Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Tuesday 31 st May 2022…rain go away!!

My plan was to go for a long walk today but the weather thought otherwise!!

I did manage to get out to the windmill and surprised to see the wings had been taken off Janet said they were there last week…

I then walked across the open fields and that is when the thunder and heavy rain started but I just kept walking……

Came home and went straight into the bathtub for a long soak….

This afternoon another of my cousins came to visit…I have not seen Jill for almost five years so it was lovely to catch up with all the family news…

i struggled with Wordle today!!!

I am now planted in front to the Tv watching my hero Rafa about to play Novak at the Paris open tennis!!!!

Stay safe and healthy!!

Yashi Kochi! 

Monday, May 30, 2022

Monday 30 th May 2022….FORE!!!


Golf was the order of the day…..I did a walk in the morning and Malc went to his Rotary meeting and then in the afternoon he took me to the golf club where he has been a member for many years…..he offered to let me play and I was honest with him that doing a round on a big course would be no fun for either of us but we are planning to go to a pitch and putt on the weekend, which will be better for me.

So I gladly went with Malc where he did a round on his own ..I was caddy, advisor , cheer leader and photographer!!!

It was a fun time and the course is really lovely!!

I got lucky at Wordle today!!

Stay safe and healthy!!

Yashi Kochi!!

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Sunday 29 th May 2022…a quiet day!!!

 Here are a couple of photos from the fabulous hike yesterday……

We all struggled with today’s Wordle………

I had a leisurely morning and did work in the garden for an hour before going on my walk where I met this great horse, who let me pet him and move the hair out of his eyes…..

This evening we had a lovely meal and evening at Sam and Ian’s and now I am about to settle down and watch a live tennis match from Paris!!!

Stay safe and healthy!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

Saturday, May 28, 2022

Saturday 28 th May 2022…..family road trip!!

 Today was a family outing day, Janet and Malc and their daughter Sam and her partner Ian and me  went to a beautiful little sea side town of Robin Hood’s bay!!!

The plan was that Sam, Ian and I were getting dropped off to do a seven mile hike and Janet and Malc were going into another town and walk around there and then pick us up after the hike!!

We walked through the little town first and down to the beach 

and then walked up and started the hike on the Cleveland Way hike to the town of Whitby…..

It was a love hike along the top of the cliffs with panoramic views, animals and finally seeing in the distance the iconic ruined abbey of Whitby!!!

Sam and Ian made me a great lunch and the walk was just so enjoyable….

Then into the town centre…

A few hours later we met up with J and M and then drove to a fish and chip restaurant where we all indulged ourselves!!!

A fabulous day thanks to all of you for  taking me!!

Well I got my comuppence from both Janet and Malc as they did Wordle in three attempts…I made a real mess of mine!!!

Not bad for steps today!!

Stay safe and healthy!!

Yashi Kochi!!

Thursday 5 th January 2023…it was a great run!!!

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