Monday, December 31, 2018

Monday 31st December 2018..another one flew by!!!!!

Isabel resting and I think she has more hair than me..certainly darker!!!!!!!!

Felling much better today but I still did cancel my gym session for this morning as my energy levels are still depleted....

Spent the morning morning doing a few chores and then went into the market and bought two bicycle pumps....I have a work party coming on Thursday to pump up the 315 soccer of my workers is bringing a compressor ..another a hand pump so I thought to more would really help and then when we deliver the balls to the two big schools of Friday I will leave the pumps in the school office that way the boys will be able to get hem inflated when they have the need!!

Took the afternoon off read, slept and did the final paperwork for the toy drive....

Around 5 pm I took the dogs out to their favourite walk it was lovely and sunny and warm.

I am no home for the night..I was invited to a couple of parties but really do not have the motivation or energy to go and anyway at midnight there  is a huge firework display from the central Jardin and from the upper balcony at the house here I get a great view...

So the plan is to have a soak in the a movie and stay awake till midnight!!

This is how they do it in Mexico!!

Mexican Traditions!!!

Whether you are looking for wealth, health or true love in 2019, there is a ritual for you

Buy some grapes, pack a suitcase and take care choosing the color of your underwear on Monday. Those are just three New Year’s Eve traditions in Mexico with which you can kick off the new year.

The idea of starting afresh is appealing to many who see the new year as a chance for a clean slate and a new start. Many will be thinking of resolutions to guide them into the coming year.

All over the world there are traditions with which to see in the new year and Mexico is no exception, with a number of rituals to clear out the old and bring in the new. Here are a few that you may want to try.

The 12 grapes of new year

Stock up on seedless grapes before your New Year’s Eve party to take part in the 12-grape ritual common in many parts of the country. It is likely that the tradition came to Mexico from Spain, but nonetheless the practice of eating 12 grapes in the countdown to midnight (or some say at the stroke of midnight) remains incredibly popular.

Take each grape and make a wish on each one as you pop them into your mouth. Some say that if the grape is sweet you will get your wish but if it is bitter you might be in for a tricky month, so pay attention to the flavor of each fruit as you chomp them down.

The empty suitcase

If you want travel to be in your future in 2019 get some suitcases ready on New Year’s Eve. Don’t pack the suitcases, however, because for this ritual they should be empty. As the clock strikes midnight, grab your bags and head out for a walk around the block under the light of the moon. The belief is that this ritual will ensure that you get to enjoy new horizons in the coming year.

The color of your underwear matters

You might notice that markets and supermarkets in Mexico are selling lots of underwear in bright red, yellow and green colors in the lead-up to New Year’s. This is because according to tradition the color of your New Year’s Eve panties can help you attract what you are most looking for in the coming year.

Don a red pair if you are looking for love, yellow if you want to attract wealth and green if you want good health. You may also choose to wear white underwear if you are looking for a more peaceful 12 months in 2019.

Sweep out the old to make space for abundance

Grab a broom and get ready to sweep out the old. On New Year’s Eve, a common ritual is to ceremoniously sweep dirt out from the front door of the house before throwing some coins outside the door and then sweeping them back inside. The symbolism of this ritual is rather obvious: letting go of the old and welcoming in the wealth. Get your brooms and coins ready if wealth and abundance are what you are after in the coming year.

Burning of the old year

In Quintana Roo and some other parts of Mexico there is a tradition, likely Spanish in origin as well, that involves making a doll that acts like an effigy of all the bad or stagnant energies of things from the previous year. The doll sometimes represents a political figure but can just be a symbolistic representation of all of the negative occurrences from the last 12 months.

At midnight the doll is burned. As it goes up in smoke and disappears it takes all of those bad things from the previous year with it.

Bringing light into the new year

The universal symbolism of light plays a role in this New Year’s tradition. Light up your house by turning on all the lights before midnight so that your home is as bright as possible. The idea is that the light will attract prosperity and abundance in the year to come.

Pick the color of your candles wisely

Another tradition related to light is to burn a particular color candle depending on what you are hoping to attract in the new year. If you want a peaceful year light a blue candle, if you are looking for abundance find yourself a yellow one, for love light a red one or to rid yourself of negative energies, a purple candle is for you.

Green candles are said to bring good health, orange ones attract success and if things are a little muddled and you need some clarity, light up a white candle to help clear the way in 2019. Once lit, it is believed that your candle should not be put out until it has burned all the way down so that all the positive energy fills your home.

Let there be lentils

If you are hoping for an abundant 2019 make sure to cook up some lentils on December 31. At the stroke of midnight, grab a spoonful of the cooked lentils and eat them. It is quite likely that this tradition comes from Roman times when a purse of lentils would be given to friends or family with the idea that they would become gold coins.

The abundant sheep

You may have seen a number of stores and market stalls around Mexico selling sheep figurines alongside things like candles, crystals, potions and lotions. This is because sheep are believed to bring abundance. Once purchased, place your sheep by the front door, maybe with a gold coin or two, and wait for the money to come rolling in in 2019.

Wear something new while enjoying your New Year’s dinner

Another tradition is to wear a new item of clothing or accessory to your New Year’s dinner or festivities. It is said that this will help attract abundance in the coming year. Out with the old, in with the new, as they say.

Whatever form your New Year’s Eve takes, here’s hoping that all your wishes come true.

Yashi Kochi!!!

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Sunday 30th December 2018...happy birthday Isabel!!!

Glad to report I feel much better this morning and was woken up at 5 am to the news that Isabel was on her way in to this world and she did in fact arrive at around 11 am....

A few minutes old...

Already not a happy gal...

Much more peaceful now.

Emily, her husband Ryan and little Jonah and Grandma Gracie are all doing well....also I was told it was snowing outside when she arrived!!!!

I have my appetite back but still watching what I eat and not doing too much....

Did a few chores and then took the dogs on a new hike by the little village boy Jalpa!!

This is the view of the village from the hills...see the church?

Now close up...

The Pressa...

The dogs had fun tired them out and rested up when they got back home..

Had a nice small dish of turkey dinner heading for a long soak in the tub and a movie...

Welcome Isabel!!!

Yashi Kochi!!

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Saturday 29th December 2018...a special birthday!!!

Today is a special day for Uncle Bram, my Dad’s brother!!!!

He turns 92 years young and he still goes ball room dancing and once a week plays badminton....he is amazing Happy Birthday!

If anyone wants to know what my Dad looked like....just look at Bram!!!!

Today is also my good friend Anne’s birthday, she lives just outside of London and I told her I sent her some flowers two months ago but they have not arrived!!!­čą┤

These shots were taken around 6am from the bedroom patio!!!

Well that was quite a night last night I was really sick but happy to report after my last bout of vomiting I felt immediately much better...I still have no energy so today was lots of naps with little chores around the house and I did get enough energy to take the dogs out to the mountains...they seem to know that all is not well with me and are being very good!!

So in the last 36 hours all I have had to eat is a protein bar and two slices of toast just no appetite although I am drinking lots of water with a pinch of salt and sugar...

Tonight I think I will have some scrambled eggs and toast.....I do feel much much better but already know my liking of pea soup has ended!!

Baby watch.......still no Isabel maybe she will make an appearance on the date she was first predicted...New Years eve!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

Friday, December 28, 2018

Friday 28th December 2018.....the phot below tells all!

Holy Innocents

In Mexico and all over the Catholic world, December 28 commemorates the Santos Inocentes or Holy Innocents, considered the first Christian martyrs. Upon hearing of the birth of Jesus, King Herod ordered the death of every child in Bethlehem under the age of two in an effort to wipe out all competition to his throne. But an angel warned the Holy Family and they sought refuge in a foreign land to save the life of their baby, the Christ child.

In Mexico — as well as Spain and other Latin American countries — December 28 is the equivalent of April Fool's Day. Although it may seem irreverent, jokes of all kinds are played on the innocents. Fortunately, the jokes are well taken.

Among the traditions, this poem is recited after someone has been fooled:

Inocente palomita,
Que te dejaste enga├▒ar,
Sabiendo que en este d├şa
Nada se debe prestar.

Innocent little dove,

You let yourself be fooled,

Knowing that on this day

Nothing should be lent.

People make the most outlandish statements. They tell others shocking news like they're going to be parents, or they're getting married to someone else's sweetheart. In this electronic world, Facebook postings are a way of fooling friends at home and farther afield. For example, my brother posted that he'd won a scholarship and would be spending the next three years away at school. It wasn't true, but all day long he received e-mails of congratulations and encouragement, much to his perverse delight.

The news media also play a part in this traditional day. Newspapers often have two front pages — one with real information and another with headlines that are hard to believe. These reports are always something unexpected such as surprise marriages between politicians and famous musicians, huge salary donations by politicians, silly archeological discoveries and other improbable news.

Television journalists also prepare astonishing and hard to believe headlines and, if you're caught off guard, you can be fooled.

Fortunately for teachers, the holiday falls during Christmas vacations.

Well it was not a joke at a trick that I got quite sick last night......I had made some pea soup and think I did not cook it long enough....I started throwing up in the evening and was in bed by 8pm. All my energy had deserted me...

I slept OK but this morning it was more of the same for the first time I can remember I did not leave the house sleeping most of the day....

I am starting to feel a little better and had some toast but I have cancelled my tennis for hopefully will be “normal” manana!!!

Yashi Kochi!!

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Thursday 27th December felt like a day off!!

To avoid any issues please go and read my first paragraph from yesterday’s blog to save myself repeating my words!!!!

These were taken before 7.30 am this morning!!

Came home and spent the afternoon in the garden, sweeping, cleaning , watering and generally tidying  up!!

I then went to my casita and spent some time sorting the gifts and getting them into the right numbers for each of the five schools!!!

Came back and picked up the dogs and took them out to our regular walking spot and now home for the night.

Just had a long soak in the tub with my music playing.....I then had the last of my Christmas dinner and now going to watch a movie!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Wednesday 26th December 2018.....and again!!!

OK I know I sound like a broken record but it is just true..another great two hours of tennis this morning under blue and sunny skies!!!

Did some chores in town and then off to get another great donation and I do believe I know have enough cash to pay for all 604 registered children and about 150 small gifts for the extra kids..thank you everyone!!!

Poker was good again this afternoon and again a broken record but the winning ways still continue with a 200 pesos win!!

Came home and took the dogs to their favourite walk in the country they do love that....

Now a quiet night at home..

Baby watch!!!!  Still no baby!!

This is interesting article..

I participated in this event about twenty years ago and yes it was cold!!!

When I met Paola the other day I did not have my camera but Paola had her phone and she sent this to me..this is one of the tops that Paula and Jerry bought for her!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Tuesday 25th December 2018.....a day of celebrations!!!

What a beautiful Christmas morning this was taken around 8 am......

The dogs had their stockings to open and Einstein loved his toy he also like Scout’s toy too....

Off to the tennis courts great to hill boys on this day especially before all the eating that I knew was to come.

My first stop was at Barbs and Fred’s house, he is one of the poker players and his family tradition bid a buffet breakfast....

I can only imagine how much this must have been but all the food was delicious...

Then it was off to the local restaurant around the corner from my casita where I had pre ordered two Christmas dinners...are you getting the idea I like turkey!!

Picked them up and then off to Jen’s my lovely casita owner for a small gathering and I did limit my eating.....

Paula and Jerry bought me a T shirt that they told me I was to wear when I deliver the Three Kings gifts in January but they wanted me to wear it today...never one to disappoint anyone!!

Came home and picked up the dogs and took them to their favourite walk out in the country....

Had part of the dinner and it was really good.....a nice bath and now a movie!!

Spoke to my family England this morning they were just sitting down to dinner and also spoke to Gracie who was sitting down to breakfast and sadly no Christmas baby arrival...the watch continues!!

Hope you day was special!!!

Yashi Kochi!!

Monday, December 24, 2018

Monday 24th December 2018....Tis the season!!!!

Happy holidays.......a quiet relaxing time this morning before I went to the tennis courts for 11am...I had been invited to play with a different group and it was good tennis a bit higher standard than my usual group..a lot of fun and I hope I get asked to play again!!!

I had lost touch with Paola again but was able to reach her a couple of days ago and we arranged to meet in the park and she was there on time and with her was her older brother he is about 19 and to be honest he has never liked me..all those years ago when I was seeing Paola regularly bringing her and her Mum many things including things for the house he would never acknowledge me and when I bought Paola a bike for Christmas he trashed it three weeks I was surprised to see him and I wonder about the family dynamics did he Mother send him I just don’t know anyway he sat on the bench but never spoke to me....

Paula and Jerry and brought some wonderful clothes down for her and I gave her those and she loved them and put one of the sweaters on right away....I asked her if she wanted to go back to the dentist again and she does so that will be good....

It was good to see her I gave her 500 pesos and a 100 pesos for a taxi home to the campo!!!!

This evening I went here

For the carol service and I did not really care for it...a lot of carols that I have never heard and a lot of scripture readings....

Tonight I was invited to Sara’s house she had a few friends over for drinks and I stayed a little while and now home with the babies!!!

This was this afternoon on the deck!!

I do like this quotation!!

Baby update......still no BABY!!!!

Wish you all a very safe, healthy and happy holiday!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Sunday 23 rd December 2018...a lovely concert!!

Had a really good sleep and woke up to sun and warmth and these views from Gracie’s balconies!!!!

After breakfast and taking these kids

For a Scouts shadow!!!!

This morning I went to the Hotel Aldea sorry did not photos but the grounds in this property are the nicest I have seen!!!

This was the reason for my visit..

They were having a musical concert...

The room was packed and the music was quite amazing..the talent in this town is incredible..I loved the ending postlude...The Hallelujah Chorus!!!!

Came home did some laundry it will dry very quickly...had some lunch and then sunbathe on the top deck with these views!!!

The front entrance...

Then it was time to get to work I swept watered and cleaned all three decks..most of the plants are succulents and need little water!!!!

Now heading for a bath!!!!

Hope your day was a good one!!!

Still no baby in New Jersey Gracie reports!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Saturday 22nd December 2018....farewells!!

Quite a cold night and I needed my sweat pants on to drive the scooter to tennis this morning...our usual Saturday morning group always fun, competitive and always some good banter...the sun shone the whole time and it was a great morning!!

I then went to the Saturday organic market and bought a few things..and then came home and took these two cuties for a walk!!!

I then went back to the RV to say good bye to my friends they leave tomorrow..a nice surly another couple of my friends had just arrived, Chris and Juan...we sat around for a short happy hour....and it was great to see Paula and Jerry, Gail and Bill and now Chris and Juan travels tomorrow!!!

A quiet night at home with tea, a mini pumpkin pie and a movie

Yashi Kochi!!

Friday, December 21, 2018

Friday 21st December road trip!!!

Today was going to be me playing tour guide and driver but first I had to go into town to meet a very kind lady who donated 1000 pesos for Three Kings....then out to the RV park to see my friends...

Sadly Jerry’s Mum passed away two days ago but at least he was able to be at her side and comfort his sister...he flies back tomorrow afternoon...

Then Gail was not feeling well so it was just Paula, Bill and myself....

We started out by driving here..

The Sanctuary of Atotonilco (Spanish: Santuario de Jes├║s Nazareno de Atotonilco [atoto╦łnilko]) is a church complex and part of a World Heritage Site, designated along with nearby San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico. The complex was built in the 18th century by Father Luis Felipe Neri de Alfaro, who, according to tradition, was called upon by a vision of Jesus with a crown of thorns on his head and carrying a cross. The main feature of the complex is the rich Mexican Baroque mural work that adorns the main nave and chapels. This was chiefly the work of Antonio Mart├şnez de Pocasangre over a period of thirty years. The mural work has led the complex to be dubbed the "Sistine Chapel of Mexico."[1] The complex remains a place of worship and penance to this day, attracting as many as 5,000 visitors every week.

It is a lovely church and we were there before the crowds...I am practicing with my camera so be patient with me with these shots today!!

Then it was onto the road of the Little Chapels...I have done this route before and I thought at this time of the year the churches would be decorated..but not to be but they are still very colourful and pretty...

I like the shadows of the flags..

Like the bell

And the cactus...

We then went to the biggest tree in this State!!..

The little village  was certainly decorated..a lot of work to put all those balloons up!!!

Cannot tell the size here..

But you can now..

Then into town to buy some produce, visit the bakery have lunch at Oko and shop at La Comer and back home five hours was a fun time and nice to be with good friends.

Came home took the dogs for a long walk and had a sandwich and then off to town for this concert!!

Mauro is Gracie’s piano teacher and I have heard him before he is quite was a lovely concert!!

So a full day and for shortest day of the year a beautiful sunny day!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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