Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thursday 15th December 2011……had a little spare time today!!!

Almost solved the mossie problem and Gregg has loaned me an electric light zapper so hope that will work tonight…still I had a good sleep and relaxed over breakfast and reading the newspaper on the sun deck…..then of to L & G and I took their two propane tanks to get them filled it is a plant about 5 miles out of town!!

Back at Casita Doris I had time for 2 hours of sun bathing and reading and lunch and then off to Casa Hogar for a meeting with Robin….what a surprise when I got there these two lovely girls  presented me with a beautifully decorated plate on which the Madres had baked fresh Bunuelos!!!!

dec15 005

dec15 004

The meeting with Robin went well and she explained in detail the problems and issues surrounding Paola and Daniela and I do understand and agree with the Madres but hopefully after the holidays things will get back to normal and that I will be able to take the girls out!!!  We also discussed the Christmas Party that I have volunteered to host and organize….as I was leaving one of the girls came up to me and gave me this note!!!

dec15 008

So even though Paola is in trouble she takes the time to write me this note!!!!!

I came back home where I re filled the Hummingbird feeders I have seen lots of them drinking but not quick enough yet to get a photo!!

dec15 003

I went downstairs and said good bye to Karen and Gregg they leave tomorrow morning and shared my treats!!!

dec15 007

Did a lot of this today!!!

dec15 002

Was invited to friends late afternoon to see their beautiful non traditional casa and a visit…it was a really nice time!!!

dec15 009

From the roof!!!!

dec15 012

dec15 011

dec15 010

A house across the street interesting how they put styro foam on the roof!!

Had a great visit and back home for supper and the usual movie and tea and Bunuelos with my tea!!!!

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