Sunday, December 04, 2011

Sunday 4th December 2011........and yet again

My computer will not work so sorry you will have to wait for photos!!!!

At 9am I put out the signs that the girls made yesterday for my friends to arrive this afternoon..then I had to walk the 20 feet to the tennis court for 2 hours of mixed doubles and again I enjoy all the tennis that I play.
After tennis I went up to Linda and Guy's and did all my laundry it is so nice to wash the clothes at 1pm put them out to dry on the line and 2 hours later they are all dry!!!
I never realized and I am sorry for not being more understanding but I do have a little bit of a head cold and sniffles and of course I cannot be around Guy it is so important for him to stay healthy so I shall not be going with them tomorrow to Queretaro in their van instead I shall go on the bus and take my computer in for repairs and see what happens!!
On the way back I stopped by the local church around the corner from the park and in the court ground there were several ladies doing belly dancing..I stopped and watched and took photos... how cool to see these ladies with the church in the back ground.
Back at the park visited with the friends that came in this afternoon Jenelle and Bev and caught up since we last saw each other.
Had a good supper and now going for a shower and then tea and a movie and just maybe a couple of cookies!!!!!

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