Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday 28th February…already!!!!

Last day of the month this month went by so fast.

This morning I took a walk of about 30 minutes to an old run down former mansion which was owned by a crooked government official (I know that is hard to believe).  This was  a place that someone staying in the villas had told me about.

So I find the house way up in the middle of no where,  high on a hill and there is this local man who has the key to the huge gate but he is asking for a donation to let me in.  I offered him 30 pesos, believe me this was no tourist stop, but he insisted on me paying him 200 pesos.  In best Spanish I told him no way, “Carro, carro” but he insisted so I said good bye and walked back down the hill after taking these few shots from outside the gate.IMG_4339



I don’t mind paying and I think I am very generous with the local people but this was just too much.

Went fishing again this afternoon and Paco I got you again, another trophy fish landed by the kid and of course returned to the depths after the photo.IMG_4343

Another cruise ship was in the bay for a few hoursIMG_4342 today.


So there it is February gone…I have arranged to go deep sea charter fishing on Tuesday this will be a firs for me and I am really looking forward to the day.

I wish you all a great weekend….

Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday 27th February…wow where did the month go?

This month sure went by fast the days just seem to blend into one another.

I spent the morning cleaning the inside of Ramona she looks like brand new.IMG_4302 











My family and my girls!!

Spent the afternoon on the beach and it was just a lazy day, my legs are a little sore maybe I will take off from the morning run tomorrow.

Tried to capture the moon and a bright star but night shots are not that good.IMG_4316


The most recent shot without my Hollywood stubble..IMG_4326

I want to thank those kind readers who sent me messages of good will in light of the unrest here and to remind everyone that I am safe and happy.  Obviously I don’t go out in the evenings to bars and down town but the times I am in town and around the locals feel like I have always felt, secure, safe and welcomed.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday 26th February…my home town today!!!


Say no more!!!

Thursday 26th February…quite a day…..Police patrol attacked in Zihuatanejo, 4 cops killed. Gunmen killed four municipal police officers in the Pacific resort town of Zihuatanejo on Wednesday, four days after a grenade attack on a police station in the city, the media reported. according to the reports, the officers were on a routine patrol Wednesday evening when they were ambushed by a group of 10 assailants, who opened fire with high-powered rifles and a grenade launcher. The patrol car reportedly burst into flames during the attack, burning the victims. On Saturday, gunmen threw two grenades at the main police station in Zihuatanejo, injuring an officer and four civilians. On Monday, more than 300 officers in the city walked off the job to demand better pay and benefits to compensate for the rising dangers they face from drug violence.


This is a fall out between drug cartels and the Government and even in paradise there are problems although walking down town today there is no sense of danger and it seems like a regular day.

My condolences go out to the families of the fallen officers!!

The big game was today!!!

Hull City 2-1 Sheffield United


Peter Halmosi turns in a Nick Barmby cross to give Hull a 2-1 win over Sheffield United

Halmosi steers in the winner for Hull against Sheff Utd

Hull booked their FA Cup quarter-final spot with a win over Sheffield United in a fifth-round replay.

The home side went ahead after Blades defender Kyle Naughton's header was adjudged to have crossed his own goal-line after bouncing off the crossbar.

It was a controversial decision but Billy Sharp poked in a shot to level.

Sharp had a strong penalty shout turned down after a Kamil Zayatte foul before Peter Halmosi guided in a Nick Barmby cross for Hull's winner.

Hull have reached the last eight for the first time in 38 years and will now play either Arsenal or Burnley, while Sheffield United will feel aggrieved at the decisions which went against them in the tie.

However, Hull's appetite to progress in the competition may have been questioned looking at their starting line-up for the game.




Manager Phil Brown rested Ian Ashbee and made seven changes from the side which lost to Tottenham on Monday, with his priority Premier League survival.

But the home side quickly grabbed a stranglehold on the game and imposed themselves on a depleted Blades side, who could not name a full complement of seven substitutes.

Halmosi outmuscled and outpaced Naughton to get a low cross in for Barmby but he could only side foot horribly over.

Zayatte headed wide at the near post as Hull piled on the pressure before they contentiously took the lead.

Naughton inadvertently powered a header at his own goal and, after the ball bounced off the own crossbar, a goal was given, with the officials deeming that the ball had crossed the line.

It was a close call and did not go down well with the Sheffield United camp after replays on the big screens at the KC Stadium.

A sense of injustice drove the visitors forward and they were rewarded with an equaliser.

Greg Halford crossed to the far post where Lee Hendrie guided a header across goal for Sharp to turn in from close range.

Hull were rattled and Sharp should have had the chance to add a second but the Blades striker was booked for diving instead of getting a penalty after Zayatte clipped his ankle.

Halmosi compounded Sheffield United's misery when he stole in at the near post to steer in Barmby's cross.

It looked as though Hull had eventually done enough to shrug off their determined opponents and so it proved as the Blades failed to muster a second wind.

Hull City boss Phil Brown:
"I'm happy with the commitment and the way the players are performing.

"But, when the pressure situation comes along everyone tightens up a bit.

"You saw a bit of that towards the end of the game. But if a side has two shots in the second half and don't hit the target, then we're worthy winners."

Sheffield United boss Kevin Blackwell:
"There first wasn't a goal. It hasn't crossed the line.

"I've seen a replay (of the Billy Sharp foul). It is a penalty. The officials have been poor and need to look at themselves.

"To be knocked out is disappointing. We feel we have been robbed."


Thanks to Andy watched the game live this afternoon.IMG_4292

Some where here my brother is gloating!!!!IMG_4293

One of my pet peeves as a soccer referee is when teams leave the field of play thinking they lost because of the Referee.  Having said that I do believe that today’s Referee made two very costly mistakes for my team BUT they did not deserve to win and congratulations to the Mighty TIGERS and Mally and Andy, here I am tonight showing true support and then eating a huge dose of humble pie!!IMG_4300 Ok I forgot to shave this morning!!

Went for a walk this morning into town, passed this neat scene on the way in.IMG_4270

Went into the local market and it was a hive of smells, noise and activity, although not much activity for these birdies!!!IMG_4272


Then another one of those you had to be there moments.  I was walking by the stalls and at the fish stall these 4 young ladies and the two old guys with music put on a song and dance routine, wish I had a video of this.IMG_4279


IMG_4280 IMG_4278

IMG_4282 This little girl had all the moves it was the best 5 minutes of the day!!!

After the game this afternoon went fishing again.  That same yellow fish was there.IMG_4298


Caught this beautyIMG_4283

then immediately ran down to the local fish market and put it on ice!!!!!!!

So a different day tinged with sadness and highlighted by a free spirited little girl, loss of a soccer game seems quite unimportant in the grand scheme….blessings to all

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday 25th February…another day..

Did all the usual morning stuff and then did something I have never done before.

I had arranged to meet a man who I connected with from a RV forum and he was coming here to talk to me about going out on a charter fishing boat, so I was destined to stay by the pool till he showed.

Last night I had finished reading yet another great novel and in choosing another one from my library of about 15 books I decided on this one, which was lent to me by a friend.IMG_4252

So I sat by the pool and started the book and two hours later I had not moved and I had finished the book.  Never done that before and I really enjoyed the true story of emotions and passions much different from the usual “who dunnit”  books that I tend to like and read.

The man came about the fishing and we will go out in the next few days and I look forward to that.

I then took my snorkel gear and walked over the rocks to the next little bay to do some fish watching.IMG_4242

That line of rocks is where I am heading.IMG_4244

Just call me Jacques Cusstoe(Cousteau)IMG_4245

Saw plenty of fish and even some were nibbling my toes,  I had my water shoes on and a good job because no fish in his or her right mind would even attempt to nibble my funny toes!!!

After a while I sat on the beach and took this photo and thought of my dear old Dad!!

After my Mum passed away Dad started travelling again after about 18 months and he went to some pretty amazing places that I have not been to(travelling must be in my blood).  He would take many pictures but everywhere he went he ALWAYS took a picture with his back pack in the view, to show where he had been.  That was a well travelled and photographed back pack.  So Dad this one is for you and I know how much you would have loved to be with me on these journeys I am taking, miss you!!IMG_4249

When I came back to the RV park I heard a noise up high in the palm tree in the next lot. 



Do you spot the guy up the palm tree?IMG_4255

Watched him cut down the coconutsIMG_4262 then lower them to the groundIMG_4264


Then he scrambled down the palmIMG_4268

I thought he deserves a drink so I took some beers from the fridge and went outside and around the corner and gave them the beersIMG_4269 can you guess what they offered me??

So another day goes by and another day that was so enjoyable.

Get ready for the bid soccer grudge match tomorrow …the Pearson boys clash!!!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday 24th February…..

Mexican police force on strike after grenade attack


This was taken off the internet this morning..


MEXICO CITY, Feb 23 (Reuters)- The entire local police force in a Mexican beach resort town walked off the job on Monday demanding better pay and benefits to compensate for the rising dangers they face from drug violence.
More than 300 municipal police officers in Zihuatanejo, a town on the Pacific coast north of Acapulco popular with foreign tourists, went on strike after grenades were lobbed at their offices over the weekend.
Some 6,000 people were killed last year in clashes between rival drug cartels and security forces that have escalated since President Felipe Calderon deployed some 45,000 soldiers and federal police around Mexico to clamp down on cartels.
More than 500 of those killed in last year's drug violence were police.
On Saturday, gunmen threw two grenades at the main police station in Zihuatanejo. While no one was killed, police say they are not adequately covered if a future attack is fatal.
"We are seeing a lot things here that we have never seen before. It is our job to serve the citizens, but we need assurances that our families will be protected if one of us is killed," a member of Zihuatanejo's municipal police told Reuters.
The police want to have direct talks with Calderon to request improved benefits and an increase in their roughly $350 (5,200 pesos) per month salaries before they go back to work.  End of article.


I try to keep up with the news and I know that the majority of the people killed are close to the border towns but obviously there are issues everywhere.  I don’t look through rose tinted glasses and I can truly say I see no problems in the areas I go into and I do stray off the main touristy places.  Without exception everyone I meet is friendly but obviously I will keep my guard up.

Went for an adventure today the destination beingIMG_4239

Playa Troncones.  A lot of the fun is getting there…first of all is was the local bus into town, 5 pesos.  Then walked to the main bus station where I caught this babyIMG_4207

and this is how they driveIMG_4208

with this door open the whole time and there is a teenaged boy who helps people on and off with their kids, groceries or animals, he also collects the fare, for me 12 pesos and a ride of about 25 minutes to the main road and the turn off for the beach.  Then another 12 pesos ride in a kombi type van to the beach.  It took about 90 minutes to get here.

I have been to some truly wonderful beaches in my life including England, Spain, Portugal, South Africa, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Bermuda, USA and Mexico and this beach today was absolutely lovely.  The water clear, clean and warm, the sand soft, the sights gorgeous, no vendors and a mountain back drop, please enjoy your trip up and down the beach.IMG_4209










Feeding frenzy…IMG_4223




Now how many of you have never been on a boogie board?

Well you are in for a treat because I am going to take you on a trip on Bram the boogie board!!!!IMG_4218

So you hold on tight..IMG_4227

and then go with the wave..IMG_4228

it gets rougher..IMG_4229

what a thrill eh??IMG_4230

This photo is for my Bro, Mally, see I am still a supporter!!IMG_4231


I spent all day here and had a wonderful time when it was time to leave I decided to walk back to the main road turn off, had to stop for some refreshment on the way.IMG_4238

Finally got home at 7.30pm, what a great day!!

Life is still a beach…

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