Saturday, December 03, 2011

Saturday 3rd December 2011…COMPUTERS!!!

In the post below you will read that my computer needs some attention but when I brought it home tonight and turned it on it is working so I can post these photos but I am still going to Queretaro on Monday and get it fixed!!!

Map picture


These shots were taken last night at the girl’s English class!!

dec3 004

dec3 006

Terri and Jason bought me a beautiful glass Hummingbird feeder and I have if in the pot of my plant and it looks really good!!

dec3 001

These others are Dollar store feeders!!

dec3 003

and of course there are Hummingbirds around just too quick for me to get the camera ready and they were even trying to get some liquid out of Pedro my Mexican man attached to my awning!!!

dec3 002

These photos are taken at the Spanish school where the girls go it was their Christmas photo!!!

dec3 007

dec3 014

I then went to visit Karen and Gregg and these flowers are on their outside wall….

dec3 018

and this is on the wall across the street from them!!!

dec3 017

Thanks Gregg for loaning me you laptop!!!

It was up to Casa Hogar to visit with my girls…I had another project for them to do but first I gave them each a bracelet I had got for them from Bermuda!!!

dec3 019

I have friends arriving at the RV park tomorrow so we made a sign to welcome there here!!!

The girls do like to do things like this!!!

dec3 020

dec3 021

dec3 022

The end product turned out really well!!!

dec3 023

Paola wanted to try and my glasses!!!

dec3 024

and Daniela just wanted to be silly!!!

dec3 025

So there you have it photos don’t know how longer my computer will last…wish everyone a great Sunday!!!

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