Saturday, December 03, 2011

Not sure if this is going to work but my computer needs a transplant and I have to take it to Queretaro, the big city about 4o miles away...Linda and Guy are going there on Monday and I am hoping I can catch a ride with them,, I saw a technician here today and she told me that the problem with the laptop is the opening and closing of the lid so many times as caused the wire that connects to the screen to come loose or has broken...she feels that they may be able to repair it there if not it will have to sent to Mexico City.....
My friend Gregg has kindly loaned me his computer and I am hoping this post comes through but no photos as I don't have the cable to connect the camera to this computer.
So it is now Saturday evening and I started the day playing singles tennis for two hours which was a great workout..I then went to the market for a couple of things then down to the class where the girls take their English for Christmas photos and I then went up to Casa Hogar and visited with my girls I have friends coming here to the RV park tomorrow so we all made signs for them...the girls enjoyed it and it was a little bit educational for them.....I have a quiet evening as I say hope this comes through blessings Les

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