Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday 23rd December 2011…the calm before the storm!!!

Tomorrow is the start of a busy 5 days so it was nice to relax and have some down time today.

I did play tennis this morning and happy to report that the knee and elbow are doing great I wear the braces and do the ice and cream treatment and so far so good.

I went and had a quick visit with Linda and Guy and they are also having a slow day after their big party last night…Linda kindly gave me some Christmas plates and napkins that I can use at the party at CH on the 25th so I dropped them off at Casa Hogar…..saw my girls and we had a little visit.  Again they we both busy doing their chores!!!

Tonight it is TV and feet up night!!!

When I left England in 1970 My Mum, bless her, packed me up some Pearson traditional goodies to take on the plane!!


Then every time I returned to England to visit Mum always made the same goodies for me year after year after year.

When she passed away in 1995 my lovely sister in law, Janet,

M&JSeen here three years ago in Bernal, Mexico, continued the tradition so every time I go home there is always waiting for me a plate of WINGIES!!!!!

So what are wingies you may be asking…….

wingies1These are wingies and my rotten, sense of humorless and quite not in my good books Brother sent me the above photo by e mail today to remind me of what I am missing……what do you think?  Should I ban him from the blog????  Make him pay a subscription??   Or should I be full of the festive spirit and forgive him???

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