Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tuesday 27th December 2011….for me an easy day!!!

Today is the day of the big show for the girls so I wanted to rest up a little…so after breakfast I drove up to the big Tuesday market…this is a huge event held, you guessed it every Tuesday, but with Christmas holidays it was much busier than normal!!!



It is one of those markets that if you cannot find it here you don’t need it!!!


I did of course make a purchase here!!!!


I then went to Linda and Guy’s and decided to give my motorized girls a shampoo!!!


From here I am almost ashamed to admit but…..I went back to Casita Doris and watched two, yes two, live soccer games from England!!!!

Time to get cleaned up and went to Carolyn’s casa and we drove together down town to the big Theater and soon after all my lovely and special chaperones arrived and then the  girls and  Madres arrived for the show!!!


I had gone to the box office this morning and asked because we were bringing so many girls could we have the front 4 rows reserved and we did so it was lovely we all sat together and the smiles on the faces of the girls, the huge bulging eyes at the clowns was a joy to behold!!!! Sadly my photos did not turn out too well but Jorge our loyal photographer was there and as soon as I get photos from him I will post them!!!

Thanks to all my lovely and special chaperones you made it a great evening for the girls!!!!


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