Friday, December 23, 2011

Thursday 22nd December 2011……..Party time!!!

Today is the day of Linda and Guy’s famous egg nog party so preparations have to be made and I was at their casa by 9.30am when we drove and then took a taxi into Centro where Linda was having her hair done and Guy and I were picking up some cases of wine.

In the main square some workmen were erecting this huge Piñata!!!


The store for the liquor is very close to where the hairdressers shop was so I thought I would check on Linda!!!!


I hope by the time next Christmas arrives that I am forgiven!!!!!!

Guy and I then stopped for some ice and water and everything was delivered and set up and as you will see later their casa looks wonderful!!!

I then went up to Casa Hogar I wanted to check in and see how Paola was doing and so happy to report report the Paola we all know and love was back!!!  We have no idea what goes on through their minds with all that has happened in the last couple of weeks for her, being grounded…..falling down and then seeing her two brothers on Sunday at the home for boys…just a lot for her little mind…anyway today she was happy and smiles and I played with the girls for a while



I then took Daniela and Paola aside and had some fun made them close their eyes…


and then gave them each sun glasses!!!


I told them to keep the glasses safe and if after Christmas if they have been good girls and helped and did their work and respected everyone at CH I am sure we can go out driving and to the hot springs…I think this little bribery may work!!!

It was a great visit!!!!

Came home and got myself all dolled up for the party and went over to Carolyn’s and together we went to pick up a friend of Linda’s who was coming to the party….. enjoy the photos it was a great party so much fun and laughter and wonderful friends!!!!


See Linda the end result is beautiful!!!









Guy is on the right!!



Carolyn in the pink!!


Just a great end to a great day!!!!!!!

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