Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Monday 27th June 2011…Day 4!!!

Slept in till 8.30am and soon realised that I had changed time zones so it was really 9.30am!!!!!

It was a bit of a driving day on Interstate 90 so quite boring so I set cruise at

jun27 001

listened to another live soccer game from Germany.

I stopped in Butte to gas up and get my final supplies from Wal-Mart as I have been told the food and gas is very expensive inside the Park.

My plan was to stop at a Passport America camp ground about 20 miles outside West Yellowstone….these camp grounds offer half price rates to Passport America card holders..but my plans to have Internet, showers and laundry were dashed when I arrived to find the park closed and up for sale!!

So onto plan B except I did not have a plan B!!!!  So I kept on driving and about 10 miles later I saw this sign

jun27 018

and turned into the entrance way and found the most gorgeous setting with me as the only camper!!!

jun27 007

jun27 006

It really is lovely Ramona is about 15 feet from the river!!

jun27 004

Not all fun there are chores still to be done!!

jun27 022

I then went for about a 3 mile walk around the area it was very beautiful!!

jun27 003

jun27 010The view to the front of Ramona!!!

jun27 011

jun27 021

A years free subscription to my blog to the first one to spot Ramona!!!

jun27 019

jun27 024

jun27 026

jun27 029

Many readers have complained that there are not enough photos of me……that actually is not quite true no one has said any such thing but being as it is my blog I can say what i like so here you are ladies!!!!!

jun27 033

Janet  (my lovely Sister in law) before you call the Fashion Police on me I shall be shaving tomorrow!!!

The writing on the mirror was a farewell message from Heather and her men wishing me a great trip and I haven’t wanted to take it off yet!!!

So it is now 10pm and time for TV and a movie…I

Woke up at 8am to a great sunny and warm day and across the river this baby came to say hello!!

latr 001

Still nobody in the camp ground so this morning after a great breakfast of poached eggs I became the campground host!!!!


latr 0045

Well because there was a dump station and tap so I emptied the grey water tank(shower water) and filled up with fresh water so now I am set for my days inside the park.

Back on the road came across this section of the river..

latr 005

latr 009

and yes the women do fish!!!!

latr 012


  I had already done some research and the plan was to find Bakers Hole Forest service camp ground park there and take the scooter into West Yellowstone 3 miles away and check out the town, go visit the visitor service centre and get some help on my itinerary and hopefully go to the library and post this.

I found the camp ground real easy

latr 020

I drove around till I found what i considered the best site, no one on one side and the camp hosts on the other side..

latr 015

latr 016

The river is about 50 feet away and beautiful!!!

latr 017

16 dollars per night no hook ups but well worth it for me!!


latr 018

So I have set up a line and hung some laundry got Bonita off the rack and ready to rumble and off to town for a few hours!!

I plan to enter Yellowstone early tomorrow morning and I have 4 nights booked at two different campgrounds first Canyon and then Grant….please Google Yellowstone and check out where I am and what I shall be seeing…

I shall I think be without Internet for quite a while as I plan to go straight from Yellowstone into the Teton Mountains so I will post when I can but please do not send money and come look for me just yet and of course when I do post it will be days of what I hope will be interesting reading and stunning photos……best wishes to all!!!

jjj 001

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday 26th June 2011…..what a great day!!

Another peaceful and good sleep and woke up to sunshine…..I was on the road by 8.30am with orange juice to keep me going till breakfast.

With Satellite radio

june26 001

I was able to listen to the live soccer game Women’s World Cup from Germany and the Canadian girls lost a close game 2-1……my GPS keeps me from wrong turns…well most of the time.

The first part of my journey this morning was on the Interstate and soon I was in

june26 005

You usually don’t see too many interesting places from the Interstate but I did see what looked like a waterfall on my right and I took the next exit to check it out.  I have been doing this ever since I got Ramona if ever I see anything that looks like it might be worth a stop sometimes you think about it and then it is too late…well I always stop and sometimes it is a bust and sometimes a real gem like this one was….Post Falls!!

june26 006

june26 007

june26 008

june26 011

Back on the road again but took a wrong turn trying to get back on the highway and I had to pass this ironman race!!!

june26 019

It wasn’t long before I left Idaho and into

june26 024

Another thing I always do is to try and stop at the local Visitor’s service centres they are usually really good and pointing out little gems and this was no exception.  They lady showed my a secondary road in a circular route along the river and also to a National Bison Range..so off I went after leaving her with one of my Canadian key chains….I spent about 40 dollars at the dollar store back home and got these great Canadian key chains 2 for a dollar and I give them away to people who are friendly and helpful…

The road by the river was very pretty

june26 033

Anyone have any idea why Montana is called the Big Sky State???

june26 036

I soon arrived at the Range

june26 046

june26 119

june26 118

The loop road was a 19 mile trip on a small gravel road and it was amazing…sit back and enjoy!!!!

june26 053

june26 056

june26 061

june26 062

june26 066

june26 081

june26 084Did this hike and many thanks to Karen I had my new bear spray with me!!!

june26 087Anyone spotting the bird on the Bison….one free day subscription to my blog!!!

june26 090Put your own caption on this!!!

june26 092

june26 094X is Ramona!!!!

june26 041

june26 113

june26 106

june26 107

It was a wonderful three hours and I am now in the Visitor’s area and just had a turkey dinner thanks Heather…..going to get back on the highway find a McDonalds

map 001


and use their Internet to post this then find a Wal-Mart to spend the night….what a day!!!

Thursday 5 th January 2023…it was a great run!!!

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