Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday 31st march 2012….where did March go????

Well just a spectacular warm and sunny and clear blue sky of a day!!!!!

Which for me started with a Bonita ride of about 10km south of town and then this beautiful long beach walk…pristine beach and not a soul in sight!!!!!




It was just a great start to the morning!!!

I then went to a small panaderia/ bakery that Lesley showed me yesterday……



Got some nice bread and some treats for those night time movies!!!

Then I just had to come back home and get in the lounger and do you know what!!!!

Around 3.30pm I went to this place


CEDO is a center for the study of deserts and oceans and is an International award winning center for marine and coastal conservation, research and education.

This young lady gave a very informative talk…


and then a really was time well spent!!



I then went down to the harbor mouth and took this photo..


The sad story on this sunset cruise boat is that Lesley and a group of her friends were on board last October when the boat got into trouble in the channel lost its rudder and listed and partially sank all the passengers went overboard and sad to say an 81 year old lady did not survive. The boat was brought back into the harbor but last week in another huge storm it drifted out of the harbor to where in now rests!!!!

So showered and all cleaned up and listening to the Canucks hockey on the computer…..hope your weekend is going well!!


Yashi Kochi!!!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday 30th March 2012…..Ramona’s spa day!!!

8.30am and the two young arrived to give Ramona her treatments after all these thousands of miles she deserves a treat…so she is now fully washed and waxed and I think you will agree she looks quite lovely!!!


Worth every bit of the 500 pesos!!!!!

I then packed a lunch and drove to the other side of town for my beach walk on roads like this!!!



Again another enjoyable few miles of empty beaches!!!


This afternoon Lesley picked me up and she took me on a tour of the town and some of the small communities  outside of town, a nice treat!!

Tonight she invited me over for home made pea soup…YummY!!!!!!!!  Thanks so much a wonderful meal and company!!

Now listening to the Canucks hockey then it will be movie night!!



Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday 29th March 2012..Did I mention the sun shines all day???

Went for a great long beach walk this morning after breakfast I reckon close to 5 miles on deserted beaches!!!



I always I enjoy the tranquility of these walks and I get many things accomplished, well in my mind anyway!!!

Came back and my lounger chair was calling out my name so spent a few hours doing the boring usual stuff you know…sunbathing, sleeping, reading, eating, drinking and yes Paula some snoring going off I am sure!!!!

I then went into town and checked out the Malecon I will come on Saturday and explore on foot.



I noticed c lose to the RV park is a huge hill which I thought would be a good point for sunsets shots so off I went on Bonita!!!


This is looking back in the direction of the RV park about in the middle and on the beach way in the distance you can just make out a high rise that is where I walked to this morning!!!


This house is left unfinished a Drug lord is is supposed to have been the owner!!!


Please enjoy the sunset!!!








Robin was at Casa Hogar today and sent me this photo!!!

Paola and little sweetheart Melanie!!!!


Also Carolyn went to Casa Hogar and delivered the letters I had written to the girls unfortunately Daniela was in an appointment….



Carolyn also sent me more Jacaranda tree photos..thank you!!


So another lovely day ..I was checking the calendar and I did not want to cross the border over the weekend so I booked another two nights here and now leave on Monday, so a few more days of a beach bum!!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!

Wednesday 28th March 2012……checking out the town!!!

It is I think 5 years since I was last in this town which when translated is called Rocky Point and on my walk this morning I realize why it got that name!!!





I then went into the old part of town and this is the restaurant that Linda and Guy spent a lot of years making very successful!!!


Sad to say the town has died in recent years and this whole block is up for sale or rent and the streets are deserted!!!


This store has been here for years I have never quite seen so much junk in all my life I think the caption here should be..”Honey I am just going in for a look around be back in 5!!!!!!!”


I stopped in at the the little hotel where I first stayed and Jorge the owner remembered me and my name..this is the hotel where Al Capone used to stay and the rooms used to be brothels!!!


I came back to the park and the guy that was going to look at at water intake valve problem came over and lucky for me he had the part that I needed…which was the whole system and he  installed it and I am good to go unfortunately he was an American repair man and he changed USA prices…. 60 dollars total but it is installed and works so I am happy!!!



I then spent a couple of hours in the park on R & R duty and an amazing place in those two hours I was approached by a man selling shrimp from his car, a vendor selling blankets, a lady selling baskets and another guy who was in a car with two women asking if I wanted a woman for the afternoon!!!!!!  Only in Mexico!!!

This evening I took Lesley out for dinner and we went to Ramón's restaurant, he is the man that worked for Linda and Guy for years and he now owns his own place, sad to say he is out of town for a couple of days so we did not get to see him but the food was really good but only 4 people there!!!!

The Wi-Fi is down at the moment so I will post when I can….blessings !!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday 27th march 2012…a long driving day!!!

I left this morning at 8.30am and the first couple of hundred miles were on Toll roads so easy cruise control driving..I did have to by pass a couple of big towns always fun especially when they have road works and detour signs but made it OK.

I did have to pass through two Military check points glad I am not in the truck lane!!!!


At both checkpoints a soldier actually came inside and opened every cupboard but no outside storage compartments, go figure and the first one he asked me if I had any Coke Cola or marijuana…I said no to both!!!


I enjoyed the drive Ramona was a perfect lady and stopped for snacks and listened to a live soccer game on the radio….a good drive arriving in Puerto Penasco around 4pm!!!

Map picture
Map picture

This is the town I first came to about 11 years ago and where I met Linda and Guy and I came here every Winter for three or four years so I know the town well and shall enjoy exploring..I also met Lesley  and her husband Loni here at that time and became friends…..almost 6 years ago Lesley lost her husband but she still comes and stays here every winter…she is just across the street from where I am so I went and had a nice visit with her and like me she still has her English accent!!

The park is really nice and I could have got an ocean front spot but elected not to…full amenities for 250 pesos per night and I have booked in for 4 nights!!



The ocean is about 40 yards away!!!


Sara sent me these photos of her last visit to Casa Hogar…


My Dani on the right and the one below is cute it is of my special little girl Melanie…we came became really close this winter and every time we went to a concert she always wanted to sit with me, she is 5 years old and adorable…here she has wrote …”she wants to play futball with Les”!!!!


So another good day…Yashi Kochi!!!!

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