Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday 30th June 2010…my only Aunt and Uncle..



Another sunny morning and this day started out by Sara and I going a few minutes out of town to pick our own strawberries…

rita 008

rita 011

Guess which is the box I picked???

rita 014

rita 015

It took us, Ok Ok..Sara,  just 15 minutes to fill the box and the strawberries were awesome.

The Pearson boys then hit the golf links, well the local pitch and put..I think we need some lessons in style…

rita 017 Malc the Pro…

Me the novice

rita 019

and like all games that the Pearson’s play it is hard fought and there has to be a winner and this time it was Nephew Andy….

rita 018 Well done kiddo!!!

For years when I have been travelling here to see my family Janet as always made these delicious cakes which we nick name “Wingies” this trip was no exception the only problem being that Sara also has developed a liking for them so my supply chain is cut in half!!!!!

rita 007

Janet was showing Sara her wedding photos the other night and I could not resist taking photos..

rita 002 Malc is on the right in case you couldn’t tell.  Don’t we look so young and that hair style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rita 004 43 years ago!!!!!!!!

Every morning when I go on my walk I pass this sign it is too cute not to take a photo.

rita 016

In the afternoon Sara and I drove to Doncaster to visit my only remaining Aunt and Uncle, my Dad’s Brother, Bram and Auntie Rita.

If I do not mention that on route I got hopelessly lost not once but twice I am sure Sara would grab the computer and let you all know ANYWAY it was such a lovely evening and Rita cooked another great meal and we talked about my Mum and Dad and I heard stories I had not heard before.  It was special for me for them to meet Sara and Bram looks just like I remember my Dad.

rita 027

rita 025

I know i say it every day but it was another special and happy day!!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday 29th June 2010…day in the moors!!

Sara and I went to Sheffield today to visit my old childhood buddy Ian and his lovely wife Margaret.

We took a ride together into the Derbyshire Moors and passed some lovely countryside…

ian 003

ian 010

ian 015

ian 013

We stopped here

ian 004 and had a lovely lunch and reminisced about our escapades as young kids and I must say Ian remembered much more than I did!!!

We then continued on to a town called Bakewell and when Sara found out this town for known for it’s local dessert called Bakewell tart, she had to sample!!!

ian 005 It looks good.

We had our photo taken here by the waitress…

ian 009

Yes Ian and I are the same age and YES he has dark hair!!!!!!!  Which he did mention more than once.

On the way back Ian drove by the street where I used to live as a young kid and we stopped and I got out for a photo op…..

ian 016

as Sara was taking this photo I noticed a lady by the side of the house and I just asked her if it was OK for me to have a photo as I used to live here as a child.  She absolutely threw me when she asked me if I was a Pearson of the Salvation Army.  I said yes and she told me she bought the house from my parents 41 years ago!!!!!!  How she still remembered our family name is incredible.

We had a great visit and thanks Margaret and Ian for lunch and a wonderful stroll down memory lane.

When we were on our travels last week I picked up this card from one of the B & B’s…

ian 021 and before we left we put the sign on our bedroom door.  When we got back Janet was laughing so hard but it worked because the laundry fairy did this whilst we were gone..

ian 023

Now this is one for the archives you will not see this again!!!!

ian 001

So ends another one of many of those incredible days we have….not many more days left before we leave on Friday…

Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday 28th June 2010…..Not a very merry England today!!!

This will be a rather long post, two days worth, so maybe a cup of tea is needed…

To pick up from yesterday..we continued our journey north and the place we stopped was called Cheddar…

aun 008













aun 007

aun 026

aun 029

We climbed the 274 steps of

aun 010

aun 011 

The view from the top was very clear and reached for miles.

aun 020

Back walking through the town we saw this bike leaning against this shop and I thought it was  just there for appearances and as I was about to take a photo the man got on and rode away.

aun 009

We both thought that this town was too touristy for us and very expensive….

Continuing on the motor way and around 2.30pm we turned off and went in search of a pub to watch the England v Germany soccer game.  It took a while to find a pub which really amazed me because on every corner of every village there is one located.

Anyway we did find one and with two seats available.



aun 032

The local patrons were very noisy and enthusiastic which soon turned to tears and the English team were demolished and lost 4 – 1 and their World Cup  dreams over.

The below is from the BBC website…

If England carry a burning sense of injustice as part of their baggage on the long flight home from South Africa on Monday night, Fabio Capello and his players will fool only themselves.

Capello's complaint about the incompetence of officialdom after England's humiliating last-16 exit against Germany was little more than a flimsy fig leaf when it came to disguising shortcomings exposed in a World Cup campaign that was a monument to mediocrity.

England's coach, of course, had every right to draw attention to one of the worst decisions in the tournament's history as a mitigating factor in their eventual defeat by a vastly-superior Germany.

Capello must not think, however, that Uruguayan linesman Mauricio Espinosa's failure to spot Frank Lampard's clever finish dropping well behind Manuel Neuer's goalline with the score at 2-1 was a defining moment that somehow blocked England's path to glory.

The course of the game may have been altered had Lampard's goal, moments after Matthew Upson had reduced Germany's two-goal lead, stood. On the other hand, it may not.

Germany will simply regard it as schadenfreude, payback time 44 years on for Sir Geoff Hurst's goal in the 1966 World Cup Final that gave England their first and last win in the tournament.

What is beyond dispute is that England's standing in world football was put into context by the manner in which they were comprehensively dismantled by Germany's speed of thought and limb that left a side that arrived here with so much hope looking lumbering and old.


Back on the road we bought strawberries here, reminds me of all those stands I used to frequent in Mexico!!

aun 031

It was now around 6pm and the plan was to get off the motorway again and head for Stratford upon Avon, the birthplace of William Shakespeare.

Sara had mentioned to me earlier that she like to have a Sunday roast beef dinner with Yorkshire pudding.

As we turned off the motorway onto the back roads and on our way about 20 miles to Stratford we came across this pub and we stopped and I went in an enquired if they had dinner, does this answer that question?

aun 037

Over here it is called a Carvery, like a buffet where you help yourself to all the food and they slice and serve the meat for you, the difference is you don’t go back for more, why would you want to??

Turkey, pork, beef, Yorkie, 5 kinds of veggies even apple sauce for me.  It was  simply wonderful and the cost 12 dollars.

Back in the car and now we are looking for a place to stay…not ten minutes later we seen a sign on the side of the road saying Farmhouse B & B so we turned in went about 100 yards and came to this

aun 048

aun 049

I have to interject here and say that my and now Sara and I the amazing luck we seem to have with everything we do and go, not just here in England but everywhere astounds me and it continues here.  This place is a restored pig barn and it is one of the very classiest rooms I have ever stayed in.

aun 047

aun 044 This amazing door leads to the bathroom!!

aun 042

aun 063 The deck leading to our loft room.

aun 038

aun 039 Notice the toilet tank is built into the cabinet.

aun 041 The view looking down from our terrace.

aun 045 Did I mention the fridge with complimentary bottled water, fresh milk, cookies, tea and coffee and I even asked the lady of the house if we could buy some cream for our strawberries which she gave us free of charge and boy were those strawberries delicious.

So now I bet you are asking how much?  Well all this plus a wonderful home cooked breakfast….110 dollars!!!!

As the sun was setting

aun 046

aun 051

we went for a walk down the country lane and talked about our journeys together and how fortunate we were to have found each other and how blessed our lives are.

aun 055 Sara in a wheat field.

Had a great sleep and again woke up this morning to brilliant sunshine and after yet another wonderful breakfast

shaky 001

we travelled down the road to….

the birthplace of

shaky 002

We enjoyed a walk around this very historical and famous town and of course the weather was the same, sunny and warm.

shaky 006

shaky 011

shaky 009

shaky 014

shaky 019

Just a few miles down the road we came to our last tourist attraction…

shaky 026

This was another incredible old part of England’s history and the whole area was quite well preserved.

shaky 029

shaky 034

shaky 038

shaky 041

shaky 055

shaky 059

shaky 070

We had a lovely picnic lunch in the grounds of the castle and then started out for home.

The drive home on the busy motorways was Ok and we arrived home safe and sound at at 6pm.

Janet, Malc and Andrew were there to welcome us and we have had tea and talked about our incredible 7 days and all the things we saw and enjoyed…Sara thanks for being such fun, we had a blast!!!!

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