Saturday, December 24, 2011

Saturday 24th December 2011……….Taws the night before Christmas!!!!

. The quotes below are taken from my friend Sandy’s Blog!!!

Written by Regina BRETT, 90-years-old.

This is something we should all read at least once a week!

“To celebrate growing older, I once wrote the 45 lessons life taught me.
It is the most requested column I’ve ever written.
My odometer rolled over to 90 in August, so here is the column once

1.        Life isn’t fair, but it’s still good.

2.        When in doubt, just take the next small step.

3.        Life is too short to waste time hating anyone.
Change the way you think.

4.        Your job won’t take care of you when you are sick.
Your friends and family will.
Stay in touch.

5.        Pay off your credit cards every month.

6.        You don’t have to win every argument.
Agree to disagree.

7.        Cry with someone.
It’s more healing than crying alone.

8.        Release your children when they become adults… it’s their life now!

9.        Save for retirement starting with your first pay cheque.

10.      When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile.

11.      Make peace with your past so it won’t screw up the present.

12.      It’s OK to let your children see you cry.

13.      Don’t compare your life to others.
You have no idea what their journey is all about.

14.      If a relationship has to be a secret, you shouldn’t be in it.

15.      Everything can change in the blink of an eye.

16.      Take a deep breath It calms the mind.

17.      Get rid of anything that isn’t useful, beautiful or joyful.

18.      Whatever doesn’t kill you really does make you stronger.

19.      It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.
But the second one is up to you and no one else.

20.      When it comes to going after what you love in life, don’t take no for an answer.

21.      Burn the candles, use the nice sheets, wear the fancy lingerie.
Don’t save it for a special occasion.
Today is special.

22.      Just because you believe you are right, doesn’t mean you are.
Keep an open mind.

23.      Be eccentric now.
Don’t wait for old age to wear purple.

24.      The most important sex organ is the brain.

25.      No one is in charge of your happiness but you.

26.      Frame every so-called disaster with these words:  ‘In five years, will this matter?’

27.      Always choose life.

28.      Forgive everyone everything.

29.      What other people think of you is none of your business.

30.      Time heals almost everything.
Give time time.

31.      However good or bad a situation is, it will change.

32.      Don’t take yourself so seriously.
No one else does.

33.      Believe in miracles.

34.      Your job is to love your children, not choose who they should love.

35.      Don’t audit life.
Show up and make the most of it now.

36.      Growing old beats the alternative… dying young.

37.      Your children get only one childhood.

38.      All that truly matters in the end is that you loved.

39.      Get outside every day.
Miracles are waiting everywhere.

40.      If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else’s, we’d grab ours back.

41.      Envy is a waste of time.
You already have all you need.

42.      The best is yet to come…

43.      No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.

44.      Yield.

45.      Life isn’t tied with a bow, but it’s still a gift.

Great mantra for life!!!!


Small world……last winter here in SMA I met two fellow Canadian RVer’s  Ruth and Kevin and they put me in touch with the Couch surfers website which I have used about a dozen times now with great results…anyway when I was travelling through Nova Scotia this summer Kevin e mailed a couple they had couch surfed with, Paula and Jerry …..Kevin follows my blog and he told Paula and Jerry that I was in their area and they may want to contact me and meet me….so out of the blue I get an e mail from Paula and Jerry inviting me stay at their home…..I am so glad they e mailed me and I took them up on their kind offer and I finished up staying about 6 nights in their beautiful home and we all became close and good friends.

They are leaving Nova Scotia in 5 days and travelling in their camper/pick up truck and will be here in SMA around 11th January and I am excited to see them…Paula sent me these two photos to show me what I am missing!!!

IMG_0129Paula and Jerry’s family!!


After giving it no thought whatsoever I am sticking to the sun!!!!

So 9am and two hours of really good tennis…I  enjoy all my tennis games of course with Carolyn as my partner but the Saturday morning men’s doubles is just great tennis which I love!!!

After tennis Sandy, my partner, treated me to a juice and we exchanged lots of travel stories…Sandy has travelled to many of the places that are on my bucket list!!!

Came home and showered and then did some shopping for the party tomorrow…I think I have everything done and hoping that it will be a great time for everyone.

I then went into the main square

IMG_7742Always such interesting sights and lots of people!!!

IMG_7746The manger scene with live animals is in the main Jardin!!!

Check out this door!!!!


Managed to get a couple of hours of sunbathing and reading in late afternoon….tonight it will be a nice supper and relax watching TV…….blessings to all!!


Elaine said...

The wear on the steps of old buildings always intrigues me. Many, many people have passed through this one. How old is the building with the lovely doors?
I don't think you need anyone to tell you to have a nice Christmas, but I will any way. Have a good one!
Elaine in Saltair BC

Carol said...

Love the 45 life lessons... thanks so much for sharing.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year... Carol

mexicokid said...

Elaine I never even looked at the steps and you are right, many footsteps have passed and Carol yes good life lessons for us...seasons greetings Les

Paula and Jerry said...

Love the pictures of the Christmas festivities in San Miguel! One of these years, we hope to experience the holiday season in Mexico. Can't wait!
Jer actually found out about you being in Nova Scotia all on his own, as he had been following your blog for about a year and a half and just happened to check it last summer. What a lucky day for us! We were happy to invite a fellow Mexican traveler to our home and even happier when we met you! We will admit that, after having invited you, Kevin and Ruth, along with Nancy and Terrie, gave us "the Les seal of approval". Friends never steer you wrong! :o)

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