Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesday 13th December 2011……My first full day in Casita Doris!!!

My sleep was a little interrupted last night by a buzzing Mossie…but I vow to eliminate him tonight…otherwise a lovely first night and nice to wake up to privacy and some space I really like where I am and I am going to be very happy here…….a few photos!!

dec13 014

the last door on the left with the top black grill and brown doors is my entrance and the balcony and kitchen window!!

dec13 016

Same view a little further up!!

dec13 015The view up the street!!

dec13 001I love the colourful shower!!

dec13 002

dec13 003

dec13 004

dec13 005the entrance to my sun deck!!

dec13 006

dec13 007

These are outside on my deck!!

dec13 009

dec13 010

This is looking down into Karen and Gregg’s courtyard!!

dec13 011

dec13 012

dec13 026

So you can it is a beautiful casita and I have everything I need!!!

I started this morning with tennis at 9am for 2 hours and then came home had lunch and sunbathed and read for an hour then went to Casa Hogar to see the girls.

Paola was there and I got to say hello to her but she was not allowed to come into the playground with Daniela and Lupita.  I think the Madre was telling me that she was not being good……I will find out more about all of this on Thursday when I have a meeting with Robin to discuss my role with the girls and their behaviour!!

So Lupita and Daniela, remember they are Sisters, and I played ball for a while and had fun!!

dec13 019

dec13 022

dec13 020

dec13 023

It is always rewarding to visit Casa Hogar and see not only my girls but all the other girls they all know me and want to be around…….managed to say goodbye to Paola and went up to Linda and Guy’s casa and cleaned a little bit inside Ramona and brought back a few things I needed…..I am taking Linda and Guy to Queretaro tomorrow for a Doctor’s appointment.

Back home by 5.30pm and it was time for tea and a read….had a lovely supper and a hot shower and now getting ready for a movie.

Thanks to Paula and jerry for my Christmas card and stickers for the girls…so thoughtful…

dec13 025

Wish you all a good evening!!!


Caroline/Charley said...

Casita Doris looks lovely. Nice too see the such lovely colours and the gorgeous Bougainvillea in bloom when it is so dull and dreary here xx

mexicokid said...

thanks it is so nice wish you and Charly could come visit Charly and the girls would have so much fun...Love Les

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