his own generals-a traitor named Victoriano Huerta soon after. Following Madero's short-lived victory and assassination, Villa remained in command of his División del Norte army in resistance-along with Coahuila's Venustiano Carranza and Sonora's Alvaro Obregon. Together they fought in 1913 and 1914 against the Huerta dictatorship. About this time, Villa also became a folk hero north of the border, in the United States. Hollywood filmmakers and newspaper photographers flocked to Northern Mexico to record his battle exploits-plenty of which were staged for the benefit of the cameras.
Villa's forces were based in Chihuahua, and he ruled over northern Mexico like a medieval warlord. Financing his army by stealing from the seemingly endless cattle herds in northern Mexico, he sold the beef north of the border, where he found plenty of Norteamericano merchants willing to sell him guns and ammunition. In true Robin Hood style, he broke up the vast land holdings of local hacendados and parceled them out to the widows and orphans of his fallen soldiers. Rather than use the government's despised peso, he produced his own money, and any merchant who refused to accept this "new" currency faced the risk of being shot. Executions-often ordered on a whim-weren't often carried out by Pancho himself. Instead, they were carried out by his friend Rodolfo Fierro, best known by his nickname El Carnicero, or The Butcher.
Fighting continued in Mexico until 1920, even though in 1917 a new constitution was adopted. When the U.S. government came out openly in support of the new Carranza presidency, Villa was incensed. He retaliated by raiding U.S border towns-most significantly, Columbus, New Mexico. North of the border, Villa's image plummeted. However, many in Mexico saw him as the avenger of decades of yanqui (Yankee) oppression. Despite his popularity, the combined forces of Carranza and Obregón defeated his army in battle after battle. After two U.S. Army "punitive expeditions" into Mexico in 1916 and 1919 failed to capture and conquer the "Villistas," the Mexican government accepted Villa's surrender and retired him on a general's salary to Canutillo, Durango. He was assassinated near there in 1923.
Pancho Villa is remembered with pride and respect by most people in Mexico. He led the most important military campaigns of the constitutionalist revolution. His troops were victorious as far south as Zacatecas and Mexico City, as far east as Tampico, and as far west as Casas Grandes. Because of Villa's raid into Columbus, New Mexico, and his subsequent evasion of U.S. troops, he also has the added notoriety of being the only foreign military personage ever to have successfully invaded continental U.S. territory!


Pretty easy day Carolyn and I went to Home Depot and Costco and Wal-mart in Celaya..about a 35 minute drive… lots of things for the casita.

Map picture


A quiet night at home catching up on paper work and watching some TV…

Yashi Koshi!!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday 18th November 2012…How many stupid men do you know????

Well I was in bed by 11pm but could not sleep so 3am came real quick…I got all the food and drink packed up and met the rest of the party just around the corner from here ….three ladies Barbara, Adriana and Minna and 6 girls in their big Suburban and me with Paola, Daniela and we also had Chuey……here they are ready to go.


Hindsight is wonderful but the ladies all had cell phones and GPS and I was to follow them, they also had the tickets for the girls and myself……

The drive there was OK but I sure do not like driving in the dark!!

It took 2 hours and when we were about 3 miles from the venue the traffic was horrific…..4 lanes of bumper to bumper and that is where it happened…a bus cut in front of me and then I could not see the girls in their vehicle and I followed all the traffic and realized that we had lost each other.  I had no option but to go on…parking was almost impossible but I did find a field where men were directing cars to park and I parked and then followed the hundreds of people to the entrance to the park.  My only plan was to wait here and hope the group came and we could hook up together but that is when I found out there was 7 entrances.



The girls were really good with this and never complained but I realized that the day was shot there was no way we could get in without tickets and meeting up with the ladies was going to be fruitless… now I am left with 3 kids, communication skills limited, no GPS and trying to find my way out of the huge city and then the girls needed a bathroom……I managed to find them a place for this and then actually getting out of the city was not too bad!!

We had plenty of juice, sandwiches and fruit and Carolyn had given them some books so they were well occupied.

The drive back was easy and at one point my sweetie Daniela said to me in Spanish….are you tired?  and I said yes and she said she would drive!!!!!  What a girl…they got my camera and seemed to be doing OK!!



Chuey is camera shy!!!



I asked the girls what they wanted to do when we got back into town about 11am and as usual they wanted to come to the casa and have Marching, cup of soup!!!

Here they are enjoying…I know that is coke but it is a small can and the first pop they had all day!!!


Whilst they were eating the phone rang and it was Barbara calling from the park just wanted to know if we were safe and I was happy she called and we both realized that the event was so much more than what we realized but they did manage to re sell our tickets so no money out of pocket!!

I then took them into town and to the park where they played for about 45 minutes…




I dropped Daniela and Cheuy off at CH around 2.30pm and they had a great time despite not seeing lots of the balloons…..they were so well behaved but I bet they sleep early tonight.

I then took Paola to her place but there was no one home and she did not have a key so I drove her to where her Mum was working…picked up the key and drove her home, she was all smiles.

So I am now home and it is 5pm and I feel pretty low I think being tired as something to do with that but the day had such potential and I did not take sufficient measures to make it a success….rest assured my cell phone will get activated tomorrow!!!

So to answer the question how many stupid men do you know??

NOW you all know one!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Saturday 17th November 2012…for a change a quiet day!!!

Saturday morning so that means I start my day by having breakfast watching a live soccer game from England and a good one it was too….then off to the courts for 9am for 2 hours of intense and good men’s doubles and back home by 11.30am to watch another live soccer game…do you detect a pattern here???

I then took the afternoon off and went outside and sat in the sun read, did some homework and just relaxed.

Spoke to Carolyn and she is more energized today than she has felt in weeks which is great news but still I think she needs to take it very slowly getting her strength back..she wants to hit some tennis balls so maybe on Monday.

Went over to my casita later in the afternoon and sorted some things and it is beginning to look nice and these photos were taken from my own private roof top terrace!!!




Tomorrow is a big day a group of us 7 girls from Casa Hogar and three ladies plus Paola and myself are driving to Leon for a hot air balloon festival the only issue is that the balloons take off at dawn!!!!  We tried to get a hotel in Leon and leave today but there was no rooms available so we are leaving at 3.30am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YES YOU GOT THAT RIGHT!!!!

I am taking Paola and Daniela and the rest are going in a big Suburban……it will be a different day for the girls and I hope they have lots of fun…I made up a bed in the back of the car with the seats folded down so they can sleep on the drive it is about 90 minutes to Leon..not keen about driving in the dark but will take it easy.

Anyway I went to pick up Paola tonight and dropped her at  the house of one of the ladies going so she could spend the night there and it makes it so much easier..I would have loved for her to stay with me but there is no way I was doing that……so all the girls are together and ready for a day out.

So I better get to bed 3.00am will be here before I know it!!!!

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