Saturday, January 31, 2009

January is done, where did it go?

Had a great sleep and Frank and I went for a beach walk this morning, again it was just a spectacular warm day.IMG_3723

No people around so have to settle for feathered friends.IMG_3725


After a couple of hours of house cleaning and arranging the three of us went for a drive to a beach about 20 minutes away.IMG_3727

This could be a post card shot!!!   Around those rocks is where I went snorkelling.IMG_3730 That is how big the fish were that I saw.IMG_3726

Should have a contest to put the best caption to the photo above of Frank!!

This local lady then walked down to where we were and she had a small bowl and then took these two 5 day old turtles out of the bowl and placed them in the sand by the surf.IMG_3734 Soon the surf came up to them and washed them out.  I will leave the story at that and imagine that they swam away and will have a happy life.IMG_3739

On the way to the next beach stop Barb bartered for this fresh watermelon.IMG_3740

This beach was only a few minutes drive away but totally different.  This was a surfer’s beach.IMG_3741





This beach was busy with local young kids catching the waves.

We then went into the local small town for some groceries, decided not to buy any meat today.IMG_3747

Did get bananas though.IMG_3748

Just another shot of the beautiful RV park.IMG_3754

Was a great day lovely and warm and very relaxing, have to get a good sleep because I am going to try my hand at fishing tomorrow, I bought a rod and all the gear and have promised most people in the park fresh fish for supper tomorrow, stay tuned!!!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday 30th January….

Had a really lazy morning and enjoyed my boiled eggs and reading an old English newspaper and at around 9am back on the road again.

Some of the sights on the drive up the coast.IMG_3687



One of the reasons you don’t drive Mexican roads at night.  This beauty was about 6 feet from the side of the road.IMG_3695

Soon it was time for lunch and this was the place I chose, the view to my leftIMG_3699

the view to my rightIMG_3698

You can see it was difficult to find a place to sit with all those people around!!

About 2pm I reached my destination, La Placita which is on the map below just about where the M is on the State word Michoacán, sorry couldn’t get the red push pin inserted.

Map picture

My good Friends Barb and Frank and their camper Annie B were hereIMG_3704 this is the third time I have hooked up with them in Mexico, how nice is that?

We went for a great swimIMG_3709

Again another very crowded beachIMG_3706 







Barb and Frank  cooked a lovely meal and we sat outside and enjoyed these views!!IMG_3710




I am going to stay here till Monday and just relax and enjoy good company, food, sun, swimming, peace, need I go on?

Glad to be back on the Internet thank you for all the e mails.  Hope the weekend is a great one….

Thursday 29th January…

The night was very quiet and I woke up at 8am and I thought I would be stiff, aching and tired but surprisingly I was not any of these things.

Had some fresh strawberries and yogurt and figured before the sun got stronger I would tackle the over 500 steps down to the waterfall.IMG_3627


It was a great way to start the day and it got me thinking how lucky I am to have the strength, energy and strong lungs and legs to do all the things that I do.  So much of my enjoyment is in walking and running and I am so thankful for my health.IMG_3639

Water falls always remind me of my trip to Costa Rica and the waterfalls I saw there, these falls were very lovely.IMG_3640 The big fall on the right is over 100 feet high.IMG_3642








This was a great start to the day and Ramona and I were on the road by 9am heading for the beach!!IMG_3656

The first part of the journey was good toll roadsIMG_3658

but that soon changed for small and narrow switch backs through the mountains.IMG_3660

All worth it for this view!!!!

It is over 9 weeks since I saw the ocean.IMG_3668 Found a nice quiet place to park with ocean viewIMG_3669

or the other way the local soccer field.IMG_3670







Couldn’t wait for my first swim of 2009.IMG_3665 IMG_3662 Then went for a long run on the beach, great therapy after a few hours of driving.








Not very good but it does say Hi Nanaimo!!

Enjoy the sunset with me.





It does feel good to be by the ocean again.  As I was doing my run I thought about the places I have been to in the last few days, what cultural differences and sights.  From the comfort of a beautiful casa in lovely SMA to the hotel with the lovely pools, the Indian village and centuries apart. The volcano, the buried villages and the waterfalls.  Now I have about 7 weeks of beach (bum).

Tomorrow I hope to meet up again with Annie B and Barb and Frank, my friends from Port Alberni.  This will be the third time in Mexico, isn’t life good?

Thursday 5 th January 2023…it was a great run!!!

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